100% Carefree (and Nose-free)

What do I need a nose fer? Answer: NO-TINGKS!/

Bats paws at leafs [bat bat bat] Whips out salad dressing and sprinkles on surroundings


Not a care in the world, Rachel H. Not a single care. Pass the Bac-oh!-bits.



  1. I might possibly die from the cute!

  2. If only I had a world of salad, perhaps I too could attract adorable nose-less bun-buns.

  3. Juniper Jupiter says:

    A bun with no nose? How does it smell? Awful!!!

    😛 Sorry, koot bun!

  4. DoodleyDog says:

    This might be the proshest bunlet EVAR.

    Eeet is staring into my soul!

  5. “thud” dropped by the cuteness

  6. Nobody nose the trouble I’ve seen.

  7. I don’t know where to start nibbling!

    The ears, the non-nose, or the teeny-tiny paws!


    *picks self up from floor*


  9. acelightning says:

    He’s got whiskers, so there has to be a nose in there somewhere. I’d try to explain more, but I’m about to fall over dead from that PRESCRIPTION-STRENGTH ADORABLENESS!

    *falls over dead*

    *wakes up just enough to pet the bunny*

  10. littleredhen says:

    Ok Ive been lurking & shaking my head at the baby talk, but that bunny got to me!
    “pwecious wittle Bun Bun”
    *nuzzles soft fur*

  11. Just when I thought my day couldn’t get worse, it brightens just enough to make me smile. Thank goodness for CO!

  12. *SCREAM*


  13. D’you think it would mind if I powdered my nose with it? So soft…

  14. Shifty-eyed from lettuce overload

  15. Defenitely an overload of cuteness!

  16. Mine mine mine, all mine!

  17. I approve of this post!

  18. littleredhen, Yeah, the baby-talk can get a bit cloying and then I buy right into it and do it myself- oh the little-bun-bun that is a teeeny tiinny bun-bun, too.
    Snorgle, snorgle, I wants me a bunny rabbit but I had to choose, husband or bun-buns, OH, I hope I made the correct choice.
    gooeyctr-please share. Thanks, I knew you would.
    Ummmmmrmrphmhn, snorgle.

  19. I would love to hear the little “crunch crunch” of him eating some lettuce!!!

  20. look at the baby itty bitty bunneh! making everyone keel over and die from the cuteness!

  21. it’s a BABY bun! look at those paws!!

  22. The Bunny, the bunny, whoa I love the bunny
    I don’t love my mom or my dad, just the bunny
    The Bunny, the bunny, Yeah I love the bunny
    I gave everything that I had for the bunny
    (Veggie Tales)

  23. Lil Bun Bun = I <3 U

  24. See? Noseless=cute. Therefore, Davy Jones and Voldemort are snorgle-able. Um. Maybe. But definitely NOT Michael Jackson. I’d rather snorg Davy.

  25. Oh … where to bite first??? That is seriously the most deliciously cute thing ever posted, anywhere! Truly!

  26. Blayze Kohime says:

    Its cause it can’t fit a nose on its face with those hyoooge eyes.

  27. lbcsquirrel says:

    i know NO-TINGKS! NO-TINGKS!

    is this a Hogan’s Heros reference?

  28. If I had a bun-bun like that I would never leave the house. I would be captured in a trance by the cuteness. No TV, no telephone, no food. Just the touch of velvety ears and the perfume of cawwots. And we don’t even KNOW what it’s tail looks like!!


  29. There is no way that bun is real. Has to be Japanese.

  30. For that thang? No more ratty, leaf damaged greens.

    Pure washed baby spinach and mesclun. With lots of bacos, ranch dressing and bite size pieces.

  31. omg! what’s under its paws? pads of cutity?

  32. That is the cutest bunny I have EVER seen. EVER.

  33. new rule of cuteness:
    your eyes are at the height your nose would be IF YOU HAD ONE!!!

  34. Ahnnn… his ears are perfect!

  35. This one reminds me of the bunnies from this site:


    And yes that website is Japanese. Why did you even bother to ask? LOL

    Here’s the home page:

  36. charliewabba says:

    scuse me i’m feeling a leetle light headed.

