Super Tuesday Votin’ and Stoatin’

Votin_n_stoatin_bleeped_2Dewds, here’s a great voting advertisement; I just received a pre-recorded (natch) phone call from STEVIE WONDER saying that he called to say he ‘loves me’ and that I should vote for Barack Obama. Awesome, Barack. And, um, Holy target audience.

I think C.O. should sponsor a radio ad of kittens purring for a candidate.

Do I dare ask who YOU are voting for on this fine Sthuper Tuesday? I’m still writing in Colbert.

Whatever you do, just don’t fergit to vote. Polls open ’til 8PM.

And let’s not forget the baby Stoat ‘n’ Vote song: Vote vote vote, Like a baby stoat, stoat stoat stoat, cast a leetle vote! DO EET!



  1. Polls close at different times in different states, so check out your state board of elections’ website to get exact hours.

  2. I dare answer! Obama all the way! Methinks Mr. Stoat agrees with me.

  3. I voted! My first time voting in New York City. I’m a big girl now.

  4. ehn! They all blew us off here in Michigan…

  5. OK, I like to keep my politics out of my C.O. (usually) but here’s my deal. I’m a Democrat. My dream ticket is Clinton/Obama. If that happens, I will be ecstatic. As things stand today, though, I have a slight preference for Obama.

    In the Republican camp, I appreciate Huckabee’s sense of humor, but that by itself is not a basis of electability for me. Romney I think has delusions of candidacy. McCain… well, he’s got, shall we say, some rough edges? …but if I were somehow REQUIRED to vote GOP, he’d be my choice.

  6. Simpson O'Brien says:

    meows and woofs to Obama all the way!!!

  7. I’ll vote for whichever candidate picks up on that purring idea. I’d pay money not to hear another pol jabbering at me for the next 8 months!

  8. Both this Independent and her disenchanted Republican boyfriend voted for Obama.

  9. charliewabba says:

    My state isn’t voting today, but if it were, it would be for Obama. My nieces go to teh same school as his girls, but that’s not why I’d vote for him.
    I would never in a million years vote for Huckabee, and since this is CO, I won’t harsh anyone’s cute by ‘splaining why, but you can google Huckabee son stray dog and see for yourself. If someone held a knife to my throat and told me to vote Republican or die, I’d vote for McCain (then pray real hard during Kol Nidrei)

  10. hubby and i are off to vote for Obama in a few minutes.

    but i think the real issue here came up during our last Stoat discussion. why is it that stoats, but not goats, can vote? so far all the candidates have failed to address this issue at all.

  11. If stoats could vote they would only vote for stoats!!! Let’s put stoats in the in the White House. Hammies for Congress. Kitties purring the Star Spangled Banner!!!

    Otters should run the FBI and puppies Homeland security. I would feel secure cuddling a puppy!

  12. Pearl Ostroff says:

    Unfortunately. I am a Canadian so I cannot vote. But when asked Canadians are overwhelmingly Democrat, and I don’t know who I’d vote for if I could. Either Obama or Clinton would be a nice change.

    And yes, why can’t goats vote? Stoats are cute, though, (and so are goats).

  13. OK Anner, Pearl —


  14. fish eye no miko says:

    I’m registered Independent, so I can’t vote in the Primaries.

  15. charliewabba says:

    Pat – Somehow, I think the otters would be running the CIA.

  16. …while the weasels were sequestered in the Undisclosed Location

  17. charliewabba says:

    I’m all for African Grey Parrots on the Supreme Court

  18. charliewabba says:

    Theo – snort!

  19. You know that I love it
    When you call my home
    ‘cuz nobody evar
    Calls me on the phone
    So let’s take our time
    And have a conversation
    First I’ll sing a song to you
    Of who should run our nation
    Are you asking me
    My answer will be
    I’m gonna vote
    For Hillary

  20. shandrewsca says:

    Hillary all the way baby, with Obama as her VP. Ahhh, what a sweet dream 🙂

  21. I’d vote Colbert as well, but I’m not quite sure I agree with his position on bears.

  22. Am I the only one to think we could do worse than President Stoat?

    Stevie Wonder? Well, if I got a call from Scarlett Johansson I’d vote for Obama. (She doing them as well.) And not one of those robocalls…

  23. I wish we could indicate when we’re not really voting for one candidate but voting against another.

  24. Ron Paul! Surely, I’m not the only one?! Hilary is my second choice, though. I’m a libertarian.

  25. I’m registered green party so neither Clinton nor Obama are on my ballot, which is LAME. I voted Nader just because… though now I wish I’d written in Jon Stewart! Stewart/Colbert 08 y’all!!

