Don’t you be lookin’ at muh ‘tocks

Uh oh, he caught us looking.



Nice corgage, Elaine T. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice.



  1. Does this restaurant charge a corgage fee? Aw, who cares. Tewtally worth it.

  2. Man, That was my first Bleen e’var!!! And on a qte qte puppeh, too!

  3. I’ll have the Pembroke Chableen!

  4. Are you looking at my bum? Bum-looka.

  5. WTF? I just got bleen-japped! I was there..I had to preview (that was a new one) and it showed me as the first post! Now it is gone…and I was pushed aside by Pheas. Sorry Pheas, but that made me not so bleening happy!

  6. Cheeky monkey.

    I dinna do it on porpoise, kk3! Have some chableen.

  7. EEEEE! Wee corgi’s doin’ a half-basset hip!
    Sorry ’bout the bleen, kk3!
    Can I have some chableen, too? It’s been a loooong week.

  8. I love his tocks!

  9. delicious puppeh tocks.
    there is nothin cuter, i could look at corgi pics all day.

  10. zeldapie — bottoms up! 🙂

    I bought a case, and it’s 5:00 somewhere.

    (Hey, now I can use CO to meet attractive Chinese “girls.” Sweet.)

  11. Pheas…no blame on you. I think I will completely blame…uh…mmmm…THEO! 🙂

  12. Ok ok…Chableen for the house…on me!

  13. tocks??!?? look at that tummeh! keeeess, keeeess, rub, rub, snorgle!

  14. okayz, obviously I’ve neglecting CO lately…what’s Chableen? wine?

  15. “okayz, obviously I’ve neglecting CO lately…what’s Chableen? wine?”

    Naw, just silliness. Happy Friday Everyone!

  16. Corgis do ‘tocks so well, I have Cardigan, so we get ‘tocks AND a tail! OOOOOO,
    Frog-dog! She looks like a frog swimming, a tadpole with legs because of the tail? Oh, you know what I mean. ‘Tocks gots nice furry-fur, too. Nice, fluffy white tummy, too.
    Corgis rule.

  17. berthaslave says:

    I bet this Corgi’s name is Simon.

    And he likes to do draw-rings.

  18. KK3 and Pheas — actually this time I am *blameless*

  19. homer mariner says:

    I am lovin’ the multi-colored toesies. Soooo cute….And holy ginormous ears Batman!

  20. Theo…blameless???…let’s take a pole. All in favor of blaming Theo [cuz it’s the easiest thing to do] raise your hands! 🙂

  21. Wanders in Leans down and scratches little corgi…. Holds up empty wine glass Fill me up with some of that Chableeen Metsakins did you bring any of your yummy cookies by Chance I have found that they go really well with wine.

  22. SixFootJen says:

    Look at those MEATY DRUMSTICKS!

  23. Can you send me an attachment of this picture? My friend has a Corgi and would love to have a picture of yours.

  24. *Zpie dons a lampshade and tries to do her own basset hips on the floor.

    Phaeas: Okay, cut ‘er off.

    kk3: No, wait, let’s see what happens!

  25. What is with the wonky legs!?!?1? I love eet. I love wonky legs!!!!1!

  26. Let’s nom nom on the cookies by Chance and have another glass of chableen, shall we?!

  27. Michele, wonky legs are called “basset hips” in my fambly, ‘cos our basset hound Daphne did that all the time (and we’d only seen her do them). Hence, Basset Hips!

  28. Long live Basset hips and wonkey legs!!!! And may we all be a little better for eet 🙂

  29. You peeps aren’t partying WITHOUT ME, are you? Hmm?
    ‘Cause that’d be NOT FAIRS.

  30. you better be glad we are just a’looking at your tocks not smoochuing up little fellr ……….

  31. aaaaa!!!!! corgie tocks! corgie tocks! aaaaaaa!!!! {runs madly about the office with arms flailing}

  32. o for goodness sake, I LOFF corgis!!!

  33. PAR-TEH! Let’s get the big screen out and watch that “WingWing” U-Tube again… A little Chableen, some wonkey legs, ZPie with her lampshade– what better way to spend a Friday afternoon?

    It’s Official– This is the Best Blog Eh-vah!

  34. *poor teho glass of wine*

    *offers him plate of cookies*

  35. Walking to work, I was once stuck behind a guy who was walking two corgis. I had tocks vision for three blocks.

    T., there’s pizza at the office, and I’m sure I can find some creme brulee somewhere (dusts off blowtorch).

  36. berthaslave, your comment takes me, takes me over! Climb the ladder with you!

    Yeah, I’ve had one glass too many of Chableen!

