Cat is my co-pilot

Check out: "Iris Landing" the co-pilotin’ kitteh who barks (er meows) out commands.

9Poppeh, the Eagle has landed, Over.



  1. Such gorgeous markings! She looks like a little tiger!

  2. That is one gorgeous, brave cat. Bengal?

    Way to fly kitty!

    oh and bleeeeeeeeee

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    To the kittehcopter!

  4. That kitty seems to be a bit alarmed at being on the ground again.

    Did a house cat mate with an ocelot?

  5. i love how she is so chill! just another plane ride, la-de-da…

  6. Gotta’ be a bengal… classic bengal-controlling behavior. I have 2 of ’em and it’s like having 2 kitty-colonels running the house!

  7. What a cool cat!

    Did ‘yall see her go nuts over some bubble wrap in this vid:

    She almost breaks a leg at one point -but she never lets go of the bubbles! ;-P

  8. Haha, kitteh in a plane! 🙂 Such a gorgeous cat – lovely “wild” look to it, and none of the wildness! 😀

  9. Hey! I’ve been to that landing strip – I think it’s in Newburyport Mass. How weird and random!

    And for sure my next cat is a Bengal – any cat who can stay cool in a plane is my type of kitteh.

  10. They would have to surgically remove my cat from my head.

  11. warrior rabbit says:


    The YouTube page says Sequim, WA, not Massachusetts.

    Calm kitteh is more calm than many people would be!

    I like bengals…so cute.

  12. It’s Amelia Catheart!

  13. Flying leopard kitteh.

  14. aww I love that little high five at the end LOL! soo cute!

  15. IT’S A FLYING MEOW!!!! <3

  16. Juniper Jupiter says:


  17. Juniper Jupiter says:

    ^^I was teasing, folx. Cute vid and love the stripes on Gizmo. 😛

  18. “Did a house cat mate with an ocelot?”

    Not too far off, looks like it might be an Ocicat.

  19. What a gorgeous cat… well-traveled too it seems… planes and boats!

  20. Wow, she looks like a little tiger…

  21. MilkandInk says:

    I have a hard enough time getting my kitteh to take a ride in the car….

  22. Kitty’s all, “My ears didn’t pop yet! Get me back up there!”

  23. wow, i wish my life was a cosmopolitan as that cat’s.


    (but what a cutie patootie!)

  24. wow! that’s a brave pilot! how did know that kitty wouldnt wrap herself around his head/face and cling there for the whole trip?!
    I would!

  25. Iris: ‘Yes not a bad landing, but personally I’d of throttled back a bit sooner.’

  26. holy crap. i hate planes. weird but interesting vid and its cute when the cat crys to the voice. Nice markings too on the cat. cool.

  27. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Some cats seem to really dig going places. I was in traffic stopped at a stoplight once, and there was a car in front of me with what looked like a stuffed animal on the rear ledge. It was a real live cat! The cat opened his eyes and stared at me as if to say “Whut?” and then closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

  28. Another entry in the Paw-der Puff Derby?

  29. warrior rabbit says:

    Szilvia, the bubble wrap video made me LOL. Too kyoot!!

    I watched the one where he was sailing into Victoria, and he’s all, the kitty is here somewhere…pans down and she’s staring up at him.

    I like how he interacts with his kitty. I think his voice reminds me of Carlton the Doorman.

  30. Too funny! That kitteh is all, “Not doing much, just chillin in mah airplane.”

  31. Re.

    Loffing how she gives the pilot a sharp, “Hey buddy – ease up there” as he’s landing and the wheels squeak ;D

  32. Appears the flight instructor is not impressed!!

  33. Its an Ocelittle!

  34. acelightning says:

    Cats and airplanes – two of my favorite things! And what a *beautiful* cat!

  35. I’ve been to a World’s Fair, a picnic and a rodeo and that is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.

    (Say in Slim Pickens’ voice.)

