The Textbook Nubule!

The textbook NUBULE. In the FLESH.

Thar she blows.




Check it. CHECK IT, Elaine T.!



  1. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Bleen!! CUTE!

  2. Yea I am cute now where is that kibble or a treat??????

  3. Poor darlin’. Why can’t they leave perfectly good tails alone?

  4. sho shmiley! love doggie smiles.

  5. That tail isn’t docked, Siobhan, it’s a corgi. Their tails are just naturally stubby.

  6. Aww! Stumpy!:)

  7. berthaslave says:

    I am not a dog person, so can someone please tell me what breed this super-anerable puppeh is?

    Because if I ever get a dog, this is gonna be high on my list. He’s uber-cute even without considering the nubule!!

  8. Pembroke Welsh Corgi, I mean. Their tails are naturally stubby and this is a pup, so it’s even stubbier.

  9. Look at that happy face!

  10. CheshireCat says:

    Nubbular tail + satellite ears = SQUEEE!

  11. I can’t HANDLE teh Qte!!!!

  12. BumbleBee says:

    Anyone seeing any resemblance to the toe-nibbling rodent?!

  13. awwwwwww, Prosh Puppeh’s wearing widdle sox, bib and mask …

  14. Siobhan, a lot of English and Welsh breeds have been bred to not have a tail. The urban legend is that dogs born without tails weren’t taxable since they were ‘work breeds’, so canny dog breeders bred animals born without them.

  15. I’ve always <3 liked <3 the corgi dog breeds!!! So cute!!! so much character!!! :D

  16. I’m so glad there’s been some corgi pup representation recently. (Mika’s Mom)

    And actually, Pembroke Welsh Corgi tails are docked. Some are born with stubby tails but they’re usually longer than this little guy’s nub.

  17. you might as well close down cute overload right now. maximum cute has been reached. the cute does not get much better than this!

  18. i am ded of teh cute. and even when corgis grow up, they still look like this! and the raspberry tongues OH MY!!!

  19. I see our own dear Queen is now posting, thany you Marm. Walks out backwards genuflecting.

  20. That a short tail! vERY CUTE!

  21. looks like there is no tax burden on this lil buddy’s nub

  22. heeee he he he. I wish to poke the nubule. Poooooke!

  23. @Hon Glad–wouldn’t it be funny if HRH was a cuteologist???!! LOL!

  24. Aw, a corgi 😀 He makes my day

  25. My foster aussie/cocker mix has a stubber tail. When he is happy/excited (which is always) the stub wiggles so fast and the rest of his body is just there for the ride 🙂

  26. DaytimeDeb says:

    I grew up with corgis! (Not in the wild, mind you — I’m not like Tarzan or something!)

    Oh how I love their happy little faces and annerable little ‘tocks!

    I admit it, I am a ‘tock girl.

  27. WUV the Corgi-tude! WUV IT. Corgis r-o-k rock. I wuv this corgi and my corgi and all corgis so much!

  28. I could die of the cute! Corgi:Wincy::Pom:Meg

  29. oh my *lord* that is cute!
    that nubule reminds of my foster bunbun – he had the cutest leetle nubby tail too. I used to soft-peench it…
    I miss him…

  30. And on the topic of nubbitude, my dude’s got nothin’, not even a nubbin. Came that way. But he got two serving of ears, so it all balances out.

  31. The corgis on the Puppy Bowl made me squee like a madwoman. I want one I want one! I loooove those short legs.

  32. Ceejoe, that’s a beautiful rabbit, and I’m so sorry for your loss. Rabbits are fantastic at getting stuck right in your heart. I still don’t know what to do with the last bite of banana now that he’s gone.

    I lost my beloved Francis to cancer at the age of 8, and I miss him now and forever.

  33. Shouldn’t that be a “nuBBule”?

  34. <3 pemmies!

  35. Momof2kitties says:

    Good Lawd, Meggie! You askeered me with that title! I tewtally thought we wuz gonna see somethin else. *covers eyes*

    I am so glad it was just a tailio!! ☺

  36. OMG, lol! that is excessive nubulance for sure!

  37. what a cute puppy))

  38. My favorite breed at Puppy Bowl IV this year! If you’re ears are longer than your legs, that’s CUTE! Put that in yer rule books!