  37. [holds up beer stine full of ice]
    “fill er up Pheas!, I’m ready to join ya’all”

  38. Wow nice dog! i wasnt plannin on looking at ur buttocks, well maybe just a lil bit

  39. i know the tockage is amazing, guys, but try to peel yourselves a way for a bit to check the following:

    -Bulging Puppeh Blelleh

    -Miniscule Eyelash Shadow

    -Exquisite, Keessable Snout with Single Freckle on Pink Velvet Patch

    and can’t you just smell the top of that soft, smooth puppeh head? right, between the ears, peeps! RIGHT BETWEEN THE EARS!

    just try not to nom on that black rubber nosey.

  40. *Zpie returns from an exciting meeting, ready for more Chableen. She tries another basset hip exercise on the floor and strains a muscle.

    I LURVE the bulging puppeh belleh!

    Now, gimme another glassa wine!

  41. C’mon folks! Eets FRIDAY! w00t!

    *sommersaults across the floor

  42. Karen in Toronto says:

    barfing rainbow sounds

  43. Corgi + snorgle = Corgle

  44. snorglepup says:

    Ahh, fuzzy tocks and bleenin happy peeps.
    Yes, life is good…

  45. CORGLE! Brilliant, Kiragirl!

    *zpie and Kiragirl corgle the spectockular pup.

  46. *blerf

    Er, s’cuse me. Too much corgling an’ acrobateeks.

  47. (stage whisper: Can you tell I don’t feel like working?!)

  48. Corgi tocks are the BEST!!

  49. I am a ‘tocks girl, but how I wish this puppeh would roll over and … gasp…give up her belleh for pettinks. It looks mighty full from zee puppeh chow.

  50. charliewabba says:

    talk to the (back) paw, ‘coz the tocks aren’t listening.

    [glug glug glug]

  52. I’m lovin’ the drumsticks on this pup!

  53. dharlan1too says:

    Hot Tockets!

  54. charliewabba says:

    I’m not big on chableen – would anyone else care to partake of some nice pinot nyerhe?

  55. Persephone says:

    OMG, Meg and Theo, you are totally enabling my husband’s Corgi problem. His words on this one? “It’s so golden… and beautiful!”

  56. That ‘tockage is… hypnotic! Try to look away! You can’t look away! Try to look away! You can’t! Look at it! Look at it!

  57. @charliewabba: LOL!!

    “…Tried to make ZPie go to Chableen-hab…she said no, no, no”

    How about the lovely, delicate PINK ear-age???!!!!

  58. Want to smell the puppy feet!! I love corgwn!

  59. Corgis. Sigh.

  60. Yitzysmommie says:

    Corgle! Brilliant!!
    So I am now jobless, start new one on Tewsday. New job is a serious one, so I won’t be able to play from work as I have in the past. Dang! Will have to get all my Corgling and cat snorfing in on pm’s & weekends – double dang.

  61. *pinch*

    I can’t resist pinching cute ‘tocks, human or furry.


  62. I looked, great – now I’m blinded by the tocks… wrapped up like a deuce another tocking in the night…

    umm sorry – got carrie’d away L TO THE O TO THE L

  63. Um… his butt is ROUNDER THAN HIS FACE

  64. CheshireCat says:

    Um, so is mine…;)

  65. i could go for a squeeno grigio myself.

  66. How sweet, it looks like a cartoon from the shape of the ‘tocks and the belleh.

  67. AuntieMame says:

    Omigod, Becky, look at her butt. It’s sooooo big!

  68. Those are delicious looking corgi drumsticks.

  69. OMG Corgi bum!! I want a corgi SO BAD! But I am gone at work like 10 hours a day, so it’s not fair to said doggie. But darn I want one SO badly!

  70. Gah! Such perfectly rounded tocks! And that bulging belleh….anerable! *snorgles and dies a happy death*

  71. oooops, sorry I “looked” !!

  72. Instructions for tasty corgi:
    Obtain one nomable corgi, with roundy tasty ‘tocks. rub vigorously with butter and place into mouth. nom!

  73. Pembrokeshire corgis are wonderfull, my husband is from pembrokeshire and we would love to have a corgi one day he had 2 when he was a boy, but we only adopt dogs from shelters and there hasnt been one there when we had a vacancy!

  74. kathi Rick says:

    to: diddleymaz

    there are numerous corgi rescue sites around looking for people to adopt abandoned/rescued corgis. Not a shelter but they work the same way. Four Paws is one but you will probably also find regional ones in your area. You can also contact the AKC for corgi rescues in your area. And YES corgis are the BEST DOGGIES IN THE WORLD i would have 20 if i was allowed!