Animal Phone

Wing wing! Wing wing! It’s for you!


David Rosenberg’s guinea peeg Noodle is just one of the stars. We’ve greenlit it for 43 more episodes.



  1. Buh-leeeeen



  2. One RIngy dingy, Two ringy dingys

    Hullo is this the party to whom I am speaking….

  3. OMG That is great…. oh wait I think I hear my sheep ringing.

  4. bee boo boo beee boop boop boop

    [dialing for take-out on a Fish]

  5. Ring ring ring… Man picks up baby Chikon… hello..

    caller: hey do you have prince albert in a can?

    Man: yes
    Caller: you better let him out.


  7. My pet is an amoeba; I guess you could call it a “cell” phone.

  8. That pit bull looked entirely too delighted to be a telephone. XD

  9. The g.pig’s face is the best. Would have liked to see a hedgie phone

  10. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! I love this!

  11. Thank you, Meg. Seriously thank you. I’m not going to share the details but I’ve had some really dark, scary thoughts going on tonight and this really helped. I’m going to go hold my guinea-phone and cry for a while.

  12. Lizzie, I know about dark scary thoughts. And a piggie and a cry will make it better. Not perfect, but better.

  13. I wanna play phone with my Boxer Sammy.

  14. Lizzy Hugs.. hope you feel better soon

  15. OMG! Yes, I thought the red rooster phone *might* be trickier. You’d tink it’d be willing to nap in the hammock w/its dude.

    I never thought maggots (whatever that icky bug is) were so hi-tech.

  16. I thought that was Patton Oswald for a second there.

  17. Martha in Washington says:

    I wanna phone like Scott’s!! ‘Cept I don’t swim…hmmm.

  18. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Zee, those were mealworms!! Used to feed them to my iguanas! My buddy boy Nermal cat used to love them, too. But then we found out the lizards were vegetarian, we didn’t need to buy them anymore…

    Great video!!

  19. That maggot phone scares me. Seriously.

    That chicken phone is great. Would really stop you from over-extending your minutes, wouldn’t it?

  20. omg, i sooooo want a turtle phone!! this has made my day.

    p.s. sending a big hug to lizzy 🙂 dark thoughts are the pits 😦

  21. Sound scared mon Kittehs! I laffed muchly. Lizzie, if you need an ear or a friend, let me know. I’m a depressed older lady and can understand and listen without judgement….

  22. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh god, yes!
    Can I have a rattie phone?

  23. SixFootJen says:

    I will definitely NOT be getting a RoosterPhone! Way too much work.

  24. bdwilcox : Win!

  25. I must try my cat phone tonight.

  26. Wait… no Bun phones? I wanna bun phone.

  27. @lizzy: Sending {hugs} and happier thoughts your way!! Thank God (or whoever) for pets—mine have kept me going through many “dark nights of the soul”. (And, you have friends out here in CO-land!)

    I was thinking the Rooster phone might be good for those of us (me, in particular!) who need to increase our exercise!!

  28. My cat phone’s battery lasts only half a day. And the voice is a bit muffled.

  29. OH MY GOD. I have never laughed this hard at a youtube video in my life, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    The mealworm just blew my mind.


  30. OMG!!! What smart people to come up with this idea!!!

    Lizzy, I totally understand about dark thoughts… In the last 4 months: I totaled my motorcycle (but wasn’t seriously injured), my son attempted to commit suicide, and is now being thrown out of the military, and went to divorce court to finalize my divorce from a 21 year marriage… But coming here every day helped… Seriously… Hang in there, and keep visiting this wacky group with it’s own language!!!

    Thanks Megs for creating this site!!!!

    Now back to our regularly scheduled craziness! How do *I* get a Shamu phone????

  31. ROFL! Me like, me like very much, except that wiggly wormy thing!

  32. Re: bdwilcox’s comment (way way up near the top)…



    (Sarcastic rim shot. Um, sort of like the sarcastic hand clap.)


  33. bookmonstercats says:

    @bdwilcox, so funny. This is one of the best vidoes I’ve seen for ages. My GPs are looking nervous now every time the phone rings…. I thought the mealworm episode was very funny and even forgive his faux English accent (was it?)

  34. That’s somehow disturbing. LOL!

  35. That was a terrible video. Not even funny. And def not fun for the chicken or the worm. The problem with animals in entertainment – even low budget stupid entertainment, is that they rarely have any fun.

  36. I can have a whale phone? I have a German Shep and a Aussie Shep phone now. I think I need another one…for emergencies…yea, emargencies…

  37. ((Hugs)) to Lizzy. We’re all here for you. Believe you me, a large portion of us are medicating with CO. It’s a lot cheaper than the ‘zac.

    I think this video is goin’ to join the ranks of cat conversation and it’s Caturday morning. Pure genius!

