It’s a MIRACLE! [holding hands up]

It’s simply amazing what modern science can do these days. This Three-headed puppeh, has THREE TIMES the squeezable nose rolls, THREE times the edible ear flaps, three times the chunk-tacular paw chub. KUDOS to YOU, modern-day science! [bowing]


Wow, Elana S.—Wow.



  1. thedistractor says:

    Thrice as cute as 1 puppy.

  2. I think this image might have to be known as “World Peace Fluffy”. (As in the three-headed dog in Harry Potter.) 😀

  3. Who knew Cerberus could be so adorable…

  4. What I wouldn’t do to bury my face in that puppeh fur…

  5. Stackables.

  6. fish eye no miko says:


    Man, between this and Cutie McRatterson in the last post, the cute is really out in force today!

  7. I actually squeaked when i realised there were three 😮

  8. You forgot to mention their little round haids!

  9. So that means when I get home and my puppy comes to greet me, I will get thrice the nose-lickings!? Yaaaaaay!!!

    (Seriously, that’s the only reason to leave the house. I would stay in bed with my puppy all day if I could.)

  10. LOL love that, Alex! “World Peace Fluffy!” 🙂

  11. Hellhound. Guardian of the Black Gate. Fear him-oh, just pass me some ear nubbins, will ya?

  12. Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with puppeeehhhhssss …

    This pic makes me smile on the inside 🙂

  13. yet another michelle says:

    I just love how puppehs become one big puppeh pillow. Sigh. So safe and trusting and comfturbuhls.

  14. I’d forget about protecting the Sorceror’s Stone… I’d just snorgle this 3-headed dog all day long!

  15. THREE times the edible ear flaps?

    Disgusting. Cute animals have nothing to do with food.

    Truly nauseating.

  16. Alex, Harry Potter was the first thing that leapt to my mind too. But this one actually DESERVES the name Fluffy!

  17. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Ohmigaw!!! The snorgability of this pic is just too much!!! It looks like a big jumble puzzle of fuzz and fluff and soffkronsch ears!!! OM NOM NOM NOM!!!!

  18. berthaslave says:

    Interesting thought — imagine Cerberus trying to clean himself.

    But this little fella is clearly guarding the gates of HEAVEN. Hello, St. Peter’s hound (named “Trinity” I presume?)

  19. Momof2kitties says:

    HAHA! Trinity! Vewwy clever! Not being a dog person myself, I would just (gently) kiss the tops of their little noggins.

    OK, and maybe nom on the earsies a little bit.

  20. Nicolletta says:

    3 times the Puppytude!

  21. A great big cozy puppy sandwich! Wicked cute!!!

  22. I call dibs on the pup in the back!
    Also, anyone else reminded of the Threadless Cerberus shirt? (Too lazy to find a link to it now..)

  23. Woah, three headed?! I want to see an article! XD Just kidding, they’re super cute. Methinks melikes the one in teh back most (the one that would be the middle head) <3

  24. Awww, in no time they’ll be chomping misbehaving souls around Hades 🙂

  25. Pppfffthh
    Ahem-How do you get the fur out of your teef aftre nomming on such, such, su…


  26. That’s just much to cute! Does anybody know what kind of puppies they are?

  27. Can cute make your knees weak? I gotta go and lie down for a sec…


    *doesn’t make it to couch, passes out on floor and dreams of snuggling up and napping with pups*

  28. They look like doxies to me, but I’m not sure… but yeah, my money is on dachshund puppies!

  29. A pile of puppehs!

  30. Wow, that is not just a snack, it’s a whole meal! So frickin’ sweet.

  31. this is obviously fake.

    [oh indubitably… – Ed.]

  32. I was thinking doxie puppehs too.

  33. snoopysnake says:

    I like the head on the left the best. Looks sooooooo content!

  34. demolitionwoman says:

    could they be a shar-pei mix? they have the little bump on the end of the nose like sharpies do. not to mention the wrinkly chubs.

  35. ya Tracy-
    YOU just keep thinkin that…
    [grabs up thri-headed lovey baby and runs off in zig-zag motion]
    more for ME!

  36. this seriously might be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. and i really mean it this time!

    i luff them.

  37. “chuck-tackular paw chub”!!! i had to come back and tell you i can’t stop chucking over that. yer so funny, meg!


  39. Fluffy and Cerberus are the first things that spring to mind. They are adorable, but where is the story on it?

  40. “THREE times the edible ear flaps?

    Disgusting. Cute animals have nothing to do with food.

    Truly nauseating.”

    get over yourself, EMMA. she doesnt mean it literally…

    *rolls eyes*

  41. CheshireCat says:

    If only wrinkly humans could be as cute as wrinkly puppehs. *sigh*

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  43. Thanks for the plug, Isabelle!

  44. It’s a three-layer chub cake! Sooo deeliciouss!

  45. I’ve never seen so many cute puppies so tied up!

  46. Um are they really 3-headed?