Ham Dip

Great, wait ’til the guys back at the Wheel hear about THIS


Michele L.K. Dip that Ham!



  1. throw in some split peas and you got SOUP!

  2. susan_rn92 says:

    She doesn’t want a bath, she’s a self cleaning ham! But she will sure look sweet all wet, like a hot dog.

  3. I predict a stream of anti-hammy scruff holding…

  4. Edit: Anti-hammy scruff holding trolls.

  5. Edit: anti-hammy scruff holding angry trolls

  6. Hehe, just ridiculous. Look at that perfect expression.

  7. If you dipped him in the Ganges, I guess you could call him a Delhi Ham.

  8. Not to mention anti-hammy-bathing trolls. I used to bathe my hammies when I was a little kid. They were so cute swimming in the sink. I don’t think they were traumatized, but I don’t think they liked it either.

  9. Haha, that little ham’s expression. I’ve certainly known hams that didn’t mind being held by the scruff at all (and some that did, every ham is different!).

    I’ve also had hams that were very mellow about their baths. It’s so cute to see them paddle around in the water.

    And sometimes they DO need baths – not usually because of them, but because some human went and held them with greasy hands! Ick!

  10. Do hams frequently need baths?? I thought they were self cleaning. If I had a ham I would want to bathe him all the time, just to see him swim.

  11. They don’t need them frequently, but every once in a while something might happen to get them dirty – I’ve had hams wander into the heating vent and get covered in dust, get in someone’s salad bowl, etc. Most commonly, though, I give them baths when they’ve been being held a lot and their fur has gotten somewhat greasy from it. They can usually clean it up themselves, but it takes them a while, and the bath helps. Plus, mine don’t tend to mind it, and even seem to enjoy when I use the hair dryer on low to dry their fur.

  12. Most hams stay fairly clean, if somewhat uriney, but occasionally a ham will get senile or something and decide to stop cleaning himself. If he does this, eventually he starts kind of smelling like the “cheese” from your toenails and it’s really, really nasty.

  13. Squirrelly says:

    Looks like he was bathing in a KARAT. No problems there.

  14. hoo le pauvre, pas de bain pour les hamsters!!!! 😦 😥

  15. No bath for hamsters, it is deadly and terrifying for them!

  16. Unless you drown the hamster, then a bath is certainly not deadly! And they’re pretty good swimmers. And if you give them baths the nice way and keep the water low enough so that they can touch the bottom, then they usually stop being scared pretty quickly.

  17. Oh, the indignity!!

    Cute little hamster-feeties!!!!

  18. My hamster once fell in th water when I did the dishes, he was a very good swimmer…

  19. Poor hammie! 😦

  20. if hamsters get dirty (mine escaped and pouched a box of hamster treats which melted and then got all stuck in his fur!) then you should get a cotton bud and use warm water to wipe down the fur. my hamster book says you should under no circumstances submerge them in water – i.e. chuck them in the sink.

  21. That’s a look that says ‘Why? WHY? I’ve always been kind to YOU!’

  22. Anasztaizia says:

    *looks at water*
    *loooks up at camera*
    *looks back at the water*
    *back up at the camera*


  23. the problem with hammie bathing is that they can’t adjust to the water temperature and could get sick. so I guess if one insisted on submerging the ham it would be super important to have the water room temperature. the way Kerry described sounds better though. that said–I loff hammie feets.

  24. i’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to give hamsters baths because if they catch a chill it can make them really sick. it’s actually kinda of cruel and not very cute.

  25. Hamsters don’t neeeeed baths! They could get veeerrrry sick if not dried properly!

  26. Yeah I’m going to have to post an anti-bathing hams post as well. You aren’t supposed ever, really. There are spray on shampoos and the like, and your hammie will be alive in the morning.

  27. Hamsterific.com says hamsters can in fact die from being bathed and it should only be done in exceptional circumstances:

    My hamster is self-cleaning, but then, she rarely gets into trouble. 🙂

  28. I can’t imagine how badly someone would have to do it in order to have a hamster DIE from being bathed. I’ve had many hamsters, they all had baths – of course I was always careful to use warm water and dry them properly, and not one ever had a problem. Use common sense, people. You wouldn’t get out of the bath without drying off – so make sure your hammie is completely dry before putting it back too.

  29. Noooooooo! Do not bathe the hamster! It is SO very dangerous! Seeing an animal in danger of death is NOT cute! At all! Stop encouraging dangerous behavior!