  36. What an amazingly chill cat.

    I have three cats who are veteran air passengers (Phoebe has logged 21,000 miles) but not quite like that!!!

    Brak_Silverbone, my dear sweet Dizzatrice used to like to go bye-byes and ride in the back window, like it was her own special throne.

  37. Thanks Meg, I really need that………..

    Hey I wanna go back upz says Iris….mewrooo

  38. She’s surveying her domain.

  39. circuscake says:

    perhaps i would take up flying again if the airlines started handing out kittehs to cuddle…

  40. That is a beautiful cat. It looked completely offended by the bumps when landing. She was all looking at her dad as if to say “Was that supposed to happen?”

  41. I loved watching kitty’s face on the landing:

    Kitteh: Dootdootdooo..
    *Tires hit ground*
    Kitteh: O_O!omgwtfbbq.

    What a calm and beautiful cat!

  42. Geez – wouldn’t a rough landing spill that kitteh right off? Or a brisk wind? Yikes.

  43. Wah! “Video is no longer available”. Pout!

  44. Okay, plays now. I love it!

  45. Okay, Iris may be the awsomest cat I have ever seen.

  46. gryphoncat says:

    tis not an ocicat, tis a bengal. an ocicat is pure domestic cat and doesnt have the purrrdy rosettes of a bengal.

    bengal= kitty X asian leopard cat

  47. I bet that cock pit dashboard is WARM and vibrates like a massage chair. Lucky Kitteh.

  48. Wonderful, but having flown in small aircraft like that… poor little kitten needs some ear protection from the noise of the engine.

  49. “Canadian bubble wrap” — LOL!

  50. WOW.

  51. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    A flyin’ kitteh? Makes sense. After all, it’s easier to spot all the deleeshus birds from up there.

  52. I’d still worry about a lap or face full of fur and claws if something went wrong. Have a nice scar on my leg from peaceful lap kitty during a family trip, and then a sudden stop.

    Am I nuffing yet? Maybe I need to put words into uppercase letters, and add exclamation points.

    But I like flight cats.

  53. Just saw the bubble wrap vid. Man! That cat is INTREPID!

  54. what an easygoing kitty.

    i love how he answers back. so cute.

  55. aw look how comfty and chill… a true seasoned kitteh pilot

  56. flyin kittehs! what will they think of next!
    (and a gorgeous flyin kitteh at that)

  57. Anne Boleyn says:

    Yes, ear protection for the kitty, please. Iris needs a great looking Snoopy leather helmet with ear flaps. The bubble wrap show is great too.

  58. CoffeeCup says:

    Can’t believe that cat is so calm. I watched the bubble wrap video, it was hilarious. That cat really loves bubble wrap!

  59. The bush pilot takes the mighty huntress back for sundowners after a day of safari hunting the great kudu on the Mpumalanga game reserve…

  60. My life needs to be this. At least on weekends.

  61. Heeeeee a BENGAL!

    I love how the pilot touches his kitty’s li’l paw after he lands.

  62. She CHOOSES to fly backward – I can’t handle a backward facing seat!

  63. I think it’s pretty funny how the guy orders the cat around in the bubble wrap video. “Don’t fall in!” (the ocean), “Come over here Iris!”. Um, this your first cat buddy? They do not submit to your pleadings silly human!

  64. hey e-beth I talk to both my cats like that all the time and they listen. For example when the little one goes outside (both are indoor cats) I stand at my door and say in a firm voice “Migson H. Kittenpants get in here now” and he does. Then he goes all contrite rubbing against me and making ‘princess Diana’eyes.

  65. Cats are the best possible copilots, hands down.

  66. Awesome! My husband is flying today-maybe he’ll have a super-cool kitteh pilot too!

  67. I’m in yer cockpit, critiquing yer landinks.

  68. Tony James says:

    [chrrrk] Sequim tower, this is Bengal1 on final approach to runway two seven left. Completing landing checks now:

    Gear down? check
    Flaps 80%? check
    Spotteekitteh ILS activated? check

  69. Landing back at base camp, only footsteps from the bubble wrap infested Zambezi River, the mighty huntress unwinds with Mr. Hemingway and ponders sailing to Key West…

  70. Cats are weird. They like to go some weird places. Like those dogs you see on the front of peoples’ surfboards.

    The meowing and high five between man and kitteh at the end is adorable.