  37. GAH!!! holy mcfuzzulence what an adorable bunneh!! i want to squeeze heem oh so softly in my little handsies.

  38. what type of bunny is that? I’d love to get one!

  39. NOw THAT is where the chocolate easter bunny came from ;p
    ~lol sweetness to the max~

  40. Now THAT is where the chocolate easter bunny came from 😉
    ~lol sweetness to the max~

  41. Awwweeee that is the teeniest bunny ever. He is precious!!!!

  42. Quick! I must snorgle him now before he realizes how much he disapproves of me!

  43. i gasped aloud.

  44. I just died of softfluffynesses…

  45. In the words of Dana Carvey, “I gotta sit down… I’m weak from the Cuteness.”

    That is the Definitive Bunnie. No other bunny can compare.

  46. this is the sweetest lil bunn-bunn i’ve ever seen.
    i wuv him.

    hmm. gotta tell ya, i’m listening to Airsupply live on Mark and Brian (KLOS LA)… I still dont understand why entertainers just cant retire.

  47. %44%45%44

  48. berthaslave says:

    Just for Liz and the bun:

    I’m all out of bun,
    I’m so lost without you,
    I know you were right,
    Believing for so long,

    I’m all out of bun,
    What am I without you,
    I can’t be too late,
    To say that you were so cute….

    This pic is a warning, people, of what happens when we humans get a little carried away with our own nom-nomming of the aminal parts. Certainly our little baby bunneh friend had the MOST anerable pink nosie until SOMEONE (my guess is Hon Glad or Peg of Tilling) decided that it would make a tasty treat.

    P.S. Liz — my question is when will Mark and Brian retire?

  49. This is without doubt the cutest bunneh I have ever seen.

  50. is that a lion head? i almost think it is because of the fluffiness and big eyes. my bunny also looks like he has no nose sometimes. plus he has mutton chops! sometimes when I rub his face I cover his eyes with his face fur!


  51. Surely, I can admire all forms of cuteness without feeling guilty I am admiring another Bun, right? When I get home, I’m probably going to get a glare from my bun.

    *Bunny, with French accent* “How DARE h’you! I gheeve you ehvrytings, my luff, my care, my ahfecshuns! And you, you dhou dis! You sees anothaire bun behind me!”

  52. Coffecup:Love the french accent! Reminds me of Fleur Delacour from HP…

  53. Christine Hughes says:

    Okay, everyone needs to go to the website that Diana linked and click “Gallery”. The gallery has the ONLY thing that is cuter than little fluffy baby bunnies: that is, little fluffy baby bunnies in FLOWERS.

  54. If I bite he head off, is he hollow inside?

  55. The one in the gallery on the 2nd row, first picture doesn’t even look real! Lots of those babies look like they’ve lost their noses!! Cute furballs!!

  56. Now people, that’s not lettuce this little one is about to sample, it looks like an abundance of spinach. He’s about to eat his spinach and then take on the world. Only he’s a lot cuter than Popeye.

  57. Oh my god!! Does this actually top the pic of the brown-gray baby bun in the fields? I didn’t think it could happen. ::compares pics:: but yes..yes,I think it does.

  58. berthaslave-
    i totally hear you.
    how long can two guys (approaching retirement age) continue to make fart jokes and make fun of “ugly” women (seen THEM lately)
    and thank you so much for the loverly song. (swoon) 🙂

  59. This is definitely what I would call the epitome of Cute Overload!
    *drops from overdose of cute!*

  60. Did you catch a glimpse of the left hind paw that you can barely see amongst the spinach? Eet ees sooo QT! It doesn’t look large enough to be able to stabilize the oversize, fluffy bunny head. Am imagining bunny tipping over and then I can snorgle bunny’s belly.

  61. Momof2kitties says:

    This. Is. Not. Real. Japanese anamayshun, obvy.

    *hands over butt*

  62. youve gotta be kidding me. can’t be real, and yet, deep down inside, i know it is.

