The Most Annoying Dog on the Planet


You must chill.

Pass the Xanax, Carolyn W. Serious.



  1. HAHA!! For I am the Keymaster!
    Thanks for the Say Anything reference! Fave 80’s movie EVAR!

  2. Dog: Get outta my bed!!!
    Cat: Make me…

  3. truemirage says:

    and the most patient cat on the planet!

  4. I’m getting a broken link here.

  5. Awww, I don’t think s/he’s annoying at all! S/he just wants to play with the kitty, and kitty is being snooty! If doggy wanted to do some real damage, s/he could.

    (I particularly liked the dumping out of the kitty near the end) 🙂

  6. I’m a cat person as well as a dog person but awwwwww, the poor pup just wants his bed back & he has no choice in how to do it. How dare that snotty kitty hog it?

  7. Can’t see it, only a red cross… I’ll try again later…

  8. Wahh! I too have de broken link. 😦

  9. I see nothing but a red x…bummer…

  10. ButtaRumCake says:

    Me hates the red X *snort*

  11. That’s obviously the dog’s bed and the cat seems to know exactly what it’s doing stubbornly staying in it.

    My guess is that they’ve been married for at least ten years.

  12. Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play? Play?

    Silly kitty, get off that puppy’s bed and play with him!

  13. Red X box….:(

  14. Red “X”, too. 😦

  15. That dog is gonna get his ass kicked later 😉

  16. OK – This time I laughed out loud. I’d like to see what the kitty has in store for Dude a little later in the day, perhaps a sleek jump on the back from a coffee table? Oh, that cat is gonna teach that little Dude some manners! It may be the dog’s bed, but it is the cat’s house. Trust me, been there, done that, got the tee shirt and the matching umbrella.

  17. red X here too…
    Theo – can you fix it for us? pleeeeeeeeez?

  18. EHN!? I can only see a broken link red X box thingy! T_T

  19. Red X for me too…

  20. as a cat person, to me the cutest part is the tail-down cat scuttle witnessed at the end of the video.
    But it’s all cute!

  21. ok.
    usually i’ll accept about anything that meg posts as ‘cute’
    the little red ‘x’ is where i draw the line.
    it haz no princess di eyes, no snorgley lovey-ness, and not much personality.
    so i have to say- not cute.
    so sorry.

  22. Can someone post teh URL? Pleeeez? It’s killing me!

  23. All seems well now, I watched it just fine.
    Also, WOW that’s an annoying dog. That cat was hilarious though, paws up, “You want your turf? It’s my turf now, fluffycheeks. Come in and take it!”

  24. Waaaaaaah!! 😦 I can’t see it either! Booohooo…

  25. Hee. That was one hyper puppeh and one “whatever” kitteh.

  26. Still red X for me- and I usually the links are no trouble!! Please post the URL- I Need to see!!!!

  27. Ehn! Can. Not. See. Eet.


  28. Boooo red X!! Ima gonna cry – I need Teh Qte more than ever with this morning sickness crap – the hormones demand it! Give the pregnant lady what she wants!!!!! *sniff*

  29. I hope that cat has claws… and uses them.

    …I dunno what the issue is, it works OK for me and I’m behind a pretty hefty firewall AND content filter, here at work. You might try this URL:

  31. URL is

    . “view source” is your friend. 🙂

  32. Me and Teho… GMTA. 😉

  33. Say Anything! Meg, you. Are. Awesome.

  34. blueseaurchin says:

    the x is not so very cute. me need pic

  35. Red X’s are NOT cute.

  36. blueseaurchin says:

    Great. thanks for the link Theo…

    I LOVE IT.

    looks like this cat knows that forbidden fruit taste sweeter.

  37. thanks for the link, guys…
    lol… great cat!

  38. I resized the embedded video window… did that help anybody?

  39. No, it’s the most annoying CAT on the planet – he won’t get outta the doggy’s bed! Poor puppy….

  40. Good job, Theo! Thanks!

    BTW, this could have another title – “World’s Most Patient Cat”.