  39. Awesomest nubule evar. The rest of the pup is not bad either. 😉

  40. It’s like that pup is all nub. : )

  41. The ears. THE FREEKIN EARS. Everything else about him is stubby, except THE HELICOPTER EARS.

    *noms them and dies*

  42. OMG! I am a total dog nerd, but when I read this headline I truly thought this was a NEW BREED OF DOG!!!!!!!! – the Nubule!!!! What a presh – must kronsche the stubbiness…. it calls to me…. nyum nyum nyum….. drool….slurp…oops, here comes the boss – gotta clean up and get back to work.

  43. What blatant stubbulosity!! I can feel his little cold wet nose in the crook of my neck right now. >Sigh< ......

  44. With those ears, I bet he can hear the puppy chow being dropped into his food bowl from 3 houses away. Problem is it would take him 30 minutes to run the distance with those stubby little legs.

  45. What a happy looking pup! Such a sweetie! And while I admit to being partial (for personal reasons) to the Bernese Mtn dog in the Puppy Bowl, the corgi was darned cute…

  46. anastasiaK says:

    The utter Corgulant Cute-i-tude of that Bebeh is tooooooo moooooiiiissssshhhh! Gotta go snorgle my own Yoda-eared, Bunny-Butt Corgi Boy!

  47. OMG almost fainted from the cute-ness.
    may i have pleeze?

  48. I wuv Corgi’s just not as much as shih tzu’s

  49. I lurve corgis!! I’ve always thought that if I had one with this coloration, I would name it “Twinkie.” You know, with the yellowy outside and the creamy white stuffin’. Anyone? Anyone?




  51. Cap’n – If we increase the cuteness level any more she’ll blow! Ye canna change the laws of cuteness!

  52. ButtaRumCake says:

    *gigles out loud @ Scotty* *siiiiiiigh*

    @Sprock, I think “Twinky” is anerable…thing is I’d mistakenly dip his ‘tocks in a cold glass of milk and soft-kronsche the nubbie till I faint.

  53. Love that Corgi, but the tail isn’t docked as much as usual. Mine wags her hinnie instead of a tail

  54. beezie687 says:

    Dat puppeh is 90% ears, 10% tail, and that adds up to 200% cute (cuz teh cute ate my math skilz! Nubbins!!!)

  55. i need to see it wag, right now.

  56. I thought Welsh Pembroke Corgis had naturally stubbulicious tails (not docked).

    I lurve the Welsh Cardigan Corgis, too. They have wonderful colors (the merles are gorgeous) and blue eyes (sometimes) and huge ears and long tails. Meg, ya gotta get a Cardigan up on CO, stat!


  58. My 12 year old son wants to get a Corgi and name him “Little Banjo”.

  59. Forget the nubule, forget the ears.
    It’s that KNEE. In the back. You see it.
    It’s all about that lil’ knee.
    And maybe the great big fat puppeh feet or that smile. ^_^

  60. the ear:corgi ratio is a sure sign of teenagehood! when they’re little puppies, they have smaller ears that are flopped over. first the ears come up (not always both together, which can be adorably jaunty), then the ears start growing faster than the corgi, then the corgi grows into them. of course, you get the best reception on your satellite corgi during the teenage years.

    DaytimeDeb – lol! i “grew up” with corgis too. i always say it that way, but this was the first time i thougt of how funny it could sound. like we were raised by them!

  61. Nub? I can’t get past that redonkulous “HELLLLEW!” face with the major ear action.

    Gah! Kyoot. *thud*

  62. So cute! These little guys always look so happy and perky.

  63. The ears. The eeeeeeeeeears.

  64. i would like to see more pic of this lil babee.
    are there more somewhere?
    Come on Elaine! give em up!

    OMG. that is the CLEANEST puppeh I have ever seen.

  65. I LOVE Corgis!! So sweet and cute! Isn’t this another example of the reverse of the small ears to head ratio being cute rule? He’s got humong-o ears for a little head and body and he’s absolutely adorable. 🙂

  66. *sigh* its pictures like this that make me so sad that I am allergic to all fur. dogs, cats, bunnies, hammies….everything!

    stupid having asthma.

    gah, stare at cute to pull me out of disappointment!

  67. It’s a good thing I wear hearing aids, or my brain would have leaked right out of my ears at the sight of this. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a corgi pup that needs to be absconded with.

  68. @ceejoe…

    Sorry to hear about your bunny. :*( I recently lost one too. It is very hard when it comes out of nowhere!!