  71. I dont have anything new to say. Beautiful kitties this morning – this is gorgeous. What an awesome co-pilot, and I can’t get over how calm she is!!

    Hubby wants to learn how to fly AND take the pup up with him. Makes me nervous but I know it is super safe.But that’s both of my loves up there!!!

  72. “Cats on a Plane” would have done much better at the box office

  73. I take my cat up with me when I visit my fiance on the weekends. Its a 1-2 hour drive (boo traffic) and he loves to either sit on the floor or in the back window (hatchback). He only gets angry if he feels the trip as taken to long, he gets very vocal starting when we get off the turn pike.

  74. LOve IT!!!I want to fly with my cat too! Must be a great feeling to be free, zooming around with the cat.
    Wonder if the cat was trained from kittenhood.

  75. Mary (the first) says:

    Love this.. my first thought was “is that safe?” in case kitteh suddenly spooked and jumped onto the gas pedal or something.. but then realized the cameraperson could probably grab her. Anyway fun video.
    This is why I love kittehs so much. You just never know what they’re going to do next.

  76. Furbabies says:

    This kitty is my hero. So much braver than me. Instead of “heart of a lion” it should be “heart of a flying kitty”. Up, up and away!

  77. homer mariner says:

    There’s also a video of the cat just flying (without the landing). It’s so cute when he plays with the cat’s feet!

  78. i think kitty should have a teensy parachute backpack.


    @ Mary (the first) – the “gas pedal” ?!?!

    Hee hee.

  80. Iris has some life, doesn’t she? I mean, boating, flying! Her own personal stash of bubble-wrap. I want to be Iris!

  81. Wow! That’s one calm kitteh! Amazing! A Bengal, I think?

    In other news, I have just found out today I’ve been approved to become a kitty foster mum!! Hooray! I get my first kitty soon (Teho, perhaps you will relate…)

    [Very many congratulations, Thinker! Best of fortunes to you and the fuzzbutts! – Ed.]

  82. CoffeeCup says:

    I love Scrubs, so anytime there’s a ‘high five’ moment I have to think of the Todd’s “_____ five!” So on this little vid, as soon as the pilot slapped the kitty’s paw, I thought “CatInAPlane Five!”

  83. Wow, what a BEAUTIFUL kitteh!! I lofe her!!

  84. Well, true Browngrl, we all probably talk to our snookums (mine never listened-she just went “huh?”, but then again she was on medication) it’s just that it cracked me up that this guy was willing to put himself being ignored by his cat on YouTube when she was clearly more interested in her bubble wrap “kill” as he pathetically calls out “Iris come here!”. She’s all “You’re not getting MY trophy Mr. McPilotBoatingman!”

  85. yeah ebeth you do have a good point 🙂

  86. Oh kitteh! If yoo was on mah flight, I’d nevah leave da sky! (coffee, tea, or merowee?) –bad, veddy bad pun.

  87. Dexter Fishmore says:

    This cat > every other cat anywhere, ever

  88. Mary (the first) says:

    yes CrackJob, I wasn’t sure about “gas pedal” but since I didn’t know what else to put, I decided to try it. You know what I mean, anyway. Something important. The rudder?? maybe?

  89. What a beautiful cat!

  90. And we shall name this kitteh… Laika McLaikersons!

  91. Tell ya what, she doesn’t look like a tiger, she looks like a clouded leopard. What a stunning cat. Love the ‘Oi!’ wiggle at the landing bounce. 🙂

  92. OMG she’s flying… I thought she was on the dashboard of a car for a second there.
    Silly me..

    So jealous of the kitty… I want that job.

