What is it with the Farm Girls?

What is it with the Farm Girls and prosh pets lately? Don’t MAKE me make a CATEGOATERY, People.

Nom Nom Nom. Delicious braaaaaaaaaaid.


Like the ears back, too, AM T.



  1. Mister Goatbachev, TEAR DOWN THIS WALL!

  2. I want to nom, nom, nom on his ears

  3. and the teeniest of smiles too, dont forget that!

    What IS she looking at ??
    is thar a twista -a -comin??

  4. Awwwww! She’s so sweet and fresh-faced, and he’s ANERABLE.

  5. nom nom, nom on the hair. braids are de-lick-orous, especially if they belong to someone a goat loves.

  6. i vote like a baby goat for a new category, meg! prosh prosh!

  7. Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me!

    (It’s bad, I know, but I couldn’t help myself.)

  8. Is this an example of High Goature fashion?

  9. I am so happy says goat I nom nom on your braids to keep you from getting split ends……..nom nom

  10. Christy K. says:

    Baby Goat for President!

    Vote Goat/Stoat in ’08!

  11. Goats, I lurve goats! More goats on CO!

  12. I’m starting to be sad that I didn’t grow up on a farm!

    I need a goat and a cow, I really do.

  13. Space Cowgirl says:

    This looks the graphic from a container of goat cheese.

    Really, if you made it into a 2-color drawing, it would be perfect for that. You could go get royalties from some goat dairy by letting them use this image!

    Too cute, and now I’m craving chevre on pita.

  14. Space Cowgirl says:

    Also, why do all these farm girls have such perfect skin? Jealousy!

  15. Heidi? Is that you?

    I wish i could be that fresh faced and sweet looking. With a pet goat.

  16. This girl is literally under a Goat Attack – yet she isn’t a-braid!

  17. I will not upbraid anyone for puns, no matter how b-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-d.

  18. “My Pet Goat” — indeed.

  19. Oh, yes! Please make it a category! Too cute!

  20. What about a COXCU on the little goaty grinny mouf?? Pleeease?

  21. I like how the goat seems so resigned to his fate. “Well, if I must be held by a cute girl, I suppose I shall nom her braid. Ho hum. Nom nom nom.”

  22. “CATEGOATERY”… snrk! Good one, Meg… that almost slipped past me…

  23. OMG, I want a bebbeh goat soooo bad!!!!

  24. It’s Dot and her little goat Otot!

    ~Somewheeeeeeeere overrr the raiiiinbowwwww~

    (wait a minute, wrong movie>:D)

  25. yum, yum, that tail tastes good…

  26. Please add a “goats” category immediately! I’ve always wondered why they don’t have their own cate”goat”ery at C.O.–they’re friggin’ funny and adorable!

  27. Waiter there’s a hair in my soup… no, wait. There’s no soup in my hair! nom nom nom *burp* nom nom

  28. Look at that contented look on the goats face!

  29. CheshireCat says:

    Pollyanna braids + bebeh goat = Uh-oh!

  30. We SO need a goat catergory. And a farm girl catergory. Well actually, I am pretty sure I have some pretty cute farm lad pictures, so perhaps an equal opportunity farm kid catergory?

  31. RJ — actually, I slipped that one past Meg, too. heh

  32. LesbianNeoCon says:


  33. I can just imagine how much it’ll tickle when the goat lips work their way all the way up to her scalp.

    And to RedKitten: tee hee!

  34. This would’ve been a sweet photo anyway, but the goat munching Heidi’s braid? That sends it right over the top into certified Cute Overload!

    (No, I don’t know the girl’s name, but she *looks* like such a Heidi, doesn’t she?)

  35. Is it just me or does the girl in this pic remind you of Laura from “Little House on the Prarie”? Maybe this pic could be named “lil goat on the pararie (with braid in his mouf)”?

  36. Is someone slipping 4-H posters in Meg’s inbox or something?

  37. Did anyone else see the first ICHCB proposal (complete with answer)?


  38. YAY! I want more farm kids please.You can even leave the humans in the pictures.



  40. High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
    Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
    Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo


  41. Girl: “Yup, there she goes for my hair… that ok widdle goatie… did you take the picture yet?”
    Girl: “Little goatie.. getting my hair, I know so cute just noming awa-ok that’s enough”
    Goat: “Bleeeeh!!!”

  42. Just askin’ but whatever did happen to Jose Eber?nevermind *slinks away quietly*

  43. This could be one way for a lady to have a goatee.:)

  44. berthaslave says:

    All right, I’m gonna have to upbraid everyone for the baaaaaad puns.

    I’d also like the girl’s phone number.

  45. Different species? Check.
    Snorgling? I think so.
    Interspecies snorgling? Yes?

  46. Goat pupils are freaky

  47. Another Angela says:

    This is just precious. It’s so sad that she’s about to hang the goat with that noose though. See, that is what 4-H is about!! child abuse! just kidding huffers and nuffers 😉

  48. farm naminals an hoomin kids togethers? yesh!! new categories! we could also has the bebeh licking the piggie nose!!

    teho, you and mr colbert slays me 🙂

  49. There is NOTHING as good as livestock love ! This is a really cute pic, and very normal for a goat…they are characters…

  50. pookiepuff says:

    Aww! This is such a pretty picture. So cute! I never really thought about baby goats when I thought of cute, but with the recent postings of goats I just think they’re so adorable now!

  51. purplepeepz says:

    I have to agree, this is very Laura Ingalls-esque!