  69. Ein! That’s all I can think cause my roommate is all, “I want a corgi named Ein!”

  70. This puppy’s head is like twice the size of its body. Geez.

  71. That puppy is one of the cutest ever!!!

  72. Allyson S. says:

    That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen! : )

  73. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
    I shall name her ‘ears’ 🙂

  74. Copper the Corgi says thank you for all the redonkulous comments. He also says you can check him out on the daily puppy website where he was the pup of the day back in November:

  75. Here’s what Wikipedia says about Pembroke Welsh Corgis and tails:

    “Historically, the Pembroke was a breed with a natural bob tail (very short tail). Due to the advent of docking, the trait was not aggressively pursued, with breeders focusing instead on other characteristics, and the tail artificially shortened if need be. Given that some countries are now banning docking, breeders are again attempting to select for dogs with the genes for natural bob tails.”

    Corgis are pretty cool dogs. And that nubule is awesome.

  76. I’m just amazed at how cute a corgi is! Look how the pink the ears match the pink tongue! And she’s smiling!!!!

  77. *dies*

  78. DoodleyDog says:

    What are smiling Corgi’s the CUTEST. DOGS. EVAR.??


    *implodes from an overload of cuteness quotient*

  79. if i lived in elaines neighborhood, i would hang out at the dog park every saturday and sunday and wait to pet Copper.
    thanks for the cutie pie link elaine!

  80. *squueeeeee* *explode*

  81. I love Pembroke Corgis–too bad they shed so much! I know I may get a lot of hate for this, but I prefer it when their tails are docked closer to their hineys.

  82. KA – i know what you mean; there is nothing cuter than a round, tailless wiggle-butt. but i’d still rather let the wee ones keep their natural appendages. i here it’s the law in the U.K. now, so that even the Queen’s corgi’s have nubs, and, in some cases, lovely, plumey tails.

    and, omg, they DO shed like crazy. all the books say “most corgi has his or her own shedding pattern.” from what i’ve seen, that means year-round for most of them!

  83. yes, the Corgi was a doll in the Puppy Bowl, I love that show.

  84. How can you say you like animals and still allow bits chopped off them just for cosmetic reasons?

    My aunt’s always had corgis, and they all had long tails, similar to that of a fox. Must have been a different breed.

  85. I would just like to point out puppy has
    stubbular nubbular nommulance.
    Now say that five times Fast ; )

  86. “that five times Fast”
    : )

  87. Starling,

    I have yet to see a pemmie with a long tail. I think you are referring to a cardigan welsh corgi, which has a long tail

  88. ReeeeeDONK!
    He looks like a stuffed animal, so perfect are his paws.

    Bassett hounds are another amazingly stubbular breed.
    Bassett hound puppeh pictures out there anyone?

  89. This is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a tail.

    Corgi puppies are the cutest things ever! I have two rescues and also foster for a corgi rescue!

    I love their little Nubbins!!!!

  90. the FACE! Makes me want to leap up and play whatever games pup wants, for hours on end!

  91. Those ears and that tongue are the most perfect shade of pink evah!

  92. eeee! Adorable!

  93. Nub-tock-ular!

  94. diddleymaz says:

    this dog like most breeds that have that stub ie boxers, rotweilers, jack russels ,spanials etc would have had it cut off like that by someone who thought it looked cuter or better, poor dog mutilated to please humans!

  95. DIDDLEYMAZ have you ever seen a pembroke welsh corgi with a long tail?? GET OVER IT! HE’s a cute dog regardless so GET OVER IT. Unless you can change hundreds of years of dog breeding then shush about it already!

  96. Soooooo nice!

  97. Go Jane
    You rock.

    Hey! did one of you COL’ers go to my supervisor and tell on me for leaving my caps lock on??? hmmmm?
    well, I got called into a meeting room and “spoken to” about just that subject today (unbelieveable).
    (seems I “hurt someones feelings” with my caps lock)
    DANG I’m all busted up about it. some people need to get a dang backbone and grow up!
    that is all.

  98. Has anyone else noticed that it rather looks like the ‘nubbular’ tail, is actually just curved a bit to the side where we can only see a tiny bit of it?

  99. Persephone says:

    When I first saw the pics I was sad because I thought his tail had been docked. Reading the comments, I am quite pleased to find out that this is probably not the case. You learn something new every day! 🙂 Regardless, he has just about the sweetest little puppy face I’ve ever seen.

