This would NEVER have happened on a Caturday.

This kind of shizzle NEVER happens on a Caturday—Sunday, yes, but Caturday, NYERHE.

No, I am not your Brandy Snifter, Fools, now GET ME OUT OF HERE


Ye shall perish, L.J.! Most certainly!



  1. Aw, I like them with a bit of bite!

  2. Well, actually, a bit of bite might kill me after a sip.

    Ignore the bleen comment.

  3. Anyone else out there? Hellooooo?

  4. And Solitaire’s the only game in tooooown!

    (sips on cat)

  5. He’s playing Solitaaaaaaire!

  6. I’ve been waiting for AGES to make the above reference.

    But now I’m really wondering… Where IS everyone?

    Maybe when this posts I’ll have some friends. I mean, um… You know… Other people will have commented?

  7. (pulls fur from mouth and takes deep breath)

    There was a maaaaan…
    A lonely maaaaaan….

  8. Nuffs? No one?

    Busy with the hammie I suppose. Oh well.

    Bless the beasts and the chiiiiildreeeeen!

  9. oooohhhh, I just trying to squeeeeeeze my hand down into that glass to squash his little belleh… OW! he started kickin’ with those clawy rabbit feet! And I cannat get mah hand back out now his fangs are in my wrist. ow! ow! OW!

  10. R., I thought you were going to start reciting ‘Casabianca’:

    ‘The boy stood on the burning deck…’

    Are we the only ones on the West Coast?

    Oh, well, let’s just have a drink…

  11. I’d like to pronounce a toast to the furry kitten sitting in my glass

  12. i’ll take that in my glass over champagne any day

  13. Sunshine0460 says:

    The disgusted look on his furry face just speaks volumes…

  14. Usually, I just tip the lounge singer with dollar bills. I’ll have to rethink, I guess.

    “Hey, next will ya sing something by Billy Joel?”

    *puts kitteh in tip jar*

  15. EaterofShades says:

    hell hath no fluff like an annoyed kitten

    I mean Seriously check out that ear hair EXPLOSION!!!

  16. This is the tip when a lounge singer sounds like he’s caterwauling.

  17. He really looks like, hey men get me out of here…

  18. @bdwilcox: again, with the funny!

    Kitteh is all like, “the next person who requests ‘Send In The Clowns’ is gonna wish somebody’d send in a doctor when I get through with them!!!”

  19. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    No, he doesn’t look teed off. He looks like he swigged down the brandy, and is now rudely lounging in the snifter, demanding a refill. And the bartender wisely declined to serve him!

  20. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    Besides, he clearly looks underage. Bartender, card that cat!

  21. the ear fluff OMG! but I don’t tink he’s pissed off either. Just chilling in the wine glass.

    Waiter –

    This evening we have on the menu an excellent brandy, a little on the fluffy side, but mellow, you’ll like it. And with the fish, I shall bring out a 1972 Chableen that’s fabulous!

  22. metaskins beat me to it… EAR TUFTS!!!

    I want to reach out and just tickle the end of the tufts enough to make his ears twitch. I’m such an annoying human.


  24. Ear floof.

  25. I don’t think that’s a PO’d look at all. It looks more seductive, Pepe LePew-ish to me. Rrow.

  26. PS Black velvet paws!

  27. Yitzysmommie says:

    Mr McEarFloofersons here is not angry – clearly he’s asking the pianoplayer / lounge singer to do another Barry White number!

  28. Holy Ear Tufts!

  29. One of my babies had ear tufts like that and he eventually grew into them. Never had that look like death lasers would shoot out from his eyes though like this kitty.

  30. card the cat LOL

    Nigel Might be his first cousin…..
    someone help with putting the Nigel referance(christmas sweater) up here I admit I do not know how ….MEG Help

  31. Kitty is so not amused. <3

  32. R Moore, lol. it’s lonely at the top.

    and this kitteh? if i were the owner, i would not be able to sleep at night!!! the kitteh is just seconds away from evil hand…err..paw tenting! ack!

    and so gosh darn cute too.

  33. charliewabba says:

    This is the last time I agree to go to the Poconos for Valentine’s Weekend…

  34. Ow, so cute…my uncle once had a dog similar to this one and we loved him so much for his being ‘smart’–he could open the fridge! I bet the one on the pic managed to get out of the glass…or he enjoyed it? 😀

  35. Meg, it’s Bunday, where are our Bunny pictures? Get that cranky bunny back on there.


  36. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I see I’m not the only one noticing the almighty ear tufts, hee hee!! HEY MEG!!! That should be your next rule of cuteness!!! If your ear hair is naturally longer than your ears, it’s cute!!!

    Of course, the rule doesn’t count if you’re a 68-year-old man(Y’all should see my dad’s ears,YIPES!)! 😛

  37. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I see I’m not the only one noticing the almighty ear tufts, hee hee!! HEY MEG!!! That should be your next rule of cuteness!!! If your ear hair is naturally longer than your ears, it’s cute!!!

