Winston gets leecked on Valentine’s Day

Winston is THE MAN

And he’s getting freaky with Rudy.

Rich J. of FourFour, another brilliant Winston installment.



  1. If licking is what it takes to keep Winston quiet, I’d take one for the team too. Thanks Rudy. Happy Valentines Day!

  2. I felt like such a voyeur. XD Love the soundtrack, btw.

    Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all. May you get freaky with someone you lurve.

  3. One day Mr. Rudy will be tired of giving, giving, giving and will find a true luv to leech. Mr. Winston will be devastated. C’est l’vive!

  4. SixFootJen says:

    Too much of a good thing, eh, Winston? Some kittehs have all the luck. Although around 1:30, Winston looks like he’s ded. Totally zonked out!

  5. OMG! Maybe I am tired but that totally busted me up. Love the slow motion all 70’s

  6. Rudy is going to have some serious hairballs! Winston loves it, even if he’s being snarly. 🙂

  7. Heeeheee, so funny! “thou shalt lick the paw that pushes you”-Rudy seems to be one sweet kitty!

  8. Oh Rudy – you give and you give and you GIVE, and what do you get?? *sigh*


  9. I love the face-shakes around 1:40 and the “Not tonight, honey, I have a headache” scene at 1:57!
    Too cute for Valentines Day!

  10. Winston: Ah, the worshipful lickings of my manservant, Rudy….That will be enough for now, my boy.

    Rudy: Hey, where’s mine??

    Happy Valentine’s Day, CO-ers everywhere!!

  11. Enough with Winston already! Sheesh, it’s CUTEoverload, not just overload.

  12. I CANNOT get enough of Winston, that face! Kills me every time.

  13. Winston: It’s merely what I deserve. Isn’t Rudy a sweetheart.

  14. The words say “I wanna lick you up and down til you say stop” but Winston says stop a few times and Rudy just doesn’t get it…

  15. I love Winston. I like grumpy men for preference and kittehs are my big weakness. So a grumpy kitteh is probably the best thing evar! Happy Valentines Day Cutesketeers!

  16. What a lovely video…

  17. OMG, I love Winston’s grouchy little smashface! From the videos I’ve seen on the Fourfour site, I think he’s not really grouchy – just kind of sweet and quirky, in a weird and blundering way. He was once described as having synapses like scribbles.

    Don’t be fooled, though. Rudy is actually The Man.

  18. “I get clean, he gets the hairballs – as it should be.”

    I love the part where Rudy is cleaning Winston’s arm, which limply follows the tongue push.

    and I so much love Winston’s face – his head is like half a grapefruit!

  19. Hilarious. Reminds me of my two girl cats. Can someone tell me why only one of my cats grooms the other? The small one grooms the big one, but never vice versa. Is this because the big one is the dominant one?

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    I lpve the concentrated expression on Winston’s face. I do realise he can’t help it, with a face like that….

  21. pny – It’s just the opposite at my house, the big one licks the little one. And boy, does she let him know when enough is enough! Poor guy.

    Love Winston, love Rudy, love CuteOverload. Happy Valentine’s Day! <3 <3 <3

  22. the slo mo! It slays me!
    Happy Valentine’s Day all!

  23. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    “What’s wrong, Winnie? What do you want? Do you want a towel?”

  24. lol, it seems more like Winston can’t be bothered to stop Rudy than anything. Until he, y’know, does.

  25. Nicolletta says:

    Winston certainly appeared to be enjoying himself most of the time. LOL

    Happy Valentine’s Day! <3

  26. snoopysnake says:

    Maybe Winston asks his human for those baths after all?

  27. ButtaRumCake says:

    It’s the background music that cracks me up. Thanks for the giggle!!

  28. hm Rudy behaves like some sex slave to Winston. when will he get leecked? Winston seems like the selfish kinda guy that gets his way and then leaves..

  29. Hooray for Rudy & Winston
    Hooray for CuteOverload
    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

  30. This is so weird — I actually had a dream about Winston just last night. No joke there; I just really dreamt about Winston. Anyway, I bet he tastes like burnt marshmallow and entitlement.

