I COMPLETELY disapprove.

How DARE you even consider posting this.

LET ALONE POST IT! [MAJOR Harumphing sounds and frowning leeps]

Art D., this is completely unacceptable.





  2. Another Angela says:

    The mighty disapproval has burned my a hole in my soul.

  3. (the original) Mel says:

    I disapprove of Caturday.

  4. Can you say Disapproving Rabbits.com? He’ll fit right in!

  5. I need this bunny around me at all times to keep me from doing bad things. I’m about to quit smoking; he can be my monitor.

  6. My name is Grumpy McBunderfoof, and I disapprove of this message.

    Paid for by McBunderfoof for World Dominator.

  7. One thing I can say about this:

  8. Could his disapproving nose be more velvety?

  9. DoodleyDog says:

    Why are buns the masters of disapproval?

    I dunno….but their excellence is this field is unparalleled.

  10. DoodleyDog says:

    Why are buns the masters of disapproval?

    I dunno….but their excellence is this field is unparalleled.

  11. He looks like the rabbit from Bloom County.

  12. LOL!
    The original size is disapproval OVERLOAD:
    (fast internet only or it’ll never load!)

  13. AuntieMame says:

    Good thing my screen isn’t big enough to display the whole thing, qg. That much disapproval is deadly!

  14. Motherinlaw bunny disapproves of your cooking.

  15. The only thing Cinnamon would approve of is this bun’s level of disapproval.

  16. GoodLaud Meg-
    Me feels Dissed.
    totally unforgiving Bunnage.
    still prayin for Ponies!1!
    (although the bunnage is ok)
    can ya put in on a leash and harness and drag it around the room, preferably on a hard wood floor??? that’d help.
    dis-approvin bunn-bunn.

  17. snoopysnake says:

    Good luck, Barbara!

    I think this bunneh looks like Wilford Brimley.

  18. OMG! That much condemnation shoots lightning bolts at all who dare look!!

  19. radiantblue says:

    His gruff exterior hides a soft fluffy bunny heart. You can see it in his eyes…um eye. Looks like my granpa.lol

  20. Whatever I did, I promise I won’t do it again.

  21. That is the most disapproval in one face I have evar seen! I’d try to say something funny, but I’m shamed into silence…

  22. i think he is disapproving of my overwhelming desire to plant a big kiss on that velvety nose and mouf.

  23. Andrea|Nash says:

    C’mon – this is a rabbit!

    This is why we shouldn’t assume animals express human feelings (anthropomorphise) – they can’t help how they look.

    But, by golly, I think he might be saying, “Kids, Hillary was patient as an angel – Barrack’ll have his turn … why’s he gotta do it right now?”

  24. He kind of looks like my grandmother, too.

    Which means my grandmother looks like Wilford Brimley 😦

  25. scruffylove says:

    Someone just draw a circle on his nose and we’ll have the perfect hangman. Seriously, nose lines to lip lines, hope no one guesses the wrong letter.

  26. Disapproving Rabbit…


  27. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    I disapprove of all you people approving of my disapproval!

  28. ButtaRumCake says:

    All bun needs is those wee little glasses to sit right on the tip of his nose.
    *giggles uncontrollably*

  29. Y’know, after having owned several rabbits, I can attest to the fact that lagomorphic disapproval is not limited to their (unintentional) facial configuration. No, the last rabbit I owned did *indeed* disapprove of just about everything–particularly my hand reaching into his cage. This was viewed as an intrusion into his territory and was greeted with most disapproving grunts and paw-thrusts.

  30. Nicolletta says:

    That bunny needs a hug.

  31. circuscake says:

    doesn’t he kinda look like walter cronkite?

    i would *not* wanna be on his bad side…

  32. So actor John Houseman came back as a bunny, huh?

  33. Unfortunately, nothing can match my mother’s disproving glare.

    Those eyes though, they could burn a whole in a foot deep titanium wall.

  34. yes, A thinker, as a bunny momma i can confirm that rabbits disapprove of many, many things… like not making with the lettuce fast enough … or the pellets… or the treats… or the nose rubs…

  35. HAROMPH!

  36. Rabbit -> the friend from Winnie the Pooh would exactly look like that!!!
    Inclusive the Harumphing sounds!!!

  37. Barbara, I did it. You can too. Five yrs as of Mar. 1st. 1. visualize bun disapproval. 2. The patch. 3. Have you ever tried to quit before? Remember how the 1st cig after 3 days made you feel all green and pukey? Visualize that. 4. OK not cute. Visualize all the happy buns on the very first day that you realize that you don’t miss it one bit. Yes, that day will come. 5. Failure is not an option.

  38. GRUMPY!

  39. You know something, I used to think every human being had at least *some* sense of irony at at least a drop of humor.

    But if the the interwebs (and pitiful, pathetic people/bots like Andrea) have taught me anything, that is just sadly not the case.

    Dissapprove on fluffy bun, dissapprove on…

  40. What do ya mean, “bunny”? Let me understand this cause, I don’t know maybe it’s me, I’m a little f*cked up maybe, but I’m bunny how? I mean, bunny like I’m a clown, I amuse you?

