Encore Presentayshe!

People, would Perez Hilton post the same pic of Britney twice? Would Slashdot re-post an article on Duke Nukem Forever? Would we DARE to re-post this hilarious kitteh cartoon?

I think you should see it again. Brillo. Thanks for the reminder, Jessamee R. Same time next month? Greaaaaaaaat.


  1. It’s not a repeat… it’s a CLASSIC!

  2. See now, this is the kind of rerun I don’t mind.

  3. MMrroowwwr! Classic clip.

  4. It’s frightening in its accuracy, at least until the ear-snapping. :)

  5. Oh yeah – a classic.
    If you live in a multi-cat household, you should also add in the cats hissing and growling at each other under the bed…

  6. My kids think this is hilarious! So do I, even though I’m the one our cat does this to on Caturday mornings.

  7. oh THANK YOU!!! This is my favorite cartoon after Looneytunes’ Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot.

  8. This is the best! My cat does this to me every morning, complete with the cheek pat and kneading. Fortunately for me, I get up before he gets out that baseball bat.

  9. Yay I love this one. (Still not letting Miss Huggums see it. Those “gentle” lip taps are enough to get me out of bed.)

  10. Yeah, it’s a great vid, I love it!

  11. i have posted this on my MySpace for all the cat lovers i know!

  12. Gotta love it… This morning one of my darlings decided to sit with her butt on my face.. Oh yeah her butt. Good times.

  13. This was always hilarious, but it didn’t become classic until I discovered my roommate’s cat has the EXACT SAME meow.

  14. charliewabba says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    (stands up and applauds frantically)
    Some things never get old.
    Young Frankenstein
    the little black dress
    Wake-up Cat

  15. I REALLY needed this again today!!!! I LOVE it!!! Thanks!!!!!

  16. HILARIOUS. i love this vid. this one and the ‘cats translation’ video are the best!

  17. note the cat toys all over the place and the scratches on the bed. just like home.

  18. My Pomeranian does this every day too! LOL! Great!!

  19. Cute little kitty!
    Cute little kitty!
    Cute little kitty
    With a baseball bat!

  20. The first time I saw this clip I thought I would pee myself laughing. Mostly because of how true it is. I have 10 cats and I think every single one of them are related to this one.

  21. Its still funny.

  22. chet's momma says:

    it really is THAT good, people!

  23. Yep, still funny. My two kitties’ wake-up tactics this morning included knocking jelly beans to the floor and noisily batting them around AND launching themselves onto me from my dresser. I still managed to hit the snooze button about 8 times though.

  24. A-ha-ha! Oh, how sadly accurate. But my cats’ special “morning” talent is scrounging up a plastic bag or a piece of paper from somewhere in the house and making it snap and crinkle and rustle (always at 4 or 5 in the morning) until I get pissed off enough to throw something at them. Cats are such brats!

  25. Every month? How about every weeeeeeek. This is the only video I watch over and over and over and over again and never get tired of!

  26. for LOL that still is the funniest thing I have ever seen I love it !!!!
    yes it should be replayed at least once a month.

  27. berthaslave says:

    What can be said that hasn’t already been said? WHY ISN’T THIS NOM-NOM-NOMINATED FOR AN OSCAR? That cat is better than Daniel Day-Lewis (okay, maybe not).

  28. greenspiderhappy says:

    Funny those are the three blogs I read regularly, Slashdot, Cuteoverload, ICHC and PerezHilton (embarrassed as I am to admit it). What else do y’all read?

  29. CheshireCat says:

    Still LMAO–no matter how many times I watch it.

  30. for those “dog people” among us there is ihasahotdog.com

    try it, you’ll like it

  31. i swear my cat Sweat Pea does that to me every morning! (okay afternoon who am i kidding saying i wake up in the morning?)
    z z(>^-.-^< )__ <- DO TRUST HEEM HE IS DEVIOUS!

  32. OK…for anyone that is a cat owner you know this is beyond humor and into the realm of truth. I love it! MEOW!

  33. It may not have won an oscar but I did see it at the British Animation awards last week and I voted for it to win. It’s called Cat Man Do and it is by Simon Tofield at Tandem Films Entertainment.

