"Have your pet spayed or neutered" [Bob Barker voice into skinny game show microphone]


Did you get "neuticals"?


Johanna B., he still looks pretty prosh to me. By the way, I TRIPLE DARE everyone to order a Neuticals key chain RIGHT NOW!



  1. Triptaphane says:

    Oh sure, prosh until the oiates wear off.

  2. He still looks cute!

  3. It’s entirely unnecessary to have that many items with Neuticals on them. I’m quite disturbed. The forever cute kitty face in the after photo shall calm me down…

  4. did anyone notice the date on those cards??

  5. It’s for the best old son. You can still do it, without getting the ladies into trouble.

  6. L.C. – it’s January 6th and 7th, 2008. It’s in the form DD/MM/YYYY when you’re more used to MM/DD/YYYY. 😉

    Also, the Neuticles keychains are a bit disturbing. D:

    Kitteh’s cute though.

  7. The phrase “if you make it, they will buy” comes to mind….

  8. An elderly lady here in Yorkshire used the expression “having his pockets picked” when I told her my cat was going in for the chop.

  9. anomalous4real says:

    oh nooooooooooeeeeeeees!!!!!!!!! they iz steelz mai harblz! o wel, iz not usin em newai, theyz no lets me outa teh hous…..

    …..but i stil has mai clawz, heh heh heh…..

  10. Cute and a little sad! But as Gladys says it’s all for the best… Try keeping a intact male at home! not to mention getting all the ladies in trouble and the unwanted kittles…

  11. Uh, I do not think I am going to pay $39 for an oval piece of plastic on a cheap keyring!! Besides, it’s gruesome!

  12. Oh God, I mustn’t show that to my sweet Galopin (= Rascal in French), he’ll be “chopped” very soon, poor thing.

  13. How did you get this submission from the future? Can you tell me what happens on Lost?

  14. possumpiratess says:

    Sooo unsuspecting.

    Trevor…see above comment from Kaye. Different way of date-ing.

  15. possumpiratess says:

    Oh, and I’d say that one was emasculated long before, like the day they put that pretty pink collar on him. LOL

  16. L.C – outside of America most countries do the date the other way around… after living in Ireland for 2 years I still get confused!! if it was June 6th it’d actually be 1/6/08

    cute kitteh!

  17. oops I got that wrong… yikes… and I’ve had my morning coffee… I meant June 1st 🙂

  18. @Kaye: thanks for ‘splaining.

    Total cutie—pink collar or not!

  19. you got the first link wrong, it’s http://www.neuticles.com/

  20. Neuticles?? What the…?? Who had THAT much extra time lying around…..

  21. when Solomon sprayed the dirt

    rolled around in the sprayed dirt

    strutted around the yard like that

    I called the vet.

    Poor Solly…

  22. My cat is not amused by the chopping block.

  23. Did we all fall into a time warp? This hasn’t even happened yet. There is still time to plan an escape. Run kitty! Run!

  24. He’s adorable. BTW, the snip didn’t even slow either of my boycats down. They played the cello for awhile (http://icanhascheezburger.com/2007/10/02/and-now-a-cello-solo/) then were back to acting like two of the Three Stooges.

  25. there should be a third picture – “pork chop” – with a piece of meat on it. Just for good measure.

  26. silly peoples, that’s the 2008th of Bleen in the year 1

    when turning jellicles into neuticles the sensitive human works in cat years

  27. ShelleyTambo says:

    I think the neuticles necklace might be the worst…

  28. ShelleyTambo says:

    This makes me laugh. We get so many guys at the shelter who say that they could NEVER do that to their animal–“I couldn’t take away his manhood.” Um, your dog/cat doesn’t have a MANhood. And besides, we’re not making you do it. We’ll do it for you.

  29. little gator says:

    Daresies go first.

  30. Ha Neuticles! Has anyone seen the Pet Love episode of Penn & Teller’s BS? It is quite funny.

  31. Ya gotta love Bob. Especially when I found out that he warmed up the audience by yelling,

    “The Price is Right, BYATCH!”

