Ladies and Gentlemen, the World’s Heaviest Harness:

Walking Momo, Still, originally uploaded by Shoesonwrong.


Walking Momo, originally uploaded by Shoesonwrong.

And perhaps the most redonkulous Flickr Pool of all time. Eagle-eyed by Julie J.



  1. BlueFairy says:

    My cat can do better than that. He lays upside down.

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    HAHAHAHAHA. Perfect.

  3. Hahahahaha! The slumpy, resistant posture… Perfect! I lurffle when marmies have white paws.

  4. homer mariner says:

    Darn. Tried to comment first, and it said this was no longer taking comments! Ah well… This is about how my cat acts when I tie something around her. Her little legs go all limp, as if she’s being held down…

  5. LMAO! Cat dragging! A new form of exercise…for you, not your cat!

  6. Such a cute kitteh. I hope the photo was taken as a joke. I don’t like think the owner really pulls the cat around like that.

  7. I tried leash training one of my cats once. This was his response, utterly limp non-violent protest we-shall-not-be-moved.

    In fact, I eventually gave up on leash training him and just used the harness as a straight jacket for when he was too worked up and tearing around the place, attacking other cats. I’d put the harness on him and he’d go and have a sulk. I probably only had to do it twice.

  8. NO WANTS!

  9. Simpson O'Brien says:


  10. This is hilarious! My neighbors cat loves to go for walks. Just the opposite of this one.

  11. Mary (the first) says:

    The most I ever accomplished with a leash/harness on cat was it allowed me to restrain her from dashing away from me suddenly. Otherwise it’s just a case of follow where… or if… the cat wants to go. (And that’s a big IF.)

  12. I love the caption on the photo at flikr: “The funny thing, he was purring the whole time and eventually fell asleep while we dragged him around the living room.” LOL!

  13. omg! years ago – we tried this on my mom’s cat. If you haven’t tried to take a cat for a walk – it’s like this exactly! You put the harness on – pick up cat – take outside – set cat down on grass – cat falls over sideways. The harness hits some nerve that automatically deactivates the nerves in its spine that help the cat walk.

  14. BONELESS!!!

  15. anyone who has ever had (and tried to leash-train) a cat recognizes that position. it is the kitty’s instinctive and generally successful attempt to train the leasher NOT TO EVER TRY THIS AGAIN.

  16. I call this the Thoreau-Gandhi maneuver. Civil Disobedience. You’ll have to drag me to the slammer.

  17. catloveschanel says:

    If you rotated pic sideways, it would look like he was scaling a wall. A carpet wall.

    Carrie, I put my cat on a leash to take him to the pool in my condo, as I thought it would be, like pleasant, or something, but he started walking backwards as soon as I got that harness on. Didn’t even get outside.

  18. Poor kitteh. 😦

  19. We shall overcome…

    passive resistance – this is a wise kitty!

  20. Indigo Reiki says:

    Oh Puleese let the poor babeh go will ya’

  21. stealingsand says:

    that is so funny I busted out laughing at work. then had to send to all coworkers so they know I not crazy.

  22. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!


    I ought to be ashamed, laughing at that poor civily disobedient cat. But, oh lordy!

    I think I’m laughing because I know what I’ll be facing when I get home tonight.

    The husband took the marmie into the vet today – some problem with some zits on kitteh’s chin – and they gave marmie (amongst other indignities) an elizabethan collar.

    Yes, I’ll be laughing at that as well…but in a “poor kitteh, kitteh” sort of way.

  23. textbook definition of “I refuse.”

  24. WIth very few exceptions, that is the general opinion cats have about harnesses, or leashes. LOL!

  25. I just read the descriptions of the photos over on Flickr and I just about snarfled on my coffee!!

    Apparently they got the harness on him as happy as could be, he walked around a little, and then just blissfully closed his eyes and purred as he was dragged around.

    This is one goofy marmie.

  26. Two Silver Cats says:

    We shaaalllll oooooooooovercooooooommmmeee soooooooooooooomedaaaayyyy!!!

  27. Get that torturous item off of that poor little angel!!!

  28. Notice the gnaw marks on the leash! The cat obviously used this non violent protest as a last resort!

  29. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    I’ve had the odd cats. My late marmie, loved the outside, and would be alright on a harness because he knew he’d be outside for a while after the first few “boneless”moments.

    The new cat just wants to play with it, has no idea what the heck it is, but she’s good with it, she’s used to a collar.

    BE VERY CAREFUL with the kitty-zits. That’s what I was told my Mischief had in the very same place and 6 months later she was eaten up with cancer so bad we had to send her to the bridge. PLEASE be very careful!!!

  31. Someone’s gonna pay for this.

  32. Perhaps I should try the harness on my cats to get them to sleep at night.

  33. The Dog Whisperer always says “exercise, discipline, and love, in that order”. I guess only 1 out of the 3 applies to cats. Sigh, what can you do…

  34. Man… I shoulda been BLEEN, but TypePad dissed me! Anyway… ahahahahah! OMG, I wonder if they ever got outside??


    Well, I don’t want to hear that about my marmie and his zits.

    To be completely honest, the old boy is just about 19 years old. He suffers from an overactive thyroid (gets pills twice a day), and has (in the past year) started to act his age.

