Ded from the Qte

Look how much damage small puppehs can do. [shaking head]

Poor guy. Well, if you gotta go some way, I guess it’s not a bad way to go


Esther, good luck ‘splainin’ this one to the kids.



  1. Dood, there’s some sorta growth on your neck thar…

  2. Mary (the first) says:

    That little puppy is no bigger than his *EAR* people! yummm

  3. Teenie-tinie puppeh!

  4. Love the puppy’s look: “I’m safe and I’m warm. Life is good.”

  5. The smallest doggieface ever….

  6. The Power of Cute. Wow. I didn’t realize how deadly it is! Poor guy.

  7. Manitou puppeh wants your soul!

  8. look at that sweet lil face.
    i cant believe how teenie he is! i’d like to see some more pictures , maybe a full-bod shot (prefer next to a pop can so’s we can see just how lil he is.)
    i want.

  9. i bet you could fit that lil cutie’s whole head in your mouf. precious lil tiny.perfect way to start the day!

  10. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. and

  12. berthaslave says:

    Clearly a crime of passion. Wait, that makes no sense. I’m tired, I’ve got nothing. Doggeh is cute.

  13. OMG, lookit his little eyebags!

  14. OMG could the puppy get any cuter or any smaller?

  15. We have gravity, electromagnetism and Cute. The three most important powers in the world. Not to be messed with. Its not just a good idea, its the law.

  16. maybe that guy just has a GI-normous noggin.

  17. …and in another episode of “Snapped”, Esther uses the weapon of Cute to do her bidding. Very clever, ingenious premeditated prosh paralysis.

  18. I’m sorry puppeh, but you seem to have a hooman growing out of your Axis of Snorgaltude.

    We’ve been seeing thoes alot as of late…

  19. that puppy is so happy I’ll bet its wittle tail is going as fast as possable on the other side…
    cute explosion over here

  20. yup. miniscule puppitude can take down a full grown man any day of the week. {shakes head} i’ve seen it happen.

  21. I would LOVE to know what kind of puppy this is. Please, please let me know where I can get one.

  22. So a guy walks into a bar, there’s this puppy growing out of his neck. Bartender asks, “Wow, what happened to you??” Puppy says, “I don’t know, it started out as a bump on my butt…
    pa-dum PAH

  23. Holy shitoly, that guy has a HUGE head. And, please, don’t bother trying to tell me the puppy is that small, because if he were…If he were really that small I might hurt myself with the Qte.

  24. Looks like the pup is whispering a secret. Mebbe it’s a hush puppeh. Mebbe the big guy ate some bad fish…

  25. bat ear

  26. redzilla- i totally agree.
    this guys head is redonkulously enormous and that is actually a mastiff there under his big ol nasty neck.
    nothin is this lil/cute.

  27. Get his ear! GET it…NEEBLE EEEEEET!!!!

    You know you wanna, leetle hush puppy (thanks pyrit!)

  28. charliewabba says:

    No, really, officer…teh cute killed my husband…

    For undetectability of murder weapon, this beats the frozen leg of lamb hands down. Or should I say, paws up?

  29. Puppeh’s name must be Jack because he’s obviously a giant killer.

  30. Is that a dog or a hamster???? Id be afraid to have a dog that little. What if it got lost in my house?

  31. dharlan1too says:

    what if you dropped a can of green beans!

  32. Juniper Jupiter says:


  33. ummm, unless that’s a 10 foot tall man, that puppeh is smaller than my foster rabbit;s new borned bebes. the pupeh is only as long as his fingers!!

    no wonder he is ded. me too.

  34. Oh, ska-WEE. Holy crap.

  35. “Halp! I’s being skwarshed by this giant hyoomin!”

  36. I want a COXCU of that delectable ear of translucentness. And the wee baby toenails!

  37. Yitzysmommie says:

    Puppeh has found heem/her self a very nice warm safe hoomin cave for those days when it’s just too cold out in the big bad world.

  38. sigh – I’m back to wanting a widdle doggie or kitty again. 😦

    I’m all unemployed now – partially due to the CO ahem…. sigh … I mean it’s my own fault really huh? Anyway, I’m unemployed and need a dog or cat to keep me entertained. This one would be nice.



  40. SoCalsis…you made me LOL
    till my sides hurt..

  41. Too Many Maureens says:

    “Axis of Snorgaltude”

    heh heh heh *snort* heh heh

  42. That dog is being squashed by a Giant Human!!!

  43. Well the fingers are much closer to the camera than teh puppeh. This is what, in the art world, we call “perspective”.

    Unless you also contend that this dude could put his wedding ring around his ear.

    But I would guess that this is a chihuahua or chihuahua mix puppeh, and I must say, I require one! Instantly!

  44. Who needs weapons of mass destruction when you have this wicked cute pupster in your arsenal? That poor guy never had a chance.

  45. Maybe puppy thinks guy is his mother?!

    I have a picture on my door at work from this site of a cat sleeping & the definition of SNORGLE. People smash their faces into it.

    Love the joke about the guy walking into a bar.

  46. :pokes guy with stick: Hey, roll-over there buddy, and give us all a turn.

  47. Oh charliewabba, that frozen legolamb.
    But that doesnt’ mean that the police are sposta eat teh puppeh? right?

  48. It’s like his unborn twin brother’s fetus attached to his head. Only friggin anerable.

  49. Anne and Leah B., you REALLY don’t want to encourage me. Over there on the Corgi ‘Tocks thread, we’re having this wild party with ZeldaPie wearing a lampshade and all that… and I guess my hilarity just sorta spilled over…
    So… Guy walks into a bar, says OWWW!
    (See what I mean? It’s a disease, really)

  50. luckycliff says:
  51. Two guys walk into a bar. The third one ducks.

    *cricket noises*

    *more cricket noises*

    *one person in the back goes, “Ohhhh, ha!”*

  52. It’s like a puppeh version of The Descent, with a human playing the role of the treacherous caverns. Watch out for ear-nibbling cave dwellers!

  53. Tooo cute. So itty bitty! I want a COXCU, or at least more pictures of this little fella! :3

  54. Ded from the Qte. I want to go that way!

  55. Guyz! Hit ’em with one little puppeh and they crumple like kleenex.