  38. I enjoy the high-tech mealworm earpiece, but I feel that I would choose an iBun. The nose wiggles greatly reduce static.

    bdwilcox: Baaaaaaahahahahahahahahahah!!!

  39. PS- Meg, can you bleen your own website? I didn’t even know that, fah realz.

  40. Have you guys noticed how cell phones have been shrinking lately? I mean, it was just a few years ago that the smallest phone you could get was a turtle. Now, I’m seeing all sorts of hip kids carrying around hamsters and mice. Sooo cool. And me, stuck with my fricking ginormous yorkie-phone. 😛

  41. I like the turtle phone- he would do well in my purse during the day!

    The chicken phone might be inconvenient, but think of the cardio-vascular health benefits!

    I think the hedgie phone would be more anti-theft than useable.

  42. …actually its not that smart because its STOLEN!!!

    *pauses for effect*

    i think it was in a british comedy called last of the summer’s wine (or it may have been a different one) which involved a ‘puppy phone’

  43. Hanging up by bopping the dog’s nose just completely put me over. This was great!

  44. A big hug to lizzy.

  45. tries to dial on old, deaf dog…who promptly rolls over for belleh rubs…so i have to lie on the floor to use the phone…hello? hello….gets kicks in the head by reflex back leg…

  46. The guinea pig phone is the BEST part. Omg.


  47. Ahhhh, that freaky little worm bluetooth was the best. Oh and the pig’s legs all waving around in the air was pretty good too!

  48. Chickon and mealworm aren’t bad when compared to…

    Piranha Phone!

  49. Lizzy,

    BE STRONG! I’m really glad that this video helped you last night. I hope that today is better for you. Know that you’re not alone. Know that whatever it is, it will get better. You just have to keep on fighting and pushing through. Know that it’s okay to cry. I hope your guinea pig gave you lots of love last night. I’m sending you a big, big hug right now!!

  50. Meg: Naughty! Theo gonna git you!

    bdwilcox: Heh-heh. Nice.

    Good thing no one ever calls me – my cats don’t like my face getting too close to theirs.

    Meanwhile, that bluetooth worm has put me off my brekky. Blergh.

  51. Please tell me this series will be a new daily feature on Cute Overload.

  52. HAHA! This video is so redonk. It totally made my day

  53. That’s the greatest thing ever! When the guy got out the guinea pig phone I thought I was going to pee myself! And the mealworm bluetooth! Oh, and lol at: *picks up pet* “that’s not me…”

    The chicken phone must be very annoying. Love buddy falling out of his hammock.

  54. I tried this with my pet earwig. It didn’t end well.

  55. meg – i love your bleenfest.

    this is so cute. the guinea pig cracked me up the most.

  56. Orcas don’t make sounds like that!!!!

    And FTR, the kayaker survived.

  57. So was the bluetooth the original earworm or what?

  58. Dat ees…beezarre. But eenterestingk.

  59. Also, bdwilcox: eeeeexxcellent.

    Ali: how can you tell if a worm is having fun? (that sounds like it should be the setup for a bad joke)

  60. Redbone, I thought the same thing about the pit bull looking very happy to be a phone! And Ruth, I died at the boop-nose-hang-up too.

    All I could think was that if I tried to do that with our foster pit bull, it would be a very soggy phone call because if you get your face within a two foot radius of his, he kisses you like crazy. And if you “boop” his nose, he soaks your hand with kisses.

  61. Whale phone isn’t that far off, seeing as how close Scott is to the water.

  62. i love this video! Can you imagine the roaming charges if you had a llama phone?

  63. the guinea pig actually killed me that was hilarious
    i was expecting kitties and puppies the whole time and then it was like adorable lump of a guinea ahahha SO funny

  64. Hahahahaha, that’s awesome. But really, no Bun phone? A Bun phone would’ve propelled it to a perfect 10. Instead, 8. Sigh.

  65. I love the way she pokes the Boxer-dog-phone:))

  66. I’m annoyed. you guys actually found this interesting and funny.


  67. “Please tell me this series will be a new daily feature on Cute Overload.”

    No. For the love of God, no.

  68. I just taught my dog-phone some new tricks so I can have roll-over minutes.

  69. Juniper Jupiter says:

    **Groan**Sprock, that was BAD!!! No biscuit for you!!!

    Okay, I lol’d!!

  70. OMG! This was too funny for words! I nearly fell out of my chair! Must go home and try lab-phone tonight. Could use Canary-phone but I think I’d get pecked to death before I could even finish dialing.

    Lizzy…big hug! I hope you’re feeling better today. Hang in there! We care!

  71. Why are people peeved by this video? Didn’t like it? That’s okay, but why can’t you just ignore it?

  72. I am STILL laughing at this video and I watched it before 7 a.m. this morning.

    Anyone who nuffs this is weird and humorless.

    Also, I believe the mealworm was fine. I say this because I’ve fed many a mealworm to bearded dragon lizards, and it didn’t look smushed at all to me.