  93. Oh a thinker way to go.. You will be giving occasional updates on the kittens right?

  94. Okay I just watched briefly the kitty with the bubble wrap. And now I really am jealous of the kitty. Why oh Why is my life so DULL. Deadly Dull.
    I want to live on a boat and fly in a cessna.

  95. Amelia Catheart. GREAT ONE!!! Fly Felinair!

  96. Chasingthedog says:

    My cat would have latched herself onto my face and shredded it. I applaud them for having a chill cat.

  97. She looks more like a Mau to me, given the miniature size and spots, but could also be a Bengal.

  98. I lorb bengal kitties! <3

  99. @Teho: fuzzbutts = awesome. I am going to call my kitty “Mrs. Fuzzbutt” at every opportunity.

    @Annie: semi-regular updates on my blog: (w/pics, eventually).

  100. Not all Bengals are such good travelers… my Bengal can’t make it five blocks in a carrier in the car without losing his lunch all over the place. Great cats otherwise, they just need A LOT of attention.

  101. Brak, one day a couple of months ago, I pulled into a Wal-Mart parking lot just as a huge RV was pulling out. I could see pretty well into the windshield, and I thought it was cool that they had a cat staue on their dashboard…until the “statue” started licking its paw.

  102. Iris has the good life – flying, sailing, killingr the eeeevill bubble wrap!

  103. She looks more like a Mau to me, given the miniature size and spots, but could also be a Bengal.

  104. Man, that cat has a Loud Purr – did you hear it after the landing..?

  105. That is a trip! The cat even knew when to brace itself for the landing! Way cool!

  106. Just out of curiosity, not meant in a “nuff” way, honest! – but just wondering what FAA/safety regs are about having a loose kitteh on a plane. I know you don’t let a cat loose in a moving car but am just wondering – maybe in planes it’s different.

    (and seriously – not nuffin’! I love the video! I just have an enquiring mind!)

  107. Wow, what a gorgeous and amazing kitty! She actually looks a little bored with the whole thing!! Maybe she needs “Confuse-a-Cat Ltd.”

    At any rate, an awesome video.

  108. tabbycat917 says:

    Iris is so beautiful and super smart too!!!!
    I lofe her!!!!

  109. Is it me or has the world gone mad? Cat shouldn’t be in cockpits of planes! In a similar vein, I don’t want to see pictures of cats in racing cars, space rockets, lorries or nuclear power plants, before anyone gets any other ideas.

  110. Ground Control to Major Tom!


  112. ummm i wonder what altitude they flew up to?!?!?

    such beautiful markings.

    kitteh kitteh kitteh starts with kayyy.

  113. @Theo: Hee-hee!!

    I fly at least every other week and it would be so much fun to have kittehs handed out to snorgle!!!!

  114. The cat is pleased.

  115. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Gillian ‘n Glix: I’m glad I’m not the only person who’s seen a cat in a car window. I was kinda wondering if I was losing it there. And I’ve never had a cat that would do that–every cat I’ve ever had hates going in the car, and cries and wails and moans the whole way…

  116. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    La la la, I’ll just stretch out on the dashboard la la la, maybe lick my paws la la la, what a cool cool cooooool kitty. is she glued to the dashboard or somethin’? (/jk)

    And a very nicely executed landing, too.

    I bet Nicolasa Cat, in Lima, Peru, is Iris Landing Kitteh’s first cousin. Teh gumption, it runs in famblies, y’know:

  117. ooh wah ooh wah cool cool kitty, tell us about your flight from New York City

  118. oh my god! hot peruvian surfer dude being sweet to his bitchin’ calico kitty!

    i can’t stand it!!!!

  119. berthaslave says:

    I wanna fly like a Bengal
    Til I squee
    Fly like a Bengal
    Let my proshness carry me
    I want to fly like Bengal
    Til I’m free
    Cute Overload Revolution!!!