    If you MUST bathe a hamster, they sell dry bath powers that you use to neutralize germs instead of washing them away.

  30. that picture makes me sad..
    Quote from yahoo answers:
    “Picking a hamster up by his/her scruff isn´t good at all. They have a lot of loose skin/fur around their neck because it helps them to store food. (They can store up to half their body weight in there!)

    If you´re not careful, you might pop the hamsters eyeball out by lifting it by it´s “scruff.””

  31. Dry powder doesn’t do much for mites.

  32. I can’t decide whether he looks resigned or delighted!

  33. yumyumjanitor says:

    If you can use a camera, you can use Google. You don’t need to bathe a hamster unless you’re working with the mental capacity of Lenny from ‘Of Mice And Men’ and in that case, I can’t help you.

  34. Oh, poor hammie needs some mini floaties.

  35. this is not the karat thats orange and yummy to me, !!!!

    HALP MEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  36. Anonymous vet assistant says:

    That is completely the wrong way to hold a hamster. I’m disgusted.

  37. get it? cuz it’d be split pea and …

  38. “a camera? are you serious? put that thing down and HEEEEEEELP MEEEE!”

  39. I has a Karat

  40. hammy disapproval? methinks so.

  41. When I was a kid I gave mine baths and eventually she got pneumonia and died. 😦 Make sure you dry them THOROUGHLY!

  42. MilitaryBrat says:

    1: Mummeh hammies carry behbehs by the scruffs. Even when they get older. That hamster is fine.

    2: Hammie will NOT die from a bath if done properly. Nice warm water, a good gentle dry-off at the end, and he’ll be fine.

    3: Im dying from this dude’s look. Its like a cheesy movie when something bad happnes and the character looks into the camera suddenly with this “Oh crap” look. Priceless.

  43. So, Vitani – Did you ORDER that side of Hammie with your salad? Or was it a special surprise with your salad?

    THAT was quite the mental image I got there! Thanks!

  44. Haha, you’re welcome!

    My hammie Bandit LOVED tuna salad. It was his absolute favorite, so I’d let him have a little bit whenever I made some. Except one day he figured out that he should just go to the bowl instead of waiting for me to give him some, and when I wasn’t looking, well. Hammie in my tuna salad. Hahaha! He was very pleased with himself, I’m sure.

  45. I bet, if you put the hammy in a rack ™ he’d be nice and warm after the bath and end up all sleepies and snugglies and stuff and snorgle you for hours!

  46. the ‘guys back at The Wheel’ comment made me chuckle its the name of our local rock bar xD

  47. I used to be one of them anti-hammy-bathing trolls on a hammy blog based in China, where for the most part did not have indoor heating. Then I moved back here to the good ol’ US of A, where my hammies are constantly in tropical weather (thanks building superintendent and that CRAZY boiler!!!), so I’m sure a dip every once in a while wouldn’t give them the sniffles! My hammies are clean clean tho, so they won’t need a dip… that and they eat organic feed. Ai-ya-yai….

  48. I wouldn’t worry. These are probably the same people who would have had a huge fit over me washing my cat. Even though she had excaped into the basement and came back with something oily ahd foul smelling all over her fur. They’d probably think it was better to take the risk and let lick herself clean.

  49. Do not bath hamsters

    Do not pick up hamsters by scruff

    Do not look hamsters directly in eyes

    Do not taunt hamsters

    Do not take pictures of hamsters

    Do not look at pictures of hamsters

    Do not talk about hamsters behind their backs.

    Violating any of these deadly serious rules means that you are very bad, and that I am better than you.

  50. NEW CUTE! *breathing becomes easier, twitches and homicidal urges slowly subside*

    It’s Sthuper Hamsthter! Nyeeeeeerrrroooooooooo!!! Someone get heem a teeny tiny cape!

  51. ot to fuel the flames or anything, but the reason you shouldn’t pick up a hammie by the scruff is because they have so much loose skin there that they can wheel around and bite you while mid-air. Meaning if they aren’t it’s not because they can’t. Which means he can’t be THAT unhappy.

    And as many say above, if you do it right no harm will come from bathing a hammie. Use warm water and dry thoroughly. We mustn’t assume that the person who was about to bathe the hammie was going to dump them in cold water, pat them once, and toss them back. Heck, we don’t even know the hammie was REALLY going for a bath. It might just be a funny picture they snapped before returning them to their cage. I used to clean the hammie cage in the bathroom, so it’s not implausible.

