Who loves you, Baby?

I do. Lambchop—me. I love you. [Puts one paw over your mouth] Ssssshhh—Don’t speak.


Carla R., Tell Lambchop to blast the Barry White, Girl.



  1. psychickitty says:

    HAHHA That is adorable! I bet those lasted about five seconds before teh bunny was like “Uh…no.”

  2. Teeny glasses of lurv!!

  3. psychickitty says:

    ACK!! Or is it a piggie?!

  4. that no bunny~!
    that there is a piggie in rose colored glasses.
    Too cute! [falls off chair-ded from cute OD]

  5. shandrewsca says:

    The picture was cute, but Meg’s narrative is what had me crackin’ up!

    Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

  6. sooo cute!
    happy valentines day to everyone

  7. i hear barry white music in the background when i look at this pic.

    it is true lerve.

  8. whoops. sorry. i didn’t see the barry white reference under the pic.


  9. Ridonkulously Cute!! I lurve him… Meg’s so funny!! I can picture his little paw on meh lips, … “Don’t speak”… giggle…. Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone!

  10. Thats right Baby here let me pour you a glass of wine and snuggle up wiht you by the fire.. cause Baby you know I want you….. said in smooooooth Barry voice…

  11. Ah! Guinea pigs are so adorable! Love eet.

  12. Love,all alike,no season knows nor climb,nor hours,days,months that are the rags of time.
    John Donne

  13. Sometimes Megs captions are soooo perfect… it’s scary … lol

  14. not quite sure if this is a bun, or a guineh, or a piggeh, but it doesn’t matter.

  15. Loooove!

  16. don’t break don’t break my heart and i won’t break your heart-shaped glasses…

  17. I dunno, when I saw those sunglasses, I thought Elton John, not Barry White.

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    As Barry would’ve sung:

    “Ooh. Can’t get enough of your love, babe!”

    Bun is mightay cool!

  19. if i’ve learned anything from cuteoverload, i’ve learned that guinea pigs are a snap to accessorize!

  20. I did, too, taj. Those glasses are classic Elton.

    And Lambchop is so much less intimidating than this little piggeh:


  21. @anner: LOL!!

  22. berthaslave says:

    Have you seen the little piggies,
    With their heart-shaped shades?
    You know that the little piggies,
    Surely have it made,
    Always have prosh shades
    To lounge around in…

  23. More peeeeeeeegs!! Love the glasses…and the luuuuuv which is what pigs are allllll about. Well, lettuce, too. But mainly luuuuuuuuuuuuuv!

  24. That’s IT. My piggles clearly do not have enough awesome outfits or accessories. This must be remedied IMMEDIATELY. *harumph*

  25. Awww. Piggy wuv.

  26. OMG that is the cutest thing i think that i have ever saw. But the little narritive with it is waht made me laugh!! lmao

  27. Hello cuteoverloaders! That is my piggy and photograph! Isn’t he adorable and a half? Sadly, Lamb Chop has passed away since this picture was taken. 😦 But in life it was his greatest ambition to be featured on cuteoverload and I am so happy that this ambition was finally realized!

  28. @carla: So sorry to hear about Lamb Chop!! He was ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  29. Lamb Chop i can’t explain..
    but it’s something about the way you look tonight
    takes my breath away
    it’s that feeling i get about you, deep inside
    And i can’t describe
    but it’s something about the way you look tonight
    (i think it;s the flopped over hair actwally)

  30. yay berthaslave! earworm alert 🙂

    “always have prosh shades,
    to lounge a-round in!”
    da da da-da-da-da
    da da da-da-da-da…”

  31. “Elton?” “Elle?”

    More like Lolita dahling. And just as forbidden.

  32. Too cute. Lol, loving the caption. And that cop piggeh is very intimidating. (whimpers)

  33. I want glasses like those now. :\ And a lambchop to wear them and put its paw over my mouf. *laughs*