You have GOT to see these Hedgehog facial Expressions

My mouth was just ajar for 5 minutos. Is this REALLY what Hedgersons look like when they try to kronsche something!? OMG, it’s so great. seriously, PRESS PLAY!

Um, Tina, ‘Cute Hedge Action’ is RIGHT! Really unbelievable.



  1. Holy freaking crap.

    I want a hedgie.

  2. Baby needs a bib!

  3. Look at him licking his lips. Love the tongue action.

  4. I really wanted the hedge to tip his head and pick up the food left on his chest–it’s an ability I wish I had.

  5. Tiny tongue action!
    *shake shake shake shake*

  6. That is one of the sweetest ever!! <3

  7. Whoaaaaaaaaaa! Holy face contortions!

  8. That’s really cute, but its also bad because hedgies don’t have very strong teeth and having to work that hard to crunch something will break them! Part of the reason he was pulling his hood down was because it hurt.

  9. What is it eating? Candy? Special hedgie snacks?

  10. That is so funny and cute! My favorite part is the tongue action afterwards!! What is he crunching on? It looks rather hard.

  11. ROFLMAO! OMG! What a hi-LAR-ious way to begin my day with a good laugh and a dose of cuteness! Oh, that felt good!

  12. Sweet Nut Sampler!!! Did you check him smacking his little hegie lips? Hedgie num nums must taste so good!

  13. I think he’s chewing an Everlasting Gobstopper (and in parts of the world not familiar with the candy actually named after the Wonka creation, it’s just a small jawbreaker, really).

  14. Would an animal really be so hungry that it would hurt itself trying to eat? Gonna look up the natural diet of hedgehogs and see if it consists of more than just bugs…summa dos beetles can be pretty hard to cronche…

  15. He’s smiling! He’s so cute.

  16. That definitely looked like a baby carrot to me… he’s probably not gonna break his teeth on that. I wish I could keep my nose-ical moist by licking it.

  17. Aww Gawd I’m SO glad it wuddn’t a beetle. The thought! Grlghzz. No matter how cute Mr. Hedgie McSpeedytongue is.

  18. I don’t think that was a gobstopper…if it was, someone out there is a very bad hedgie parent! My hog is so rude when he eats, but I love the crunching noise he makes when I give him a worm!

  19. Whoa. That would totally make up for the pointy bits.

  20. Ohh my, spiky eyebrow wagglings and squinched eyes, tooo stinkin’ cute! Not to mention the way he can wrap that tongue ALLLL the way around his snout like that! *swoon*

  21. I like how his little leg comes out at the end.

  22. As a past proud parent of three hedgehogs, I can attest that yes…they do look like that when they eat.

    That’s nothing though. Wait till you get a vid. of one annointing.

  23. Dang it must take them forever to eat anythings!

    I’m going with carrot.

  24. What?
    Can’t deal.
    The muzzle-licks at the end? I am now dead.

  25. As a hedgie parent I would be concerned about choking with anything that large/hard.

  26. I love the way he twitches his nose to sniff the air… awe … cute!

  27. I love the chewing and lickling action at the end. McChompersons

  28. OH GOOD GAWD!!!!! not in my wildest, cutest dreams did i ever imagine such silly and adorable facial movements. REDONKULOUS!!!!!

    cut that fruit up smaller next time, peeps. you don’t want to have to perform the heimlich on little hedgie mcpricklesons!! squish squish

  29. Everlasting gobstoppers are different colors on the inside. Judging from the way the food ‘splits’ (I think the technical term is ‘cleaves’ but that makes me giggle) I’m pretty sure it’s a small piece of carrot.
    Food debate aside…AWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  30. I especially loved the fast nom-nom-nom he made at the end, before licking his nose. It was like he couldn’t wait to get his mouth empty, for another treat!

  31. it’s hard shell bubble gum, so he can blow bubbles in the next video.

  32. Holy smooshy face, Batman! Squeeee

  33. I like the way the spikes move with the chewing, a carrot,I think.

  34. I’ve never seen a hedgie doing that, it’s so sweet!

  35. I sent this in weeks ago (or something very similar). What do I have to do to get a submission accepted? Waaaah. But teh cute makes me feel better, a little.


  37. Our wild hedgehogs chow down on a bowl of Hedgehog Kibble we put out for them every night, and it’s hard as a rock, so I think he’ll be fine.

    When I put out live mealworms for them, I can get to about three feet away from them. They won’t give up a tasty mealworm for anything. I daren’t take a picture as I’m afraid the flash will scare them off though.

