The Look That Sank A Thousand Ships…

…And a couple of canoes for kicks.

New Puppy, originally uploaded by ETRONCOSO.

Lori W., Lori W., Lori W., You’re an unstoppable cute-finding maniac.



  1. Megs you posted my twice, I realize that I am cute and all but thats redunklous….

  2. ‘I’m sorry, my paws are entirely too big for my tiny body. Could you assist me, by giving me a bikkie or two?’

  3. Those little Paws!!!!!!

  4. omg I am POWERLESS.

  5. my paws don’t smell THAT bad.. does it? *give you The Look*

  6. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!! The paws! The PAWS!!!


  7. “Whatever it is, I DIDN’T do it!!” *giving the Princess Di-eyes*

  8. Looks more like shifty eyes to me.

  9. O

  10. My first post OMG toooooo cuuuuuttteee

  11. ButtaRumCake says:

    Um….mooommmmieeee, I piddewed on de floor over by de stove. I so sowwy. Pease fa’give me?

    *bats puppeh-lashes*

  12. possumpiratess says:

    I….I’m gonna have to sit down.

  13. Look at that face!!! SO cute!!!

  14. I lurv how his little foot extends in yummy happyness

  15. psychickitty says:

    This is the look my bunny gives me when she has been flashed by the camera and is NOT amused!

  16. Oh man, this pup’s humans are done for.

  17. gaaaah!!! keeled me ded.

    did she just get her nails done? goth.

  18. Princess Di eye!

  19. Honest, that puddle I did not piddle.

  20. “It was the other dog . . . for serious!”

  21. Oh my. The big round forehead, the stubby little shnozz, the whiskers, the PAWS! That and the eyes. Sigh1

  22. I love that suspicious look…

  23. That dog reminds me of Gus on last week’s episde of “Psych” when he and Shawn were male models.

  24. OMG. That’s the look my piano teacher used to give me when I hadn’t practiced!

  25. OMG
    here are my car keys-
    and my paycheck-
    and here, i’ll sign over this life insurance policy-
    and if i had one you could have my first-born too-
    [throws hands into air and waves white flag]

  26. such pretteh colors. how come puppies are so good at that look? it’s like they know they’re doin’ it.

  27. Oh crap what a way to start the day, officially cuted out.
    I’m going back to bed.

  28. i’m goin down!
    glub glub glub

  29. CoffeeCup, you’re right! lol

    Meanwhile, this puppy just melted my brain from teh qte.

  30. This pooch, the wittle bun bun, and the puppeh trio should get together and plot world domination with their cuteness…..

  31. I think you mean LAUNCHED a thousand ships.

    What a cute puppyyy!!

  32. my gawd! that’s cute!

  33. I’m lookin’ at you to see if you’re lookin at me, and if you ARE lookin’ at me I’m gonna jump up and flippity floppity my big paws over to you and roll over and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle till you just STOP and play with me. So look at me!!!!!

  34. don’t let the innocence fool you, you WILL be kyooted.

  35. you are not taking me to the Vet I am not going .. No way, No how.

  36. First John Houseman, now Princess Di has come back as a puppy! Yay for animal reincarnations.

  37. thepinkmenace says:

    very cute puppy…but didn’t you mean to say, “The look that LAUNCHED a thousand ships?”

  38. now peeps.
    Meg knows what shes talkin about. this pup could def sink ships with that killer look.

  39. *snaps fingers*
    *snap snap*

  40. ThreeCatNight says:

    Don’t be coy with me, puppeh, because you know that I can’t resist you!

  41. berthaslave says:

    Umm…excuse me? I would like to nom in private.

  42. I dunno. I think sank is a good word choice. That puppy sunk me too.

  43. Anasztaizia says:

    Awwww! Those paws are entirely too big! delicious

  44. Awwwww! *SQUISH*

  45. I’s in lllloooove….

  46. Gah! Teh seductive look! Noooo!

    Must….not…fall…prey to…cuteness! *dies*

  47. ugly ugly uGLEEEEEEEEEEEE

  48. It’s obvy muhj has no taste what-so-evar!

    Precious, adorable puppy-kins! May I too sniff your paw? Jus

  49. Blasted Post button..tried to sneak more in before it posted..wanted to add “Just a little snort to keep me going the rest of the day..”

  50. At first I thought that was a Princess Di look, but then I realized who this reeeeally was:

    Salman Rushpup!!

  51. snoopysnake says:

    Yes, Mommy, I used your bwack naiw powwish. I’m sowwy.

  52. Daphne Moss says:

    World dominance through cuteness…I sees it.

    Princess Di puppeh controls with a glance…

  53. Arrrggghhh…heart meltzes…sigh..

  54. hmm.
    missed another one.
    no commentz…

  55. slyball…count it

  56. omg!!! the nails are soooo tiny….stares at the screen…

  57. That’s one ev0l pup!!

  58. Such a cute puppy! I want to give him a big hug.

  59. Look at those puppy paws, and the wee little nosey nose, and the floppy ears……kiss kiss on the wee nose, and the wee paws, and the puppy ears!!