“Diesel” and the Over Purr

So, in some log cabin somewhere (Hello, what romantic weekend cabin was THIS shot at?) there is a kitteh named Diesel who purrs like no other ani-pal you’ve heard. I suggest cranking your speakers, then check it:

Marten V. H., Thanks for pointing out this lil’ motor mouf.




  2. Actually, that kitty sounds just like my brother’s kitty, Bruno!

    Yay for Kitties, not for Ratties.

  3. What a purrrfect way to start a Monday!!

  4. He sounds like Big Bird when he sleeps.

  5. 😦

    Ratties are nicer than cats!

  6. One of my cats makes a sound like that when she tries to meow and purr at the same time — but not constantly. That is so, so cute.

  7. Miss 'N Casey says:

    Awwww! My Casey used to purr jut like dis! Anyone in the house would say, “Where’s Casey — I hear her somewhere” even if she was in another room!

  8. purrsonable says:

    purrfect for putting you in that state of relaxation to actually accomplish,,, nothing.

  9. Indigo rEiki says:

    I just LOVE this kitty.

  10. I had a kitty that purred like this. > < Now I'm all sad. *Hugs the computer screen*

  11. Sounds like a lion in heat!

    I am Diesel, hear me puuuurrrr!

  12. I don’t know what she’s saying in kitty language, but my cat suddenly became very interested in my speakers while it was on.

  13. shandrewsca says:

    Very cute kitteh, but I don’t know if I could sleep at night listening to that LMAO!

  14. I would speculate that when Diesel commences to make biscuits, Diesel makes some CRAZY biscuits.

  15. my goodness!! what’s he got under that hood?! turbo charged.

  16. Would somebody please hurry up and scratch and pet that kitty? I found myself wanting to reach through the screen and rub his ears!

  17. My Bubadu also purrs loudly and constantly, but he doesn’t “sing-purr” like this cutie-pie. He’s more monotone. Like Darth Vader. (It’s apt.)

  18. Ending a sentence in a preposition. Good job.

  19. Whiskas:
    “This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.”
    –Winston Churchill

  20. Momof2kitties says:

    Love the cowhide-like markingks! Would that be a meow-ooo?

  21. Diesel, your motors running.

  22. Crazy cute! 😀

  23. The cat sounds like a sleeping grandpa!

  24. I was watching this and my dog was lying quietly at my feet-until she heard the mega-purring and started stirring.

  25. I was watching this and my dog was lying quietly at my feet-until she heard the mega-purring and started stirring.

  26. A soft bed by a woodstove… life is shweeeet for the Purring Boy.

  27. Diesel you’re too cute!!! LOL, my kitty Lucky purrs non stop, and when he’s REALLY happy he does what Diesel does and adds a lil of his voice to his purr so it’s even louder.

  28. My kitty Madeleine sat on my lap watching this with me. She liked Diesel’s purr. Does anybody else think the purr is meant to compensate for his almost-silent meow?

  29. Did he swallow a live pigeon?

  30. My cat heard the computer speakers and immediately ran over to see what the noise was coming from… and in turn started purring louder than I’ve ever heard before. It must be contagious!

  31. My tuxie always sounded like he was humming while he purred. Kinda like this guys here…

  32. totchipanda says:

    My kitty purrs like that. It’s the best purr ever. It usually takes her a moment to get going though 😀

  33. he talk purrs that is so cool and his name is diesel.
    I loved it it made me laugh.

  34. What a sweet, happy kitteh. He sings his purring.

  35. Oh he reminds me of my cat from years back. Maybe they were related?

  36. My dad snores like that! XD Just kidding. Totally adorable! Such a happy kitty…*pets it*

  37. whole.nutha’.level. What the hell was that? I loved eet. Turbo charged kitteh. I have never heard such a loud purr!

    Did anyone else click on the one of the other vids that popped up after? There was another kitteh named Diesel cleaning his pittbull buddy. So very cute, the pitt was falling asleep…

  38. oh good grief!
    if ya crank the moozak all the way up, the sounds of the mama/camera holder person flailing around on the floor tryin to get the shot are deafening!!
    this kitteh is all like “put the camera down babe and lets go snuggle”
    nice kitteh, needs some belleh rubbin. [i would not advise cat nip thou, not necessary in this particular case]

  39. My big marmie does that stuff.. loud purrs, flops (thees ees my belleh– PET EET!), pretending to be bipedal… I love cats. Siiiiggggh…. 🙂

  40. Deckard Canine, my thoughts exactly. Mebbe he’s trying to lure them in with his impressions?

  41. That kitty is purring Dutch or Belgian. (Which is technically the same language)!

    I’m sure, Marten v. H.!!!