  41. Me, I like the Holstein pattern on the cat.

  42. calling dog whisperer ASAP…. cat needs to lay the smackdown on that dog.

  43. indigoreiki says:

    This is STILL Funny.
    Thanks for the post Meg.

    Thank you with a Pomerainian on top.

  44. Hearz the link, just in case!

  45. charliewabba says:

    I’m impressed that such a little floofy dog has such a serious deep ruh-ruh-rwoof.

  46. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    That’s the dog’s bed! Look at the paw print pattern! He just wants what’s his. Cat’s squattin’ in his house, man. Damn straight! You go doggy!

    But kitty is fearless, too. And when she leaves, she makes sure to let him know that it’s because she felt like it, not because he turned the bed over on her head. She won’t even acknowledge his existence. Pfffbbbt. As if.

    If I lived with these two, I’d never get any work done at all. I’d be too busy laughing all day.

  47. YAY! Yes, that was worth it. Though the first thing that came to mind was my childhood with my annoying as hell brother. They don’t WANT what’s yours, they just don’t want YOU to have it. That cat isn’t enjoying that bed, but she sure as hell isn’t moving until she’s dumped! And then it’s all “Whatevs. I’m done with it anyway…”

  48. now that i’ve watched it a second time, I think the funniest part is that somebody could calmly take that whole video without falling on the ground laughing hysterically…

  49. Get. Outta. Mah. Bedz. Nao!

  50. I was waiting for the claw slash across the nose, but it never came.

  51. puppy needs a grooming!!

  52. Poor doggy. Annoying Cat went and haired up his bed. Mean ol’ h00man just stands there with camera, NOT helping (dogs don’t understand journalistic integrity).

    I say, kudos to the dog and Pthbbbbbt to the cat! And three cheers to the h00man for filming the whole debacle and sharing it with us.

  53. Methinks that’s the most obnoxious cat on the planet. The doggie isn’t annoying. He just wants his bed. Cats.

  54. Trinketsmom says:

    Did you see that tail? The cat was obviously taunting the dog.

  55. snoopysnake says:

    Revenge shall be Kitteh’s.

  56. LOL I personally think the cat was enjoying the ride. And taunting the puppy in order to get the kitties wishes.


  57. doggie: “playplayplayplayplay?”

    kitty: “i’m calling meowzbot.”

  58. Dog: Dude, that’s my bed! Gimme!
    Cat: Ner
    Dog: Seriously, get out of my beeeeddddd!
    Cat: Ner
    Dog: Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!
    Cat: Yawn… that all you’ve got?

  59. Last two didn’t post for some reason…
    Dog: dumps cat out of bed
    Cat: flee!

  60. SixFootJen says:

    I agree with… well, with everyone who saw that BAD KITTY had wickedly taken up residence in PUPPEH’S PAW-PRINT BED and wouldn’t get out! Pup is all, “My bed! Get out! Out! Bad kitteh!” And kitteh is all, “Ha ha ha! All your beds is mine! Feel the wrath of the claw!”

  61. That’s the cutest thing I’ve seen since – well, that hedgehog yesterday.

    But The Doggie v. Kittie Bed Battle seriously reminds me of my brother and I when we were kids. Even the dog’s look towards the camera as if to say “Moooom!”

  62. Our dogs watched this again and again, cheering the whole time.

    In our house, the cats always win.

  63. Aww, he just wants the cat to pay him some attention. Y’all know how cats are.

  64. That dog is a dick.

  65. Kitty isn’t annoyed at all–she’s having fun. If she were annoyed she’d have left long since. It’s only after the dog overturns the fun-ride that she’s peeved. My cats love to be dragged around the house in a bed or on a towel.

  66. I could swear we’ve seen this on here before. 🙂

  67. HAHA that was awesome…I’m sitting here in my office cracking up like a nut.

  68. The original source for that video said that the the basket belonged to the dog, and the cat was refusing to get out. So the dog was just throwing the cat out to get his own property back.

