Let’s get this Year of the Rat STARTED

It’s 8:29PM and it’s time to GET THIS Year of the Rat kicked into HIGH GEAR! I got mah Two-Buck Chuck on and there is NO STOPPIN’ MEH! [Unbelievable amounts of glurping follows]


Lori, Wendi has a problem. A DELICIOUS PROBLEM!!! *hic!*



  1. Take it easy there, little feller. It’s only February – you got a whole year to paaaaaaaaar-tay!


  2. OMG!TONGUE!!!1!

    surely, this calls for a COXCU?!?

  3. Haha, this make me want to send in some pictures of my ratties 😀 We have two that are still cute little babies (more like teenager age for them, though). It is the year of the rat after all, so we must see more rat postings!

  4. >sigh< It's like looking in a mirror....

  5. I second circuscake. It’s the Year of the Rat, c’mon, we need more COXCU!!!

  6. I third circuscake. Seriously need a CXCU.

    Just don’t push that glass over the edge!

  7. Ugh, is that merlot chilled? That’s nasty.

  8. Too cute! All my rats are coffee and cocoa drinkers.

  9. Stefisfunny says:

    That’s my kinda rat! Bottoms up!

  10. SixFootJen says:

    “Slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, (hic), slurp, slurp, (hic)…”

    [shifty eyes]

    “Slurp, slurp…”

  11. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Alright!!! Two-buck-Chuck-that-costs-Three-Bucks!!
    Trader Joe’s!!! That rat knows how to party!!!

  12. Animalphiles Annie says:

    Megan – your ratties are most anerable – how did you EVAR get them to keep the little hats on? Mine – not so tolerant.

    Matro – I love that’s you’re okay with a rat drinking out of a wine glass – but not so okay with the Merlot being chilled. I’m right there witcha.

  13. Countdown to nuff-fest February 2008 starting …. NOW.

    He’s awful cute though. I want a rat!

  14. Please tell me that wine only LOOKS like it’s chilled.

  15. berthaslave says:

    Kudos, Meg, for citing the time on the cool timepiece in the background.

    And the feet, people, THE FEET!

    Anyone else think “Templeton” from “Charlotte’s Web”?

  16. In honor of the Grammys…..

    “Tried to make me go to rat-hab….I said no, no, no!”

  17. Momof2kitties says:

    I wanna see the “after” picture.

  18. I agree with circuscake–where IS the close up?? That tongue definitely deserves it!

  19. bananasforbunnies says:

    Us Rats have got to stick together this Year! Happy Rat Year!

  20. Hah, I used double sided tape 😛 Eventually, the babies decided they didn’t want to wear the hats anymore and just flicked them off with their paws- the little tan one, Ezra, threw her party hat at my friend.

  21. Wouldn’t that be a surprise if that wasn’t their pet rat! (I’m sure it is a pet, I was just thinking of the jump if it wasn’t)

  22. Word, matro.

    There’s something about the clock in the background that makes this pix for me. Like, it’s 8 1/2 hours after the official start of the Year of the Rat, and Wendi the Rat shows no signs slowing down her chilled merlot celebration.

  23. Why, look ya’ll, it’s Winona Ratter.

  24. dharlan1too says:

    Megan, Ha, Ha–yur rats have their own “problum” sucking cheese whiz straight from the can–too funny. I’d take chilled merlot over cheese whiz anyday.

  25. When is there year of the ferret?

  26. the, not there

    writing too late at night, fingers get away from me.

  27. jennie mello says:

    But….are you sure it’s p.m.? If not, he has a problem…or else, he is just way ahead of the rest of us.

  28. I read in a book on rats that they LOVE the taste of beer and wine, actually. The book told a story about an exterminator who was hired to get rid of a rat in a Park Avenue office in New York. He couldn’t use traps or poison because the people who owned the building didn’t want their high priced clients to know a rat was there. So he had to get creative.

    The exterminator knew rats love beer and wine and he knew they are physically incapable of vomitting, so he put two and two together and left out a large open coffee can full of beer overnight. The next morning they found the rat sprawled next to the (considerably emptier) can, dead of alcohol poisoning.

    Ah well, at least it died happy.

  29. Who chills merlot?

    (I guess the same person who has a pet rat and lets it on the table.)

    So gross.

  30. Martha in Washington says:

    Did your ratties do some arts ‘n crafts at their party? Just noticing the paint bottles in the background.

  31. Lets get rat arsed, hic.

  32. “(I guess the same person who has a pet rat and lets it on the table.)

    So gross.”

    Vague – there’s nothing gross about allowing a rat to walk on your table. Firstly, they’re darn hygienic animals. Secondly, you don’t eat your food from the table, you eat it from a plate. So where’s the harm?

  33. Shannon L. says:

    Awwww…I miss my rats!

    I would make them each a little plate of what we were having every Thanksgiving. <3

  34. I’m sacred of rats, but a drunk one is probably very sweet…:-P

  35. Hon Glad–LOL!
    Megan–Cutie rats with hats!

  36. Calm down about the chilled Merlot. Red wine is supposed to be served slightly below room temperature (55 to 65). At the 76 degrees that my home is usually at, the wine would be too warm.

    The rat, however, is the perfect temperature! *hides him up her sleeve and runs*

  37. Oh man this rat has some style! Two Buck Chuck, I totally remember that craze. Such a good scandal!

  38. Where’s the closeup of the tongue????

  39. See. I told you rats don’t have taste. He’s drinking two-buck chuck. A more sophisticated rodent would surely be drinking only the finest wines from Napa, not a $2-a-bottle wine from Trader Joe’s.