  41. berthaslave says:

    TOTALLY John Houseman!!! Or dare I say WINSTON CHURCHILL?

    “I do not find the term ‘Bun-day’ Amusing!!”

  42. I find all this attention appalling!!! Harrummmph!!

  43. acelightning says:

    That has got to be the DISAPPROVING-est bunny in the history of disapproval!

  44. oh my! The only way he could look more disapproving would be to have leetle glasses propped indignantly on the end of his nose.

    The disapproving gaze over the glasses would be bone chilling.

    Sorry Mr. Bun Buns, I promise not to do it…again… or ever!

  45. snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle

  46. NOT a happy bunny!!

  47. maggiesmom says:

    this bun is so disapproving that even it’s whiskers are afraid to show themselves!

  48. *lays slices of banana and other treats in front of the bunny, then snorggles gently* He’s just hungry.

  49. Derby is most excited about all the attention. He’s lost his ability to disapprove, at least briefly.

  50. ButtaRumCake,
    Like Bunny Rabbit from the old Captain Kangaroo show?

    He was a mightily disapproving bun.

  51. This bunny looks like the head rabbit from the story WATERSHIP DOWN ! Perfect expression !

  52. bananasforbunnies says:

    No wonder he disapproves!

    He has lost his whiskers!! Someone needs to go and find them real quick.

    PS. and 3 slices of bananas would help ease the disapproval I sure.

  53. Anasztaizia says:

    This guy makes me want a bunny.

  54. If anyone has ever read redwall, this is just how i see the hares as being!!

  55. Anasztaizia says:

    OMG! I just thought of all the disapproving looks this guy and banker cat could give together!


  56. Noone tell Cinnamon about this bun – because she has always been the most disapprovingnist in all the land, and I think this bun could be headed to the woods to live with little scary men who dig diamonds.

  57. http://www.flickr.com/photos/wiredwitch/2242072123/sizes/l/in/photostream/

    HOLD THE PHONE – This bun has moved to a whole new level of disapproval here folks – the pic on CO is NUFFIN’ 😉 compared to that disapproval – eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  58. nuff bun does not see humor in profanity.

  59. circuscake says:

    yes, barbara- i second the patch suggestion. i left mine on 24/7. (5 years this month!) if you use them, be sure to wear ’em for the whole six weeks. they are expensive but still cheaper than smokes (in more ways than one).

    and don’t forget to still give yourself little breaks throughout the day, or you’ll start to feel stressed and resentful.

    also- i had so much trouble quitting smoking i finally just got down on my knees and admitted i was powerless over smoking and asked my ‘higher power’ for help. perhaps this bun-bun could be *your* ‘higher power'(?) exercise also helps but (saddly) eating is more fun.

    i have to say, this is the *most* diapproving bunny i ever saw. i don’t know if i could ever live with a bunny and stand such relentless disdain…

  60. This may be so wrong, but I just want to *kees* those soft velvety frowny disapproving little leeps.

  61. I luv tihs kitteh xd

  62. i disagree. attributing emotions to animals is not “anthropomorphizing” since facial expressions among all mammals play a role in communication and emotion. humans are mammals too. smile

  63. I’m Cinnamon, and I approve this post.

  64. Actually, I think he looks like Patrick Stewart.

    “Report, Number One.”

  65. Lucy's mommeh says:

    Barb-good luck on the stopping smoking.
    McDonald’s straws are the same size as cigareets & help with the oral thing. Get a stress ball & keep with you. Ride out the cravings…BREATHE..(think about it, when you smoke, it’s a big sigh)…and remember, you won’t die if you don’t smoke…

  66. it’s general woundwort from watership down!

  67. dharlan1too says:

    This bunn in now my wallpaper and my screen saver says, “OBUNNA FOR PRESIDENT”.

  68. Andrea|Nash says:

    Sorry folks – it was supposed to be sorta funny – shoulda used a icon 🙂 OK?

    I am not a people/bot – I’m just old and really shouldn’t doodle on the net after 10:00.

    “OBUNNA FOR PRESIDENT” is good (all my male offspring feel the same) – but I offer Bunnihil as a wise alternative 😉

  69. Andrea|Nash says:

    Meant to pat Barbara on the back – that riding out the craving thing is good advice. It helped especially after I read they never last more than two minutes and they come farther and farther apart as time goes by.

    Good luck!

  70. Andrea|Nash says:

    Sorry folks – it was supposed to be sorta funny – shoulda used a icon 🙂 OK?

    I am not a people/bot – I’m just old and really shouldn’t doodle on the net after 10:00.

    “OBUNNA FOR PRESIDENT” is good (all my male offspring feel the same) – but I offer Bunnihil as a wise alternative 😉

  71. I’ve never imagined a BUNNY could look so rugged and masculine! Look out Chuck Norris.

  72. I think he looks like Sam the Eagle from the Muppets. Anyone else see that? XD

  73. Andrea|Nash, Some of us knew you were being funny.
    : )

  74. yay barbara, you can do it! i quit two months ago, and i swear it gets easier. i’m soooo happy! already i can make it up the stairs without feeling elderly…

    this bun disapproves of smoking!!!