  32. Seriously, if folks need something to spend their money on, I gots empty pockets could use a fillin’. (And Ed, the first link is a not-working thing – misspelled, yanno.)

  33. he’s a beautiful boy.

    I have to say, though, I really hate when people say stuff like this about spaying/neutering their furry friends – like calling an animal “It” afterwards, etc. It’s just stupid and immature and only encourages impressionable people NOT to spay/neuter pets because they worry about this kind of crap. Can you say “projecting?”

    Sorry to get Heavy, but this kind of thing really annoys me. (Could you tell!?)

    Back to normal… Weeeee! Kitty!

  34. A friend of mine who is a veterinary surgeon specializing in spay/neuter for shelters told me years ago that Neuticles were originally made of a harder plastic; they had to change to a softer material because the dogs were making a clunking noise when they sat down! True story!!

  35. He looks livelier post-chop. I love his face in the 2nd photo.

  36. The dates are Jan. 6 and 7 ’08- the kitty in the photo lives in the UK (there’s a Marks and Spencer bag in the second photo), and there, they record dates as day/month/year, not year/month/day. This also explains why the last *day* of masculinity is not a whole month before the procedure.

  37. A correction on the Neuticles website address: it’s http://www.neuticles.com. As for the keychain — looks great, but I got the real thing on a string, thanks to a divorce settlement.

  38. Oops, I meant to say that in the UK (and EU) it’s day/month/year, and here it’s month/day/year. I’ve also lived in Canada, where sometimes it’s year/month/day or year/day/month. Quite confusing!

  39. The dates are Jan. 6 and 7 ’08- the kitty in the photo lives in the UK (there’s a Marks and Spencer bag in the second photo), and there, they record dates as day/month/year, not year/month/day. This also explains why the last *day* of masculinity is not a whole month before the procedure.

  40. Aesthetica says:

    I’m intrigued by the neuticles necklace. Just think what message one sends wearing the large ones on a chain around one’s neck.

    “What’s that?”


    *clicks plastic nuts like castanets*

  41. Aaaaaaand the award goes to — LorelJ!!! — for best comment in this thread. Come on down, LorelJ!!!

  42. Shelly Tambo — wow, people can be really ignorant! so…i assume you don’t let them adopt if they refuse to alter the animal, right? metsakin’s story about his intact Solly’s icky pre-chop behavior might be a good cautionary tale to share.

  43. kar, I hate to burst your bubble but I’ve been to see a Price is Right taping and Bob doesn’t warm up the audience at all. One of the interns does. However, kittehs are still cute.

  44. I think the pink collar is more emasculating than getting snipped! 😉

  45. Awww. What a beautiful black cat! Is he a Bombay?
    Yes, I think black cats are beautiful. It is a shame so many are unwanted because people are superstitious.

    And this happened in January. In America we record dates Month/Day/Year. In most of the world they record it Day/Month/Year, so this happened on consecutive days in January.

  46. Um, did any one but me notice the dates on those signs??? We haven’t had a June or July of 08 yet?????????

  47. Folks, maybe the pic is from a part of the world where dd/mm/yy is more common? More likely than a magical time-travel theory.

  48. When I lived in Norway, the bank looked at some document of mine that was printed in America and swapped my date of birth – so for the year I was there, I was born August 12, not December 8.

  49. yay! spay and neuteur!!! he’s all sans package and quite happy about it.

  50. Let’s do the Time Warp agaaaaaain! Amazing how many people post without reading previous comments.

  51. It’s the pink collar or lead he is wearing thta is emasculating.

  52. *Thinks Diana is way cool*

    Both of my beauties are black and they are stunning. They are brother and sister, and you can tell, but they don’t look alike at all. Black kitties ROCK!!!

    And this little boy is FABulous!!!