  63. WHAT A QT!

  64. I love this adorable little munchkin nugget! I guess I should say “BUNchkin” nugget.

  65. Awwwwwwwww!! Cutest bunneh EVAR!!!!

    @berthaslave & liz: Hee-Hee!

    I’m working here in Philly and it’s a HOTBED of animal stories today! Some kids “pranked” a school by releasing dozens of Rhode Island Red chickens in the school! AND, there’s a goat on the run.

  66. This doesn’t even look real! If this were on cutewithchris.com it would clearly be identified as the robot it is. Too cute.

  67. Daphne Moss says:

    Oh, fer crying out loud…
    This is illegally proshness!
    Princess Di eye; sweet matching ears…tiny silken perfection…



    It is an anerable BUNULE!!!!! 😀

    Omg. I was on CO in class and I just about died when I saw this 🙂

  69. yet another michelle says:

    I’ve had a busy day, but i’ve still managed to look at this bunbun like 5 gazillion times, just today. I’m gonna pop him in my mouf and hold him there.

  70. I have fallen and I cant get up… am overwhelmed by cuteness….

  71. I must second, or quintuple, the “Squeeeeeeeeeee!”
    This little guy may be the cure for cancer.

  72. Omg.


  73. coughingpuppy says:

    Baby rabbits are the epitome of cute. I think they just might top kittens and puppies.

  74. Let us not forget the prosh little paw paws held daintily out in front while standing on its hind legs.

    This is the cutest bun bun EVAH!

  75. I came to CO today, obviously expecting something cute- this tiny bun blew me away. It is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. That is all.

  76. CheshireCat says:

    So overwhelmingly cute.. *breathing becomes labored* I don’t think I can handle it! Somebody halp me! Too late. *heysplodes*

  77. EEEEEEE! Bebeh bunneh in a sea of green! Me likes.

  78. Too Cute! Thank you for the morning smile!

  79. I would eat vegetables if there were tiny fluffy bunnies among them. Day-um cute!!!!!

  80. I loooooooooooove the paws!!!

  81. Ghost Bunny!:D
    The ears! The eaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrs!

    *fails save versus ubercute and lies twitching on the ground*

  82. did they blur out his unmentionables?? lol

  83. Who needs a nose when you’re this cute?

  84. Seriously, after looking at this picture a lot and reading all the comments, I felt faint and I had to lay down for a little bit. Do you think that too much cuteness can have a detrimental effect on health?

  85. eeeeeeeek! i <3 you bunneh :)

  86. Today when I was in pain from the dentist, I came to this site, to this rabbit for comfort, and lo, I was comforted.

    Nothing is as much a balm to the soul as this Perfect Spinach Rabbit.

  87. awwwww, toooooo adorable. it reminds me of the neighborhood bunny rosmary marshmallow (cause she would hide under the rosemary bush and she looked like a marshmallow)

  88. MrsPotatoHead says:

    Delurking long enough to say my head just explodededed.

  89. MrsPotatoHead says:

    Delurking long enough to say my head just explodededed.

  90. MrsPotatoHead says:

    Delurking long enough to say my head just explodededed.

  91. MrsPotatoHead says:

    Delurking long enough to say my head just explodededed.

  92. Whew! Potent little bun, aint it? There’s a bunny trail of passed-out hoomans up there!

    But beware… those adorable, innocent, little baby bunnies are that way for about five weeks. Then they are suddenly tweens – not quite as innocent (they learn soooo quickly), buy still quite cute. Then after a month or so you have a full-blown teenager! (Put note on calendar… run to vet for fixin.) Scary I tell you. After a couple more months they mellow out, but my goodness they are set in their ways. Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Just be warned. You’ll end up with, well… an adult rabbit for almost all of it’s life. Still adorable, but you gotta know what you’re gettin in to.

  93. i want this bun!!

  94. I cry with shame at that last dinner at a friend’s house where they served rabbit.. I .. sob.. sob.. hate myself. Tis not for eating is for sharing lindt balls with.