    The husband and I know that he isn’t going to be around much longer. We love, love, love him; but we know that we’re going to lose him.

    We try not to think that far ahead and just enjoy the time we have right now.

  36. This really had me LOL. The one time I tried this on my big cat, she did the exact same thing. Flopped over. And THEN, in like a nanosecond, she managed to wriggle out of the thing completely! So much for my naive thinking that the leash would be a good way to get her outside on occasion safely. And that, as they say, was that. NO LEASH FOR MEEEEEEEE!

  37. blueheron98 says:

    I think this cat’s eyes look blank, like he is terrified and has given up. On Flikr, it says he actually closed his eyes while they drug him around like that! I would close my eyes too if someone drug me around on a harness… sad, so sad…

  38. I bought a lovely pink leather harness WITH rhinestones on it for my girl cat. Here’s how it goes with her: put on harness, she takes off harness (no matter how well you put it on), she drops harness at your feet and stalks away. BUT my little boy cat loves this harness. You put it on him and he’s all”I’ve got a harness” ” I’m so pretty” (and yes, we do expect he’ll be bringing home his boyfriend cat for Thanksgiving – but we don’t care – we love him no what his choice is)

  39. My cat will tolerate a harness but doesn’t like it. I stopped using it when I found that she would voluntarily follow me around outside for walkies. Gets a lot of stares.

  40. Poor poor baby. Visions of all the bandages and stitches I would need if I even thought of this with my kittieh babehs

  41. angelcatbeds says:

    It just struck me – maybe they go limp with a harness not just out of protest, but because the pressure point – the point you’re tugging at – is just between the shoulder blades with a harness on. This is the place where they’ve been conditioned to go limp when Mom carries them around as kittens and where “scruffing” makes them stop squirming and become controllable. Thoughts?

  42. rpennefe — Chin acne is very common in kitties and is usually no more serious than it sounds. My eldest boy had it. Treatment was just regular cleansing and some ointment. It cleared right up. Keeping kitty bowls extra clean can help.

  43. Ah, the all too familiar “No legs”- tactic, usually mixed with going backwards in a circle. We gave up trying to put a harness on our cat, and boxed in the balcony in stead. Still, we do have some fun from time to time putting a bow on her – the instant sulking is hillarious!

  44. cat+harness=No
    my cat would tear the livin
    heck outta me if i even tried to put one on him.
    and look at the cleverly Shredded leash! hilarious!!!

  45. Angelcatbeds: I’ve tried using that grip while cleaning my cat of paint/flour/vomit/(insert other things a cat shouldn’t walk around with) – It doesn’t work. Still goes limp with a harness though….

  46. hahahaha. That is one VERY deceived person! Teh very idea of getting a kitteh to willingly submit to a harness like a dog…the outrage!

  47. Kaya, maybe try the harness next time you bathe him. 🙂

  48. Angelcatbeds, what an interesting thought!! I never considered that one… We tried a harness one time on one of my boy Marmies…Uh huh…He wouldn’t have anything to do with it… Got himself all tied up in knots trying to get himself out of it…

    However, I had a Patio Cat who loved to walk with us outside… She’d follow us to the bus stop, then sit on the corner patiently while I put my daughter on the bus, then walk home with me… It was great!!!
    (‘Course this is the same Kitty who liked traveling in the car too…I miss her…)

  49. One of my cats, the late but beloved Gypsy Rose Lee, had chin acne; turned out she was allergic to plastic food dishes. Once I switched to ten-cent china saucers from the flea market she was fine.

    The redoubtable Sally Rand doesn’t mind being on a leash and harness, but yeah, it’s a controlled meander, not walkies.

  50. @browngirl: ROFL!!!!!!

    My Charlie would probably like the pink harness, too!! When he was a bebeh kitteh, he used to drag around this strip of purple feathers like Gypsy Rose Lee!!! Possibly gender-confused???

  51. Sure, the protest is non-violent NOW, but later…

  52. Hee-hee, Peg of Tilling! NOT referring to your Gypsy Rose Lee, of course! I wrote my post before I saw your post! Great names!

  53. I don’t know what is worse/weirder – that cats just go limp like that or they’re like my rabbit, who only weighs 7 pounds and yet seems to plant his feet and won’t budge whenever i try to put him on a leash to give him some controlled chaos around the room…if he didn’t have that leash, he’d get himself wedged under the dresser and he would poke his little nose out and look at me with big eyes until I removed the dresser drawers to get him out….though my bottom drawer broke, so I can’t even open it anymore.

  54. Haha! This photo speaks the truth. Cats and harnesses = *slump*

  55. “Controlled meander” is perfect.

    I tried a harness on my eldest boy Trivet. Between the time he tried to hang himself and the time he Houdini’d out of it, I gave up.

    But the little girl we recently rescued thinks nothing of it! We took her to Petsmart, and she had a blast checking everything out.