  53. ShelleyTambo says:

    anner–In PA, all animals from shelters have to be altered by law, so it’s part of the adoption contract and our adoption counselors go through that with them beforehand (and check up after). The way we work it is that, if an adopter can prove a history of responsible ownership (altering, vaccines, etc.), then we give a certificate to a local vet that will do the surgery free. Otherwise we hold the animal at the shelter to have it done by our vet. Not the best system, but better than we had before. The exceptions to that are purebreds and females in heat–they MUST be altered before they leave the shelter. I wish we could do all of them, but with one vet for 8,000 animals annually, well, it ain’t happening.

    But most of this attempted “instruction” is to people who are coming to claim lost animals that aren’t altered or are turning in animals for behavior issues directly resulting from not being altered. “He’s spraying” “He humps everything” “She keeps having kittens” GAH!

  54. i love the hovertext on the first picture. lol meg!!!

  55. kitteh never had to chance to be masculine.
    owner put a ‘pink’ collar/leash on his fuzzy lil butt to start him out.
    good for you though, spay and neuter VERY important!
    lovely lovely black pouty-cat.

  56. My little girl cat looks exactly like that little guy and she gets her operation on March 7th. It just so happens that she is in her first estrous cycle right NOW! March 7th can’t aome soon enough.


  57. LOL @ Lorel J

  58. pretty cool how those pictures are from THE FUTURE

  59. J, it may have been the Q&A but it was apparently a highlight of the tapings:


    Shelley, while I appreciate that the PA shelters mandate the spaying/neutering, it can be a nuisance. I was going a kitten for my graduation but refused to accept verification from another state’s humane society that I had done it.

    BTW, isn’t a day fast to have that done and be home? I guess it’s different for guys.

  60. This reminds me of my sister’s cat, Betsy. At first, we thought he was a girl kitty, hence his name, but eventually realized he was male. Mom had been planning to get him neutered (this was before vets started to fix kitties earlier–nowadays, they can do it around 6 weeks), and then one day, he sprayed. Specifically, he sprayed on Mom’s back. She immediately called the vet’s office and asked if they did emergency neuters. Receptionist asks if it’s an emergency. Mom says, “the b—–d just sprayed my back!” and the receptionist goes, ok, we’ll take him in the morning. And that is how Betsy got fixed. He still kept his transgendered name, though my sister nicknamed him Fuzzy, and often called him that.

  61. I think its really funny how few Americans dont get the date situation on here. Where have ya been–cat napping?


  62. ThreeCatNight says:

    Methinks in pic Number 2 that he’s getting in touch with his feminine side.

  63. INDIGO REIKI says:

    Ohhh! This looks exactly like my little Dorrie. (and yes she’s fixed.)

  64. lilspotteddog says:

    Neutering male animals is basically an outpatient procedure, done in just a couple of hours. No big deal. Unless you make it one.

  65. My family finds the neuticle high-larious. Somewhere on their website is the phrase “Its like nothing even changed.” Yeah, exactly. Just ask the dog.

    On a related note: I am very proud of these owners. I am a firm believer in neutering/spaying.

  66. Aww… he’s adorable and soo little!

    yeah, those keychains scared me.. 😦

  67. People who project their nervous masculinity onto animals irresponsibly drive me UP THE WALL. Ugh.

    In other news, Mr Snip up there looks uncannily like my Max; the second one looks especially like the expression he gives me whenever I catch him using the bottom of the couch as a pulley-system. So innocent, yet so evil!

  68. Glad I’m not the only one confused by the whole date thing…..!

  69. Rach– exactly– in that second piksh, he’s all “You hoomins are on notice– my capacity to do eee-vihl is completely unimpaired. Haahahahaha!”

  70. Mary (the first) says:

    That’s a truly gorgeous kitteh! I had a solid black (but longer hair) kitteh, he was the sweetest cat on earth, ever. And yes, “tutored” as the vet at the emergency hosp. asked when I took him in after he was in a fight (very rare and always instigated by the other cat!)

  71. Another Angela says:

    (a) surprised by ignorance of americans that have no clue about the date format.
    (b) annoyed by commenters that can’t be bothered to read a few comments before asking the same damn thing that has already been answered.
    (c) do they make these for rats? Snowy wants some.

