Ferrets can’t spell

Man, it’s so nice to see these little Carpet Sharks giving to each other for a change—instead of scurrying under rugs and and up your pant legs and stuff.


AAAGAGAAHAHAHHHH!!!! [sound of ferret scurrying up my pantleg unexpectedly]

This image is an encore presentation, ’cause it’s so dern prosh. Thanks, Natalie F.



  1. Hard lesson learned on a sick day: One should not load CuteOverload immediately after visiting Dlisted. Because my poor brain parsed the above as “Carpet Skanks.”

    I wuv u pwetty fewit, too.

  2. Janice the "Eight is Enough" Cat Lady says:

    ::giggle:: Carpet Sharks? Oh, WANT!

  3. awwww… ferret luv 🙂

  4. must…have…carpet..shark!

  5. GAH. Fairits are stupid.
    they proly cant reed kneether.

  6. I wonder if my ferrets will have any valentines for me when I get home from work. Nah. They’ll probably just attack my ankles like usual.

  7. Lolferret?

    If cats like cheeseburgers, what to ferrets like?

  8. ThreeCatNight says:

    He might spell like Elmer Fudd, but he is vewy, vewy cute.

  9. Carpet Sharks!


  10. What a romantic guy that ferret is, even if he can’t spell

  11. Rooster and Zoe?!?! These look like “my” ferrets at the zoo. I wuvs dem. I would be your vawentine, widdle fewit fwiend!

  12. I ‘unno … it looks as though he’s being forced into it. “Go on, give her a valentine! Look like you mean it! Now kiss her. KISS her, dammit!”

  13. Hehe….love Carpet Sharks. Also, i have fuller pant legs, too. I invite all gentle ferrets to climb up my pant leg.

    *lays on floor*

  14. Holly — these are ferrets we’re talking about. Expect them to take you up on your invitation… and climb up the INSIDE of your pant leg.

    You may want to tuck your cuffs into your socks.

  15. I always wear boots over jeans for this very reason… sigh. *shaking head* Another good one lost to pant-climbing ferrets.

  16. Awwww…. Heart Melts…..

  17. so. while you’re FREAKING OUT cuz you have a Ferret up your pant leg.
    how do you get it out and keep from hurting it in the process?
    i dont know if I want to experience this, sounds terribly tickley!

  18. Cute picture, but these guys can bite! My uncle used to have two of them… And they have a strong smell!

  19. You think ferrets climbing up your pantleg is bad? My mom used to wake me up for school in the mornings by sticking our ferret under my covers. This is an effective, if not very pleasant way to wake up, especially if you are not wearing pajama bottoms.

  20. Hahah, so cute! Ferrets really look the same, don’t they? If you put the ferret on the left next to my ferret, I probably couldn’t tell them apart by sight.

  21. May I just say that I love nay LOVE some of the people that upload pics to this site. Whoever took the time to create the valentine and do this…Other than it obviously being adorable and hysterical, it warms my heart to know I’m not the only crazy person out there who appreciates such antics.

  22. Andrea|Nash says:

    taj, ferrets like just about everything!

    My two fuzzy-wuzzies, little girls Nip and Tuck, (gone to the Bridge so many years ago) were particularly fond of bananas and cucumbers. My daughter’s Tubby (big, sweet, silly-boy, albino) loved soap and chocolate. Teeny, tiny Fer-Fer (Tubby’s consort and ur-ferret) wanted to sneak outside and hunt wolves whenever she could.

    Theyr’e all different, just like us – some want pizza, some want wings! And, yeah, they liked those, too. And ice cream…

  23. Andrea|Nash says:

    And peanut butter…

  24. berthaslave says:

    What are these “ferrets” that you speak of?

    Why are they called “carpet sharks?”

    Why would you put them in your leg?

    Please answer.


    Someone in California

    (where you can buy pot with a prescription but ferrets are still outlawed under all circumstances)


  25. Anasztaizia says:

    Ahahahhahaha, this just reminded me of the last time I saw a ferret crawl up the (inside) of someone’s jeans – they solved the problem of getting it out by *dropping their pants*

  26. Too cute! 🙂

  27. Happy V Day, everybody.

  28. Berthaslave – we are in the same sad, high, ferretless boat. *sniffle*

  29. Awwwwwww, I de wuv pwetty fewwits!!

  30. Ferret nice.

  31. Be my CO Valentine
    My sharp-clawed little ferret
    My heart’s broke but if you’re mine
    I’d know that you’d repair it.

  32. acelightning says:

    A ferret joke for this election year:

    A woman goes into a pet store to buy a ferret. She sees two ferrets she likes, and she’s having trouble deciding which one to buy. So she tells the pet store guy to put out some food for the two ferrets. They tear into the food… one ferret eats very neatly, taking polite (for a ferret) bites, while the other one just dives into the food bowl, splashing food everywhere and getting it all over her fur. “I’ll take that one,” the woman said, pointing to the sloppy eater. “Why did you choose that one?” says the pet store guy.
    (wait for it…)
    “Because I always choose the messier of two weasels.”


  33. oh, the one on the left looks like my frisky that had to be put down today… 😦

  34. theoneflyinvet says:

    OMG i want a ferret SO BAD now!! i’m moving into my own apartment soon and i can just IMAGINE the hilarity that would result from having a pair of kittens AND a ferret!!!

  35. martha in mobile says:

    So QTE! But I have birds and a rat terrier, so a leetle feerreet would fall squarely in the middle of the food chain…

  36. That’s so sad, Spiffy. Hope you had a lot of good times to remember with your pet.

  37. so. what do they do to you in california if you get a Ferret?
    do they KEEL you?

    You could always go ahead and get ya a ferret, and dress it in a cat-suit.

  38. Can ferrets be box trained like kitties and bunnies?

    I have 2 kitties, would the ferret fit in?

  39. GreedySkunk says:

    @ berthaslave: That is the big hesitation for me to move back to California from Oregon. I can’t just leave my two little fuzzies! Who else would ride my cats around the house and stuff every little treasure under the couch?

  40. REgarding Ferrets in California… Shhhh don’t let the secret out but people do have feerrets in California.. They are supposed to be illegal but you know americans some laws are like a challenge.

  41. RE: Ferrets in California, I’ve known people here with ferrets so I didn’t even know that they were illegal here. I’ve seen people in Venice walking around with them and who says you have to tell anyone? Not that I’m encouraging any law breaking here. 🙂

  42. Ankul kronschers. QTE.

  43. ferrets are sooooooo cute and omfg i have a pair that looks juts like these 2 ssooooooooo cutttttteeee

  44. carpet shark! at the shelter we’d just call them weasels 🙂

    i find they want whatever you want the most – your house keys, your remote, your cell phone, whatever you happen to be looking for at that moment 🙂 i lurves weasels 🙂

    big hugz to you spiffy 😦 may your little one rest in peace.

  45. They look just like MY babies, that my husband made me get rid of. *cry*

  46. Plum – why your hubby be so MEEEEN???

    Should have sicced thos ferrets up HIS pants legs!!

    Yeah, thats it!