    I think ferrets should run national security alongside the puppies. They are very good at weaseling their way into any possible hiding place. 😉

  26. charliewabba: I googled. Kinda wish I hadn’t, though. Strange that this story hasn’t gotten more media play.

  27. ShelleyTambo says:

    Colbert/Stewart ’08! PA’s primary isn’t until… uh… April? I don’t really pay attention since I can’t vote in it (registered independent).

  28. Barak Obama all the way baybay!

  29. charliewabba says:

    moggyfan – I know. I hesitated posting that, but…
    Really, I couldn’t vote for anyone who thinks the Constitution should be changed so it’s based on the Bible–a document I hold in very high regard, truly.

  30. Obama, all the way.

  31. Jen Richmond says:

    Dude, is that little guy even old enough to vote? ‘Cause he sure don’t look it. He musta snuck in up somebody’s pant leg.

  32. i’m sorry. is the stoat running for prez? i’d like to vote for the stoat. i’d like to vote like a stoat for a stoat.


  33. I voted for Hillary. My cats and dogs are pleased as can be.

  34. First time CO poster here! and I don’t get to vote until March 4, but when I do it will be for Obama! w00t!

  35. I’m a little stoat who ALWAYS votes! Since I was 18! I HEART to vote!

    Anyway, for me, it’s Obama.

    I stood in line Saturday for two hours in the freezing cold, waiting to hear him speak. Lemme tell you, it was worth it. The excitement was electric, and I’ve never felt so inspired (and I’ve been involved in politics since childhood, thanks to my parents).

    I admire Hillary, but believe she’s too divisive, and let’s face it, the Repulicans will do anything to keep her from becoming Prez. They WANT her to be nominated, because it’s the only thing that will bring them together. They’ll close ranks and vote for anybody – it doesn’t matter who – just so it’s not her. It’s an irrational hatred, but it’s there.

  36. what is B***es ???
    dont get it?
    i didnt vote for any of the people you-all are talkin about.

  37. My vote was cast for Hillary, but my idea ticket is

  38. Wait, wait! Changed my mind! I vote for Hon Glad! Hurry Dear, get yer Green Card, memorize stuff! We need a ferner to fix this mess. Can I be yer Running Mate?????

  39. Too bad pets can’t vote, and for that matter run. Who wouldn’t want to see a kitten in the white house? Plus, all those commercials that say “I’m so and so and I approve this message” would be so much better with meows, don’t you think? But as for people, clinton pres. and obama vp would be pretty nice

  40. Silent Meow says:

    “Who do you choose?” you ask a moose in a stall.
    He answers, “Ron Paul! Vote for him, one and all!”
    All mouses go squeak. All kittehs meow. Birdies lift their beaks. The doggies bow wow. The sun brightens the peaks as if to agree.
    The moose votes for Ron Paul, doing so with great glee.

  41. re: Ron Paul — I thought this was interesting…

  42. We don’t vote ’til March in Texas – but my vote will go to OBAMA!

  43. I’m torn between Obama and McCain.

  44. OBAMA baby!

    I think Obama Edwards has a nice ring to it…

  45. Kate – its a good thing you can wait until November to worry about that one! You know, If O wins that is.

    […Oprah?? *She’s* running? – Ed.]

  46. i’m in indiana. no one cares what we think. 😦

    as a woman, i desperately want a woman in the white house. that’s why i’ll NOT be voting for hillary. that woman makes me squirm.

    i could handle her as veep. i think her “experience” and knowledge of how to use/abuse the system could be helpful in the coming years….but, i’ll be damned if i’m gonna vote for someone for PRESIDENT who’s as inspiring as adipose tissue.

    baRACK the vote!