    (doo doo do-do

  120. Hey, how come she doesn’t have to wear her seat belt?

  121. He has a myspace 🙂

  122. Did you see the video where he is driving and Iris is just chillin on the front dash?

  123. awesome cat! turns out her 1-year birthday just passed on 2/4/08. Happy Birthday, Irish 🙂

  124. CheshireCat says:

    Reminds me of my kittayn; He absolutely loves car rides and every time I take him with meh, to the post office or wherever, he tries to hop up on the dashboard. ^_^

  125. i lol’d pretty much through the whole video. amazing flying cat! what kind of cat is that? some people said it was a bengal or ocelet?

  126. Love the bubble wrap video (favorited it)… I talk to Tux like that. I was scared she was gonna fall in too. 😛

    Yeah I like how ho-hum she was about the plane ride lol. Till the tires hit the runway. Gotta watch for the high five now.

  127. to sequim, washington…

    and beyond!!!


  128. Ever see this one with the dog?

    Makes me laugh like a hyena every time.

  129. Merms…thanks. Now I’m wiping all my makeup off my face from crying it all off. LOL

  130. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    The owner says that Iris is a Bengal. Born 02-04-07.

  131. wishin for a ponie!1! post.

  132. I am amused by Mr. Bengal’s total nonchalance of the event, even the landing only got a little ! from him. He’s just like meh, whatev, where’s mah catnips?

  133. What a beautiful cat!!!!!!
    What kind of cat is that? The colorings are MAREVEOWWS :>}

  134. Lets try that again…


  135. I want to see a picture of Captain Kruse – anyone got one to share?

    Anyway – I almost pee’d myself with the dog flying video!!! Parabola?

  136. Sharon Wilson says:

    Well, when we brought a kitten home from San Juan Bautista (2-hour drive) he wasn’t belted in and he had a great time looking out the window and coming back to the passenger compartment for pettingks.

  137. Aw, sorry, Theo, I didn’t mean to nuff, honest! Actually I thought it was pretty cool. It’s just that I’m a nervous flyer, and had visions of seeing another plane coming towards mine, kitteh firmly planted on other pilot’s face! But actually Iris seems pretty cool, so I’m sure she would never ever do a thing like that!

  138. @ Stooges Woman: Actually, I think Theo was referring to Scoobie’s comment, not yours.

  139. Babs is right, Stooges Woman.

  140. oh and I forgot to say — Pyrit, you snorked my coffee. (it was a tall)

  141. [wipes brow in relief] Whew, thanks! Didn’t want to cause any problems. Thanks! [bows humbly in direction of computer monitor]

  142. i love how the kitteh didn’t start meowing till AFTER they landed…

  143. I am close to being a nuffer here but I’m not crazy about kitties loose in the car. Especially so close to the windshield.

    I’d rather have them in their crates secured in the backseat.

    For full disclosure though, my mother’s cat used to lose to drape herlself on the driver’s, and only the driver’s headrest.

  144. laura Clegg says:

    This is my friend Jim’s cat Iris! She is indeed a Bengal, and she lives with him on his boat. Yay Iris!

  145. WOW.

    That is SO freakin’ cool. I love flying. What a great video and what a happy cat!

  146. Laura, can you get your friend Jim to post a comment and tell us more about Iris? She’s so cute!

  147. Die Flederpuss, for to catch Die Fledermaus

  148. I have more videos of Iris on
    youtube. click on captainkruse below.

    [this link works… – Ed.]

  149. Hi Laura,
    I promise not to tell anyone you are a secret agent.

  150. Captain Kruse — your YouTube page says you live on a “ferrocement vessel” — like, a boat made out of rebar-reinforced concrete?? Whoa.

  151. check out the squinting ac-shons at 0:20 and 1:12! *loves*

  152. That kitteh is Awesome! (My cat would be wailing for mercy.)

    She has fabulous taste in planes too. Anyone else who is into aircraft should check out