A very [Ahem] Special Valentine

Um, Thanks.


DIanna L., I hope you accepted the offer. Pretty unique er, delivery.



  1. it should be “Will you pee my valentine?”

  2. SixFootJen says:

    “URINE my thoughts every day. I couldn’t be BLADDER to have WET you. Gee WHIZ, will you PEE mine?”

  3. OMG. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on here…and when I did, I was taking a bite of a sammich. Thanks. Thanks a pantload. *pregnant gag-reflex*

  4. CheshireCat says:

    Geee-ross! But still cute…erm, I think…

  5. I have no idea what I’m looking at.. Did the dog pee on the wall?

  6. Ummmm… it appears as though SixFootJen has way too much time on her hands.

  7. for goodness sake ,that peeing mcpuppersons better not do that again in the house…
    thats is a valentine, I cannot return in favor

  8. No, Golden, the dog peed on the floor in a heart shape and that’s a picture of it, cropped next to a picture of the dog.

  9. Yessss, I will!

  10. (>_>)

  11. Guess you gotta work with what you have, huh? It was a good effort, puppeh!

  12. well o.k. I’ll accept that valentine but ONLY because that cute puppy sent it (my husband better come up with something better)

  13. that is sooooo romantic!!! lol

  14. AlbertaGirl says:

    LOL @ SixFootJen. You’re my hero!

  15. Snort. Now that’s talent.

  16. the little red hen says:

    awwwww look at that face! “I ‘m sorry pee my Valentine?

  17. lurkingsmirk says:

    SO’s with a sense of humor = +1!

  18. LOL!
    I have a kitteh that poos on the floor right outside the litter box – twice a day like clockwork – maybe when I get home today, her little poo will be in the shape of a Valentine!

  19. What do you expect from someone without opposoble (sp) thumbs!
    this is perfect!

  20. Thank god it isn’t red.

    What do you want to bet the submish-er’s spouse put that there and is just framing the dog?

    Har har har.

  21. Ha ha ha! Aaawwwww! This is gonna make me laugh all day long! I wonder if my boss would like a Valentine like that? Hmmm . . .

  22. Will you Peeeeeee my Valentine!?

  23. SixFootJen, you are hee-LAR-eeus! “Urine my thoughts every day” omg.

  24. Ummmm… it appears as though SixFootJen has way too much time on her hands.

    yeah…either that or a sense of humor

  25. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Pee along with me through the years.”
    I couldn’t resist that face, either. Just keep the Bounty and Lysol handy.

  26. Well all I have to say is thank goodness my husband didn’t surprise me with that gift this morning!!

  27. At least it wasn’t chocolate. Lemonade is a nice change for Valentine’s Day.

  28. When life hands this pup lemons, s/he makes lemonade–that says “I love you!”

  29. Well I totally LOL’ed at the expression on the dog’s face. Too funny!! (Especially since I don’t have to clean it up!)

  30. so gross. eurgh.

  31. I got my usual V-day gift from my cat this morning: a furball. She was watching for my response when I got out of the shower this morning and gave a little meow. Was it a meow of “you’re welcome” or “happy valentines day”? I’m not sure. =)

  32. How sweet. My elderly dog leaves me such valentines just about every day.

  33. Shouldn’t this be in the Gee-ross! category?

  34. A cat wouldn’t have this sort of accident. It would wear a diapurr.

  35. lol. Now THAT’S a unique Valentine.

  36. That’s a p*ss-poor valentine if you ask me.

  37. i didn’t mean to…….i’m sorry……

  38. Well, that would be the best offer I’ve had today!! *fetches paper towels, mops up “valentine”*

  39. Aubrey–
    Look a few comments up

    Although, perhaps it wasn’t an accident… =P

  40. berthaslave says:

    Sometimes, love means letting go in ways you never imagined.

    Sometimes, love is a relief.

    Sometimes, love stinks.

  41. This dog looks exactly like my childhood dog Sparky! Sparky was known for her frequent piddling. Had to send this to mom, dad & sister, and they all loved it. 🙂

  42. O_o

    Cute doggy, anyway.

  43. Pee-cause I love you.

  44. Wow, that took me a bit to figure out LOL! The dog is adorable, looks quite contrite! 😀

  45. kitty dog bear says:

    Really made me laugh! Love the expression on the cute little dog’s face. LOL!

  46. ceejoe- your cat might not like the litterbox, for whatever reason. Maybe too small for comfortable pooing, maybe litter not right for comfortable pooing, could be many kitty reasons. Could be that pooing not comfortable anywhere, and she associates the discomfort with the box rather than the act. watch her and see how she acts when she’s in the act, and maybe you can discover the problem.

  47. It took me a while to figure out too, but once I did…BWAHAHAHAHA!!!! I’m still giggling. I’m five.

  48. I lol’d. xD

  49. Love stinks!
    Yea, yea,
    Love stinks!

  50. OMG. That is… very “special”

  51. I love the “Did the dog pee on the wall?” comment from golden

  52. Oh so many ways this could have….ahem….gone….

    But I enjoyed the way they appeared here, rather than on the wall! (giggle)

  53. Six-Foot-Jen, you are too funny! 😛 I would accept this, er, heartfelt valentine. XD