  31. Meow chicka meow meow….

  32. First off, LOL at this:
    Anyway, I bet he tastes like burnt marshmallow and entitlement.!!!!
    Secondly, this video is adorable, I love watching kitties clean eachother. (And I really love the music.)

  33. Great! Now that song is stuck in my head FOREVAH! lol

    Love you Winston!

  34. Do UK readers remember Bagpuss? That’s who I think of when I see Winston.

  35. I ADORE Rudy.

    Winston’s the exotic bf you remember from college who smoked Gauloises but Rudy? He’s the type you bring home to Mom and never forgets to bring you flowers for V-day.

  36. Dang, Winnie must be deeeelishus!

  37. Winston’s smushy fuzz face looks so happy!!! WINNY I LURRVE YOU!!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day C.O. readers!

  38. Rodent Break “meow chicka meow meow” snort, giggle. That, and the video, makes this the cutest Valentine’s Day ever!!

  39. circuscake says:

    whoa- i sure hope rudy gets extra doses of hair ball treatments…

  40. This happens at my house all the time. Unfortunately, what usually starts as a nice mutual licking session devolves into a fierce battle. >^,,^<

  41. So sweet! I wish my kittehs would get along like that, sigh….

    (small nuff point — was that cigarette smoke drifting by early on in the video? shouldn’t be smoking when you have animals or kids in the house — adults can make their own choices, but the wee ones can’t).

  42. little gator says:

    Winston has a flavor.

  43. Re: one kitty licking the other-
    It has nothing to do with size, it’s all about dominance. Interestingly enough, the dominant cat does the licking and the submissive cat is always the receiver. Rudy wears the pants in this relationship.
    One of my kitties licks the other one, and if the other one tries to lick back he gets smacked.

  44. Note to those who wonder why one cat is always doing the licking: In my house that’s how it is — no mutuality at all. I read somewhere that the dominant cat holds down and grooms the others to demonstrate his/her superiority. So while to all us humans it looks very much like Winston is being pampered and served, in cat language it’s like T. said — Rudy is The Man.

  45. Isn’t the rule around here that if there are three posts exemplifying something, that something gets its own category?

    Isn’t it time for a Winston category…?

  46. Cute video, but is that cigarette smoke I see at the beginning? UCK! Don’t smoke around those beautiful behbees! Bad humans!

  47. Rudy is so sweet! And it’s nice to see Winnie when he’s not being tormented with a bath or some such abomination. My two kitties occasionally attempt to leeck each other at the same time–so both heads are moving up and down, trying to leeck the other moving target . . . redonkulous.

  48. Sing it Rudy:
    So I lick you to sleep
    After the lovin’
    I brush back the hair from your eyes.
    And the love on your face
    Is so real that it makes me want to cry.

    Oh, after the lovin’
    I’m still in love with you.

    Yes, after the lovin’
    I’m still in love with you.
    (Any excuse to type Engelbert Humperdink!)

  49. TeratoMarty says:

    I thought the smoke was incense. You know, for a romantical atmosphere.

  50. Oh, poor Rudy. All that loving and Winston was a little unappreciative towards the end there. 😦

  51. Best part: Rudy’s tongue lifting Winston’s limp leg.


  52. Haha, LimeyG! Winston is SO Bagpuss. Good call. I love me some smoosh faced, grouchy cats. <3

  53. Since from what we have heard Winston doesn’t clean himself well, if at all, it is probably a good thing that Rudy is willing to do it for him–and so thoroughly, too. I am guessing that there is probably a fair amount of food flavoring all over Winston at any given time, since he eats constantly and doesn’t clean himself. Maybe Rudy is just tasting him, not really cleaning him.

  54. T.–hearty LOL’ing at “synapses like scribbles”!

    That also describes some people I know.

    Winston = funniest cat face EVER.

  55. I wish I could enjoy this video but it brings back such uncomfortable memories. The courtesy driver at the Ford dealership had to drive me home one day and he was playing this song and singing along with it like I wasn’t even there. *shudders* uncomfortable heebie jeebies!!!!

  56. charliewabba says:

    I think maybe the “smoke” is actually steam from the hot tub. Yes. The heart shaped hot tub.
    Shannon – I feel your heebie jeebies.