  69. hahahaha. Poor kitty.

    btw here’s my first foster kitty–for anyone who’s interested (she’s currently pawing my chair and meowing to request a lap snuggle):

  70. circuscake says:

    to me- it looks like they are both having a very good time of it…

  71. i was so afraid the dog was going to grab the cat and start dragging it, once it let go of the bed!

    Kudos to the kitty for not budging until the end!!

  72. I love how people are saying the kitteh isn’t annoyed. I know the annoyed cat tail twitch when I sees it.

    Maybe I’m a bit cattist (that and I don’t like small dogs), but I was cheering for the kitty.

  73. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, the kitteh was not happy to be pestered like that.. tail twitch as evidence. Funny video though.. looks like they may have had this “battle” before too.

  74. indigoreiki says:

    Yeah there’s paw print puppy signatureS all over that bed. But in defense of cats, that Kitty is all “I was here FIRST!”

  75. indigoreiki says:

    Folks, I just watched the instant reply and there was a definite HEAD CHOMP committed by that pup.

  76. I question the exegesis of some of you on this bed issue. First of all, how is it “obviously” the dog’s bed? And if reclaiming the bed is in fact the primary objective, then why, once cat is dumped, does dog NOT then enter the bed, but rather pursue cat?

  77. how is this not interspecies snorgling? that’s true love if i ever saw it…

  78. Catsquatch says:


    I SAID ….. GIVE….. IT….. BACK!!!!!!!”


  79. Martha in Washington says:

    My new kitty would pay money for my grumpy old dog to play with her like that!

  80. The kitty seems to be used to it 😛 It’s like he sits in the bed and sighs, “Here we go again…”

  81. Yay, thinker!

  82. LOLOLOLOL!!! persistant dog, cool kitty, until *DUMP!*

    Oh that was prime!

  83. @Sam888:

    Cat beds are all smaller than that and the paw print shape is that of a dog. Cat paw prints are shaped differently. The dog was just wanting the cat out of his bed, not wanting to actually use the bed. He had so much fun pursuing the cat and playing, he kept at it after he dumped the feline. It is very likely this is not the first time they have played out this same scene. This time, the human had the camera ready.

  84. berthaslave says:

    This is a very interesting reflection of “cat” people vs. “dog” people. As a cat person, I feel to offer the following observations:
    — For the cat, there is no “mine” and “yours,” there is only “mine.”
    — If the dog was in the bed, the kitteh wouldn’t want it (or it would just curl up next to the dog). It doesn’t understand why the dog wants to be in the bed.

    From my perspective, the cat’s behavior is entirely understandable, but I understand how the pro-dog lobby might disagree.

  85. I don’t care for that dog or the person shooting the video.

  86. I lol’ed when the bed flipped.

    Other than that…meh, not really “cute” per se.

  87. That video is atrocious. That dog should be sent to behavior school, and the owners shouldn’t let that kind of behavior continue. And I DON’T CARE if the cat was in the dog bed. That cat showed a lot of restraint — I really kept on expecting a serious eye or nose swipe/injury to the dog (and I was disappointed when it didn’t happen).

    Tho, I also hate small dogs like that. A lot.

  88. pobre gatito =(

  89. Simpson O'Brien says:

    SM, gosh…what a nasty little post. nufffffnufffff.. not getting anything for VDay?

  90. My Kitty insists on sleeping on the dog’s bed, and both dogs are not amused. Miss Tallulah does it to annoy them so I understand the dog’s response, occassionally mine do the same.

  91. Aw! Poor kitty! lol. But so not the most annoying dog ever. My great-aunt has two messed up Rat Terriers. They’re like jumping beans. Non-stop terror. But still cute. 🙂

  92. Lol, it took me a few seconds to realize that it was a real cat in there! Haha. Poor doggeh wants to play, but the kitteh is like, “No! Go away!”

    It was amusing that the dog settled the argument by dumping the kitteh out of the bed. 😛

  93. Xanax? Naw. Phenol.

    SORRY but I doan like dogs. Especiall dogs like that one.