  72. uh yeah see I know about the whole date thing and I posted anyway just to give people like Another Angela something to feel superior about

  73. the only real macho cat i know of is Winston.
    i’m sure when they neutered Winston, he woke up. slapped the vet in the face. glued his privates back where they belonged.
    and walked home under his own power.

    personally, i got the whole date thing,
    but i would love to mention it here.
    just to piss off people like Angela.
    Cuz we’z jus “ignerant Americans”.

  74. Wow,dude…There’s like this whole other world out there, where they like put the day before the month! That’s far out, man!


  75. ShelleyTambo got to the necklace comment before me…but the next best was the GIFT PACK

    Just what any “ungifted” male cat needs, right?

    These are advertised in the back of pet magazines all over da place…

    If the animals don’t miss ’em, why do the guys obsess about them???

  76. KatBoxJanitor — latent homosexuality?

    P.S. Great handle.

  77. that’s right kaya.
    and, “all i need is this Thermos, and this ashtray, that’s all i need”

  78. My kitty Henry has been chopped for quite a while now, but he caturbates all the time. My vet says it’s a stress reliever for him. I guess even if the hrbls are gone, the mood isn’t.

  79. A pink collar on a boy cat is emasculating? Since when?

    Oh, right. Because when baby girls are born, our culture surrounds them with pink, and when baby boys are born, our culture surrounds them with blue. Yeah, that’s sensible.

    Can we all get over the idea of masculinity being defined and threatened by a color? For that matter, can we all get over the tired concept of masculinity, period?

    I know how to do it: Cute Overload! Without gender, without culture, without PINK, heck, cute animals are just there bein’ cute. Sheesh.

  80. Mary (the first) says:

    Melinda, my cat was kind of the same except he kept trying to show my (fixed) female how much he looooved her. He was definitely still in the mood! He was twice her size so eventually had to go on mild hormones so he wouldn’t hurt her. He was quite determined that she should have his kittens. (Even though neither was kitten-able.) sheesh.

  81. Mary (the first) says:

    oh and Liz, don’t you mean “ignerant Amurricans”?

  82. too cute! looks like the twin to my baby girl…Dust Bunny!

  83. that’s a beautiful black cat!

  84. WAAAAAAY too many items with Neuticals on them. maybe the dude’s brother owns an embroidery factory and was like “hey, I can put your logo on all sorts of crap for nothing!” weird.

  85. shandrewsca says:

    What a sweet little kitty!

  86. When I got my cat Panda spayed, I think I traumatized her, because on the way home I was holding onto her carrier and turned too wide, going a little bit into the other lane. So the firetruck that was there honked, and the cop at the intersection saw this and pulled me over. I got arrested because I had an overdue traffic ticket! I had to wait for my boyfriend to get my kitty and my car, bawling the whole time. I had to go to jail for a few hours and of course Panda was still totally high from the anesthesia! Poor girl!

  87. Cute kitty, but omg at the accessories! Why would anyone want a pair of them on a necklace?! Ha.

  88. Poor buddy! Oh well, he won’t notice the difference, and it’s much better for him. No reproducin’ for you, bro.

  89. mary(the first)
    yep i did at ferst.
    then i spel chek’d that suker kuz i wantd to spel amurrica right.

  90. BIG props for the “chop”. Speuter, speuter, speuter!

    ‘Cause we LUVE ’em! ^^

  91. My buns has some ‘moods’ once in a while…actually, he’s only displayed pre-chop hormones once since the chop last year. I’m convinced he remembers every cruel little thing I ever did to him (the chop, handing him over to the vet for nail trimming, exposing him to squealing children, giving him a bath…just to name a few) because he only did it when I bought him a stuffed animal like the one that was his “special friend” pre-chop, which the vet recommended (pre-chop) to stop his…wooing… of the couch arm, or someone’s leg or hand. So I got him a similar toy post-chop because he genuinely enjoyed batting it around, before it became his “friend with benefits” but I quickly took it away when I heard the familiar noises. My eyes went wide, and I stashed the toy in his toy bin. No more stuffed animals!

