Mmmmm, rock peeee-llow

Hmmm, I teenk I weel warm my miniature ear nubules on this warm rockkkkks [baking sounds]


Delectabuhls, L.J.!


  1. I guess you could say it’s a Sealy Posturepedic…

  2. Omgawd bdwilcox, you JUSTJUSTJUSTJUSSSST beat me to Bleen.

  3. i just wanna run my hands on his/her sweet head.

  4. He looks very comfy. Is that the trace if a smile on his wonderful face??

  5. Sleep sweetly, sealie dear!

  6. Beautiful picture… Sweet dreams!

  7. I am in awe of the tiny ear.


  8. @bdwilcox: LOL!!

    Such a kissable little head and earflaps..and nose….

  9. And this is why I’m a marine biology major.
    I just want to give it keeeses! Muh!

  10. Anasztaizia says:

    @ bdwilcox: ROFL!!

    I lurv this guy! He looks like he’s smiling – must be having a good dream =)

  11. awwww so contented! definitely looks like he’s smiling.

  12. I just caught myself thinking, “I wish I had head fat so *I* could use a rock like a pillow.” Although maybe it’s more the fur than the fat. Either way, looks comfyyyyy.

  13. For your consideration:
    One furry happy chubby caramel Pinniped

    He get mah SEAL of approval

  14. Check out the muzzlepuff with ze whees-kairs. 😉

  15. It turns out that happiness is a warm *rock*. Mama.

  16. Toasted to perfection.
    bdwilcox: Don’t be sealy.

  17. That is one velvety little bebbeh!

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    bdwilcox, as Hon Glad has said previously, you are sealy!
    Leetle bebeh sealio, you may use my immensly soft tummy to rest your leetle head on any time. You don’t need rocks for a peelow.

  19. Awww, sleepy seal!

  20. So cute! Who would’ve thunk that seals can smile so sweetly? Makes me want to run and get him a little blankie too.

  21. “I *lofs* my rock.”

  22. bwilcox…………your abetter than any bleen !!!
    So LOL and is that not a smile on that snorgle-face or what ?

  23. bwilcox…………your better than any bleen !!!
    So LOL and is that not a smile on that snorgle-face or what ?

  24. Hims is smiling!

  25. So beautiful! *sigh*

  26. pwiiiing

    oh, sorry, i was just strummningk the leetel whiskers!


  27. Nicolletta says:

    Aawwww…good night, sweet seal.

  28. bdwilcox – LOL

    I give your comment my SEAL of approval.

  29. That is uber cute…

  30. Aww, so cute! I want to hug it. 🙂

  31. Oh, I’m so relieved someone found him. He’s been missing from our bathtub for several days.
    Just let us know where to come and pick him up.

  32. Such a beautiful picture, how peaceful!


  33. He dreams of shell fish…

  34. The picture is so beautiful, but that teeny tiny ear just makes it so cute.

  35. Meg, this is one of my most favorite captions ever. You’re hilarious!

  36. New ‘puter wallpaper, yeeeeh!!! Just looking at heem makes me wanna cuddle…

  37. It’s impossible to isolate the source of cuteness in this pic. It could be the tightly shut eye capsules, but then it could be the tiny ears, but it could also be the serenest of smiles, or even possibly the neck wrinkles. Serious ahhn.

  38. I would love to rub my face against his face. Soft and fuzzy!

  39. Peeps, do NOT cleeck on Cute Seal Admin’s name or you will be subjected to redonkulous excesses of sealiferic Qte. You have been warned.

  40. Aw! I love the shading on this seal’s furs!

  41. Hmm…not really ear floofage. Ear buddage? And if they ever make warm rock pillows out of foam, I want one!

  42. I must kees the seal. I must kees heees seal leeeps. Mwah! Seal bref!

  43. Lucia Mendez says:

    This should also apply to Rule#15 look at those tiny ears!!! so cute ;p

  44. Omg… looks so soft. I just want to be a mini-human and sleep on its head!

  45. velvet.

    lol@jen’s “pwaannnng”ing

  46. teh smoyle! he’s smoylen cuz he knows there’s more herring where those 429 came from!

    and cuz he knows those ear nubbules are being e-nibbled world-wide, web

  47. pixie-stix says:

    Look at that little ear fold…ahhh…

  48. acelightning says:

    That is one blissfully “baked” little pinniped!

  49. i watched a sea lion eat a penguin on planet earth… and this guy just doesn’t look cute to me. he looks like a jerk.

  50. catablob, nice try but hands off.

    He’s mine!

  51. ‘k peeps, i get that he’s got cute eye capsules, cute earlets, cute neck chub, cute eye capsules, cute smile…

    but did no one else notice the nose? i gives him Eskimo kisses! nubba-nubba-nubba

  52. Daphne Moss says:

    *gently touch velvety ear nubbin with finger and sing a la Axel Rose …*

    Aaah, aah, ah, sweet seal o’mine….

  53. Must be dreaming sweet seal dreams! Lovely smile.

  54. Kar,
    no really he’s ours, honestly he looks just like his dad.
    Just give him a beer and put a remote in his hand and you’d never know the difference between the two of them!

  55. 1. He is my new wallpaper!

    2. Those ears are tiny and hopefully cold enough to very lightly squeeze.

    3. Yes! The nose is perfect! Eskimo kisses all around!

  56. that is sooo cute but i think anything could warm his cute little ears up ……lol

  57. berthaslave says:

    There is no way that is real. No creature could possibly be that happy and adorable and sleepy at the same time.

  58. oh wow… so freakin’ cute.

  59. MrsPotatoHead says:

    I want to gently smoosh that ear nubule so badly it’s killing me. Oh seal bebeh why do you torture me so?

  60. Sleep tight, little dude with the even littler ears!
    Speaking of the ears…OMG
    I want to gently sqeeeze them…
    That lil’ guy is totally my new wallpaper!!!

  61. awww! he’s smiling! 🙂

  62. He must be having a good dream! Sleep tight little seal!

  63. He must be having a good dream! Sleep tight little seal!

  64. I can’t get enough of this little guy!

    May I say he has the cutest little

    It just tickles me silly.

    Happy tears, happy tears