    (if i’d had my druthers, it would have been obama/kucinich, but….)

  47. Dream ticket? Gore/Obama, but I’m starting to think Al really meant it about not running. 😦

    I did not register a party affiliation, as I did not want Florida to be tipped off that they should lose my ballot. The down side is, I cannot vote in the primaries.

    Stoopid Florida.

  48. Silent Meow says:

    Ed., DKN probably means Obama. I didn’t see Oprah Wimphrey (spelling?) listed on the ballot.

  49. Liz, rhymes with “riches.”

  50. I voted! I did eet!

  51. Chicago loves us some Obama!!!
    Besides, who does Romney think he’s foolin’ with that hair ‘o his? The stoats see that box of Clairol for Men behind your back!

  52. Dream ticket = Kucinich + Paul + that stoat.

  53. Has anyone else noticed how Mittens is Guy Smiley’s twin? It’s downright spooky!

  54. I would follow that stoatlet anywhere.

  55. I’ll vote for the stoat, if his running mate is a guinea pig. Let’s make it happen!!

  56. Jupiter Star says:

    I’m sad because my favorite candidate (and really the only one I liked thinking of as president) dropped out a while ago, but I’m probably going for Obama tonight, if only because he’s made the smart decision of saying he’d consider putting Richardson as his running mate (which no other candidate still running has said).

    Primarily, though? Tonight’s all about caucusing and trying to land a delegate position because apparently most of the Colorado delegates will get to go to the DNC and if I’m getting a week off of school for that anyway, I might as well try and get in!

  57. Ohio was blown off for SuperTuesday, but we get to vote soon. We even get our own debate. But I think I am writing in that cure little guy! 🙂

  58. Jupiter Star says:

    Oooo, wait, we can write in the stoat? I’m doing that instead!

  59. “Besides, who does Romney think he’s foolin’ with that hair ‘o his? The stoats see that box of Clairol for Men behind your back!”

    ROFL serfer0! I am not down with him at all, but I think Romney is kind of cute (staying on topic). Oh deer.

  60. Obama for the win.

  61. um…Thank goodness for Theo. McCain. I never realized I was the only Repub at CO.

  62. Silent Meow Ed. was joking… Or was He???? ; )

    But if Oprah was running instead of Hillary I’d probably vote for her.

    Actually I have been completely torn this whole Time and today I know who I will be voting for.
    But it has been very hard to decided.

  63. Martha You aren’t the only republican on CO I know of a couple more too..

  64. Obama…but not til next week.

  65. OMG String_Bean_Jen! I agree!
    If one can ignore the utter PREPOSTEROUSNESSES of his hair, Romney is a total dreamcake! And I’m a big queer!
    (back on topic)
    Gay stoats for Obama!

  66. Ron Paul!!!

  67. ThreeCatNight says:

    I’m voting for Hillary!
    What “change” is Obama talking about? “Change” is relative to whomever becomes our next President, and I wince to think that the untested Obama could handle the job — just no substance there for me, like a cardboard cutout.
    To the polls in NYC, TONIGHT!

  68. Everyone who likes Obama has annoyed me to no end, so I’ll have to go with Hilary. 😀 I can’t believe someone with that name (think of things that rhyme) is a popular candidate for president when our country is so damn conservative. Anyway, he seems like a nice guy, but Hilary has so much experience that it’s kind of a no-brainer.

    YAY PUPPIES KITTIES GOATS!!! I see a tail wagging in the store next to me!! I think he’s excited to buy a lamp.

  69. OBAMA!!! But I’m in NH so we already got (and blew!) our chance.

  70. greenighs says:

    I saw Stevie Wonder getting into a limousine in New York City once. I waved to him — and he waved back!

    Ah, those brief brushes with celebrity.

  71. Dream ticket
    What a great running mate he’d make.

  72. I’m with Theo , Clinton (pres), Obama (VP, eventually gets Pres) is possibly a dream ticket.

  73. stacia and bellacakes says:

    Hillary!!!! For family, children, healthcare and the animals.

  74. charliewabba says:

    greenighs – how did Stevie Wonder know you had waved at him and where to wave back? Just wondering.

  75. please, no politics here.