  42. circuscake says:

    is diesel sportin’ a soul patch?

  43. Danielle Miller says:

    he sounds like Chewbaca.

  44. Oh my God… must be fun when this guy comes to wake you up in the morning. So loud!!!

  45. I have a very fat orange cat that purrs very similar to this, except during that cat’s silent part of the purr, my cat squeaks really loud while inhaling. It is so coot.

  46. daisydoodles says:

    My orange cat Puffy purrs just like that – check it out 🙂

  47. I have a very fat orange cat that purrs very similar to this, except during that cat’s silent part of the purr, my cat squeaks really loud while inhaling. It is so coot.

  48. Kitty sounds like he is meditating. He is one with the Ceiling Cat.

  49. Vroooom, vroooooom, getting ready to speed away!

  50. he sounds like a flock of roosting pigeons

  51. Wow — that’s a Harley Davidson purr!

  52. He has what we used to call “rusty purr”. My family and I used to say that these kinds of cats needed their purr oiled 🙂

  53. Trilling!

  54. My little Cosette purrs just like that — cooing like a dove. She also barks at laser pointers. I think she’s a confused kitty.

    p.s. Love the attack of the camera strap. “Stop filming, and start petting, Human!”

  55. We have a kitty that we named Motor for exactly the same reason! He’s is loud on the inhale AND the exhale though. And yes, this will wake you up at 3 am thinking there’s a tiger on your head!

  56. I’m getting the little drops of spittle through my computer screen, the tuna bref… Ahhhhhh!!!! want to snorgle!!! *poit*

  57. Sounds like he’s a cross between Chewbacca and a tribble.

  58. im sad too, but comforted. My cat “Kitten” used to purr like that. 😦 🙂

  59. My eardrums! They are breaking!!

  60. wagthedogma says:

    Is that a hemi? 😀

  61. I just turned that on at work, and my coworker pointed out that it sounds just like one of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park! (We think the velociraptor, but we don’t remember for sure.) Craziness.

  62. Cute kitteh! Sounds like his fan belt needs changed!

  63. violetgreen says:

    Such a rusty meow, too! He needs sardines in oil pronto!

  64. Maggie purrs just like that. Directly next to my head. All night long. x_x

  65. So sweet! I’m having a semi-crappy day, and Diesel’s purring made it a little bit better.

    I agree with those who have mentioned that the filmer needed to put down the camera and RUB THAT BELLEH, though! 😉

  66. Actually i know another cat that purrs like that my cousin’s cat Luna.

  67. snoopysnake says:

    I just had to give him a computer mouse pointer belleh rub, and at one point he put both of his paws on the pointer! MMMMMMMMM!

  68. daytimedeb says:

    It’s official, I am hopelessly addicted to CO. I knew I had a problem when I watched the otters hold hands a couple of dozen times. But spending 3:45 watching and listening to someone else’s cute cat purr like a blender on “pulse” has cinched it.

    Just don’t try to make me go to cute over-hab. No, No No!

  69. I have a kitty what purrs that way. He likes to sleep on top of my face while doing so. I miss him so much when I’m at college. I’m sad now! *cries*

  70. So, does that make him a biodiesel engine?

  71. Momof2kitties says:

    Join the crowd, daytimedeb, join the crowd. My daughter tells me multiple times a day that I am addicted, too. I don’t care. Bring on teh qte!!

    *runs off to snorgle my own purr monsters*

  72. Nah, kitty needs a new CV joint. Notice it only makes that noise on right turns. I think it’s the driver’s side but better replace both.
    (My wood floors are exactly the same, not that creaky tho’.)

  73. OMG! I was completely paralyzed watching and listening, I couldn’t move! That cat is deadly!

  74. anastasiaK says:

    It’s all fun and games until somebody wants to get some sleep at night! We used to have a Power Purrer. I miss her!

  75. pyrit: LOL 😀


    (cat on wheels?)