  56. He tried our marmie on harness in yard once. It went a little something like this:


  57. Alas, the pouting cat XD. Cute as this is, and even if the cat isn’t being hurt, I hope they don’t do this too often. Can’t be comfortable to get staticky fur thanks to being dragged around on the carpet! XD

    My cat used to love to go for ‘walks’. We’d clip a leash on her collar (no way in heck we would even attempt to get a harness on her), then tie that to a 20-foot rope that was tied to a tree in the front yard. She’d wander around outside for hours if we let her…hide under the bushes if she got warm, climb up the tree if something startled her… :}

  58. Oops: *We*

  59. I tried to walk my cat April on a leash once and she did the same thing- flopped out and refused to move.

  60. This made me literally LOL. I think everyone has seen this pose at least once. I bought harnesses for mine and they were somewhat open to the idea… except that they were too FAT to fit them!
    Chin acne: I had completely forgotten, but my Callie bear had it and it was the plastic bowls indeed.

  61. Poor bebeh! He actually reminds me of my kids when they were tiny, when they didn’t want to get into the highchair or the grocery cart seat or whatever, and they’d go all spaghetti-legs on me. 🙂

  62. Catman and Tubby's mom says:

    Remember the First Rule of Cat: (ahem!) If it’s not the cat’s idea, it’s a BAD idea.

  63. Thanks Gail! My Gypsy was never gender-confused; she was a perfect princess at all times.

    I should add that my charming yet unpredictable Sukey Tawdry would have my guts for garters if I tried a harness on her–she’s sweet to me but she has “fractious” on her permanent record at the vet.

  64. It’s got the “Thousand Yard Stare” in its eyes, in the second picture. 😮

  65. So, who else has noticed that cats can increase gravity 10-fold at will?? And always when we humans try to get them to do something that they don’t want to do. It seems to go along with the “Boneless” and “Do Not Want” reactions. Surely someone else has noticed this phenom?

  66. kittehs+harnesses=redonkulous

  67. Yeah go kitty! 😛

  68. “Fractious”—LOL! My first cat was like that, too!

  69. You see, that’s exactly why you can’t walk a kitty on a leash. I tried that with my old cat Ziggy. He definitely did not want.

  70. I’m pretty sure this is the best photo in the pool, or perhaps ever:
    Be sure to read the description. High. Larious.

  71. Oh my goodness, first they tried to walk the cat and then they tried to wok the cat…http://www.flickr.com/photos/shoesonwrong/2219235803/in/photostream/

  72. That’s actually my cat. No wonder my flickr stream was getting so many hits.

    One person (maybe more that I just overlooked) made a comment about the leash being gnawed on as some sign that he struggled to get away. Actually, it was the puppy who gnawed on that leash about 3 years ago, then proceeded to outgrow the leash. We brought it back out when we had a misguided notion to try and take the cat for a walk.

    He’s fine with the harness, but if you even dangle the leash at him from across the room, he goes limp and gets that dejected look on his face. It’s pretty amazing, really.

  73. My marmalade Apollo does this in his harness (and this cat could be his twin!). The funny thing is, he likes to walk around outside and doesn’t seem to mind the leash per se, but does NOT want to be led. Apollo must lead the way! Otherwise we’re just out taking the cat for a drag.

  74. Our cat does not WALK on his harness/leash. But he wears it to go outside and sit in the backyard. (He is always supervised.) We also love the outside birds, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs and snakes, so we’re doing him and them a big favour.
    BUT our 90 pound black lab knows the “lay down and try to drag me across a parking lot” when trying to get him into the vet or the PetSmart for a bath. It was very embarassing….

  75. It can’t be a pressure point effect, as there are cats who walk around just fine with a harness and a leash. When we got our second cat at 14 weeks, we immediately thought he acted more like a puppy than a cat, so after a month, we put a harness on him, and let him drag a leash around the house. He is now totally leash trained, and has never had this kind of reaction to being restrained. This came in really useful when we moved cross country in our car. Although I should state that he does not follow me when on a leash, it’s more that he knows what his radius limit is, and will kind of roam about within it.

    I should also state that we tried this on my first kitty, and she had the same reaction as this marmie. Total loss of bones. We never tried it again!

  76. I hate to admit this but I can’t pronounce nyerhe-can someone help me out?

  77. Our cat does not WALK on his harness/leash. But he wears it to go outside and sit in the backyard. (He is always supervised.) We also love the outside birds, squirrels, chipmunks, frogs and snakes, so we’re doing him and them a big favour.
    BUT our 90 pound black lab knows the “lay down and try to drag me across a parking lot” when trying to get him into the vet or the PetSmart for a bath. It was very embarassing….

  78. I want to get a pet stroller for my cat since she won’t do the collar w/ leash or harness thing. The strollers are pretty pricey though and she may not even like it. Hmmmmm.

  79. lol, what a morose looking feline. My cat tiki doesn’t mind a harness and leash type deal actually. He does the army crawl when in it, but Silky (my little girl baby kitty(lol, she’s 4)) HATES IT, I’ve only ever put it on her ONCE and she hid under my bed with the thing still on until I coaxed her out to take it off, poor baby was terrified.

  80. “Nyerhe” rhymes with “Heylerhe” of course!

  81. Brings back fond memories of my own pets doing “flat cat”.

    Did you see “Tiki” in the flickr stream? That’s my new desktop image!

  82. sunnymum-
    maybe you could find a human stroller at a thrift store, garage sale or somethin? that would be a hoot.

