This kitteh is soooo reaching for the Cheetohs™

Ehn! [Toes expand outward] Pass… them!

my cat’s got chicken feet, originally uploaded by pindec.

Lori W., way to keep up with Katurday



  1. What a great shot. Those are some irresistible toesies.

  2. Eep! *eats kittehs toes*

  3. thats such a cute kitteh
    i love the tail between the toesies

  4. I need a mani-pedi…my slaves are sooooo lazzzzy…snooore.

  5. I was going to eat the toeses! Sarah – you could have shared! No FAIR!

  6. straytche



    …aaaand scene!

  7. Cat toes make for some good eating, I gar-un-tee.

  8. TOES!!!

    ahem, those toes are cute. i guess. if you are into that thing. im not…..TOES!!

  9. Snooze alarm!

  10. Andrea|Nash says:

    This kitteh don’t need no cheetos – he feels good all over already1

  11. Those look like cartoon feet.

  12. Nicolletta says:

    *tickle tickle tickle*

  13. Oh, I can so smell the corn chip feet-sies from this picture!

  14. Aw man. Those paws look delectable but that bellah.

    There’s nothing like a tuxie’s white belly for snorgling.

  15. Juniper Jupiter says:


  16. Those look like Bugs Bunny feet.

  17. So relaxing…

  18. Stretchy toesssssss! I just want to squish each one…

  19. berthaslave says:

    You toe fetishes can say all you want, but I’m still thinkin the belleh is asking for a pretty raucous furburt.

  20. I’m SOOO glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who wanted to stick those jelly bean toes into my mouf!!!

    *slinks away*

  21. CheshireCat says:

    Ahhh, at last my weekend toe-nibbling fix has arrived…*nom nom nom*

  22. chanpon: LOL, you’re totally right! It’s really bizarre but cat feetsies DO smell like corn chips. I never would have thought to describe ’em that way. Hee!

    Anyway I think it’s cute when kitties stretch out each individual toe like that. JELLY BEAN OM-NOM-NOMLETS.


  24. It looks like my Dante! Multicolored toes and everything! Except Dante looks a bit more like a bowling ball.

  25. Karen: yes!! That must be what I was thinking.

  26. Hm…caturday with a K…not shure if I approve of that…

    Btw:Belly snorgle…Incoming!!

  27. Based on my experience if you give them a Cheetoh they’ll be really excited, like Oh I got this great thing that the hoomans eat. Then they’ll sniff it and mabbe even take a lick or two and then give you that dumb hoomans why you eatin’ that , it’s not cheese, didya think it was cheese, cause it’s not!

    however if you break a nacho cheese dorito into quarter inch pieces hey will eat a little bit before giving you the “it’s not cheese ” look

  28. FEETOS!!! you guys make me laugh…

  29. jennie mello says:

    My cat loves popcorn. 🙂

  30. ummm. pity-beans with a nice Ciante[sp???]
    whatev, two buck chuck would do as well.
    Trader Joes Rocks!

  31. charliewabba says:

    matsakins – my first kitteh, Max, was a doritos fiend. I could not eat them safely in his presence. Or anything crunchy/salty. He was also partial to popcorn, and once got his head stuck in a Ritz cracker box trying to eat the crumbs out of the bottom.

  32. charliewabba says:

    oops i mean metsakins. sorrees

  33. Ignore my last two comments; the ref to the Cheetos mascot went right over my head. Now I feel redundant. Please love me anyway. Thanks.

  34. Stefisfunny says:

    Yummeh. I vant to neeble the pinky feets.

  35. In the interest of research I shared some baked Nach cheese Doritos with Miss Huggums over lunch yesterday. She seems to like the baked ones better, I think ‘cuase they’re easier to chew. (Once again, no pleasure was obtained on my part, it was all for research’s sake!)

  36. Yitzysmommie says:

    What an excellent picture!

  37. Should be reaching for “Chee-Toes”.

  38. That cat really needs to learn how to relax.

  39. that is wierd


  41. Look who’s got dirty foots and needs a foot bath. I might just pass on this toe monch for today 🙂