    [Not usually, Andy. No worries. Vote your conscience! – Ed.]

  76. OK; I’m probably the only one who keeps saying Ru Paul, instead of Ron Paul.

    If you hope to cast your vote today, to have your favorite net the fin – if you see a ray of hope for your political fishes to come true: get ye to your polling plaice!

  77. pheas-
    ok gotcha- not enough ***’s I shoulda know’d that!

  78. If the whale could be named Splashy Pants, then we can elect a stoat!The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dream never dies!!!

  79. My boyfriend told me last week that he’s voting for Ru Paul!

    (Re: Hillary having more experience than Obama: she’s been in the Senate just a few years more. I take it people mean her First Lady experience? All that did was make her a whole mess of enemies.)

  80. I liked Ron Paul a lot until I read what he published over the years in the “Ron Paul Freedom Papers” about blacks, Jews, and foreigners. After I read that, not so much.

    Kucinich would be my dream if he was viable.

    But ultimately… I put my hopes with Obama!

  81. GreenIghs — that really is one of the funniest things I’ve read in recent memory.

    Aubrey — how do I look?

  82. Oh Theo – you KNOW I didn’t mean Oprah. *eyeroll* Christ. *sigh* LOL!

  83. circuscake says:

    i wish we could have co-presidents: kucinich and ron paul. how interesting would *that* be?!

    for me, a vote for hilary is a vote for same old sh*t. i consider obama’s lack of experience a very good thing, actually. he kinda reminds me of john f. kennedy- who was young, the first roman catholic, and promising this country a change. on the republican side i can only choose mccain.

    i am a die-hard independent. it takes *a lot* to get me to vote republican or democrat. but i am considering it…

  84. All eyes will be on NEBRASKA this Saturday, as we in the Cornhusker State host our first Democratic caucus!!! If you are in Nebraska, please attend and vote- you can contact your county party office for your caucus location.

    As for me- I’ll be voting OBAMA!

    (PS- after scanning the above posts, I’d like to commend CO’s posters for playing nicely. Yay for democracy!)

  85. 😉 @ DKN… OMG now *HE’S* running??

  86. 😛 @ Theo.

    Pliny – excellent point!! No nuffers today!!

  87. I got this web address in an email and according to the results, I’m a Gulianni girl, but since he’s gone, I am now the torn one between McCain and Obama. I’ll probably go Obama since it looks like McCain is going to get the nomination anyway.

  88. Obama all the way. Feminist guilt be damned!

  89. Anne Boleyn says:

    I like the way Theo said it. I also like Tho.

  90. Anne Boleyn says:

    Of course I meant that I also like THEO.

  91. John Edwards, he’s still on the ballot!

  92. Obama! Also, his wife rocks! Except I don’t get to vote today, Oregon’s primary isn’t for forEVer.

  93. Anne B. — I’m not running, though.


    …also, could someone please get Sheilagh a *current* ballot?

    [snikr pt.2]

  94. Sanjaya – sure, he can’t sing, but ya gotta respect that floofy hair.

  95. I had Mitt Romney call me and use my name and city in his message. In his voice on my answering machine. Weird stuff.

  96. Wait, since when is Nader running again? Haven’t we learned that lesson already?

    DON’T THROW ANY YOUR VOTES on people who can’t get any delegates – beloved Colbert included. If this country had a primary voting system that wasn’t so absolutely screwed up I’d say vote anyone you want, but on Super Tuesday–a day when you have the most influence and there are only 6 viable candidates in two viable parties–you gotta hold your nose a little and vote for the best option. Only Iowa and NH had the chance to really make a true decision (lucky…).

    I’m an Obama girl myself, with a wet dream ticket of Gore-Kucinich.

  97. G&G — if *THAT* were true, every news station would be showing the Carrot Top Campaign chanting FOUR MORE YEARS! FOUR MORE YEARS!

  98. T. – you’re not koi, I’ll give you that.

    [Don’t make me post the Kipper Addotta link again… – Ed.]

  99. Red Pandas for Romney!

  100. CEK — I really don’t think you need to worry about that guy anymore. Let him run. We’ll do a “Cute Or Sad?” post afterwards. (and I don’t mean Col-Bear)

  101. “Has anyone else noticed how Mittens is Guy Smiley’s twin?”