  75. Rexes are whisktarded.

  76. hhhhmmmm……must be sure to show my approving side too….

  77. CheshireCat says:

    *recoils from the bitter sting of bunny disapproval*

  78. Wow, I thought my bunneh was disapproving, but this guy puts him to shame! If only disapproving bunns knew that their humans only think their disapproval is anerable!

  79. dharlan1too says:

    Derby, if that is approval, I can certainly understand how bunn can look so disapproving. Is that the best smile bunn has!?

  80. AThinker=overthinkin it ,i’m thinkin.
    perhaps ‘SHE” has PMS.
    looks like i feel at times.

    [pleez forgive random capitalization, incorrect punctuationality, and crappy [creative]spelling. it iz the COl way after all]

    snorgle it til it smiles!!!!

  81. Bunnies are the best at disapproval, but for downright insults you gotta turn to a cat. I can just walk by my cat and all the skin and fur on the side facing me shrinks up because they are being touched by air molecules that just touched me. Ah, the finesse! The fine scarring of acid insult, I admire it so!

  82. That belongs on Disapproving Rabbits!

  83. Sounds like someone is working the cattitude at mishele’s house!

  84. That’s not just disapproval. That’s downright reprehension. I’m sorry Misser Bunbun! I’ll be good! … Please stop looking at me like that. Please? C’mon, stop it! Mooooooom!!!

  85. Yay! Cinnamon approves!

    And Birdchick rules. I’m just sayin’.

  86. yet another michelle says:

    Good Luck Barbara! My husband just quit this week (day 4) after over 20 years. He’s doing the patch, and he says it helps to have hard candies to suck on. He’s obvy opting for eating instead of exercising, but one hurdle at a time. We’ve just been trying to keep busy too, so the boredom doesn’t tempt him.

    Good luck!

  87. Yay! Cinnamon approves!

    And Birdchick rules. I’m just sayin’.

  88. bananasforbunnies says:


    That other photo of him is on another level! It almost seared off my eyebrows from the disapproval and squinty eyes (said in a quiet soft whisper in case he hears me).

  89. Momof2kitties says:

    John Housebun disappoves of this post.

  90. Momof2kitties says:



  91. rachel cullen says:

    he looks like he’s pushing back his chin to force out all the angry energy his double chin/furry breast can muster.

  92. He looks just like the Finnish politician Paavo Lipponen.

  93. When I read the phrase, “Major Harumphing sounds,” all I could think was, “This bunny’s name should be Major Harumph.”

  94. If it’s any help in quitting smoking, keep in mind that second hand smoke is just as bad, if not worse, for your pets.

  95. How much more disapproval can you pack into a bunn-dle of fur?

    He could almost put a cat in their “place” Like they HAVE one!

    My first comment – not my first view.
    LUV CO 2bits!

  96. bwaaahhhhaaaa,KatBoxJanitor, that is soooo funny,yer name, i mean! hu-lair-ious!

  97. Bun says: up with this I will not put.

  98. and now for the side-by-side comparison of Derby to Winston Churchill, Wilford Brimely and John Housman…

  99. Now that is one disapproving rabbit.

  100. Wait, Cinnamon approves? That can’t be right.

  101. You’re taking the car, when?

  102. Hooray, it’s CINNAMON!
    I have your t-shirt, my dear disapproving bunster. Whenever I wear it I get lots of looks (mostly quizzical). I HEART you, even if you disapprove!

  103. Makes me think of James Earl Jones.

  104. catloveschanel says:

    Wow, was I shocked to see my mother on this website!

  105. Andrea:
    you mean dolphins aren’t actually delighted 24-7?

    This truculent old grump is the cutest DR yet!!!!

  106. WickedWendy says:

    He looks like an old man! Too cute! RosieLB, definately NOT Patrick Stewart! LOL

  107. Bunderfoof! I love it! Um, I mean, I disapprove wholeheartedly!!!

  108. well. i quite smoking for three years(cold turkey after 20 some odd years). the whole time i
    kept a half smoked pack of smokes in my freezer, made me feel like i hadnt lost anything. then one night (three years later)with a lil too much 2-Buck, i pulled out that pack and smoked one of those nasty things.
    now thats hard core, and now, i smoke when i drink and thats it. (gunna stop that “someday” too)
    good luck to you!
    just remember- if you start again you have to start quitting ALL over again. that did help me through, at the time.

  109. katboxjanitor, i love it.

    and i forgot to shout out to Anner for “nuff bun does not see humor in profanity.” lol!!!

  110. Whoa. Someone’s REALLY grumpy. 😛

  111. He’s grumpy because someone stole his whiskers!

    I love this bun – I must have him for my own.

  112. ThreeCatNight says:

    The late John Houseman reincarnated as a rabbit:

    “You don’t take those carrots, young man, you EARN them!”

  113. I think that bun would disapprove of us thinking that it disapproves (even though we are right!) 🙂

  114. Sir Simon Lancaster Bunston, Professor Emeritus, Department of Disapproval Studies, Wessex.

    Only thing missing is the coat with the patches.