  52. Hammie looks embarrassed (definitely a camera take, like Wile E. Coyote just before falling off the cliff) but doesn’t seem to be squirming in panic.

    Could have just been done for teh lulz, as R. Moore sez above.


  54. Personally, i like how his (her?) leetle front paws are all ready to sweem 😀

    He’s (she’s?) all, one, two, stroke, ehn, one, two, stroke, ehn….

    And onto the ‘bathing the hammy’ debate which has been raging ferociously. Look, I’ve never had a hammy, but I would suspect that common sense should prevail. Wash only when ABSOLUTELY necessary, using warm sudsy water and make sure that hammy is COMPLETELY dry. Oh, and don’t let them go out into the snow with wet fur. Simply really 😉

  55. Yeah, I’d think bathing rats and hams would be a similar thing, and my rats haven’t died yet. We wash them in warm water, dry them off completely with a towel, and put them back. They also smell like apples afterward because we use apple shampoo on them, so they stop stinking.

  56. It’s not so much the nuffing that’s annoying. It’s the “I haven’t bothered to read the thread so I have no idea that humpty-leven people have ALREADY SAID THIS!!1!!” repetition that gets old…

  57. Yeah…Nuffs need to learn to read… if they can work up a good nuff they can learn to read!

    Also, LMAO @ Twirlie and Clairezella well said.

    Frankly bathing babies improperly would be bad for them, but I don’t see anyone saying we should never ever bathe them (I said bathe not submerge so don’t go all hyper nuff on me :P).

    This pic is so cute! I dare ya to post a chincilla water bath now Meg… We can play a drinking game with nuffs who tell us it should be a sand bath! 😛

  58. You are NEVER to bathe a hamster. That is a death sentence.

  59. bcteagirl, bathing a chinchilla with water will kill them. They are not to get wet or they die, hence bathing in sand.

  60. Poor hamster. It looks rather uncomfortable.

  61. LOL you guys.. good grief.. Well since R.Moore works at a wildlife museum where they care for a wide variety of wild animals including a not so wild hamster and guinea pig..and educate people in proper care of them… I think she would know. That said… Bombs away!!!!

  62. Hamsters are desert animals, so I don’t think bathing probably falls into their natural everyday activities. They like a good sand bath. If you keep their cage nice and clean, you shouldn’t have to worry about it. On the other hand, “Look at the cutie wootie Hammmie McHamstersons getting his wittle baff!”

  63. The hostility towards people voicing concern is unnecessary. Yes, the repetition of people who haven’t read the thread is annoying. Yes, a lot of times on this blog people have cried abuse on things that were really not. But there are certain ways to take care of certain animals, and not everyone knows them. Giving a cat a bath is different from giving a hamster a bath, know why? Because cats are different from hamsters. Giving a chinchilla a bath would be horrible because mold can grow in their fur. I wish everyone would treat folks on here with some civility, even if there are disagreements like this one. There’s no need to be calling anyone stupid just because they don’t think the same way you do. This is a *community* of *cuteness* can we please respect each other a little?

  64. I am sorry but I do not support dipping little creatures into water, even if they can swim.

  65. Marianne, I agree. Yes, some people over-react. But name-calling is really not called for.

    And if anyone is interested in fact… yes, hamsters should never need a bath, however under certain circumstances it might be necessary. And yes, you must use common sense. Slighty warm water (with mild soap/detergent only if necessary); rinse thoroughly and keep warm until completely dry.

    Concerning the holding of hamsters by the scruf of the neck, it needs to be done properly especially if the hamster is a nippy one. However it can be dangerous if there is food in the pouches — hard food (esp with pointy corners) could tear into the pouch lining. So use good judgement.

    That is all. 🙂

  66. GreyCat, it sounds like you’re either making stuff up or you’re just repeating the claims of some other anonymous poster you found somewhere on the internet.

    Do you have any (credible) references to support your claim that bathing hamsters or chins will kill them? For that matter, can you show us (credible) evidence that there is *any* mammal in the world that will die when exposed to water?

  67. Marianne,

    The hostility is well deserved; comments such as:

    “That is completely the wrong way to hold a hamster. I’m disgusted.”

    Are not voicing concern or offering help. The poster’s sole intention is to put others down using an adolescent “I’m more caring than you” message. If the poster was truly concerned they would focus their message on educating and convincing others rather than on confrontation.

    This type of passive-aggressive attitude, while hiding behind a purported concern for animals has become way to common in these comments, and as such it’s neither unexpected nor out of place for people to get angry at the posters.