    BTW- this same scenerio, on Hard Wood Floors!
    frickin priceless!!!!
    are you kiddin me!

  83. Idgie–there is nothing like the inertia of a cat that does not want to be moved. My BFF’s tuxedo–who’s a fat cat in the first place and hates BFF for putting him on a vet-ordered diet–will give you this look if he’s comfy and you happen to want his spot on the couch that says, “And just who do you think *you* are?”

  84. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Reminds me of the white Treadmill Kitty!!

  85. Poor cat! How can you think this is funny?

  86. This isn’t a rebellious, or protesting cat! He (or she) is totally submissive to natural instinct (mother carrying by the neck.) His eyes are calm, almost out of focus. His whole body is relaxed. He looks exactly as any kitten does when it’s mother is getting a carrying grip on it’s neck.

  87. Hey lady, what’ll teh boids say? Huh? Criminy. Y’know what lady? I gots a sudden taste for cuddlin’ o teh cowshe, whaddaya say?

  88. “on”, not, “o teh cowshe”.
    (fickle finger)
    cowshe = couch

  89. There once was a cat in a harness
    An insult he wished to address
    He flopped on the floor
    And would move no more
    As the protest dragged on, more or less.

  90. xD I wish it’d been this hard to get my cats leash-trained. All three of them love going for walks and took very well to the harness. I suppose i’ve missed out on a lot of hilarity because of it.

  91. Kitteh sez, “I think we have a difference of opinion here.”

  92. P. Erasmus says:

    This is why I’m a cat person.

    Try to leash and walk a cat, and depending on the cat’s opinion of the leasher, the cat will either give that leasher the claws, or the cat will give the leasher the pleasure of pulling the cat around while the cat relaxes. Either way Cat-1, Human-0.

  93. Hahaha. My cat Tiger merely tolerates his harness and leash. Sometimes he’ll be the best guy in the world — I think he’s got a little fan club at the PetSmart after I brought him in and he walked around on his leash, inspecting everyone and everything; all the sales people were running over to see “the cat on a leash!” — and other times he “ain’t going nowhere!” and plonks down like that. I think he does it just to mess with me…

    Also, for the person who remarked that the leash looked shredded — I think it looks like a dog leash, actually. They don’t typically put latches and straps that heavyweight on a cat leash. It distracts from the cute factor, you see!

  94. Aubrey – HA!

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again – Aubrey = Brillant

    (Back to the cat acne for just a mo…the husband and I have been trying to figure out what plastic thing we’ve introduced into the home environment in the last month and a half. My best guess is that the marmie boy lurves to sleep in some plastic bins I bought to help “organize” the house. We’re going to put them in a closed closet to see if that helps…once marmie boy is healed up.)

  95. I got my cat Miki when I lived in a very busy neighborhood in Atlanta, so I put a leash on her at a pretty young age so I could take her out in my apartment building’s communal park. Like others have said, I pretty much just follow her around while she wanders, but she loves going outside and gets pretty happy when I get the leash out! My dad even put in a zip line in my backyard so she can wander out there all she wants: http://shanchan.vox.com/library/photo/6a00c225266cec8e1d00d4143770833c7f.html

  96. Aubrey — Nice!

  97. dharlan1too says:

    Liz, Baby doll stoller + duct tape/kitteh X wrath of kitteh expotentially=disaster

  98. My cat does the same thing. You put the harness on her, and three steps later….down she goes!.

    Although, if you get out the treat can, she has no problem running around with the harness on chasing treats. I think it’s a motivational thing.

    For a lazy cat Walking = do not want, and treats = DO WANT!!!

  99. Kitteh does NOT want to go for a walk.

  100. berthaslave says:

    :: Echoing the “Brilliant” call for Aubrey ::

    Buying a leash for a cat is like renting a bicycle in a snowstorm or bringing tofuburgers to a BBQ festival or asking an actor to stick around and help paint the set. You MIGHT get a result, but there are probably better ways to accomplish what you are trying to achieve.

    I know peeps think I’m nuts, but we just let our cats wander around the back yard and the neighborhood…been there 30 years, near the hills, brush, and coyotes, and nary an incident.

  101. berthaslave says:

    There are some AWESOME Momo pics…my fave:


  102. Poor cat.

  103. circuscake says:

    in the last two neighborhoods i’ve lived in there have been cats who go for walks with their dogs and owners- without leashes, but they stay real close.

    my cat is actually pretty good on a leash, but only in the yard.

  104. NotSupposedToBeDoingThisATWork(ButNowI'mHome) says:

    I long ago gave up on leashes/harnesses/collars, but every now and again I will try to get a sweater on my Mama kitty… she gets the full body freeze on, combined with the increased gravity powers… whereas Beau and Poofie do the limp/flop maneuver. It’s pretty hilarious, I can’t deny.

    Also, I think the pressure point theory is illogical because when you’re tugging on the harness (from above), you’re pulling it away from the point between the shoulder blades, and the pressure being applied is actually on the chest then. Not to mention that mama cats grab kittens by the loose skin on the back of the neck, not so much between the shoulder blades. (Sorry! :D)

  105. First, my other cat used to do that exact same thing!
    And second, this kitty looks identical to mine. Adorable!

  106. aubrey- as always, you keel me.

    berthaslave- you’re lucky. I lost way too many kittehs when I was a kid to various countryside disasters, so indoor/outside with leash only for my boy and girl!