    I think Ron Paul looks like Lady Elaine Fairchilde from Mister Rogers.

  102. Theo – tell it to the State of NY. Edwards was on my ballot this am. I skritched my head and thought about all of the people who will vote for him because they think he’s still running.

  103. Whoa. I feel so under represented. Will I be squished up for speaking up as a Republican?

    *whisper, whisper* I voted for Mitt.

  104. snoopysnake says:

    (sing to tune of O Solo Mio)

    Obama Mio
    Will Save the Day
    Vote for Obama
    Super Tuesday!
    George Bush
    wrecked our country.
    We want it back –
    vote fooooooooorrr Barack!

  105. greenighs says:

    Theo: Thanks! We did used to wave at him when he was in the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was our favorite part of the day.

    charliewabba: I were jesting, bro. Like asking the concierge at a hotel to page Ms. Keller, first name, Helen.

  106. Hrmm. Allow me to rephrase…
    “Also, could someone please get THE STATE OF NEW YORK a *current* ballot?”

  107. DaytimeDeb says:

    I voted for Hillary. I saw her speak on Friday evening, and she did a great job laying out her plans. She and Obama are very similar on the issues, with the major difference in their healthcare plan. I know Obama said he could beat McCain, but he doesn’t know if Hilary can… but as president, I think she has the ability to get more things done.

    Hillary said on Friday, “Wasn’t it great watching the debate (on Thursday) and know that one of us could be the president of the United States? I want everyone to tell their children, their grandchildren, that YES, they can be anything they want when they grow up — even President!”

    I must say, it was a thrill to look at the two major choices for Democrats. It’s an historic moment!

  108. If Richardson is still on our ballot here in Utah, I will vote for him just to “send the message.” As a Utah Democrat I’m somewhat used having my vote not count for much 🙂

    I’m leaning toward Hillary if its down to the last two.

  109. rad_cuteologist says:

    I’m with CEK, holding my nose & voting Obama – might save a few lives. Sadly though, whoever wins, we all lose. Onward to the RNC/DNC protests. Stay cute, y’all…

  110. OK, I know I already nit-fitted a bit on the old politics, but there seems to be confusion about ballots.

    Just because a candidate’s name is on a ballot doesn’t mean that candidate is still running. Some states have early voting, like Florida and California, so you’ll still see Edwards or Kucinich and etc on the ballots because when people started to vote, those candidates were still running.

    If you did NOT vote early and your state votes on Super Tuesday or later, then as of Right Now your choices are:

    *Paul (Ron, not Ru) 🙂
    Gravel (yup, still in there)
    *write-in (your Colberts and etc)

    Does Green Party have a primary ballot? I know each state differs, but I think you have to be a Dem/Repub to vote in most places (not fair for Indies).

    All clear? Go forth.

  111. re: McCain — ooh, check THIS out…
    (skim the second paragraph)

    …so Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, AND Rush Limbaugh *all* dislike John McCain? He’s sounding better to me by the minute! (um, I’ll still be voting Dem tho)

  112. Please people, leave Mcstain alone. Vote for Romney.

  113. Theo, I have some right-wing relatives who think McCain is the great satan, but treat Ann Coulter’s blather as the gospel truth. I sent them her “endorsement” of Hillary, but have yet to hear back from them!

  114. Hooskerbooties says:

    Wow. According to Theo’s article, Rick Santorum so dislikes McCain that he’s listed twice! OMG!

  115. charliewabba says:

    @greenighs – ‘kay. Just wanted to be sure. Was scratching head.
    and (despite the name, which is really my parrot’s, I just use it online, he lets me) I’m a sis.
    Whatever happens, it is an awesome year, election-wise. I have to stay up late tonight to meet my husband who’s coming in on a midnight plane (not from Georgia, alas), and I’ll be keeping myself awake watching the election returns.

  116. Yeah, it’s my understanding that the uber-conservatives are always *against* stuff, but very seldom *for* anything.

    I know they hate McCain b/c he’s too moderate, but they don’t trust the Rom-ster because he *actually* ran as a liberal in MA and Huckabee is too populist. Who will they vote for? Are they bringing Newt back? Perhaps Bill-O ….