  92. Seven Paws says:

    Interestingly enough, the current color-coding stereotypes are exactly the reverse of how they were viewed in the past. In the 19th century, pink was the appropriate color for boys, pink being a derivative of red, the color of war & aggression, and blue for girls, the color of calm and serenity. Somehow in our current era, they got reversed.

    Just a little color trivia from the textile world…


    PS – Great looking cat, too.

  93. if he gets fat you can submit a picture with a sign that says “Pork Chop”

  94. haha nothing has changed!

  95. frappygoddess says:

    Word to your entire post, Queenie. I personally love a man who can flaunt pink clothing (and not feel self-conscious about it, natch.)

    And black cats do indeed rock! My precious baby is a black rescue cat, and she’s just the sweetest, most gentle thing. Though we do have a hell of a time getting her epilepsy medication into her.

    ShelleyTambo, your post unfortunately reminds me of a story my aunt once told me. My aunt helps to run an animal shelter in a rural town with a huge population of unwanted stray animals. She’s a big advocate of spay/neuter and has met with a lot of resistance on the subject amongst the local populace. Anyway, one day a man brought in an adult female dog to the shelter. When my aunt asked what his reason was for giving the dog up, the man replied “She just keeps having puppies.” My aunt then tactfully suggested that this might be more the fault of the intact male dog which the man also owned, and suggested that the male dog be neutered. The man was horrified at the prospect, and exclaimed “Oh, no, I couldn’t do that to him! I don’t want to stop him from having his fun.” My aunt was so furious she could hardly speak!

    It’s bad enough that we subject ourselves to sexist, macho bull, but to project our cultural concept of masculinity onto animals is irresponsible and ignorant.

  96. Coffecup, are you saying you took away his only outlet for his remaining sex drive? Why, if I may be so nosy as to ask? I was going to say that I thought that was pretty mean, but then I wondered am I being hypocritical to feel it’s not prohibitively mean to neuter a pet but it is to take away his “inflatable girlfriend”… I’m still curious why, though (please don’t tell me it was because he was being immoral). Personally I think I’d feel so sorry for the poor guy I’d let him have his comfort (as long as it wasn’t my leg!).

  97. haha have any of you read the neuticles FAQ page?

    “Some pets develop scar tissue. It is totally harmless and does not disfigure the Neuticle in any way […] While this is not a concern to most pet owners, the way to eliminate potential development is to gently massage the Neuticles weekly to break up any possible formations.”

    um. yeah, “here, kitty kitty!”

  98. personally i have had many many males cat in my life, and they were all neutered, and not a one of them ever humped anything before or after their surgery, so i dont know what ShelleyTambos
    cat is up to. Perhaps you should check your puter for kitteh porn, just in case.

    i think we are all being sarcastic/silly (and obviously so) about the pink/blue thing, so what is the issue? please pull up a sense of humor people.

    I cant wait to see the ‘pork chop’ picture.
    that made me laugh out loud.
    Kiragirl comes up with some good ones.

  99. my roommate’s cat (kali? kaylee? k-lee?…) looks exactly like that …although it’s a she (also spayed [or neutered – whichever one’s for shes…])

  100. thelibrarianne says:

    @ amberica: hahahahahahaha.

    The Neuticle people, while having their hearts in the right place, are just a little too into the whole thing.

  101. @bsnist, I took away his buddy because his activity was horrendously loud and was bothering the crap out of me, and everyone else. I didn’t think it was mean, and I still don’t. He doesn’t do it with anything else, and he has a stuffed carrot that he doesn’t even pay attention to, so it’s obvious that his activity was only associated with the toy that I bought him (threw it out when it got gross) and re-purchased post-chop. I took it away because I thought his hormonal issues were gone, especially six months after his surgery. Apparently, whether they’re there or not, he still associates that particular toy (it was the exact same type of stuffed animal) with that activity, which I don’t want to encourage.

  102. Note: I took his stuffed toy away because I thought it was safe for him to have the toy again, so long post-chop, because I thought his hormones had ceased, or were low enough that it didn’t affect him.