  107. non-violent resistance!

  108. Cute! he’s lazier than my 16-and-a-half-pound cat!!

  109. The mouse-over text made me LOL! I shall scratch out thine eyes. HA HA!

  110. Poor humans they think I am a dog.

  111. My sister had the cutest puppy (a Schipperke) who did the same thing when we put on a collar. She just laid there, following us with those Sad Eyes that dogs do so well. We thought she was sick until we took it off and she shook herself and bounced off just as lively as could be.

  112. Gotta love Kittah’s personalities!
    But don’t forget the purple carpet of fabulousness!
    Maybe Kittah just really loves the carpet!?

  113. This is what my mother always called, “Taking the Campbell’s Soup Can for a Walk”…

  114. My cat loves to go for walks on her harness and leash (we have a park near our house). However you kinda have to go were she wants to go… that whole follow the human thing only works about half the time.

  115. Ha! Re: the comments on male cats loving the pink girly things.

    My guy just loves getting a hold of my… erm, feminine supplies. He’ll strut around all day proud as a peacock carrying his “little pink pillow.” Poor dude loves feather boas as well.

  116. I would have posted earlier, but Casey insisted I rub her ears, which decreases my typing skills. Anyway, she has a love/hate relationship with her harness. She knows she can’t go out without it, and will come running when she hears it jingle, but will then run away to avoid having it put on. Cats.

    Don’t get me started on the *heated* and carpeted house that my husband made for her, so she can birdwatch in comfort out in the backyard.

  117. funniest photo/thread combo in a while, people! perfect end to the week…

  118. Yikes – no wonder Momo didn’t want to go walkies …

    into the KITCHEN …


  119. I don’t know if this is cute or merely sad. That kitty may have been purring, but come on, a harness? It’s like a muzzle on a dog…socially acceptable, sure, but probably stifling for the animal itself.

  120. At least there were less nuffers than I had expected. I’ve tried harnesses on my cats- one would walk for a few seconds on it, one flops, and the other will let me put it on and he likes to go outside in it, but he just about kills me when I take it off. He’s our bratty little tuxedo cat, the harness involves too much belly touching for him.
    My friend and I had this little stray kitten for a while, and he would follow us around everywhere. I haven’t had a cat that would do it since then

  121. ashleyemma says:

    if only this were an option for the rest of us kitty

  122. My mom (yes this is the same one who tried to take the cat out on the paddle boat) also once decided to take the cat out for a walk, in the dark, at the beach. She tugged and tugged and he resisted. Then suddenly he seemed to change his mind and came willingly – it was only once my mom got back from her walk that she realized she’d just taken an empty leash for a walk because the cat had gotten out of his harness 🙂 (the next few hours were spent trying to find the cat).

  123. ps… this same cat always wear a harness and goes out in the yard, tied. It’s just the “going for a walk” thing that he strongly objects to.

  124. my girl kitty: “Oh Ghod! not the leash.” FLOP. Passive non-violent civil disobedience. “I am NOT a DOG…”

    my boy kitty:”Hey the leash! cool where are we going… are we going visiting? where! where! do I get to ride in the car and holler the whole way?”

  125. Poor cat 😦

  126. Someone I work with calls this
    manoeuvre “the slink and drag”

  127. I wondered why I was getting lots of hits on Tiki’s world’s heaviest harness photo. Thanks for the link. The second picture on this post made my day!

  128. HAHAHAHA.. reminds me of our cat Stewie! He’s ok with just the harness on him, but as soon as we try to walk him.. he totally does the passive protest and flops. OMG freaking hilarious photos!!

  129. Does anyone think that this pic is mean? This is the first pic in the history of cute overload that I didnt care for. I felt bad for the kitty. 😦

  130. I feel kinda sorry for this kitteh. Whilst the pics may be quite amusing to look at it’s still clear that this is NOT a happy cat! And as to kitteh purring as they “dragged” him around the living room (what caring owners!), cats don’t just purr when then they’re happy, but when they’re scared or upset as well. Just my two cents.

  131. When you are around to watch him. Put his harness and leash on and leave him alone. Make sure he doesn’t snag himself on anything. If you do that every day for a week. He will just think its semi-normal. After a week pick up the leash while sitting beside him – watch tv, eat or read a book. Next day stand up. Work in increments and he might just walk – maybe

  132. My goodness there is a thin line between something being cute and being CRUEL!

    There are some great pics out there – this is not one of them. Stupid people should not have pets!

  133. kricket, you haven’t lived until you have company, and your cat of either gender comes prancing out into the living room, dragging a bra. Or bats a wrapped tampon into the room.

  134. The amusing thing about this photo is the spray bottle sitting on the coffee table. You just know that kitteh is getting sprayed when he tries to escape by climbing the curtains.