  94. After having lived with an obnoxious cat, all I can say is GO DOGGY, GO!!

  95. PattyP, cat beds usually are smaller, true. But cat beds aren’t really where cats sleep. Cats sleep on the newspaper you’re reading right now, the couch you’ve just cleaned, and the sweater you’ve just lint rolled. 🙂

  96. The first thing that came to mind when I saw this video is “That puppeh is going to get murdered for messing around with kitteh.”

  97. Aww, kitty just wanted a ride, but puppy didn’t get it and took it personally.

  98. As a cat person, I must point out that while the puppy may THINK the bed is his, it is, in fact, the cat’s. As is the table. And the chairs. And the puppy.

    All stuff r belong to catz!

  99. That video is the whole reason I resist the urge to buy my doggie Nicky a bed. The cats would be in it and he would still be on the floor!! (And that DOES look like one of my Holsteins)

    However, none of mine would hang in there for a ride if Nicky was dragging them around!!!!

  100. more like ANNOYING CAT. GET OUT OF MAH BED >: (

  101. Maybe the CAT is being annoying! Whos bed is it anyway?!

  102. That dog just seems really bored/understimulated.

  103. @a thinker: CONGRATS on your Foster baby-girl!!! She sounds so cute in your account of her first night at your place!! She’s all happy ‘cuz she’s got a nice mommeh!!

  104. Hmmm. Maybe I should try that with my cats. I’d love to be able to sleep in MY OWN BED without the cats taking it over.

    Nah, wouldn’t work.

  105. Dog: I’ll chill as soon as I get the d*&^ cat out of MY bed!

  106. LOL! What a couple of goofs!

  107. congrats, thinker! she’s a swetie!

  108. Subhangi, exactly right. A couple of goofs.

    These two obvy know each other well and know the game they’re playing. It’s all good, not to mention funny!

    Congrats to A Thinker! Good job!

  109. You can really tell the cat people from the dog people on this thread.

    That dog wanted to play. If he wanted to sleep, all he had to do was crawl into bed with the cat. There was plenty of room for both.

    Nope, the dog dumped the cat out of bed, then CHASED the cat. Doggy wanted to play. Kitty was just sleeping, and minding he own durn business. My mom’s dogs do the same thing to one another all the freekin’ time.

    I vote for “world’s most patient cat.” That dog would have been nursing scratches if he tried that with any of MY cats. You may only wake them with love and snorgles. If you do it by moving them, or nipping them, you might loose parts of your anatomy.

  110. In response, I have to post a video link of my friend’s dog – this is just a TASTE of her yipey-ness.

    (This is my first comment! I’m out of lurkdom…)

  111. LOL!!!! Poor kitty! 😉

  112. In response, I have to post a video link of my friend’s dog – this is just a TASTE of her yipey-ness.

    (This is my first comment! I’m out of lurkdom…)

  113. Oops, sorry about the double post. I have no idea why that happened as I only clicked “post” once.

  114. Most annoying or most totally fawking HI-larious?

  115. That is the dogs bed. It’s the cat that’s being annoying. I’m a cat person, but goddammit I can’t stand by and have the dog blamed. Yes I had a younger sibling, and yes they’d pull this kind of annoying stunt all the time.

    Younger sister: So what if I’m wearing your clothes.
    Older sister: Aaaarrrrgghhhh
    Younger sister: Mum, Kim hit me!

  116. the dog is not annoying at all, he’s just pissed at the cat because it is lying on his bed, refusing to move. the dog is super funny because it reminded me of one of the many reasons why dogs do not like cats. plus, the dog is smart and cute.

  117. I’m amazed that the cat is putting up with such tomfoolery. My pooch weighs sixty pounds and none of my cats would ever let him pull such a stunt. Does this cat have the flu, maybe?

  118. This is not the first time this has happened. I think the dogs need a support group.

  119. Dog was in his rights. That was HIS bed. Cat should find somewhere else.