    Though everyone must know why he got neutered, correct? He isn’t going to father baby bunnies, since he’s an indoor rabbit, and I don’t have other rabbits, but he was becoming increasingly aggressive, and he would bite and scratch all the time. Not cool.

  103. To avoid dating troubles (I mix up my American, British, Canadian and German dating systems :P) I’ve taken to spelling out the date.

    Today is Feb. 19th 2008.

    Or 9. Feb. auf Deutsch.

  104. snoopysnake says:

    I think there should be a new verb, barker, for spaying/neutering. e.g. Johanna took her cat to the vet to get barkered. Or maybe it should be bobbarkered. This sort of goes along with the definition of bob as it related to tails.

  105. Mary (the first) says:

    It’s 9. Feb. ??? Now that’s really a weird one.

  106. Another Angela says:

    Thanks ignorant Americans, I’m feeling a little more superior now!
    Now off to massage my neuticles.

  107. dharlan1too says:

    I would like to order 2 post chops with a side of Rocky Mountain oysters. You do know that the “Bull Fry” is a popular summer get together in a certain town in Kansas.

  108. warrior rabbit says:

    snoopysnake, there is such a word already: fixed. Although barkered is an interesting euphemism. I bet ol’ Bob would even appreciate the eponym.

  109. @snoopysnake: Love the suggestion. Have your pet bobbarkered. It works!

    BTW, I have 2 fixed male kittehs who also wish to “love” my oldest fixed female. They are really obnoxious and the feeling is definitely not “moochul”.

    And, I also have a confused trans-species, homosexual-leaning dog who also wants to express his “love” for one of the boy kittehs.

    Oh, well….we all have issues!!

  110. This is my favourite spay/neuter campaign: Kentucky Humane Society’s S.N.I.P. Clinic. Do have a look at the posters. http://www.cre8.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=48&Itemid=63

  111. He looks so happy and light post-chop!

  112. Mary (the first) says:

    to me “barkered” would imply removing the vocal cords to prevent barking .. although “bobbarkered” is pretty clear!:)

  113. My (snipped) male cat will jump on my female cat’s back, bite the scruff of her neck, then look around like, “Ok… now what?”

    Which is usually followed by her wiggling free, and kicking his butt.

  114. Xenobiologista, you’re so right about the Kentucky program! I laughed till I cried!
    And my (fixed) boys will go for each other rather than the (also-fixed) girl kitties. Go figure.

  115. wow. did no one get my ‘the jerk’
    i thought maybe theo may have been impressed.
    dang. guess hes not here.

  116. “lookin for luv in all the wrong places, looking for luv in all the wrong spaces…”
    me, duh
    i dont even like CW music
    sorry T.

  117. Whenever I talk about one of my animals getting fixed, I just say they are getting nipped in the bud. (Admittedly, most of my animals are male.)

  118. all this talk about neuticles reminds me of those nasty “truck balls” i’ve seen hanging from the bottom of macho guys’ big trucks or suvs. anybody else seen those and think they’re disgusting? they piss me off too, because since i drive a bug they always seem to be right at my eye level and sooner or later my 7-year-old daughter is going to notice them and i’ll have to think of some explanation. i just don’t think i’ll ever understand this weird male infatuation with balls. get over it, fellas!

  119. Kristina L. says:

    Getting him fixed is doing the right thing.

  120. LOL Liz I got it but I just got here.

  121. dharlan1too says:

    mif, are you from ‘Booger’ county??! They have them thar fancy trailer hitch ‘doo-dads’ you speak of. I would never think of hanging breasts from by trailer hitch…, but come to think of it there are a couple guys ‘doo-dads’ from my past I wouldn’t mind ‘hanging out to dry’.

  122. ShelleyTambo says:

    liz, my kitter is a girl and has never humped anything. But one of our other shelter volunteers has a cat that likes to go after her stuffed animals, his brother, anything… But those are some of the reasons people give for turning in animals. People who should probably be neutered.