    Hope they come back with a litter this spring!

  38. Kind of like a little old man. Anyone else remember those Scandinavian hedgehog people figurines from the 1960s?

  39. It’s a bit less cute when they’re nomming a bug, but still.

  40. berthaslave says:

    Wow. Never knew.

    All I know about hedgehogs is that they make great croquet balls. And a famous porn star is nicknamed “The Hedgehog.”

  41. Plus that hedge looks like my boyfriend.

  42. Sweet cracker sandwiches! That is one of the cutest things I have EVER seen!

  43. My hedgie turned up his nose at carrots, but crickets or other bugs he found to be manna from heaven (or the back yard). Hedgehog chow is pretty crunchy, so I’m not too worried about this guy.

  44. one of the erins says:

    Nah, if it hurt to eat it, he wouldn’t put up with it. Mine not only, for whatever reason, always leaves the dried peas behind from his food mix, but he also sometimes snubs the treats I KNOW he likes… so they’re not beyond refusing something unpleasant.

  45. Jeepers, is that a freakin’ Jawbreaker? He seems to sure enjoy it, anyway. What a cute-umpie.

  46. debg wrote: “I sent this in weeks ago (or something very similar). What do I have to do to get a submission accepted? Waaaah. But teh cute makes me feel better, a little.”

    And I sent this in a few hours ago, but instead this “Tina” gets all the honor! DAAAMN YOU TINAAA *waves fist at thin air*

    Anyway. Yeah, probably the most redonk thing ever to hit the animal side of youtube in quite a while. *dies a bit*

  47. Kristin, let’s share our pain. Maybe someday we’ll have submissions accepted. And maybe we’ll get different submishes accepted, so we don’t take away from each other’s glory.

  48. Honestly it wasn’t cute but scrary. He looks like he’s goin to chocke. Some people mentioned it looked like carrot, well, uncooked carrot should never be given because of the chocking hazzard.

    Yes hedgie food (read cat food) is hard, but comes to peices easyly unlike carrots.

    And to to those saying they wouldn’t eat if it hurts, well many hegehog died because of hard food geting caugth in their roof. It might have hurt them, but they ate it anyway.

  49. me tinks he dropped sum-fin on his belleh.

    i want a hedgieeee! and then i can snorgle that belleh.

    and those ears are just precious.

    too cute.

  50. Honestly it wasn’t cute but scrary. He looks like he’s goin to chocke. Some people mentioned it looked like carrot, well, uncooked carrot should never be given because of the chocking hazzard.

    Yes hedgie food (read cat food) is hard, but comes to peices easyly unlike carrots.

    And to to those saying they wouldn’t eat if it hurts, well many hegehog died because of hard food geting caugth in their roof. It might have hurt them, but they ate it anyway.

  51. This is seriously the cutest thing I think I have seen in weeks! OMG I cannot get enough of that air-sniffing snout-licking eyebrow-wiggling action! *falls over dead due to too much cute!*

  52. OMG! That tongue couldn’t be any cuter if it tried!!!!

  53. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love how the prickles pull over his head when he chews–independently on each side, no less!

  54. Sorta Off Topic: Boing Boing has stolen the word ‘Redonkulous’!

  55. awwww!!! a great start to my day. i’ll think of this cute little hedgie when i get overwhelmed by excel spreadsheets at work today.

  56. I thought it was a kumquat.

  57. My husband says, “It’s Sonic!”

  58. EEEEeeee! The widdle flicky pink tongue licking the precious, precious nose! Rainbows, people, rainbows everywhere!

  59. How cute!! As for the “what in the world is he eating?” debate – the original video says that it’s from a can of hedgehog treats. And his name is Brillo 🙂

  60. Cuuuutteee!!! Mum can we have one, Mum can we have one, Mum can we have one 😉

  61. smooshed face! and when he’s lickin his lips i think i died!

    i used to have two hedgies called, cheesy but true, Pins and Needles. the cuteness is making me sad. 😦

  62. Grumpus — heh, that’s OK; Cute Overload borrowed “redonkulous” too. It’s not an original.

  63. What big kronches you have, my dear! Better I like the yum-yum leecks at the end!

  64. “uncooked carrot should never be given because of the chocking hazzard.”

    I’m having visions of a hedgehog in the wild with a very small frying pan, cooking dindins.