  68. So if a chin gets wet it will die? Then um..how exactly do they survive in the wild, where ya know, it rains? I have chins, have had them for years, had to bathe my girl once because she got into something sticky, and she’s 9 1/2 and still healthy.

  69. throwing my two cents in (boy, my opinion’s cheap). Re: hammie baths – if the situation’s desperate, ie – SOMEone spilled castor oil and decided to get it ALL over themselves and then leave a trail of little footprints for you to follow that led behind the cereal – do that bath as R. Moore suggested. Its the draft not the water that’s dangerous. However should mention that since hams clean themselves as obsessively as cats you might want to belay that soap in the water unless you’re either sure to rinse well or you don’t mind a ham with the runs (and not on the wheel). The look on that little guy’s face – that’s priceless though.

  70. I’ve had hamsters that grew to a ripe old age. At one time I had an adopted family of four that I had to bathe because they had mites. The vet told me to bathe them with the special shampoo he gave me.

    This is how I was told to do it:
    Make sure the room is warm.

    Put the soap in a bowl, add warm water.

    Dip a clean towel in the water.

    Have the hamster in a larger empty bowl, too large and smooth for it to climb out.

    Quickly and calmly as possible, wipe the hamster with the towel until all it’s fur is damp; not too soapy, not too wet. Just enough to get the dirt or grease off, or the soap onto the skin.

    Then quickly wipe it with a towel dampened only by water until the soap is off.

    Then quickly wrap it securely in a dry towel and rub until the fur is almost dry, put it in a clean large bowl and blow dry with warm air until it’s fluffy and dry.

    He told me that hamsters are differ in handling water and bathing according to species, size, temper, and resilience so it’s best to bathe only if they’re extremely dirty, have an itching problem and need medicine or can’t bathe themselves.

    Bathing them this way means they’ll be mostly dry and won’t have to be dipped. the towel if used right, protect you from getting bitten, and you don’t have to hold them by the scruff.

    When I bathed them this way, they were too busy playing with the towel to get frightened or flustered. they really enjoyed the blow dryer and stopped itching.

  71. susan_rn92 says:

    Thanks Libressa, that sounds like really great advice, and it keeps the hammy safe which is really important. I once had a sick hamster (from old age) who I was cleaning with a damp cloth because he was too sick to clean himself and he became startled and jumped into the sink. He bobbed up quickly and I scooped him out as fast as I could, but he was terrified. I towel dried him as best I could and then went to use a blow dryer set on low, but the noise scared him even more. I settled on cuddling him next to me to keep him warm, but he was long to recover from the experience. Happy end to the story, he did recover and went on to live many more months, but I will never forget poor soaked little Bear, who when wet to the bone was as skinny as a hotdog.

  72. Well, I’m amused that someone felt the need to post just to mock me.

  73. I am sure it’s not Meg’s intention to set a bad example but a post like this can be abused by viewers so easily.

    The thing is some pet owners don’t even read up on how to properly care for the animal or even use Google. So it’s possible that they’ll see this photo and think “Oh! It’s so cute to bathe a hamster! See! The post says Dip that ham! I must do that to my hamster sometimes!” and never bothered to read the threads that followed to realize that bathing is only safe if the water is warm and the hamster is dried thoroughly afterwards.

    I would strongly advise that a warning be put under the picture that hamsters do not need a bath normally (Dwarf hamsters clean themselves by rolling in Chinchilla sand, and Syrian hamsters can usually clean themselves pretty well by licking), and if a bath becomes necessarily it must be done properly.

  74. Sorry, I don’t mean to be a total jerk but this site is not a guide to taking care of animals, not to mention that a solitary image is not exactly an indication of what has happened, is about to happen, how an animal feels, etc. The point is that it’s a goofy picture. I don’t think anyone on the site saw that and thought “OMG I’m going to go buy a hamster and dip it in water ’cause it’s cute!”

    I know I’m reiterating what anti-nuffers always say but , well, I’m cold and crabby.

  75. I think i’m just going to quit reading the CO comments from now on. I see a picture on here sometimes and think “I wonder if anyone took this chance to assume that harm is befalling this animal and to decry it and anyone who found it amusing” and then I find out it’s true and I get mad, it’s my own fault.

  76. I understand your frustration, Clairezilla, but I think just about every animal site comment section is bound to feature posts that talk about animal care and what not to do. What I do is skip over posts that are talking about things I’m not in the mood for.

    But, I’ve actually gotten some good advice and ideas from comment sections.