    And Kiragirl, the corgis were my favorites in the Puppy Bowl! I loved how one of them had still-floppy ears and the other one had one upright and one floppy.

  100. SO cute! Corgis rule!

  101. How to remember which corgis have tails? Just remember–Pembrokes have their tails broke off.
    A corgi breeder told me “Cardigans have tails and Pembrokes have the Queen”

  102. fish eye no miko says:

    Oh, man, I sooo needed the qte today, and this delivers! Thank you!

  103. Little stubby legs, too. The barn dog where I board my horse is a corgi, and his tummy is always grubby because his little legs are so short!! But what a little mensch! They are just as cute as adults.

  104. Q u I n N says:

    What a fabulous photo of a fabulous pup! The colors are so nice…really makes his cute, pink tongue stand out. I love him, I love him, I love him, short tail or long.

  105. Mr. 4-Sox.

  106. I sooooooo needed some nub today!

  107. Sooooo… I’ve never had a dog, always had cats and buns (the rabbit kind of buns are what I am referring to specifically at this moment, haha). But I like dogs a lot. In the next few years, I think I’d like to get one. And this Corgi is ridiculously cute… what type of personality does a Pembroke Welsh Corgi have, typically? Calm, hyper? Likes/hates kids? Cats?

    I’d always envisioned myself adopting a middle-aged, zen Golden Retriever…. but the Nubules here… and the Puppy Bowl… the Corgis are just so cute.

  108. Beth – Corgis are excellent pets if you are willing to do a bit of basic training and give them lots of affection. We got one when I was 5, and she was wonderful right off the bat. I think my parents “trained” me on how to be good with her, just as they obedience trained her, but of course that should be done with any pet.

    Corgis are extremely intelligent and have a strong herding instinct, so they don’t like to be bored or to be left out of family activities. If they are bored, they might occupy themselves by trying to herd your kids or other pets. That said, they are not hyper; most are as happy to veg out with you on the couch as they are to enjoy a brisk walk around the neighborhood (I would certainly recommend the latter, because they should not be allowed to become overweight; too much strain on that long back!).

    The fact that they have short legs with a sturdy, medium-sized body makes them the quintessential “big dog in a small package,” and I’ve heard they do fine in city apartment.

    Both corgis I’ve know well liked cats quite a bit. And were naturally very gentle with children.

    One thing to be aware of is that they shed quite a bit, some year-round. If you become a true corgi-lover, you’ll wear this special “tweed” like a badge of honor! But it does make for a lot of vacuuming.

    Hope this is helpful, not to much…and not to plagiarized; I know I’ve read most of this in one place or another, but I’ve also found it to be true.

  109. Katherine says:

    Umm, no offense here, but I think you lifted the nonword “nubule” from Shreve Stockton’s Daily Coyote blog. Charlie as a baby was the quintessential nubule.

  110. Meg Could you Post something new ………..
    I need to smile big time I lost a freind today to a car crash.

  111. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww This is an adorable widdly puppy!

    I too needed cute terribly.

    My husband and I were both downsized yesterday. 😦 It’s been a pretty gnarly 24 hours for us.

  112. OMG, the ears. Yes, the tongue, the footies, the nubule, but most of all the freakin’ EARS!!!!



  113. Puppeh has some knobular action going on too! Cute!

  114. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Leah–I’m so, so sorry. **hug**

    Corgis are amazing little dogs–so full of fun and so opinionated!

  115. I has Corgi. Cardigan, mit tail. Lovely doggie, fierce with people not us and without fear with other doggets. Not a dog to share the house with zee bun-bun. At least not ours. Big dog in a compact body, not to be taken lightly. She herds me around and has a very set schedule. She patrols the perimeter of her back yard, then relaxes to do her business. Her ears are wonderful her tail divine. Not a dog for families who have parties- the unknown is just to stressful for her. She is impossible to keep lean. Affectionate but not seeking affection, she keeps her own counsel. BUT she follows me around the house like a puppy dog. Nosey as the dickens. Will eat anything and then regret it. I just adore her, but you do have to be firm that she doesn’t have her own way all of the time, when it isn’t to her benefit, anyway. Easy to please, but hard to convince! Her bark sounds like a dog twice her height and weight! Viva los Cardigan Corgis!