  135. i think this kitteh thinks his mommy is picking him up by the scruff

    it’s his job to comply

  136. Hey, since it’s Caturday, can we see WHAT WINSTON HAS BEEN UP TO?

    Puhleeze? He’s so cute with his sqwishidy nose/face. =^..^=

  137. This cat is upset and stressed. My cat used to do this and also pretended to ‘die’ while wearing a harness and we thought it was amusing until we asked the vet about this behavior. If you love your cat, don’t make him/her wear a harness if they react this way. Its the same kind of thing when you give a cat a bath, unless he is really dirty and cant take care of himself, its only hurting him. Cats are not dogs

  138. That cat looks scared and stressed. Not nice. Why would his owners leave him like this for a photo rather than free him? Yeah, it’s only for a second, but how would you like to be confined to something that makes you scared for “only” a second more.

  139. Rosalynde says:

    Little known fact: MLK got the idea of passive resistence from his Manx-DSH mix . . .

  140. i don’t know what “passive resistance” is because it is actually called nonviolent resistance and MLK got the idea from Gandhi. It makes clear who the villains are, with their water hoses and police dogs and tear gas. Calling it “passive” is inaccurate because it takes more courage to accept a beating than to inflict pain and run anonymously. NONVIOLENT resistance against unjust laws makes clear who the true a**holes are. and p.s., poor cat.

  141. I’d just quit. That cat is NOT going to move.

  142. CheshireCat says:

    My kitteh is the same way. He’s fine with a regular leash, but if I try to get him to wear the harness, he plays dedkitty until I take it off him.

  143. Oh…my cat gets chin zits too…you’ll excuse me while I make an appointment at the vet (sound of running away)…(sound of running back)…OK, that’s done.

    Anyway, if I tried to put a leash on my cat, she would react more like Malcom X than Martin Luther King. Cities would burn. The chickens would come home to roost.

    I’ve seen leashes on cats and it just doesn’t compute, like watching an ape rollerskate.

  144. Catsquatch says:

    Most cats will do this in a harness because the harness performs the same action as being picked up by the mommy cat, pulling up on the shoulders, and the automatic response to this is to go limp in order to be carried.

    The only way to get around this is to harness the cat when it is still small, and keep a harness on it even between walks until it gets used to the idea that the harness is not mommy picking it up and it can still walk and play and everything with it on.

    Eventually the cat will enjoy going for walks, and look forward to the harness.

  145. Sharon Wilson says:

    A friend of mine had an Aby and a Siamese, and one time she took them camping and they followed us along on a hike. Finally at the halfway point one of them was meowing like, “Can we stop YET?”

  146. Bryan, in my opinion, has quite the way with the mental imagery overload, and it’s goooooood! k’snerk, k’sniggle, k’hernk!

  147. poor kitty! But sooo sooo cute. He’s like a stuffed animal i used to pretend to walk and I would have to drag it

  148. bunnies with harnesses are adorable x 80000

  149. That is cruel. Obviously the cat doesn’t want to be “walked.” I’m suprised it was posted on Cute Overload. Way to encourage people to force their pets to do their will.

  150. A leash cat is born, not trained. We have four cats, and only one likes it (yes, she likes it– gets all excited, like a dog, when we bring it out of the closet).

    The other three… well, we wouldn’t even try it. No way, no how.

  151. sc – I *love* your mother…

    …at least, I love the stories you tell about her.


    (Did you know that nuffs make me twitchy? I so want to react, but I know that my opinion will fall upon deaf ears. Sigh. Moving along….)

  152. NOT CUTE!
    I agree it’s cruel – and a no brainer to put a cat on a leash. It’s not a dog. It’s a cat, and if it doesn’t want to walk on a leash, why try to make it? I saw a stupid woman walk into the vet hospital with her terrified cat on a leash last week… the poor thing was jumped on by dogs! I hope the same thing doesn’t happen when she tries to walk it down the street. I just wanted to SLAP her HARD in the HEAD.

  153. I would like to point out that the life of a pet is the life during which one is forced to do many things one does not wish to do.

    1. No one wants to be spayed or neutered.
    2. My cat doesn’t want to wear that d*** elizabethan collar.
    3. The dogs I grew up with all wished to be of the “self-walking” variety, without a human to prevent them from going where they wanted to, when they wanted to, and sniffing what they wanted to.
    4. My cat doesn’t want to stay inside all the time (some brilliant person had him front declawed then decided to get rid of him. He came to us declawed.)
    5. I would imagine that no one wants to be declawed.
    6. Most pets in my life didn’t want to be prevented from eating the human food…or out of the garbage can…no matter how much kibble was in their bowls.

    I could go on and on. I just wanted to point out that there are disadvantages to being a pet – sometimes the human may seem to act (or may indeed act) like a real jerk.

    There are also compensations.

    My cats look so contented (most of the time) that I would love to come back as a house cat. Others have had the same thought.

    The defense rests, your honor.

  154. LMAO at the nuffers…. bet they are loads of fun at a party 😛

    Pistachio pudding for me 🙂

    ps- Adorable photos, please post more pissed off cats, quickly becoming my favorite category 😉

  155. My cats walk on the leash. The trick is to give them time to get accustomed to the harness, then introduce the leash, then you holding the leash, then going outside with all. It takes forever, but they adjusted and quite like it now. You just have to not make it traumatic.

    Personally, I think the kitty is protesting the decor – did you check out the red trunk on the pink carpet, and the various prints on the couches and pillows? The kitteh protests the eyestrain!