    Of course, the rule doesn’t count if you’re a 68-year-old man(Y’all should see my dad’s ears,YIPES!)! 😛

  38. Yep. Eartufts, he has ’em. And of course: PAWSIIIEEZZZZZ

  39. Mary (the first) says:

    I also immediately noticed the ear tufts and fell instantly in love with them/him/her. I also like the one eyebrow hair sticking WAY up and the white eyeliner! I think the kitteh looks more seductive than po’d. She’s thinking “you had me at catnip….”.

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  42. Kitteh’s thinking: Gee, I hope nobody has a camera. I’ll have a terrible time explaining this to the wife in the morning. I’m supposed to be at work.

  43. That kitteh definitely has the “I’ll kill you last” expression on her face.

  44. Yoda kitten sez: “Too much you have had. Another glass you shall not drink.”

  45. Wow. This kitty made:


  46. there has been some high quality cute on this website lately. i like it.

  47. Kentucky_Gurl24 says:

    I’m gonna say that kitty is thinkin this, “When they go to bed I’m gonna slink in and pounce their heads and scratch out their eyes HA!! Sweet kitty revenge.”

  48. LOL@charliewabba!

    “…and they sit at the bar,
    and stuff kits in my jar,
    and say, ‘Man, what are you doing here?’
    la la la di-dee-da….”

  49. Oh, Wow! My room-mate’s cat looks almost exactly like this one. Same colors and markings; same green eyes; same dirty look. Although Boudicea isn’t *quite* small enough to fit into a brandy glass.

    I wonder if this is a distant relative?

  50. Those ear tufts are tewtelly REDONK! Completely out of proportion to any other floofiness on this kitteh. I mean, hardly any toe tufts between those little black jellybeans.

    Eeez seeely.

  51. Yeah, I think he is lolling (lollcat!) in that glass with a rude look on his face, all “I IZ SITTING IN YR GLASSES DRINKIN UP YR WHISKEY”. No “I can has whiskeyburger?” for this cat!

  52. I tell ya. Those Rum ‘n Cats don’t taste nearly as good as you would think.

  53. It is a petite, robust Biting red wine with just a hint of sauciness.

  54. That ear floofage is too, too much! LAWL!!!

  55. me thinks not a happy kitty….

  56. @Annie: “hint of sauciness”–LOL!!

  57. Kitty, …look. You ate the goldfish, that’s one thing. But, you cannot be the goldfish too.

  58. Pyrite Snicker

  59. I have a kitten that looks JUST LIKE THIS ONE!!!

  60. Annie — don’t forget to mention the delicate nose!

  61. Shooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookyuuuuuuuuute!

  62. I used to make mine that way, but with the price of cats these days, I just drink it neat instead.

  63. memyselfandi says:

    When I first saw the picture I thought it was more of a come hither look…

  64. Yeah, Kitty, ever’one knows you can’t eat your Goldfish and be one, too… it’s one of them there Laws of the Universe er somthin’…

  65. Dear heavens. That’s it eactly, the Pocono’s love tub special.

  66. anomalous4real says:

    Ummmmmmmm….. What’s the name of that drink?

    On second thought, never mind. Just bring me a bottle of the Zeller Schwarze Katz.

    With extra earfloofs.

  67. @charliewabba, Cephi, Kar anomalous4real: LOLZ!!!!

  68. @charliewabba, Cephi, Kar, anomalous4real: LOLZ!!!

    Kitteh DOES look like he might have the “beer goggles” on!!

  69. acelightning says:

    What *is* it with that ear hair, anyway?

  70. That’s a Maine Coon baby! Thus the ear tufts.

  71. That’s a Maine Coon baby! Thus the ear tufts. The toe feathers haven’t come in yet, but they will. Oh yes, they will.

  72. Wow! Those must be the longest ear hairs I’ve ever seen!

  73. Tineeeeeeeee Tabbeeeeeeeee!!!!

  74. Tiny tabbies,
    In the wine,
    Make me feel happy,
    Make me feel fine.

    /Don Ho

  75. you ALL have it wrong…

    kitteh is sayin’….adore me OR ELSE!

    or the Don Ho parody works too!

    Keep the cutes acomin’…..pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  76. He looks like he’s Comfortable…

  77. Other than being stuffed in a glass, Mr. Eartufty McTufterson looks pretty mellow and relaxed. I especially enjoy the little paw pads pressed flat against the glass!

  78. Does Mr. McEartufty remind anyone of mad scientist, Back to the Future’s DOC, or perhaps the Muppets? 😛

  79. I love how Michael K posted this on his site too ( He loves to steal from you!:)

  80. berthaslave says:

    I’m with Dreamspinner Cheryl. This is “angry drunk” kitteh.

    Ear tufts: cute on kittehs and Yodas, apparently not so cute on 38 year old guys. Sigh.

  81. Feet! FEEEEEEEEET!!


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  83. mom2twinzz says:

    Wooooooooooo!!! who found the catnip BABY!!!!