Shared Nom-u-laynce

Flash Gordon (baby guinea): "Ceeen I hef a leeeetle peesh?"

Wanda: "nom nom nom"


Class, let’s take a closer look at the muzzlepowsche action on Flash Gordon. EN-FRICKIN’-HANCE:


Nice work. And now, another look at Mr. Gordon, in all his GOOGLY-EYED splendor. Everyone tilt your heads together on three: "1…2…3!"


Dr. Anne, what a prosh lil’ fella you got there.



  1. Momof2kitties says:

    I love the [TOPMOST] picture! Sharingks!

    [ – Ed.]

  2. That is the sweetest little peeegie I’ve ever seen!…

  3. wow what healthy little peeglettes they are! I’m so impressed!

  4. Um, when’s the year of the Guinea Pig? I think that’s my Chinese Zodiac animal.

  5. Beeee-yoooo-tiful peeeeggies.

    I love piggies, with their goofy little faces and sweet natures.

  6. the “nom nom nom” made me lol, such cute lil ones!

  7. Anne Boleyn says:

    I love his little face and I want to gently say to that left eye, “focus … this way just a smidge.”

  8. psychickitty says:

    OOOH cute! I got to snuggle a little guinea pig like this at a pet store yesterday. I wish I could have taken him home!

  9. Dr. Awkward says:

    Okay, I like the first picture but the second… *shudder* that off-kilter eye is er… kiltering me. Seriously, I cannot handled anything with eyes being messed up. The piggy is very cute but ugh. For reals. Get it away from me.

  10. L

    Will that guinea be my Valentine?

    *bats eyes*

    PWEASE?! I loves you!

  11. I just can’t keep myself from saying “Awww” out loud. Awwwwwwww. Hi leetle peegie! Look at your pudgy little tummy and your cute little toes! Awwwww!

  12. Oh, Flash, I’m a sucker for a redhead – I don’t care if you do have kind of a Marty Feldman thing going on there. I kees you!

  13. the leetle fella looks like he’s coffee flavored.

    no… i think i can already smell him from here.

  14. Waaaaaaay ahead of ya, Meg – I was head tilting at the first one, and squeeing like an overexcited mouse on helium.


    I wuv pigglets. I would squeeze them ’til their widdl eyes bugged out… but that would be not so good methinks. So I will just pet them gently, tell them they are good piggies, pretty piggies… (Bonus points to anyone who caught that reference. Hint: “I will feed him.”)

    *nose beeps*

  15. Aaaannnh! (head tilt) I love piggies! Honestly, they are the sweetest little critters there are, and my Lo’ is Flash Gordon a cutie! And Wanda is beautimous!

  16. zomg I love that leetl one!

  17. Oooooh this makes me want to go snorgle all 6 of my piggies at once! Allergies be darned!

  18. Awww, so cute! And the baby is so prosh! I did teh head tilt for the second picture….so cute! *snorgles*

  19. awwwwwww!

    that’s making me miss my piggy sooo much 😦

  20. What sweet l’il piggies! I’m allergic, so this is about as close up as I get to be to them. sniff. Wish I could give them both a snorgle.

  21. Lizzy- best scene in ALL of TNG. I loved Spot!

  22. The ears. THE EARS.

    *flibbles them delightedly with fingers*

  23. Simpson O'Brien says:


  24. adorable piggies!! eep!

    so cute.

    is wanda flashing ‘lady di’ eyes?

  25. Lizzy, Kricket, Simpson —

  26. Oh my goodness, baaaaby peeg! *more googly eyes*

    I miss my guinea pig.

  27. Simpson O'Brien says:


  28. berthaslave says:

    He’s got Marty Feldman eyes!

  29. *dies of giggle-fit over TNG clip* Star Trek and Pigglets together!

    And here’s a random tidbit of knowledge: Marina Sirtis (Deeana Troy) was the voice of Demona on Gargoyles. Jonathan Frakes (William Riker) voiced Xanatos. Brent Spiner (Data) – Puck! And Kate Mulgrew (Kathryn Janeway of Star Trek Voyager) did the voice of Titania/Anastasia Renard in a few episodes.

    This, friends, is why I ALWAYS win at 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

    […Will & Grace! – Ed.]

  30. omg, now I need a baybeeeee peeegeeee!!!1

  31. JuleeJulee says:

    Ah, Piggins!! My nephews desperately wanted guinea pigs, but my sister did not. She set a Herculean list of tasks to be completed, but they did everything to the letter. They got the pigs, and my sister carefully picked out two young females — which turned out to be pregnant!! They had piggins coming out of their ears!