  156. I love it. He’s all, “Oh yeah? Try walking a DEAD cat.”

  157. luckycliff says:

    yes bluecat that’s one of the pleasures of online photo posting and watching… seeing what folks’ home interiors look like 🙂

  158. circuscake says:

    no,no, james- i think what they meant to say was *paw-sive* resistance. hope that clears everything up!

  159. I used to have a cat (she passed away 2 years ago) who would actually deal well with a harness and leash. She was a Siamese mix who loved to go outside. Since she was only allowed out when she was wearing the harness, she would put up with it. Then she’d roll on the sidewalk and eat pieces of the lawn. She had a good time 🙂

  160. Think this might be a US/UK divide – I’m in the UK and I’ve never seen nor seriously heard of a cat’s being ‘trained’ (does not compute) to walk on a lead. Probably because more cats in the UK have outdoor access. So it’s a fairly weird sight. But clearly that cat’s not going to do anything it doesn’t want to, and I very much doubt it’s in severe distress. There’d be more in the way of blood.

  161. “cats don’t just purr when then they’re happy, but when they’re scared or upset as well.”


    “That kitty may have been purring, but come on, a harness? It’s like a muzzle on a dog”


  162. i know the cat is fine and stuff with the harness, it’s not gonna hurt him unless they drag him–but if you want a pet to walk on the street with you, dogs really like going on walks and smelling their p-mail and so that might be a suggestion for you, to get a dog, one who loves to work for we humans and not a cat who loves being an independent observer. how’s that for a run-on sentence?

  163. lmao commentroversy.

    And lol at the kitteh’s non-violent resistance. He’s like some kind of feline Ghandi, isn’t he?

  164. Never mind the personal dignity of animals in our care. It’s not cute. Just force them to do your will even if it’s unnatural (or just retarded)

  165. circuscake says:

    when i read the cranky comments, i now picture the latest diapproving bunny saying it…try it- it’s very entertaining!

  166. hey everybody let’s never speak our minds lest we be labeled as “cranky” and then let’s imagine animals talking to us! good happy feelings! no matter what, everybody!

    [Ooh, sounds like *SOMEBODY’S* cranky today… – Ed.]

    [PS — it is conceivable that I might be kidding]

  167. Sheesh, folks, ease off the “dignity of the animals in our care” ilk. I don’t see you using the same argument on the posts with cats in costumes, and that is much more damaging to a cat’s dignity than being put in a harness.

    People who are abusing animals don’t post pictures of it on the internet. People who abuse animals don’t leave evidence on the web because they don’t want to get caught. So what you have to do is figure in the “you had to be there” factor and understand that if the cat had been harmed, the owner would have felt too awful/guilty to post the pictures.

    Don’t you grumps have a PETA rally to go to or something? Leave the cute-lovers in peace.

  168. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS? HONESTLY? love for animals? RIGHT.. this cat is in pain. you people make me SICK and your stupid “Cute animal vocabulary” is just gross and apalling. I can’t believe this site exists, I USED to look for cute pictures but not anymore, “grumps” wow. NICE, and you? if i’m a grump that’s perfectly fine because i don’t hurt animals or restrain them in any sort of way. why don’t YOU try being in a harness and have someone DRAG YOU AROUND? I’d like to see a picture of that. and maybe I will go to PETA AND ASK FOR THIS SITE TO BE REMOVED.

  169. Woah, Appalled. In defense of this site and the kitteh owners, a kind poster explained before that this particular kitteh is reacting the way any normal one would, when its mother carries it around in her mouth. I’m actually surprised you folks haven’t attacked mother cats for carrying their babies around in such a vulgar, cruel manner. Anyway, I don’t think I’m the only one in admitting this site has done more for animal lovers than PETA ever could. So please, kindly take your hate talk elsewhere.

  170. Ms. Scarlet says:

    It all depends on the personality of the cat, really. All these people who are exclaiming about animal cruelty – what are you on? Ok, one should not drag one’s cat around by the leash, but leashing a cat is absolutely not akin to muzzling a dog (which is a perfectly humane thing to do, with the proper muzzle and only under extreme circumstances). Do you also object to altering pets, or crating a dog?
    I think Chenney has summed it up the best, so I’m going to get off my own little soapbox now. : )

  171. @Apalled: If you are going to nuff on this here site here, you might at least learn to spell – it’s “Appalled!” And I’m tewtally appalled at your inconsiderate and tewtally prejudicial comments. Not all of us subscribe to all of the views of everyone else! I do not think that anyone would seriously consider showing a picture of any animal being deliberately hurt. And as for “animal dignity,” please give us all a break. Animals could give a big S**T about dignity. They just go about doing their animal thing, if permitted to do so. So please just nuff yourself right off to Nuffland and leave the rest of us to lmao at the funny and extremely cute pictures, ok?

  172. And ‘apalled’ just destroyed my entire day with their disgusting attitude.

    Now I have to go back to page one and look at cute pictures until I’m happy again.

    Not that that’s a trial or anything….

  173. ps: And I suspect PETA will laugh ‘apalled’ right out of town.

  174. circuscake says:

    okay. forget the whole talking bunny thing. here’s an idea: everyone who finds this torture, please go to your local animal shelter and ask them to tell you the latest abuse to animals that they’ve witnessed. something tells me these pictures will pale in comparison.

    it’s simple really: some kitties like a walkie-walk and some….not so much.