  116. OH, I forgot the ‘tocks and the belleh- the ‘tocks have a pair of pantelones- four-inch fur, all down the back of the legs.Four-inch long fuuuuuurrr that, when wiggled, is just the cutest furrry thing going. One benighted groomer actually cut the ‘tocks fur to about an inch long (to keep her cleaner, she said)-well she keeps herself nice and clean and I am there to step in when needed. Then there is a 5-inch long belleh fur-and this Corgi loves a rub anytime. She sleeps on her back. So I have my own Cute Overload on four (short) legs. One must be a ‘caver’ to keep the ears clean, and she doesn’t like the spelunking, but it is a necessary part of Corgi grooming. She wakes me up at 5:15 or some in the AM by shaking those wonderful ears- at first I thought it was incomplete cleaning, but no, I think she just likes the sound/sensation of wapping her ears! If ya got it, flaunt it!

    Furry ‘tocks and an 5-inch long belleh fur-I take a piece of her wherever I go. It is unavoidable. We purchase those sticky-rolley-sheets, but well, we have decided to wear it as a badge of honor!

  117. Thanks. Anner and Katrina! I am already very hairy thanks to the three furry boys who live with me, so the shedding wouldn’t be too shocking. 🙂 Corgis sound like tons of fun, active but not hyper. And, umm, having someone with airplane ears, a tail nubule, and herding instincts… well, that’s just the best sounding roommate!

  118. @ Katherine: no worries, credit is given where credit is due! Check out the CO glossary, under Nubule.

  119. @ Katherine also: Shreve knows & approves; I’ve been emailing w/her.

  120. I love Welsh Corgis so much! So moiche! <3

  121. Persephone says:

    Update: I showed this picture to Husband and he almost died, for reals. He is a corgi enthusiast.

    Those of you who are fans of our nubbulent friends should check out “Korgi” by Christian Slade. It’s a redonkulous all-ages graphic novel about a land of magical corgis. I am not even joking.

  122. diddleymaz says:

    dear Jane, the reason you dont see pembrokes with tails is that would be a cardi unless you have the pedigree to hand of course ,the docking is done when they are days old, often before they open their eyes,breeders will say it doesnt hurt then!!! Some bite them off or used to, and actually I live in Wales and my husband is from Pembrokeshire ! (no comment about his tail) Actually the Corgi is a cattle herding dog and the Queens are well know for nipping the heels of people who dont move in time that was how such small dogs herded the cattle in the days when drovers from wales took herds of welsh beef cattle to english towns for sale, also how many Banks started in UK as they had to carry the money back to the farmers.Also all dogs have been bred to look as they do by man which causes health problemms for many breeds.

  123. DaytimeDeb says:

    “Will eat anything and then regret it” Oh that brings back the memories! As a kid, I would ocassionally bring a balloon home from a kid’s birthday party (not the mylar kind). Our Pembroke, Buffy, would wait until the balloon lost it’s air, and then eat it. We wouldn’t know what happened to the balloon until, um… well, whoever was on yard duty that day would find out!

    For some reason crickets would get into our house very easily — Buffy would find them and eat them (I guess she couldn’t herd them, though I am sure she tried!) I was deathly afraid of crickets as a kid, so she was my hero!

  124. Persephone – you are my hero. you said you were not joking, and you weren’t. guess what is now at the top of my amazon wish list?

  125. he is so adorable! he almost looks like my moms dog papito….does he like to jump on the bed… mom’s does he will jump up and down with the kids…it is so funny to watch!

  126. Anasztaizia says:

    *dies* I could stare at this one allllllll day!

  127. ElleDoubleU says:

    There are Pembrokes naturally born without tails, but because that’s now the breed standard (and they’re bred for that, but some still show up with tails), some get docked. I hope the US catches up to England and that the AKC accepts non docked pups. Their tails are cute, kinda curly like akitas or basenjis, not the big fluffy fox tail like the CArdigans.

  128. I have a PWC, and he is the best pup in the world. I love his little stubby tail, and it goes absolutely berzerk when he gets excited. Pembrokes are great dogs, and I can’t recommend them enough. Waking up to that cute little face every morning makes waking up worth the trouble.

  129. not sure I find docking cute… adorable puppeh though

  130. I can’t handle the cuteness!!!

  131. I love animals says:

    OMG! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! (I luv the close-up lol)