  123. mif, just tell your daughter it is a boy truck. Then you can pass the time looking for girl trucks.

  124. Bought one years ago and gave it to a guy friend! I LMAO at the look on his face when I told him what is was!!!

  125. my bunny boy got the chop today… he got so skeerd being at the vet that he sucked them right up into his body…. silly bunny.

  126. That kitteh is GORGEOUS (said like the “woman”
    in ‘little britain’)
    How come he is wearing a pink collar in the first pic but not in the second? It is the significance of kitteh being free from his neuticals? And maybe it’s just me and the guy in the pic, but I always write dd/mm/yy . Maybe it’s because I’m Canadian.. ?

  127. oh and taj – my male kitty does the same scruff biting/mounting to his brotha (from the same motha) what the eff? I always pretend in my head it’s a dominance thing and not about the loving.. it’s his brother for goodness sakes!

  128. Um, are you guys high? I think neuticals are like breast implants for women — expensive, unnatural (more so than neutering) and just plain wrong. Please don’t neutical your pets…or if you do, at least get implants yourself as well.

  129. Everyone should use the ISO date format, YYYY-MM-DD. Unlike MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY, there is no other common format that uses the year first, so YYYY-MM-DD is unambiguous.

    And to keep it on topic, cute cat. I like the glossy black fur.

  130. Neuticals are weird, but unlike breast implants the implantee doesn’t make the choice.

    Also, unlike breast implants, men don’t whine and whine and whine about how they’re “wrong” only to completely ignore and even viciously insult any dog that doesn’t have them in the largest size possible.

  131. Po’ kitteh. Cute black kitteh, tho. Yes, ebony felines RAWK.

    But I am quite partial to torties. Yes, I digress.

  132. oh lord,

    i cant believe you guys never knew LOTS of people elsewhere put the day before the month.

    US is actually the odd one out, just so you know.

    cute kitty btw. sad but cute.

  133. I just think it’s logical to either go largest-to-smallest (YYYY/MM/DD) or smallest-to-largest (DD/MM/YYYY). To mix it up with the month first looks confusing to me.

    Very cute kittie.

  134. My bunny just got spayed. She is just fine afterwards, though she has a bald tummy. She’s not a fan of bald tummy jokes.

  135. this is a cute cat. you can tell he is all frisky like!

    and i love the neuticals. but why are they so darn EXPENSIVE?!? sheesh.

  136. Momof2kitties says:

    I got “The Jerk” ref!. Love that movie!

    Georgie is a few weeks post-chop and he is still loving my leg, a certain blankie and the arm of a chair. I LOVE explaining that to my 12 year old. Sheesh!

  137. Momof2kitties says:

    …and the neuticles? Creepy. Very creepy.

  138. http://www.nilobject.com/images/30972Vet_tutored.jpg

    Teho? Why can’t I stay logged in here anymore, and stuff? Just askin’ if ya know!

  139. Ummmm…. 6/1/08 and 7/1/08 haven’t happened yet….

  140. Shoulda read everyone’s comments first- I get it now.

  141. Coffeecup: I would give him his toy back. I know it may be a little embarrassing to see him in full throws of passion with an inanimate object, but seriously, my vet did say that kind of behavior is natural, and indeed a stress reliever. I can think of things that cats do when they are stressed, and I think they are worse than the occasional bamchicka bam bam with the toy.

  142. Sorry Coffecup: I just read that it was a bunny you were referring to. I don’t know about buns.

  143. Sorry ShellyT-
    read too many postinks and got mixed up.
    thanks Momof2kitties- I’m glad it wasnt a wasted reference.
    i think theo must be on a break.
    hey Rachel! would that be a blonde moment ? do ya think? 🙂 (made me laugh right out loud here at the office)

  144. Coffeecup, thanks for the explanation. I can kinda understand if the toy seemed to be making him aggressive/scratching/etc. What I think is funny is that I completely missed on your first post that he was a bunny! What kind of noises does an, um, aroused bunbun make, pray tell? (and just want to make it clear, I didn’t mean to indicate an opposition to neutering, just questioning my thought process that reacted more sympathetically to removal of sex toy than to removal of ‘nads)


    Either you people are trying to mess with each other’s heads or CO is really attracting a lot of nitwits, these days.