  76. Silent Meow says:

    Silent Meow cannot stay silent. Silent Meow LURVES this not-silent ppppppuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  77. Dang it! Why is the video gone? I want to hear the purring kitty too. 😦

  78. daytimedeb:
    enjoy the habit!
    I think co is what Huey Lewis was predicting when he sang of wanting ‘a new drug’

  79. I love how his purr has a distinct inhale and exhale. What a sweet cat! Proof that you don’t have to be super pretty to be really cute.

  80. Whadyamean, don’t have to be super pretty to be really cute? Diesel is ANERABUHLS!!! What a purr — what a CAT! ^^

  81. “who purrs like no other ani-pal you’ve heard.”

    Sorry, Meggie Moo — like others above, I had a marmie who purred like this. Now I’m all happy/sad, remembering and missing him. He was the Best Cat Ever.

    Diesel is a perfect name for this guy! What a motor he’s got!

  82. Awwwww…i had a yellow tabby who purrrrrr’d like this! We took him to the vet and he said deviated septum, but not harmful.

    We named the kitty Pigeon Boy! He’d sit for hours in the grass, just purrrrring away.

    Long live Pigeon Boy!

  83. Mary (the first) says:

    I love Diesel’s markings too. Black elbow patches!! Too cute!!

  84. Lucia Mendez says:

    I’m guessing the kitty’s going crazy from 2:44 to 2:52 cuz it doesn’t like the sound of the screeching floorboards that’s what i do when i hear nails screeching on a chalk board ;p

  85. Not many things can make me log off WoW to watch..but this was one of them…..:)

    My cat (who trills) would be sooo jealous…!

  86. I agree with the posters that say he sounds part-pigeon. I guess you are what you eat!

  87. Sounds like a Maine Coon trilling

  88. PPPUURRRRMMM…!! It’s really cute, though it sounds almost bird-like.

  89. My cat, who doesn’t give a crap about what noises come out of the computer, sat up and purred back at the screen when this video started.

  90. Happy cats make me happy! I love the flop to the floor too!

  91. I loved listening to this happy little purr-culator!

  92. greennighs- totally CRAAAAZZY biscuits!

    oh, the floomf and the floor flopping! it is delicious!

  93. Listen closely and I think you can hear the cameraman whispering “Meow” three or four times at 2:55. Soooo cute. Especially when Diesel tries to get the camera to pet him.

  94. Diesel is all “why isn’t mum/dad talking to me!?” and “Pet me, pet me, pet me.”

    So cute. Best pet seduction moves.

    One day they’ll have awards for best animal performance in a youtube video. Diesel would be up there NOMinated. 😛

  95. FloridaErin says:

    Oh, man, does this remind me of my Loki. His pur isn’t quite that spectacular, but he does the crazy-loud exhale pur, almost like he’s snoring. What really reminded me of him was the pathetic flopping, pawing, “seduction” moves (nice, Kimski!). So cute!

  96. Oh man. My Jupiter purrs like this, only deeper and more of a constant motor hum. Pretty nice to fall asleep to, since he’s usually near my head. <3

  97. my cats sounds the same..must be something to do with there clooer… he looks just like yours..

  98. Sharon Wilson says:

    I love the purr-miaow and the flop he does onto his side; you can totally hear it!

  99. Chloe, my gorgeous tortie farm cat, does a crazy echo-purr that sounds like this, except with less humming timbre, more bass. It really is hypnotizing. The lights flicker n’stuff.

  100. my kit’s momma was named “purr-box” for this very reason. that was her name, PURR-BOX!

  101. So lovely! *want to cuddle*

  102. He sounds like some combination of a wookie and a TARDIS.

  103. This kitty reminds me of the infamous biscuit-maker seen here: http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2007/08/making-biscuits.html

    Those purrs make me happy!

  104. Diesel woke my cat Josie from a sound sleep. She looked very suspicious, licked my hand a few times to make sure I was still hers, and went back to sleep when the video ended.

  105. flickchick says:

    someone needs to patent purrs…i’d love to hear that out of my bunny

  106. My dear Mr. Teacake kitty used to snuggle up behind my shoulders and coo/purr into my ear (he passed away about 3 yrs. ago). Sounded very much like this cute one.

