Exsqueeze me. I prefer “Year of Rodentia”

Rats get ENOUGH atten-shons! They should share a bit on this Chinese New Year of the Rat thing. Year of RODENTIA is ONLY FAIR. Or even Year of Pocket Pets. Put that in your bamboo pipe.


Jen, that ham is a genius.



  1. Oh my gosh thats’ SO cute that it doesn’t even look REAL O.O That …that sitting posture… KANGAROO HAMSTER!? *nuzzles nose against tummy*

  2. loving the ham hands!

  3. Don’t worry Ham, Rats are your rellys, of course you can share.

  4. ive submitted cute pics than this =[

  5. Hammy paws! Hammy tum! 😀

    SD… this ham regards your statement with disbeeleefs.

  6. Ever seen rats share anything? Grow a tail and fight for your share like the rest of ’em, hammy.

  7. Hieronymous Cowherd says:
  8. Wow, what a great colour he has!

  9. All hail the Year of the Pocket Pet!

  10. charliewabba says:

    SD – timing is everything.

  11. I enthusiastically agree with year of the pocket pet!!

  12. Very cute little hands!

  13. Anne Boleyn says:

    Trisha, I see your ham hands love and raise you to the ham feet & toes love!

  14. violetgreen says:

    I used to have striped warm-up socks like that, too.

  15. I wanna poke him in the tummy so bad!

  16. Ohhhh, the feets! The feets!!

    Plus, he’s all like, heeeeyyy, why should it be just rats?

  17. Zenta Kronitis says:

    “Year of Rodentia”? Hardly.

    “Annus Rodentialis”. THAT’S what I’m talking about. 😀

    Gong hi fac choi, peeps!

  18. he’s looking see what’s on the dim sum cart in the next aisle

  19. How could we say no to your red-haired chubbulence, McHammersons? I shall note it on checks from now on.

  20. can we get a closeup of the muzzlepowshe?

  21. “Exqueeze me” (snort!)

  22. somebody nom-nommed his ear almost completely off!
    (see his left ear?) this is tragic, people!
    caution is needed whenever nommin dainty ears.

    and check it! he’s sitting right-on his little butt! that is the cutest thing ev!

  23. berthaslave says:

    This looks like a long-haired buddha hippie hammie. Or, should I say, Jerry Garcia hammie? What’s that growing in the plant to his side, hmmm?

  24. circuscake says:

    he looks like he’s getting ready to give a very important lecture…he really needs a little podium.

  25. That is the most ridiculously cute hamster picture EVER! He’s so perfectly corn kernel shaped.

  26. Momof2kitties says:

    I can has?

  27. Verrry cute!

    BTW–looks like a (lucky) Bamboo plant there!! ‘Course he could try smoking it….if he is a Deadhead….he does have a kind of open-mouthed confused look….

    And, I think we can be “the deciders” and declare “The Year of the Rat” is hereby broadened to include any and all creatures that may display certain rat-like qualities (including but not limited to hamsters, mice, guinea pigs, et al) to all honors, benefits and celebratory activities normally associated with “The Year of the Rat”.

  28. You are right! He is shaped like a kernel of corn. Love it! 🙂

  29. Give it up guys, rats don’t share. It’s the Year of the Rat, and that’s all. You want a Year of Rodentia or Pocket Pets, you gotta convince the Chinese. But rats don’t share.

  30. Aww I love the ‘exsqueeze’ me! This pic is so cute! I wish I had a little ham like that one.

  31. CheshireCat says:

    Aww, a marmalade hammie!

  32. Buddah hamster!
    I’m a big rat fan, but I can definitely get behind this Year of the Pocket Pet initiative. Someone should write up a petition.

  33. Tickle floofy hammeh belleh!!!

  34. i want to snorgle that plush white tumkins!!!

  35. This hamster reminds me of that fat little gopher in the movie Cady Shack. I can see him now swinging his little paws, and rocking back and forth to the music…

  36. looks like he fell in a bowl of flour, or bleach!

  37. Awwwww! So cute!! 🙂 I feel like I should be apologizing to that hammie, as I was born in the year of the rat!

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