Gung Hay Rat Choy!

You can come out now.

It’s your year, little fella.


Rrrrrruurrrr [rat purring sounds] in your general direction, Brinke G. 😉



  1. Where do i get my pocket rat? i want to be the FIRST on my block to have one. 🙂

  2. How precious! A perfect start to the year of the rat!

    I just want to give him something to nibble so I can watch those clever little hands at work.

  3. Is this yet another bathrobe-with-rodent-or-other-small animal-in-the-pocket? Seriously, where do I get one of those? All I ever find in the pockets of mine is lint.

  4. Having been born in the Year of the Rat, I heartily approve of this little mascot.

  5. This is shit!!!
    😦 idiots

  6. It’s the year of the rat? Darn! I’ve been writing chicken on all my checks!

  7. Is that a mouse in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  8. I love the little guy’s toes

  9. charliewabba says:

    what a great litle ratty smile!

  10. Awww, what a cutie! How could anybody not love such an adorable little guy. charliewabba, thanks for pointing out the little smile, I hadn’t noticed it before. Rats are great, they are so clever and fun. I just with the boy rats didn’t have such large and protuberant unmentionables, bu we can always look at the front end. ~C>

  11. fish eye no miko says:

    “Hai dere!”
    Aw, so cute! I so wanna hold him and cuddle him… awwwww…

  12. This little ratty stayed in a pocket.

    Another rat year person here. Looking forward to a RATASTIC year. ; )

  13. “Crap Boy”: Please, don’t just alert us to our idiocy and walk away — rescue us from it!!! Do like the Van Halen song says, and finish what you started!

  14. Remember that Pretenders song?
    “Got mouse
    in pocket.
    Got whiskers,
    I’m gonna use them.
    No reason,
    Just nab the cheese an’
    Gonna make you
    make you snorgle me!”

  15. Nico, one of the rats at the SF Zoo, has made me fall in love with rats. He perches on my shoulder happy as can be and falls asleep in the hood of my sweatshirt. I wuvs him!

  16. Rats don’t purr!!!

    They brux!

  17. yet another michelle says:

    He’s saying, “Might you pass along a bit of that toast?” He’s ever so polite about it. I’d give him his own slice. With a bit of jam.

  18. berthaslave says:

    For the record, BEF here…and a cozy blue bathrobe to boot!

  19. bananasforbunnies says:

    Now that’s a handsome rat! Happy Rat Year, little guy.

  20. You should have a new category for pets in bathrobe pockets. XD Or even just pockets in general. Unless you have one already, I dunno.

  21. Actually, rats purr by clicking their teeth together. If you’re holding a rat, petting it etc and it clicks its teeth (not a very loud sound) that means it’s happy and contented.

  22. Look at that smile!!

  23. “Charmed I am sure”…but where’s my treat, slave?

    Cutie fur shure!

  24. Yep.. rats chatter their teeth when happy. One my past rats had her eyes oogle out a little too… which was somewhat creepy and cute at the same time.

  25. Indeed- the eye oogling is called “eye boggling,” and it happens because of the way their facial anatomy is set up- when they brux there’s a tendon or ligament that pushes their eyes out slightly as they move their jaw back and forth. It means one seriously happy rat 🙂 This letter feller is so cute!

  26. That’s another one who knows exactly what background brings out his coat. That blue is perfect for his fur.

  27. i’ve never been able to get a ratty to stay in my pocket; they always want to climb up on my shoulder, or just go up my sleeve.

    waaah! i misses my rattiiiies!

  28. enh! enh! i wants to kees him and snorgle him until he bruxes and bruxes and his eyes looks like they are gonna pop out!

    (bruxing is the name for the teeth grinding that is ratty purring)

  29. my husband and i perform as experimental music duo called Bruxism. it’s partly because we both have it (as a dental problem) but partly because of happy ratties! he’s also a year-of-the-rat baby, which could be why i fell for him.

  30. Yay for rats! Thank you CO for finally posting some rat pics. It’s squeak! squeak! squeek!

  31. Hey hon, are we gonna get those taxes done soon?

    WE?! What do you have a French rat in your pocket?

    Well as a matter of fact…

  32. Um…I’m pretty sure that’s a mouse, not a rat. Big difference, literally. I’ve noticed several photos of mice labeled as rats here, including the Lego house one…they aren’t the same animal! They are all cute but it’s a pet peeve of mine…no pun intended. hehe

  33. hmm. did Theo miss a -ED- somewhere in these postins?
    [not anymore… – Ed.]

    any who-
    hey uh Brinke… You got a Mousie in your pocket!!! (and its a dang cute one too! 🙂

  34. I have owned several rats, and this *does* look like a rat to me, just a baby one. I could be wrong, as I haven’t gotten a close look at all the different types of mice out there. I think if I saw this dude’s tail I might be able to confirm it.

  35. Awwww, bebeh rattie!

  36. CheshireCat says:

    You know, rats actually do “purr” by grinding their teef together. And I don’t know if other rats do this, but my rattie whistles when she’s excited to see me; It’s positively adorable. ^_^