    So let’s go over it one final time.

    The dates on the cards signify day, THEN month, THEN year. Not month, then day, as you may be accustomed. The format you see in the photos is common outside of the US.

    Okay? Now please stop babbling about the dates. It makes you look annoyingly stupid.

  146. wow PSA.
    we got it on monday.
    shouldn’t that be PMS?

    simma down there.

  147. “we got it on monday”

    So that’s why so many posted on Tuesday that they didn’t get it?

  148. Mr. Snip = cute.

    Neutering cats = cute.

    The word “neuticle” = cute.

    Actual neuticle = SKEERY!!!!

    Liz, had to laugh about Winston gluing his balls back on. There is actually glue involved in neuter procedures (some docs, anyway). The whole surgery takes about 3 minutes(not counting induction), and done properly, shouldn’t bleed at all.

  149. STOP IT! You people are scaring me. Am I going to be next? Keychains? Well as long as they’re not his.. er.. it’s. Oh what ever.

  150. berthaslave says:

    Liz, I got the Jerk ref — I’ve been away from the computer for a coupla days, though. As usual, I applaud you.

    Uh, yeah, READ THE POSTS before posting, y’all.

    As to the whole snip concept: my late, much-adored cat Rider (1991-2004) was fixed when he was about 8 months old. I am a very manly man but I don’t for a second think that neutering a cat somehow robs him (or her) of his gender identity, and I am all for population control, but I’m also of the belief (backed up by some) that neutering a small kitten can be biologically hazardous (I was always told that 6-8 months was the earliest safe time to neuter, according to a breeder I worked with).

    There are many animal rescue operations who make neutering mandatory, even for kittens; when I adopt again, I’m going to try to resist having to do that for a few months, but that’s just me.

    Here’s the thing (sorry to ramble, but I’ve missed having a chance to post the last few days) — Rider was a very “boy” cat before the snipping AND after. He liked to hump things, instantly took a shine to any female who visited (not that there were that many), and I thought that the snip might end that behavior. But it didn’t. In fact, on some occasions I actually saw him spray (something, not sure what), and he continued to be a little horn dog. One time I even woke up to find him mounting Bertha (who was not yet fixed), which was kind of weird, but what was I gonna do?

    And he WAS fixed…I mean, he had no beans (and no, no neuticals either). But he was still quite manly.

    Guys are just weird about testicles, I guess. Even neutered men (for whatever reason) are still men, still produce man fluids (though not ones that can effectively impregnate), etc. Obviously, if you neuter a boy child, that’s bad, but men who have been snipped seem to do all right in the world. Testicular cancer is fairly common and a number of prominent athletes have had various male parts removed (Mike Lowell, World Series MVP!)

    Anyway, spay and neuter.

    And Meg — YAH, that skinny microphone — did he borrow that from Gene Rayburn?

  151. Emasculay-shons, makes it happen! Emasculay-shons, snippin da kitteh!
    *Sung to tune of “co-operation” from Sesame Street*

  152. Right on, Charlene! (about people’s hypocritical reactions to implants)

    I don’t know enough to say whether I think neuticals are a good or a bad idea, though. Do animals actually treat *each other* differently based on whether they’re fixed? If, say, neutered dogs get grief from other dogs at the park, then it’s worth it, I guess.

  153. bsnist, no problem! Bunnies…well, my bunny makes an awful racket. He thumps his back feet, he grunts a little. The worst part of it, is that his little cottontail goes crazy like a helicopter propeller and it makes me laugh, but the rest of it makes me squeamish because it’s just so LOUD.

  154. CoffeeCup, you made me laugh out loud at my terminal. I can just see the little tail.

  155. oreally-
    they were kidding.

  156. Dear heavens. I didn’t need to know that animals can be pl*shies.

    What’s next, f*rry furries?