    I think the picture is cute and funny. I also think if the hamster was afraid, we’d only see an orange blur because it would be gyrating furiously. LOL!

  77. I’ve had lots of hamsters, but only gave one a bath, once. After he’d gone exploring in our front yard, he fell into an open sewer vent that we’d never noticed before (our landlord wasn’t so good about trimming the grass). We only got him out because we had a long, narrow little ladder made of dowel rods to lower in there… but by the time we found it and made it fit down the hole, he’d headed for drier ground (uphill, toward the house), so he didn’t find the ladder until he got washed down to it when someone *flushed* inside the house!! It was a very traumatic day for all involved.

    After we got him out and he’d survived that, it seemed like a bath would be the least of his problems–no need to be self-cleaning off raw sewage. Some warm water, a nice towel (he didn’t like the hair drier), and lots of extra fresh bedding, and he was comfy again. He then survived to old age, although we didn’t let him play in the yard after that.

    He certainly didn’t seem to like being in the water, so I wouldn’t do that to a hamster in any less dire circumstances.

  78. any responsible hamster owner knows that you shouldn’t bathe hamsters in water. they should be bathed using sand baths. use chinchilla sand – not chinchilla dust – and put it in a bowl with them. they’ll have way more fun and not meet an early death. cute indeed. hardly.

  79. You know, I’m actually getting a hamster in a few weeks, so when I saw this picture, I actually was, like, “oh how fun! I can give my hamster little baths, and he’ll be so cute!”. But after reading all the warnings from you guys, I have learned that’s not a good idea. So thanks for the information! I just think we should all be happy about the cute and love each other and be nice.

  80. Nanette, hopefully you’ve been able to sift thru all the comments and get to actual facts, as opposed to rantings of those who have just heard something and assume it’s the truth. The California Hamster Association is a good source of info on hamsters. The website is http://www.geocities.com/calhamassoc … go to the newsletters link and there are lots of articles.

    Good luck with your new little hammy.

  81. Plushiehamster says:

    I know, the picture is cute. However, it’s very dangerous for the hamster:

    1. Hamsters have OILS in tehir fur, and water REMOVES those oils needed. Thus, even if you dried a hamster off correctly and quickly, it can still be fatal.

    2. Hamsters are DESERT animals, people. Do you think there’s going to be some pond for them to swim around in? Hamsters can hold air in their cheek pouches and float, I believe, but it is still very unnatural for them.

    3. Yes, you CAN hold a hamster by the scruff of teh neck. HOWEVER, bear in mind that its cheek pouches MUST NOT be filled in the least when doing this. Some hamsters find this uncomfortable as well and may squirm.

    4. I see the water is soapy. Even if you dried him off effectively, there will always still be SOME soap in his fur (you know how when you dip a sponge in soap and try to get all the soap out?). Thus, when he grooms himself some amount of soap will be consumed.

    5. I believe (and many, many others at the hamster forum I go to will agree with me on this) that the ONLY time a hamster should be bathed is in EXTREME cases. For example, if your hamster got honey stuck over him along with dirt and leaves and such, you should give him a bath. DO NOT use scented soap if possible, as hamster noses are very very sensitive and the smell will overwhelm them. If it’s minor or majorishly minor, such as a whole bunch of dirt all over their fur that is hard to remove, use a damp cloth, hold him firmly but softly or give him food as a distraction, and wipe him in the spots he is dirtied only. Try not to get him very wet in teh proccess. An even better option is to get some Chinchilla sand (dust is too find for their noses; chinchillas have a special nose flap for the dust to keep out but hamsters don’t) or regular, clean, dry sand, and let him roll around in it. If he just digs around, use a spoon and gently get it on his fur, but don’t rub it in.

    Note: If your hamster has gotten accidentally wet or you have one of those rare cases where you have to bathe it, DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER TO DRY A HAMSTER OFF. Hamsters are very uncomfortable with wind. Just try blowing on your hamster, does he seem to enjoy it (psh yeah right), or does he kind of back away?

    I’m sorry if I sound a bit harsh, I’m really quite a hamster freak and will absolutely NOT stand for abuse or even uncomfortableness! I really hope no one does this or regrets doing this to their hamster.