  57. I kept hearing the song, but also hearing this Barry White voice in my head, “yeah baby, uh huh, gonna lick them paws, baby, oh yeah, un hun, I don’t want to see no dirty ears baby, I’m gonna clean you all ova’ baby, oh yeah, that’s right…”

  58. spacebunny says:

    Please, no more kitty porn. It’s ruining the cute fuzzy image I have for them.

  59. So in other words, Rudy’s Winston’s daddy?

  60. His eyes! Dear Bast, what happened to HIS EYES?!? They’re GONE, baby, GONE!

  61. I feel dirty.

  62. this cute vid makes the song seem slightly less creepy!

  63. God forbid Winston should ever have to clean himself! He’s just so lazy!

    With all those food remnants on his fur it’s no wonder Rudy thinks he tastes good!

    He’s such a spoiled kitty.

  64. That Winston is one grumpy-looking fuzzbutt. He is lucky to have such an attentive buddy to leeck the grouch right off his mashface!

    p.s. that song makes me feel greasy.

  65. dharlan1too says:

    Winston jus taste goooood.


    The smoke made me laugh my head off, but the slow motion licking action scene killed me.

  67. Desdemona – That is freaking hysterical. Thank you for the clarification because yeah – i totally thought it was the other way around.

  68. That’s hawt!

  69. Oh boy, Winnie’s back and he’s lazy as ever. He’s got it made – Rudy, his overly attentive manservant! Love the video where Winston can’t be bothered to lift a paw for the toy. And, you have to see Winston meowing during his bath. More Winston, please!


  71. Okay, I just figured out who Winston reminds me of -Yoda – it’s the eyes. If there’s a Winston fan club, then I’m in.

  72. Andrea|Nash says:

    Well, DKN said it first; but I want to say thanks, too. Emily and Desdemona – it all makes better sense, now!

  73. A show of dominance huh? Well this ( more sense now.

  74. Well, in my Kitteh la-BOR-atory…*adjusting glasses to look scientific*, my research shows that:

    The oldest 2, Chloe and Baby, groom each other. After that, the older ones lick the younger ones but not the other way around. So if it’s dominance, in my house, it’s the one who is the LICKER who is dominant, not the LICKEE.

    (Maybe I can apply for a grant to stay home and do further research???)

  75. That song was gross.

  76. Hmm is that why my kitty licks me? Dominance?
    I like the part where Rudy is trying to lift Winston’s paw but Winston just flops it back down.

  77. Winston, girrrl, you are such a pillow princess…

  78. Yitzysmommie says:

    Poor Rudy – All that licking and Winston can’t even say thank you!
    Rudy 1 Winston 0

  79. I was wondering if Winston was feeling okay, he’s so quiet and still and just looks unhappy. Poor Winston, be happy, you have a Valentine!

  80. I adore Winston!!! And Rudy too!

    I do think that was cig. smoke at the video beginning, I’ve seen Winnie’s dad smoke in vids before.

  81. Winston’s happyface is the same as his grumpyface. Teehee!!

    I feel a little dirty watching that… I must go shower now. kthnxbai

  82. LOL! Feel the wuvs!

  83. Winston made it on cuteoverload AGAIN and AGAIn! Hurray! he is famous. 🙂

  84. acelightning says:

    The thing that lifts this into the realm of the completely bizarre is the camo bedding…

  85. i love it how his face looks like he ran into a brick wall

  86. I like how Winston is all, go away now OK that’s enough at first… then gives in and relaxes, then by the end is like OK give it up! He even starts to gently bite other kitty but kitty won’t stop… then at the very end he’s there, “OK that’s enough! I’m outta here!” Then to top it all off he’s like, “No, not THERE!” Zoom. LOL

  87. At 1:57 Winston rips himself out of the ectasy he feels and realises that this is turning into a Gay Kitty Porn movie! 😉

  88. that was very gay – literally – and wonderful – Winston is the king – Winston is my religion

  89. When I saw the Winston = Bagpuss comment the milk I was drinking went up my nose *kersnoffle* o_o

  90. Winston tastes good, like a kitteh-cat should.

  91. Great video and I love Winston. BUT, could have done without that song. Really cute without the creepy song and the sound off.