  117. Rush Limp-paw doesnt like anybody, if you’ve ever listened to his show for a week straight, you know what a panic-attack feels like.
    I’m a republican, but not one like him.

  118. Am I the only one to notice that in the stoat picture, a letter is missing from the bleeped word? It reads “B***es” when it should be “B****es”.

    [Yes, yes… the asterisks weren’t skinny enough to fit all four… – Ed.]

  119. Liz… part of what you just said… hell, I’m *already* panicking.

  120. Nope, you’re not the only one! I’m voted for Ron Paul too 🙂

  121. “I liked Ron Paul a lot until I read what he published over the years in the “Ron Paul Freedom Papers” about blacks, Jews, and foreigners.”

    He didn’t write it!
    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Although I’m not sure how anyone could like both Ron Paul and Obama since they are TOTAL OPPOSITES ON ALMOST EVERY ISSUE.

  122. Fired up READY TO GO!
    Obama all the way!

    I got the chance to meet Barack and Michelle in Iowa–they were the most articulate, compassionate people. I’ve loved him from the beginning and I know he’s going to do amazing things for America! Let’s BARACK the vote!

  123. CEK-
    In Nebraska’s Democratic caucus Republicans, Independents, and anyone not registered can register or re-register on-site on Saturday (the day of the caucus). One must be a Dem to participate, but I figure it’s nice to be able to participate in primaries (Dem or Rep), and party-affiliation does not dictate how one must vote.

    (I don’t work for the party or anything- I’m just *very excited* that our primary votes will make a difference here in Nebraska for the first time since Bobby Kennedy!)

  124. I’m registered Green in CA, so I couldn’t vote for anyone other than candidates in the Green, Independent, or Working Families parties.
    I’m a left-winger- I’ve never voted for a Democrat for president, but Obama just might make me change my mind. Let’s see what he does/doesn’t do in the next few months.

    Viva Cute!

  125. i’m sad. not enough Hillary love!

  126. Joyce in Chicago says:

    Proud that I got to vote for Obama this morning! And my kitty cat would happily sign on for purring commercials for Obama.

  127. Wow. Who knew?
    CO–home of the “animal cruelty” disapproving commentroversy–also home of a fairly polite little conversation about politics?

    As a Republican saboteur in a Republican state, I’m voting for Mitt Goodhair, because I don’t think he can beat either Dem candidate.

  128. Obama. Because there’s more to feminism than having ladyparts.

  129. tee hee-
    theo said “skinny asstericks”
    [both hands over mouth giggling wildly]

  130. @Renee:

    The papers went out under Ron Paul’s name; he signed off on them. Even if he didn’t write them–or even read them (a little silly for something you’re signing)–he implicitly endorsed the ideas within them. Moreover, he has since on more than one occasion said that he takes “moral responsibility” for everything in those papers, even though he also says that he abhors the troublesome content. I don’t really know what to think; I just find it troubling.

    As for how I could like both Ron Paul AND Obama–well, I think they are (or were, in the case of Ron Paul) the two candidates with the greatest potential to create real change in this country. They’re also two of the most popular candidates on college campuses, which is probably not a coincidence.

  131. Isn’t a “skinny asterix” what Conan O’Brien has?

  132. I saw the number of comments and assumed that there was a political commentroversy going on. And there isn’t! I am so excited!! A polite conversation about politics *can* exist!

    I am a Dem, but I still can’t make up my mind, which is unusual for me. But I guess since I am in NC now, I have until May to make up my mind (if there is even anything to make up by then!!). And hopefully by then they’ll get me my new registration card…

    charliewabba- how’d your birdie get his name?

  133. possumpiratess says:

    First I want to say I’m proud of my CO peeps…and of Meg to trust in us. I’ve seen no harsh words here (but I did just skim some in the middle:).
    Let’s be sure, no matter where we come from politically, that we have respect for all. That’s the “change” we really need to see.
    I already voted in FL, but-Hillary! All the way. I’d love to see, out of those still in the race, a Clinton/Obama ticket. Clinton/Edwards wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit, either. However, Clinton/Gore would be awesome in so many ways…not the least of which would be the new use my very old bumper sticker would get! 😀

  134. @serfer0:

    another Queer for Perposterousness!

    and for everything else that fun to say.

    obama rama llama ding dong. yarr!