  175. Yitzysmommie says:

    OK – haven’t read any commentz yet, but by the number-174- I’m gonna go ahead and guess:
    Itz KREWELL to drag your pudder tat around in a harness. Did I get it right, huh?

  176. Yitzysmommie says:

    Purrsonally, I think the mauve rug and the floral couch are KREWEL!

  177. Momof2kitties says:

    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner–YM!! Commentroversy has ensued.

    Personally? I thinks this pic is hilarious.

  178. darkshines says:

    Hahahahahahaha, Appalled made me laugh more than the pic! Post again and call me a name!

  179. Yitzysmommie says:

    OK, have read the comments now, and laffed my caffinated beverage through my schnozzle a couple of times. Having a great time envisioning all the peeps with their passively resisting puddy tats in harnesses.
    As I cannot even imagine what Yitzy would think of a harness, I may have to try our WaWa’s harness on heem to see what happens.
    GREAT PICS! Thank you, Momo and shoesonwrong for sharing.

  180. Ooh, the CAPS LOCK OF RAGE! Took long enough for that to show up. Now, as to the REAL commentroversy: I have a problem with the floral couch, but I think the carpet sets off Kitteh nicely.

  181. ooh aah hmm says:

    do cats ever look happy on harnesses? i got one for my cat so i can take him to the great outdoors he so pines for, but this is the third instance of a harness in use i’ve seen, and it’s the third time i’ve seen a cat in DO NOT WANT mode.

  182. ooh aah hmm says:

    well, i read the comments, and it sounds like sometimes cats can tolerate a harness in exchange for being outside to wander (i live near a busy street, so this is his only chance to be outdoors). our cat definitely tends towards some dog-like behavior, so i’ll give it a go.

  183. one of the erins says:

    lol @ darkshines!

    Also @ apalled: I’ll ignore the rest of what was already addressed by others, but you never restrain animals in any way? So you don’t restrain your dog from pooping on the living room rug? You don’t restrain your cat from licking up a puddle of antifreeze in the neighbor’s driveway because you didn’t restrain the cat from going outside? You feel farmers shouldn’t restrain their cows/pigs/sheep inside a fence?

    Really now. If your point is to make people hear what you have to say, it’s much more effective first of all to be reasonable, and also to not make them defensive.

  184. NOTE — offensive “APALLED” comment has been unpublished

  185. Seriously, people saying it’s cruel to put a cat on a harness is like saying it’s abuse to make children go to school.

    Sometimes I wonder how these internet trolls manage to function in their daily lives.

  186. Awwww. Puddy tat no want to go to school!

  187. My two cats Sam (3) and Ace (1) are in/out kitties. But when I go outside, they follow me and we go for walksies like having well behaved pups.

  188. OK so you have deleted my comment, which was not even offensive. Yeah, no matter how “fine” this cat may be, I still think this image is not funny and it is a stupid idea to put a leash on a cat who isn’t into it. It’s not a dog. If anyone gets any great idea to try this at home, please let me remind you of what I saw (from my comment which was deleted here)…

    I saw a cat last week being walked into a vet surgery on a leash, not safe in a cage, and it was jumped on by a dog and was scared out of its poor mind. Surely we can all understand the difference between cute and cruel. If the cat is scared when having something unnecessary done to it, it’s cruel. You don’t even have to be a member of PETA to figure that out.

    If you can’t handle my reasoned view, deleting it from here won’t make it cease to exist. jeeesh.

    I have some real cutiepies to check out now, so see yas later.

  189. Electra — your unpublished comment was *not* a “reasoned view”, it was violent and threatening. Unpublished isn’t the same as deleted, by the way.

    Even now, what you’re talking about has no bearing on this post.

  190. hahahahaha
    What a bunch of soft botties. I’m not violent and threatening, c’mon.
    But perhaps cats being forced onto leashes who find it scary or who get jumped on by dogs find it “violent and threatening”. But would you just sit back and go “awwww, isn’t it cute” while the poor cat is packing darkies? That point has plenty of bearing on this post when CO is representing an image as “cute”.
    99.9% of what is on this site is cute. This just isn’t and I’m not alone in thinking that… and I’d believe that CO would value its biggest fans’ feedback

  191. I love this World’s Heaviest Craft Tape, too! 😉

  192. That’s one blissninny cat; lookit the corner of his skweent in picture 2. His second eyelid is starting to close. It’s the Scruff Bliss Effect at work! “Walk? Nyerhe. Pull me s’more, this retro shag feels excellent on my belly, human slave.”

    Scared cats, in my experience are ne’er that boneless; I’ve held several and witnessed many and none of them flop. They pyoing.

  193. Why all the fuss? Who cares if kitteh doesn’t wanna be on a leash? It’s all about US, fer heaven’s sake! Don’t you pipple get it? Cute is for PIPPLE! Animules is lil’ cutey-pies we gets ta do stuff to until the tears roll down our facies. You PETA nudniks go throw blood on some starlet’s fur coat. Leave Meg & weezies alone so we can have our laffs. More kittehs on leashes, I say! Don’t spoil our fun!

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