  32. JuleeJulee — maybe we should sit down and have that “grownup talk” again. It sounds like you may have misunderstood parts.

  33. Aww, I love that baby pigs are born looking like mini versions of grown-up pigs!

    JuleeJulee, I thought that my last pig, Zippy (rest his little piggie soul) was a girl for quite some time. We all make piggie mistakes sometimes. (In my defense, it can be hard to tell males from females at a very young age…)

  34. Oh Theo, Theo, Theo – that was almost a challenge!

    Megan Mullally did a cameo in ANYWHERE BUT HERE with Susan Sarandon who was in STEPMOM with Julia Roberts who was in HOOK with Dustin Hoffman who was in RAIN MAN with Tom Cruise who was in A FEW GOOD MEN with Kevin Bacon.

  35. Sharon Anne Waldrop says:

    These two are precious! Thanks for sharing.

  36. Oh, Megan Mullally was also a voice in BEE MOVIE along with Renee Zellweger who was in JERRY MACGUIRE with Tom Cruise who was in A FEW GOOD MEN with Kevin Bacon.

    And she was in RISKY BUSINESS as a call girl.

  37. Lizzy, that’s impressive, but I was just referring to the Will & Grace episode with Kevin Bacon guest starring. He got to deliver a nice swift one-liner referring to the whole “six degrees” phenomenon. Occam’s Razor, y’know.

  38. No, no Marty Feldman. It’s just the Guinea Pig Way: one eye to watch in front, one eye to watch behind. (You never know who’s got Evil Designs on your precious person…)

  39. Simpson O'Brien says:

    Yesterday watched Season One of Wings and Megan Mullally played Cindy McGrath, a young lady of questionable morals. Was Karen Walker typcasting??!! Will and Grace should have gotten a pet after Guapo and the yellow lab left.

  40. OMG. Look at that sweet face. Aggghh…..

  41. Simpson O'Brien says:

    What WAS the yellow lab’s name????

  42. Guinea pigs are probably my favorite animal to see on CO. And Wanda? Are you serious? That is the BEST guinea pig name EVER!

  43. I love guinea pigs!

  44. THanks Shannon…Wanda is actually a boy but the name stuck and it suits him. Flash takes his name from the fact that he is fast as lightning. His favourite activity at the moment is doing laps around our bathroom.

  45. Another Angela says:

    I still like “muzzlepuff” better.

  46. wanda is also very beautiful. as much so as the bee-bee guinee.
    i’ll haz boff then mmm-K ?

  47. SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! bebeh pigses!! LOVE THEM!

  48. ear floppage + BEF + walleyes = dedlee

  49. Flash! AAAAAH! Nommer of the lettuceverse! 😀

  50. Ms. McPantiesinabunchnuff says:

    I have 4 peegs! Constance, Nuesense (Newsie), Petulance, and Gwendolyn!

    And a dwarf hammie named Beatrice!

  51. wanda? hilarious!

    when i was little we got a guinea pig named sugar, then a few weeks later we woke up, and there was a tiny mini-me with sugar in the cage. my sister and i were ecstatic, and we promptly named the baby spicey.

    we’d let both of them run around the house all the time, spicey chasing sugar like a puppy. then one time my mom pulled the couch away from the wall, and the heavy wool draperies were all jagged and missing the bottom 6 inches, just about as far up as a guinea pig could chew! we died laughing, but mom was pissed!

  52. guinea peegs = epic win. <3.

  53. @clare: “flibble” – I love it!!! great companion for snorgle.

  54. Peegweenies! says:

    He saves with a mighty hand, every man, every woman, every…pig…in the land, he’s FLASH!

  55. crazyauntvicki says:

    This little piggie (Flash) made me go “Awwwwwwwhe,he,he” all the way home.

  56. Piggies!!!!!!!!..I love Mckpigersons. I had a brood of 8 piggies.sooooooo long ago .Chewy, Lassie, Bandit, Midnight,Chewy 2, Baron,Schnoze, Wiskers…. squeeliscious..

  57. AAAAaaaa! I just realized the piggy’s name. We have a superhero pig as well – Spider-Man. Spides, as I call him, was named (by my then 5-year-old) before we got him. He was supposed to come replete with a little costume – again, according to said child. Unfortunately, my sewing skills are subpar.

    Long way around to saying:

  58. CheshireCat says:

    I want to nibble their leetle earses and beep their noses, and tickle their leetle chinny-chin-chins! <3

  59. piggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggypiggy

    Cute peegs.

  60. I keep coming back to this one because it is so perfectly subtitled! It tickles the funnybone:
    “Ceeen I hef a leeeetle peesh?”

  61. ch0psh0p says:

    your pictures made me want to kill people!