  65. Now I know what Redwall hedgie dibbuns look like when they’re chowing down at their epic feasts.

  66. I have not been able to stop watching this yet. Just going back and watching it over and over and over again, and I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT HEDGEHOGS DO WHEN THEY EAT.

  67. I have not been able to stop watching this yet. Just going back and watching it over and over and over again, and I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT HEDGEHOGS DO WHEN THEY EAT.

  68. No, this ISN’T what hedgehogs do when they eat. It’s in pain, so it is pulling down its hood. It’ll break its teeth- no wonder. Why is the person filming this feeding an animal jawbreakers?

    They are, after all, called jawbreakers for a reason.

  69. Now I MUST get a hedgehog!!

  70. Jack Ruttan — Are you talking about Mucki and Macki? Zay ahr Chehrman, nicht Shcandivanian!

    (We don’t get enough German-accented animals on this board, Peeps!)

  71. i LOVE how, right at :30, his face goes from whimsical to Very.Stinking.Serious.

    just for a second. before he goes back to smilin’ and lickin’ those chops.

    once again, i love the CO/metafilter crossover.

  72. If this is so “dangerous”, why is hedgehog food crunchy?

  73. OMG the tongue! The bitty pink tongue! I can’t stand it!

  74. Emma, clearly you don’t read the other comments 😛 Someone has already said that the original video stated he was eating something from a can of hedgehog treats, and his name is Brillo. It is NOT a jawbreaker. Jaw breakers don’t split into a bunch of munched up little pieces, they split into hard pieces that are more sharp looking. And again, in case you nuffers missed it, it isn’t a jawbreaker.

  75. Enough with the jawbreakers nonsense. That’s obviously a baby carrot, and he has other pieces of baby carrot in his little paws.

  76. Oh and also, my roommate and I had to watch this three times because of how amazingly strange looking it is. Love the little tongue and the smacking noises at the end 😀

  77. omg you have GOT to be kidding me. that’s hilarious! love the chops-licking at the end too.

  78. I do apologize. I bypassed the comments about the hedgehog treats. Whoops! :[

    Sorry for the mini-commentroversy. I still, however, think it looks very uncomfortable, if not in pain.

  79. ^_^ ^o^

  80. @starling: LOL at the tiny frying pan!!

    Does anybody remember those candy oranges??? I think they came in a crate, like a souvenir from Florida thing??? Anyway, that’s what it reminded me of….and they were hard and kronchy, too!

  81. Oh that satisfied happy smile at the end!!.I litterally squeeled when I saw it (is that the origin of squeeee?)I have a stuffed hedgie I got in college and he looks almost exactly the same (sans the expresions)

  82. Grandpa!? Grandpa is that you!?

  83. Good grief. I didn’t know hedgies were the Ron Perlmans or Tom Waitses of the world. Those were some intense facial expressions, there!

    Terribly cute, though. I wish they weren’t banned here in the US.

  84. We need more live action hedgies…

  85. I was laughing so hard I was crying!

  86. redbone – hedgehogs aren’t banned in the US. in fact, there’s a breeder about a half hour away from me. maybe they’re merely banned in your state?

  87. The [smack smack smack] at the end is the best.

  88. OMG…. I want one ( a hedgie)..He is sooooooooo cute at the end …his facial expressions …I think I died…:-)

  89. Do Hedgies make good pets?

  90. the superfast chew bit towards the end is the awesomest.

  91. Oh those facial contortions! I need a hedgie right now.

  92. Stephanie – they’re a wee bit high maintenance but I’d recommend… as long as you’re informed about taking care of them and know their special hedgie requirements they’re wonderful!

  93. OMG! Can. Hardly. Breathe. Must. Breathe….gasp!

    Hedgie is sooo cute! Love his leetle expreshons. Must be eating tangy food ’cause he’s making tangy face.

  94. yumyumjanitor says:

    Quite possibly the most cute that I’ve seen. I ‘squeee!’-ed.

  95. Ahhh, the faces it makes! So anerable! My buddy and I cracked up while we were watching it chew 😛

  96. am i the only one who thinks this is the complete opposite of cute? nothing against hedgehogs but bleargh.

  97. My hedgies have made the same expressions while eating. Fun to watch their faces wrinkle up as they chomp. They are messy eaters – I frequently find baby food festooning my hedgies’s quills. This hedgie really had to work on crunching his orange treat – it was a little too big.