  73. L to the O to the L bebeh!
    I loved the yuppie’s hands free ani-phone!
    The guinea pig cracked me up. Just imagining sitting at my desk picking it up to answer so profashionally lol.
    Well done again CO … u r the best site evar!

  74. Best. video. EVER.

    Oh, hang on, my gerbil-phone is ringing…

  75. I LOVE the ‘wing wing, wing wing’ caption with this…. and this video!!

  76. I love it! And LOL at Meg bleening her own post.

  77. You know, as much as I love the pitbull nose bop, or the little guinea pig tush (I can only imagine his phone cradle is even cuter. Like a little bed full or carrots or something), what really gets me is the killer whale. You can just imagine he wants to be as cute as everyone else.
    “I’m helping!” ::squish:: “Praise me!” 😀
    BTW, the killer whale/kayak clip was faked for a commerical. No harm, no foul, just in case anyone wanted to nuff on that.

  78. You know, as much as I love the pitbull nose bop, or the little guinea pig tush (I can only imagine his phone cradle is even cuter. Like a little bed full or carrots or something), what really gets me is the killer whale. You can just imagine he wants to be as cute as everyone else.
    “I’m helping!” ::squish:: “Praise me!” 😀
    BTW, the killer whale/kayak clip was faked for a commerical. No harm, no foul, just in case anyone wanted to nuff on that.

  79. berthaslave says:

    Back in the day, I had one of those phones where you listened through the kitteh but you talked into the belly of the duck.

    And my grandpappy use to send wireless telegrams via carrier pigeon.

  80. Haha, great! Guess I won’t ever be getting calls – I’ve got a fishie!

  81. Wha? They totally stole my cell phone to do that video! The chicken ring tone is the ring tone I have sent for my boyfriend! I think it’s a sign.

  82. Eee! Russian tortoise-phone!

  83. I think the next time I go in to upgrade my cell phone service, I’ll ask for an iPoodle.

  84. Thank you for all the support, everybody. I’m doing a little better today, and hopefully spending some time with my favourite fuzzy ‘phones’ at the zoo tomorrow will help more. I wants a ferret phone!

  85. There’s a Koala in the tree outside my window ringing! 😛

  86. Also big hugs for Lizzie. I’d call you on something furry if I could hon. A lot of us have been there it seems.


  87. That rooster phone was the funniest. I might get one for weight loss porpoises.

  88. How about a poisonous spider phone…..or a Tasmanian Devil phone. I am so not answering those calls. These models will be discontinued before long. Those Tasmanian Devils generated a lot of interference, let alone the fact that they have a lock-jaw and can chomp your finger off. Worst of all when the phone rings, both they and the poisonous spiders chase you around.

  89. acelightning says:

    I remember, not too long ago, there was a commercial for a credit card where a man was in a pet store with a little boy, and he bought the boy a bunny. When he tried to pay with his credit card, the store owner kept trying to phone the credit card company to get the transaction authorized. The process dragged on and on, and the bunny began to multiply. Soon there were dozens of bunnies all over the counter, in the cage with the original bunny – bunnies everywhere. The phone rang, and the owner picked up a bunny and answered. Ever since then, I’ve wanted a bunny phone…

  90. i love how all the animals (except that happy bully-dog)look so confused. especially the guinea pig.

  91. Uhm, err…. that is just bizarre. 😮

  92. Uhm, err…. that is just bizarre. 😮

  93. … Wait, wouldn’t you get a lot of fuzz with those phones?

    *ducks tomato and pudding bombs*

    I HAD TO!


    That made me irrationally, exuberantly HAPPY

  95. Sharon Wilson says:

    That has to be the most redonk CO video EVAR! Even better than “300 Kitties” and the bear that came for Thanksgiving, and that’s saying a lot!

  96. I liked this movie alot. My only concern is that I feel bad for the animals here. Also, I don’t get what happened to Scott? Did the whale eat him?

  97. OMG!! I want a cat phone ’cause it’ll always be on vibrate. P.S. Juno “earwig phone” *snort* hahahahaha!I loved Night Gallery!

  98. Arielle & Sprock: HAHAHAAHA*snort!

  99. Maybe nobody had Scott’s number, because since he got the whale phone, he doesn’t want anyone to ring him.
    *raises eyebrow*
    do ya think?

  100. So what the hayell kinda cell phone does Patches use?? Watchin’ all these videos on caterday mornin’ is a might bit confusin…

  101. I watch this several times a day!!!!!! Is that sad? I am getting such a kick out of it!

  102. Alex H. says:

    OK, although this is cute, NEVER HOLD A GUINEA PIG LIKE THAT. And that killer whale bit reminded me of a video where this guy was in this paddle-type boat and then this killer whale came up from the deep and the boat was on the killer whale and then it fell off and the guy on the boat wasn’t hurt. Pretty sweet.

  103. Christiane says:

    Do they have a PANDA phone?