  34. Ah, thank you for posting this again… had a personal bombshell at lunch and been in and out of tears since.

  35. This IS the best evar! We cannot see it too often. It is truly a classic.

    I hope it wins the award.

  36. Momof2kitties says:

    I never get tired of this one! An all-time CO favorite!

  37. Mine loves the old standby, “Let me stand on her full bladder. See if she can sleep with THAT!”

  38. I love this video so much. Especially in the ending where the guy finally wakes up and the cat points to its mouth.

  39. This is my favoritest thing in the history of favorite things!! I may have been known to mimic this a little bit when I want dinner meself. (“Mrawr!” *points at mouf*)

  40. @Jennifer: sending {hugs} and snorgles your way.

    My first cat would oh-so-delicately drag her paw across my eyelids to wake me up!!!! She was such a cute little tuxie girl!!!!!!!

    3 of the current residents are more devious and simply conspire to smoooosh themselves against my legs until I absolutely cannot bear it and must get up!!

  41. Hahaha, forget cats, I have to go through almost the same thing to get my husband up on a Saturday morning! Especially if I fancy having a nice cooked breakfast!

  42. carol Anne says:

    GREAT cartoon! love to watch it every day!!!!!!!!!

  43. I watched it twice – I love it! I love when it meows….so adorable! *cuddles*

  44. I lurve this video!!!!! Thank you for reposting it. You know what else you should repost???? “Welcome to Pupsville!” That’s my all-time fave! kthxbai!

  45. That cartoon is joy in black and white. ^_^ And oh so true!!!

  46. LOLOL! All over again!

  47. JinxtheCar says:

    This video is my life. LOVELOVELOVE it. Whoever made it is a friggin genius and should get the Noble Prize.

  48. OMG! I LoL’d!!! The bat!!! Too Funny!!!

  49. Not a rerun, but a haunting echo of a kinder, gentler time.

  50. He missed two things.
    1) The jump from another piece of furniture usually onto a sensitive area of the body and:

    2) The cat nose slowly inching towards your face and the cool little breath waking you up to a faceful of purring (and drooling).

  51. Is it bad that I meow sometime when I want something, too, meow?

    Oh crap, my kitty just walked into the room. *hides screen* That little meowpants does NOT need more ideas.

  52. LOL! I love cats, but this makes me scared to get one! :P

  53. I have to repeat what´s already been said. Not a repeat. A CLASSIC!!!! *giggles*

  54. I now pat my husband’s face like that in the morning. Very effective wake-up technique.

  55. Kathy, does he have elastic, snap-backable ears?

  56. I LOVE THIS VIDEO CLIP! I know my Mom’s cat totally does this at like 5am!

  57. theoneflyinvet says:

    Every time I watch this I cry, I laugh so hard. :)

  58. This cartoon is sooooo true about cats, except for the part about the bat. I would love to see more of this persons work…perhaps with birds, dogs, hamsters ect.

  59. Slashdot repeat an article? It seems like half the comments complain about a dupe.

  60. This is absolutely adorable, mainly because it’s so TRUE….hence why I shut my bedroom door at night so the little buggers can’t get in :)

    But totally, wow! INCREDIBLY close to how my cats behave (back when I left the door open), except without the baseball bat.

  61. Yes!! I was watching this several times daily when I first learned of it…it had been woefully long since I watched. Thank you!

  62. The only thing this is missing, is the alarm clock going off after the guy has woken up and wonders wtf is going on…

  63. OMG! That’s funny.

  64. Yes. Precisely. Enough said.

  65. It’s true! It really happens! My cat does that to me in the morning, ‘specially sleep-in mornings – I swear. It was not the 2 bottles of wine I drank. IT WAS the cat who did that to my head.
    And no it’s not cute… it’s cruel!

  66. I’m still laughing to the point of pain. Teeheehee!

  67. Please draw one where the cat walks across the laptop keyboard, sits and faces you blocking the screen, drinks from your water cup, turns in circles and then lays down for a nap on the keyboard. You are using an external keyboard during all this.


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