How a lack of teefs can boost cuteness factor

Unlike any other species, a specifc LACK of teef, (which, in the case of puppehs, makes a tongue flop out) is cute. Not to mayn-shons the Rule #15 ear action going on here.


Oh, and just for good may-sures, check out "Jay" the Pappillon flopping aorund in leafs. Ahnnnngggg!!!! [Arms reach out towards screen]


[pushing lil’ tongue back in] Ehn! Christina V.!



  1. In that first pic, he looks like Yoda, and in the second, like an Ewok.

    I love fluffy pups, they’re my favorite. 🙂

  2. Aaaahhh!!! Don’t feed him after midnight!

  3. Is Jay by any chance a rescue? He looks familiar…

  4. My dog’s tongue sticks out as well, cause she has not teeth. Don’t know what happened to them since she was adopted. Gives her a lot of character though.

  5. batman dog!

  6. Oh, to be a puppy in a field of autumn leaves!

  7. Here, we see my day is starting wiz zee bath…and zen a picture from my photo shoot. I steek my tongue out, pah, for zee photogrofaire. But, I cannot help eet, I am even cuteair, n’cest ce pas??

  8. omg, first the kitty in the brandy balloon, then the sunbathing seal cub. this little poppet just pushed me right into a cuteness induced coma!! 🙂

  9. Dreamspinner Cheryl says:

    I swear, I thought the first shot must have been ‘shopped. Then I saw the second. What a redonkulously adorable puppster!

  10. I love the slight head tilt and how the tongue is sticking out the same way.

  11. WOW! I missed the memo about Rule #15 being edited!! *resounding applause and cries of HEAR, HEAR!*

    In other news, this pup is THE VERY ESSENCE of the tongue flop. LOVE.

  12. ….oh. This IS the memo.

    YAY MEG. 😀

  13. So very true!

  14. Plenty of BEF and cute both wet and dry.

  15. Yitzysmommie says:

    Ditto Dreamspinner Cheryl!

  16. Awwww, that’s no puppeh–that’s a Mogwai!

  17. ****
    * *
    * *

    That’s a GIANT version of “:P” (thpppp!)

  18. What’s with the tongue? Definitely prefer the poofy, dried version.

  19. Halp I forgot whisch is the rudder for landing !!!!!!!

    Pic 1: Plane flaps stuck can’t land

    Pic 2: ok I landed now what ????

  20. BAT EARS!!!

  21. awwww so cute. i’d be happy to follow puppeh around and dab his tongue with a spongie so it wont dry out.

    its a whole new kind of ‘baroo?”

  22. Nicolletta says:

    The most ridiculously dorky dog I have ever seen. I love it!

  23. Jen, that is the Wet Propeller-Eared Baroo. Rarely attempted for the difficulty factor, but always gets high artistic points!

  24. PS the tongue angle in bothe pics!!

  25. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Ears need a just a touch of the soff kronsche too!!(nobody else thought so?)

  26. I would keesy this widdle puppy on his widdle wippys tongue and all!


    Don’t you agree?

  27. So cute! I love the tongue and the “Baroo?” look. XD

  28. I think I made this face for a picture in my high school yearbook.

    Jay’s much cuter doing it than I was.

  29. OMG this is so silly I can’t stop looking. My cat’s tongue used to stay out sometimes after she cleaned herself, & we would poke it back in.

    Puppy scores a 10 for cuteness!!

  30. In the second pic the pup is all, “Derhhh?”

    Totally made my day

  31. Charles J T says:

    In the bath picture, Jay looks like he should be a character in Wallace & Gromit.

  32. I love how in the first peecture he’s all flat and soggy and the FWOOMPF! in the second one he’s fluff overload!!! *pokes da tongue*

  33. Jay looks like a calender boy!

    *smooches screen*

  34. martha in mobile says:

    Wait, what was the Jerboa Conflict of ’07?

  35. He eez truly a mogwai. With extra tonguage.

  36. I think it’s just the lighting, but the first one looks eerily Photoshopped!

  37. It’s Mr. Winkle’s long lost cuz:P

  38. Mary (the first) says:

    .. I was hoping someone would explain what happened to his teefs?? He’s really cute except (sorry) I don’t like the hanging tongue. It does not look comfortabuhls for him.

  39. More ear floofage!

  40. Why no teefs?

  41. Christina V. says:

    Thanks for all the comments about my little Jay, he is in fact a ‘roadside rescue’ dog…I found him in a ditch on the side of the road one wet and cold morning…he had been left for dead and was very sick…after lots of veterinary care and TLC (and lots of infected teeth extracted) he is just the GREATEST little ‘special ed’ papillon ever…and LOVES to ham it up for the cam! (and no, they’re not edited…he’s just that freakin adorable!) These pics were taken just a few months ago after finding him, he’s looking even more cute and fluffier now!! More pics to come soon!! 🙂

  42. Christina, major kudos for rescuing a caring for a pup in need! Abandoned and homeless animals are such a sad site, and it warms my heart to know there are people out there who are willing to stop and help so these animals don’t wind up euthanized in shelters or dead in the streets. Give that fluff monster some extra snuggles and a kiss on the nose for me!

  43. Meg doesn’t this call for a new bath-related category?

  44. Thank you Christina. For sharing your story and for loving this special little guy!!

    And there’s a special hell for people who abandon their pets like this.

  45. Good job Christina! I have 5 Paps at home, some rescue some not. Fortunately all have their teefs. Toy dogs are especially prone to dental problems and often lose their teeth at a young age unless they get regular dental care. All puppehs need regular dental care, but the tiny ones more so. Toooooo kyoots!

  46. I just exploded from the cuteness!

    Love the way his white fur curls to his right, while his tongue sticks out to the left.

    When I was a girl, we had a Papillon cross. Spooky was a beautiful thing – and I was always amazed at how much she shrank when she was bathed.

  47. Deeeeerrrrrrrp!

  48. hahahaha….the tounge kills me! Made my day, thanks!

    i can haz?

    smootches on the forehead for Christina saving this beautiful babeh!

  50. fencerchick says:

    Is it a bad thing that I stuck my tongue back out at him? While at work? Sigh.
    (My first post – been lurking a while, but had to comment on the tongueage)

  51. This breed always has their tongue out. (I have two of them, and they are adorable little furry friends).

  52. Adorable!!! My kitty and my bulldogs’s tongues hang out as well!

  53. Ahh, yays. The Mr. Winkle nods. I, too, adore the tongue flop. Tres adorable. Also refer to the pug pup in “Homestoi runnoi” on this thread.

  54. This is the cutes puppeh i have EVER seen in my entire life.

  55. berthaslave says:

    What a great pup and a great story!!!

    They should put his picture next to the emoticon definition of :-P.

  56. I KNEW this was a Papillon when he was wet! We rescued our Pap too, she’s my little baby and I love her so much! She’s twitching on the couch right beside me. Her name is Izzy 🙂 She loves other Paps and I’m sure she would get along great with this little fella!

  57. Aww… I love papillons. So glad you saved this little one Christina. 🙂

  58. CheshireCat says:

    *Pokes peenk tongue* AHN! ^_^

  59. awwww… lovely pup, lovely tongue… =P

  60. Gotta have more Jay? I’m not computer-saavy enough to have a real website…..but I do have a myspace page with more pics of Jay and my other critters…go to pics, and then Jay has his own album at the bottom. It shows how he’s progressed from when he was found that sad morning….to now, he’s a whole new dog now! 🙂

    Oh and Jay says “thankz for all the loveh-ly commentz!” :p