Heeding the call…

…TO PARTEH YEAR OF THE RAT STYLE! [Jumps out of sleeve, jumps into Hybrid Escalade]



This rat’s name is "Gin" and she and her whiskers are all about the party, right Amy G.?



  1. Thank you for all the cute photos! It makes me feel better about being born in the year of the rat!

  2. Nice color coordination!

  3. circuscake says:


  4. suweet whiskas!

  5. Rats in racks?

  6. “Id invite you in for a spot of tea, but the house is feeling a bit cramped. Your place?”

  7. Is that someone’s neck or their sleeve? For the person’s sake I hope the sleeve. I’ve had my ratrats crawl down the front of my shirt and rat claws on sensitive breasts are not pleasant.

  8. For those who think Rats are cute… have you ever lived in a big city where they scurry in front of you at the subway?

  9. Trisha,

    Yes. I’ve also seen mangy dogs in some places. And scabby, emaciated cats.

    People can be cute or ugly, so can animals.

  10. So cute! I want to kiss the little rattie nose!

    Trisha: Yes, I live in New York City. Have my entire life. But I love rats! A question for you: have you ever had rats as pets or played with a pet rat? They’re so loving and playful. It’s like judging all dogs based on the mutts in the alleys. Don’t knock ’em til you’ve tried them xD

  11. Sara and Melissa, good points! As a kid my brother had pet rats and they used to jump on me!

  12. That’s like my old Siamese, she always knew what background made her look best. And Gin looks marvelous against that color.

    Seriously, those whiskers are out of control.

  13. I want to play with those whiskersons, and beep the nose. Seriously, she’s BEGGING to have her nose beeped! *pokes nose with mouse… or should it be a rat? *is confused* *

  14. Happy New Ratty Year, but please – enough with the rat pictures already!

  15. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Gitcher mind outta the gutter, Daniel!!Honestly!!
    That’s a sleeve! Not a neckline!!!:P

    More like “Rats’n’Wrists”!

    The MINDS of some people! 😀

  16. darkshines says:

    I see pics like this and miss my boys. There were over two foot long, ate bacon fat everyday and loved TV. They died of fright on Bonfire Night 😦

  17. Adorable and precious. Keep with the rats. Don’t heed the naysayers.

  18. Hmm, rats and hamsters in sleeves, guinea pigs in stocking caps, bunnies swaddled like burritos — maybe the category should be called Rodent Roll-ups!


    Our three ratty girls love the sleeves 🙂

  20. One, two, three…. jump!

  21. *boop*

    I can’t help it. I wants to boop that rat-a-licious nose. *boop*

    And Oh. Mah. God! Check out the lower lip!

  22. Welcome to the party, Gin! I’m a year of the Rat-girl, too. Seem to be a lot of us here on CO…..maybe it’s a Rat-trological characteristic??

  23. tarheelcoin says:

    Could this be the start of a new category? Rats and Racks?

    Love the site – it never fails to make me smile.

  24. tarheelcoin says:

    Upon further review, I do believe that is a sleeve, not a turtleneck. Rats and Sleeves? Nah.. not the same…

  25. Thank you Mr. and Ms. Rat or rat like mammals for being the presumptive progenetor of all mammals. That said, I cant help myself to want to hit you with something if I see you anywhere near my home lol. I know they are pets but evolution has me thinking “whack them” for some reason (disease, food stealing, etc.) I feel guilty this one so cute.

  26. turbofloof says:

    Hovertext – Classic! Hilarious! Poifect!

  27. I am year of the Bun, so naturally I disaprove.

  28. Is it just me or the mousie is pouting?

  29. Ha! Love the hovertext.

  30. ThatDamnedRat says:

    Year of the rat here, get your rat on 🙂

    All of my boys heartily approved of sleve-tunneling. Best thing since stealing my noodles, in their eyes.

    Rats in racks is more likely than you think. I’ve never known a rat who didn’t like ’em.

  31. “but please – enough with the rat pictures already” seriously?! Rats are animals just like kittens and puppies, just as cute, let’s not be so speciesist, it’s cute overload and rats should be equally welcome! Besides how can you resist this guy?? That’s right, you can’t. I just know if you beeped that cute little nose he’d start licking your finger like crazy! That’s what my boys do 🙂

  32. Ben the two of us need look no more
    We both found what we were looking for
    With a friend to call my own
    I’ll never be alone
    And you my friend will see
    You got a friend in me ( you got a friend in me)

    Ben your always running here and there
    You feel your not wanted anywhere
    If you ever look behind and don’t like what you find
    There’s something you should know
    You gotta place to go (you gotta place to go)

    I used to say
    I and me
    Now’s it’s us
    Now’s it we

    (i used to say
    I and me
    Now’s it’s us
    Now’s it we)

    Ben most people would turn you away
    I don’t listen to a word they say
    They don’t see you as i do
    I wish they would try to
    I’m sure they’d think again
    If they had a friend like Ben
    (a friend) like Ben (a friend like Ben

  33. GAH! Cute, cute, cute! I for one am enjoying the recent rash of prosh rattie pics. I’ve never been totally won over by rats – my daughter had two as pets, and I learned to tolerate them, as long as she promised not to put them on me. This little guy could probably change my mind, though.

  34. Looking at that pic again, I think that pink sets off his color as much as the black-grey. It really makes his cute nosie pop.

  35. i think this is going be my favorite year on CO!

  36. [starts searching through own archive of rat pics for potential submishes!]

  37. Elizabeth P says:

    MEG! I absofrickinlutely adore you this week.

    Thank you SO MUCH for the rattie love. 🙂


  38. angh! the rattsies are making my head asplode from all the cuteness…

    i actually have the opposite problem to a few folks above, in that when i see wild ratties i want to pick them up and snorgle them too.

  39. berthaslave says:

    Ratteh is all, “Please, Academy members, vote for ‘Ratatouille’ for best animated pic! Now where’s my goodie bag?”

  40. Ah! He looks just like my Rae, but she won’t go in sleeves. Everyone ELSE goes in sleeves, but Ms. Rae is spoiled to death and she only wants to sit in my lap on the couch and make me share popcorn with her.

  41. HA! Hehehehe I’m glad I saw that while at home, because it actually got a sharp outburst of laughter out of me. XD My rattie used to do that, too. He LOVED long-sleeved shirts.

  42. Shadowtiger says:

    Our ratties have determined that sweatshirts with hoods were DESIGNED to schlep rats around in comfort. Observe the long sleeves, just right for a rat to lounge in. Observe the front pocket, large enough for two rats to sleep in comfortably with their noses poking out. Observe the hood, precisely large enough for a rat to cozy up in and hide in long hair.

    Remember, a well-balanced person has a rat on each shoulder.

  43. hmm.
    I’m thinkin.
    New Cat-o-goury.

  44. Ms. McPantiesinabunchnuff says:

    Oh the Ben song always makes me sad! 😦

    Cause rats are so dear…but sadly some people can’t see it!

  45. CheshireCat says:

    My rattie is frequent patron of the Sleeve Express as well; she uses it whenever she wants to get from her cage to the sofa cushions (yes I do let her play in the sofa, geez).

  46. Chocolate rattie!

  47. I just had to add. . .

    In Chinese Astrology, rats are referred to as, “The Flower of Romance”. Personally, I adore rats, but I never thought of them as terribly *romantic*. But just in case, I think more rat snaps are called for so everyone can make an informed decision!

  48. Eeeee!! I was born in the last year of the Rat!!

  49. I obviously haven’t been keeping up around here. I was rather surprised to find my own rat staring back at me.

    For the record it’s my sleeve not my neck.