    And the goat is cute too. 😉

  52. lol… I love the blissed out look on that goat’s face. nom nom nom… mmm… hooman girl hair… mmm…

  53. That goatling is all “BAAAAAAROO? This ain’t straw.”

    “Goatbachev” … nice one, Teho.

  54. possumpiratess says:

    Too, too adorable.
    Reminds me of petting a baby llama in a petting zoo, looong ago. I sat down with him and pet him ’til he fell contentedly asleep on my lap. When mom finally showed up, I went to lay him in the straw and discovered he had my whole shirt tail in his little mouf.
    A wet, wadded-up mess, but well worth it.

  55. Having been nommed by a goat, I can attest that they ha-a-a-a-a-ve the softest leeps. But avoid those teef.

    And take the goat food out of your pocket at the end of the day. It’s just too weird to find it again the next morning.

  56. It’s the wayward ears that make this picture for me. He is a naughty goatlet. But we love him.

  57. acelightning says:

    This is a poster to get people to join the 4-H, right?

  58. Ee-o-dle braidy, o-dle-braidy, odle-ay-ee-oo.

  59. alyssabugx3 says:

    she is so pretty 😮

    aww the gots so cute. lol, hes eating her hair. 🙂

  60. charliewabba says:

    High on a shoulder
    a smiling goat chewed
    braid-ee o-de-laidy o-de-lay-hee-hoo

  61. aww he is so cute!

  62. Thank God I’m a country girl…

  63. I would call it a “goategory.” 🙂

  64. Don’t we also have a braid-eating sub-category?

  65. She looks like Laura Ingals from Little House on the Prairie.

  66. She looks like Laura Ingals from Little House on the Prairie.

  67. farm girls also get boring aff-ta a wile…
    maa-bee a new post??

  68. Two goats eating lunch on a junkheap. One goat, munching on a paperback, says “Great book”… other goat, mouth full of braid, says (nom nom nom)”Ye-e-e-ah, but the film was better”…

  69. ummm..what happened to Caturday? Just sayin’.

  70. refresh doesnt seem to change aneething. doooR-thy is still there.

  71. Cute Overload… not… updated… for days… need… teh QTE…

  72. That is such a beautiful picture. I LOVE goats – I had a pet one in Taiwan when I was a child. She looks so wholesome – something you don’t really find in young women any more. 😦

  73. Catsquatch says:

    Is everything ok? Its Sunday, this is like the third day that pic has been at the top of the page…..

    Getting worried….

  74. It ain’t ovah ’til teh goat lady sings?

  75. Been there, done goat?

  76. Goat Overload?

  77. Can’t believe there was no new cute posted yesterday or yet today. Is Meg okay?

  78. Cafe Alpha says:

    Need more goatlets!

  79. crinklefish says:

    Ok, it took me two days of regular CO check-ins to notice the PUN! Categoatery!!!!!

    Truly diabolical!

    I hope your weekend was a fun one, and not stressful…the lack of Caturday did not escape my notice. You’re off in Italy eating sammiches and petting random art-patron kitties, I hope….

  80. No more cute yet?
    I’m studying for two BIG exams here! I needs my C.O.! (twitch in corner of mouth)
    How am I to get by?!

    Ralla ralla ralla (making deranged sound whilst running in circles)

  81. Oh, for heaven’s sakes, people! Can’t Meg have a weekend off without people either griping or supposing that she’s dead? Be grateful for the Cute and give the woman a break!

  82. I’m with you, Jaye– I hope Meg’s having a delightful 3-day-weekend doing something splendiferous. For all of us hard-core CO’ers, this is where we get to delve deeply into the archives.

  83. Obvy, Meg is fine, or we wouldn’t feel right whining a bit. 😉

    In Goat We Trust.

  84. *begins plotting cute goat marriage proposal*

  85. CO is a bit like crack. We’re all getting the shakes. Or whatever crack-withdrawal consists of.

  86. @Jim: Too true! *mumblibg Serenity Prayer to self*

  87. Whoops, should be “mumbling” there! No CO, spelling is affected!!!!

  88. Meg needs a weekend poster. I volunteer!

    My submishe:

    Mom cat is looking over her little babies:


    Suddenly, the click of the camera gets one’s attention and she looks up!


  89. I wear braids every single day! Quick, someone get me a goat! XD

  90. *twitch* It’s okay, really. *twitch, twitch* I can handle a weekend without *hands shaking* n-n-n-new CO p-p-posts. *eye spasms* Don’t worry about me. *homicidal rampage!!11!!one!!*

  91. JNO, they’re adorable!

  92. Hahaha! It’s like a zombie with a head cold.
    Braaaaaaids! Braaaaaaaids!

  93. Oh, for goodness’ sake! What’s all the complaining about?

    (returns to the liquor cabinet)

    (brings out a bottle of Veuve Cli-goat)

  94. This picture reminds me of my honeymoon. My husband and I went to a petting zoo where I absolutely fell in love with the baby goats. They are the sweetest!

  95. AnotherFarmGirl says:

    Ok, this is the healthiest looking girl in all of history. Look at how shiny her hair is! Look at how her skin glows!

  96. Gawd, how perfect would this be if she were simultaneously nomming on the lil’ goatle’s ear.

  97. Goats love to hug people. Mostly so that they can reach your hair, but still-goat hugs!

  98. LOL! So adorable!

  99. the goat don’t seem to like the taste of the girl’s hair.. LOL~!