  40. See. I told you rats don’t have taste. He’s drinking two-buck chuck. A more sophisticated rodent would surely be drinking only the finest wines from Napa, not a $2-a-bottle wine from Trader Joe’s.

  41. lawlz! best caption EVER

  42. Found on cutting room floor: deleted scene from Ratatouille. Rat gets his drink on. No more G rating. Adieu, drunken rattie.

  43. It seems that UK rat catchers now use curry and kebabs to lure ratties to their doom… rattie tastes have changed!

  44. EeeEeeeee the little tongue….

    My family back home is very VERY fond of two buck chuck. I haven’t had the pleasure yet myself….

  45. i always heard that rats shouldn’t have alcohol. but, maybe in light of what meaghan said, it’s ok in moderation, just like it is for us!

    megan – i used to have two rats — gretchen and louisa — who looked exactly like your two girls!

  46. Ms. Scarlet says:

    What a lush!

    My little Puck loved his (or rather, my) Chianti. If I didn’t keep an eye on him, he’d have his nose right in my glass.

  47. Very cute, but I hope he didn’t get much.

    As for the “beer” comment above, the rat likely died from gas. Rats can’t “poot” or belch, so any fizzy drink, like beer, soda or seltzer, will cause a build up of gas, and they will die. But yes, rats are also greedy to within an inch of their lives (mine always have been anyway) so I can see one drinking so much beer they die of alcohol poisoning. They are just wee little things – even half a can would get them drunk like a Dartmouth College frosh. CO has gotten the year of the rat off in fine style. More ratties this year!

  48. poor rattie having to reach like that – she needs her own little glass! >’.’<

    seriously though, my neighbour’s rat Socrates, used to share a beer while they watched Nascar. he’d get a tiny bit in the beercap for every full one my friend drank, and that seemed to be okay. he’d also get his very own pretzel.

  49. I just had to chime in and say that the whole ‘you don’t chill red wines’ is a myth. I prefer red wine chilled. If you really want to sound like a wine snob, then be aware that chilling red wine preserves its taste and allows it to release longer than serving it at room temperature. Order a glass of red wine in Paris and the next question is ‘chilled or not?’

    /wine snob rant

  50. daniell — that’s interesting. as a matter of personal taste, i still prefer my red at room temp., but i love how the French don’t conform all these snotty “rules” we’ve made up in a country that has a much shorter history with wine and everything else. i sometimes drink red wine with chicken or fish, and “they” say that the French drink red wine with anything, so i use that as a defense against those who are snobbier than i…but really, who cares?! its all about enjoyment, not impressing people. your rant sounds more anti-snob to me!

  51. oops, i meant “danielle”

  52. totally anti-snob here! yep, yep! >clinking our glasses of chilled / non-chilled wineglasses<

  53. ‘glasses of wineglasses’? now the oops is mine…and I need to put the wine away…

  54. COXCU definitely needed. i need to check out that tiny rat tongue a lil more!!

  55. I’m going to also request the closeup of the little tongue. When my two girls were little pink babies, one yawned and I saw the teeniest little tongue in existence, and I wish I’d taken a picture. I almost expected the babies to not even have one ^_^

  56. Momof2kitties says:

    One of my very good friends drinks her red wine with an ice cube in it! Take that wine snobs! To each his own, I say. Cheers Ratteh!

  57. well. at least he’s a ‘cheap date’.


    summertime + two buck chuck + ice cubes + bar-bee-Q = Party!

  58. Danielle, I ordered a glass of red wine (well, a carafe of red wine) in Paris just last month, and I heard no such question. I sooo wish I had, though. I bet it’s yummy.

  59. Ms. McPantiesinabunchnuff says:

    Rats n’ hats! party hats! AWESOME!! 😀

  60. Beverley Polt says:

    OOPS! That “chilled” wine is NOT chilled! Look closely. There is no “moisture ” at the base of the bottle. If you look closely you will see that the “drops” are the reflexion of a Christmas tree.
    And of course the current wine policy is that you should have what you prefer—red, white, chilled, not chilled, (even hot–as in mulled wine.) So NO MORE WINE WHINES.

  61. ThreeCatNight says:

    Why, it’s a fine Mousecatel!

    “I drink your milkshake, sir! I drink it UP! Hey, wait – this isn’t a milkshake. Um, slurp -it’s even BETTER! Hic! Oh, excuse me!”

  62. Is that two-buck chuck I see in the background?

  63. CheshireCat says:

    That rat is gonna be hickory-dickory-docking pretty soon.

  64. Wine and ratatouille … mmmm.

  65. Have to share that I sent this picture to a friend at work and she decided to see what her rat (which is a pet at work actually) would do with wine. Well, he wouldn’t drink it out of the plastic spoon (really, wine in plastic, how tacky he said) but would lick it off your finger. Apparently he’s a mean drunk and got aggressive and nippy after that. Oops.

  66. That is disgusting…what the hell is wrong with you people. Rats are not pets…they are disease carriers.

    And why the hell would you let one near anything you drink or eat from?

  67. That is gross, not cute! I’m going to be sick!

  68. “That is disgusting…what the hell is wrong with you people. Rats are not pets…they are disease carriers.”

    Hon, I beg to differ 😉
    Rats have been kept as pets longer than *hamsters* and they are loads nicer.
    Now shut your trap and stop whining about things you know nothing about. Take a trip to PetSmart and you’ll see the rats riiight there, right beside all the gerbils and things. And you’ll be the only one who thinks it’s abnormal :B