  82. Plushiehamster says:

    Adding on to number 5:

    To wash, fill and clog the sink with water that can only go up to his belly. Then, use your hands or a clean soup spoon or whatever and pour the water onto his body. Try to avoid his eyes and nose and ears, if possible. Try avoid everywhere, in fact, that’s not dirty! Then, squirt a TINY bit of soap on your hand and rub it into the dirty spots. (Actually, if teh dirtyness seems to become loosened or comes off with the water, just dry him off.) Again, pour the water onto his fur and try to get as much of the soap off. Dry with a soft, clean towel. If possible, after he’s been washed, give him sand to roll in (see above post about that). Chinchilla sand, as some people claim, helps to restore natural oils (though I doubt it can restore all of it). Even if that’s not true, a little sand playtime wouldn’t hurt right? 😉

    I’ve never really bathed a hamster before, but I think that’s a safe way.

    P.S. As I’ve said before, I’m trying not to attack you guys. I know nobody means harm with this picture, but a lot of people will try to get the “cuteness” again, but in real life and with their own eyes. Also, on such a famous website, a lot of people might think of this as saying an “okay” to bathing hamsters.

  83. Plushiehamster says:

    Oi, adding on again, http://www.hamsterific.com/HamsterUniversity/GivingAHamsterABath.html IS a very good article on it. You may want to check teh site in general, it has a very good sense of humor and is informative 😉

    (okay okay i shall stop the offtopicness and the adding-on-to-posts :P)

  84. Plushiehamster says:

    Okay, okay, serious, this is gonna be the last time. The webbie says use a hairdryer, but I would personally use a towel. I know it does say to use a towel and then a hairdryer, but in place of the hairdryer, use some sand.

  85. berthaslave says:

    I think we can all agree that waterboarding is WRONG. Even for enemy combatant hamsters.

    [I shouldn’t be laughing at this… – Ed.]

  86. Plushiehamster says:


    Even for enemy combatant hamsters.


    (BTW…adding on again! XD)
    Hamster mothers do hold their babies by the scruff of teh neck. HOWEVER, take note of teh BABIES part. Do you think they’ve grown teeth yet? Do they know how to fill their cheeks? NO! So, it’s still not natural to hold a ham by the scruff 😉

  87. Rachel,
    I think that’s a specious argument. You’re effectively lumping everyone who voices concern into one group, when the reality is that only a small minority of “nuff” comments could be construed as overtly rude or condescending. This stream is a good example of that. So the knee-jerk reaction isn’t justified.

    I agree with Marianne. And it applies to everyone.

  88. Also, I find it interesting that you claim to know what people’s real intentions are when posting.

  89. thisdaydreamer says:

    Jill – you ask if we have seen any credible sources saying that bathing can kill a hamster.

    Well, the bookstore I work for carries four books on keeping hamsters, and all of them say that bathing a hamster can be deadly. So did the top websites that Google pointed me to. The issue seems to be the chill that they can get from being wet.

    The instructions I have read above may help to minimize the risk, but why risk it at all?

  90. Gawd, it’s just soo funny to see that little feller’s expression when he’s held like that all helpless & frantic! And here comes the soapy water, lil’ guy! It’s baff time, whether you like it or not! Ha ha, pleeze, more like this! But nex time by the tail–should be even funnier cuz his face’ll be goin in the drinky-poo first!

  91. hamsters shouldn’t be held this way… just like how you wouldn’t want others to hold you by your neck, would you? 🙂

  92. and it’s not deadly to bathe hamsters. they sometimes get kinda stinky, and so i just washed them in a small bowl, but the water level is shallow enough for them to walk around in the bowl. however, you just need to have to dry them thoroughly, if not they will have skin problems in the long run, either that all fall sick. sick hamsters are painfully difficult to take care of.

  93. anyway, everyone just chill ya… hamsters are not as fragile as they seem to be. i’ve seen alot of people mis-handling their little friends, yet their hamsters can still live to a ripe old age.. 🙂

  94. I have had to scruff hamsters many times. It is ok, as long as you dont carry them around like that for a long time. I used to work at a pet store and had to scruff them to give them medicine several times. Once they are scruffed, they calm down real quick. Just like how a cat does.

  95. Plushiehamster says:

    Jack- I do not know whether you are serious or not. Holding a hamster by the tail is like holding it at the end of its spine–WORSE than scruffing because it should NOT be held by the tail. Let’s make YOU helpless and frantic and dip you in soapy water and then laugh, aye? Your comment just makes me more than ANGRY. I’m wanting to snap SOMEONE’S neck right now.

    Alicia- You’ve made a good point. Hamsters aren’t as fragile as we may think, but I think it best not to risk it. Just because we CAN doesn’t mean we SHOULD right? 😉