  98. Serrrrsly. That was one of the funniest things I have ever seen. I have to watch it again– A BEEELLION TIMES!!

    As for the peeps that aren’t getting their many submishes published– me neither. I have decided to not take it personally, cause at first I was all “WHYYYYYY?” Then I realized that Meg and Teho must get about 5,000 emails a day. Now I just pretend that there’s just too much of teh qte; mine isn’t uncute, it’s simply one of beeellliions.

    End of random thoughts. Will now go watch hedgehog again! haahahaha >o< hehe

  99. I got one of mine posted a while back, it was my friend’s baby jack russel falling asleep on a pillow 😀

  100. You know what else amused me? That it was like, “Yummy! More!” and there was still some on its belly. XD


  102. Chewy face!!! So cute!!!

  103. aaaaaahhhhh!

    splode! splode! splode!

    sploditty splode!

    i’m like the finale at a 4th of july splodeworks show!

  104. I want one!! SO CUTE!!

  105. I’ve read “If you give a mouse a cookie”

    I’m really enjoying the sequel “If you give a hedgie a kumquat.”

  106. Here’s the original poster’s video

    and yep, those are hedgehog treats that brillo is eating.

  107. California
    Hedgehogs are illegal in the entire state of California. California has a law that deems all animals not specifically listed as legal under State law as being illegal by default. Until such time as California’s Department of Fish and Game is willing to consider hedgehogs for legal status, they will continue to be considered contraband pets and may be confiscated and either moved out of state or destroyed. 😦

  108. CheshireCat says:

    Wow, that was almost painful to watch….painfully cute that is! lolz

  109. No wonder Hedgies are so popular in England…and with my chihuahua!

  110. OMG that’s so adorable

  111. OMG ROFL!!! Those facial contortions are too much. So silly and redonk!

  112. ohemgee!
    He totally made a ^-^ face!
    That was too crazy! I almost don’t believe it is really. It certainly had me laughing!

  113. Awww bless!!!! I love the way his spikes move around on his head when he chews! 😀

  114. My mother-in-law looks exactly like that when she eats.

  115. I just hope the wincing was force, not discomfort, I found myself wincing right along with him on the third to fifth iterations. There is a chinchilla from You Tube that should be submitted. Look it up, peeps.

  116. Phea – Yeah, iss los. (best I can do with my little German, and outrageous accent.) Viele danke!

    Those guys (I think they had parents) gave me nightmares as a kid. And I thought all the strangeness came from Scandinavia. At least in the form of kids’ toys in the 1960.

  117. Maybe a waxing might help with those “sticky outy” eyebrows.

  118. Stephanie S. says:

    ahh sooo cute!

  119. Heather G. says:

    I think it was a round cheese doodle puff thingy.

    Super cute hedgehog

  120. Terry Meesoo says:

    I thought it was CREEEEPY!

  121. It was so cute, it wrapped around the other end of the spectrum into creepiness.

    *shudder* I don’t know what to think of that.

  122. Now my catz want their very own hedgie.

  123. He looks like Nathan Lane!

  124. spacebunny says:

    What a coincidence! I bought kumquats from the store yesterday for the first time! Now I know what they taste like. And today I know the faces a hedgehog makes when he eats a one!

  125. I would have the fattest hedgehog ever, because all I would ever do is sit around and feed them carrots.

  126. stephanie. says:

    Must have hedgehog a.s.a.p. What happen to video?…having
    major withdrawals…help!!

  127. Saw video….phew…have regained the power of the hedgehogness!

  128. OMG that hedgehog has muscle definition in the muscles under his eyes. He must do lots of kronche reps.

    I love his happy smiling kronche mouth at 00:22-28 it looks Popeye mouth

  129. That is more creepy than anything else.

  130. That is more creepy than anything else.

  131. That was so funny! His face looks just like the “Bonhomme Carnaval” from the Québec city winter carnival:

  132. Ariel… thanks for pointing this out. I wasn’t aware that hedgehogs fell into the same catetory as ferrets and gerbils. (That Fish n Game Dept.!)

    Amanda… hilarious!


    The lighting makes some of the expressions almost scary.

    But the lip-shamacking from about :30 on is waaaay too cute, even for CO.

  134. brookuslicious says:

    Awesome. I loved the little
    smacking noises at the
    end. What an adorable little
    baby. I wants.

  135. I swear I can’t keep myself from watching that daily. It’s just as much fun the 1st time as it is the 100th time. It is quite possibly the cutest video EVAR made.

  136. KITTEH! says:

    The video is no longer available. I am sad!! 😦

  137. Here it is!!

  138. greenighs says:

    Here it is!!