  107. acelightning says:

    My cat Loki (hi, FloridaErin!) used to purr loudly all the time. His purr didn’t have that squeak in it… it was just a LOUD continuous rumble. He’s 16 now, and doesn’t purr all the time any more, but he still purrs a lot of the time, and it’s still loud enough to wake me up if he walks into the bedroom purring! I call him “rumblecat” and “furry purry” and “hey, you went off and left your engine running!”

  108. My blood pressure has just gone down…….. 😀

  109. seriously seemed like he’s horny, lol.

  110. Hey alliecatt… you have a Tuxie too? Mine didn’t even come in the room to listen to it even though I said, “Oh, look, a kitty cat.” No dice. Not even the talking cats stirred her.

  111. Ahn. Handsome, loving kitteh.

    But Diesel? You need a tune-up, son. Your engine’s missing.

    Hee hee hee.

    ~ pets kitteh enthusiastically ~

  112. Bill Guppy says:

    Our kitty purrs quite loud like that! We often wish we could hook her up to a generator that would power our house. She also does those silent/gagging type meows. She can only purr, screech, or make those gag meows. Interesting…

  113. Bill Guppy says:

    I should add my kitty is an orange marble tabby. Loud purrs and silent meows sound like they are an orange trend… NEAT!

  114. My cats just came running over to the computer to see where the noise was coming from, It also got the attention of my dog who was sound asleep.

  115. The silent meow is one of the highest honors a cat can bestow upon its owner. I read that in a cat book somewhere, along with the cat slow eye blink means I love you.

  116. Does Diesel have a spotted chin or does he have bad chin acne? Looks like it hurts.

  117. crazyauntvicki says:

    I read through all the comments and couldn’t believe no one said “Get your motor runnin’,head out on the highway…” Thought that verse was appropriate for Deisel’s name. Hope you all get to see this ’cause I’m alway the last one to comment. Well, I thought it was pretty funny!

  118. I had a teeny tiny Abysinnian kitty that had an absolutely silent meow but whose purr could be heard two rooms away. She would also give me that slow eye blink. *sniff* I miss her so much.

  119. My kitty Akasha used to BREATHE like this until we moved house, then she suddenly was normal… the vet said poor baby must have been allergic to something in the old house.

  120. My cat loves to sneak up and purr like this in my ears, have you ever felt that? It sends tickling chills down the spine something awfully!^^ In a good sense, got to try it.

  121. My kitty purrs like this! She sounds like she’s congested… and a little bit like trying to choke a gas lawnmower.

  122. Hahahah! My cat sounds like that when he is snoring!!

  123. ummm….how can one cat be so dang cute!?!?

  124. My cousins had a farm cat named “Evinrude” because of her purr. She sounded like an outboard motor. You could hear her coming across the barnyard.

  125. Hey I’ve heard that lions (or is it tigers, or both?) purr like that – they can’t purr constantly like domestic cats do, only when they breathe out. Can anyone clarify?

  126. My brother named my baby Harley because of her motor. I’m guessing that’s how Diesel got his name.

  127. What a bodaciously awesome purr. An excellent cat. And so SWEEEEEET!

  128. CheshireCat says:

    A very special kitteh indeed. ^_^

  129. OMG, SO LOUD. He’s like a happy feline heavy metal enthusiast!

  130. The Pavorotti of Purr!!

  131. My Siren cat purrs like this – although his has a more chirpy sound at times.

    We say he has a broken purr-er.

  132. Good lord, he almost sounds like a pigeon. “Coo-purr, coo-purr!”

  133. Can someone adjust the idle on this kiteeeehhhh?

  134. Did anybody else think of Eddie Izzard on Unrepeatable?

    “‘Cat, are you drilling?’
    (whips off goggles and comes up from behind the sofa) ‘No, no…drilling? No!, No, I’m a cat, how would I know how to drill? That’s *purring* you’re thinking of, purring!'”


    Once I got over the redonkulousness of the purring (don’t think I’ve heard a cat purr like that before), it was a very calming video. We just got to hang out with the kitty for a while. I wanna kitty!!!

  135. my dogs are wondering what the heck is going on. whta a motor on that kitteh!

  136. Wow. My cat is named Diesel too, because she purrs and meows like a diesel engine, and also bc when I rescued her, she had an abdominal infection that made her, um, have exhaust issues. Cuteitude friends!