  135. bah ha!!!
    Theresa!!! yer killin me.
    {rolling on floor , kicking feeties]
    as a matter of fact, that’s true. Conan O’Brien has no astericks at all!
    (so immtour!)

  136. BTW, Theo, do you know this one?

    Little Mary donned her skates
    Upon thin ice to frisk;
    Wasn’t she a silly girl
    Her little * ?

  137. the baby stoat voting song reminds me of this making fiends episode:

  138. Edwards is still on the ballot in a state or two (or more?) because he didn’t submit that state’s paperwork in time to be removed.

    I literally walked into the booth and didn’t know what to do. I’ve never felt that way in a voting booth before. It was a little scary, but also incredibly satisfying to realize that there were TWO candidates for who I wanted to vote and neither of them was a white man!! Yay for honest-to-god (or whatever it is that you believe in) representation of this country’s demographics already!

    (I had to go through the same thing yesterday at the school where I teach, where we did a mock vote. It was good practice)

    Oh, and yay Giants!

  139. (PS – stoats are cute)

  140. Aware — that’d be Silly Party, then? Founded by Tarquin Fim Tim Lim Bim Wim Bim Bim Bim Bus Stop Ftang Ftang Ole’ Biscuit Barrel?

    (If you have no idea what I’m on about, you’re not actually missing much.)

  141. Theresa — well, *now* I do.

  142. Obviously my bleen should say “for WHAM I wanted to vote.” Jeez. I put the preposition in the right spot and then typo’ed the “whim.”

  143. Kind of thing you learn in Catholic school. 😉

    And, BTW, Go Giants! I am so proud of those guys. They are such a bunch of teddy bears!

  144. AuntieMame says:

    I can’t vote today, as I am neither Democrat nor Republican. And I refuse to associate with either party, just so I can vote in a primary. I’d rather eat a bowl of dog poo with cockroaches sprinkled on top.

    I don’t like any of the candidates, to be honest, although if it comes down to it, McCain is the one closest to my ideologies. I’m leaning toward voting Independent.

  145. Ew for Hilary or Obama, Hilary will tax everyone up the arrsee and all Obama says he wants is change. Well change to what?? Gross, and McCain is just a liberal trying to make himself out to be a republican. So it’s Romney for me all the way.

  146. emma leigh says:

    I know not many peoples are reading down this far. But please, may I say, to all of those who did: I LOVE THE BABY STOAT SONG!!

    That is all.

  147. I vote for neither and shake my head as we enslave ourselves to harbingers of more and more government and less and less freedom.

    I would vote for Ron Paul but his Libertarian isolationism engenders a weak foreign policy and an underestimation of the Islamo-fascist threat we face.

  148. Alexis — don’t worry, you’re not going crazy. Somebody *might* be messing with you just a little. FYI.

  149. AuntieM — really? Seriously??
    I always thought you were GOP.
    (and I’m not being snide or anything, honest)

  150. Who did that? Was that you, Theo?

    Am I not allowed to correct my grammar? That’s a new one on me!

  151. For Theo:

    “Well, this is largely as I predicted, except that the Silly Party won. I think this is largely due to the number of votes cast. Gerald?”

  152. See above, Alexis.

    Oh, and also:

  153. Thanks for not making my head explode from panic, Theo. For a sec there I thought there was a little something extra in the glass of wine I’m having.

  154. WCGC gets the (Full) Monty Python award for the day.

  155. (BTW, It only looks like “Raymond Luxury Yacht”. It’s pronounced “Throatwobbler Mangrove.”)

  156. AuntieMame says:

    P.S. I’m really not trying to start a commentroversy, but I feel compelled to say that people who vote Indepedent of Green or anyone other than the main two candidates are NOT throwing their votes away. There has been a lot of that kind of complaining in the past, from people who were so sure that all the ones who voted Nader would have voted Democrat otherwise. How do you know? Maybe they, like me, disliked the Democratic candidate equally as much as the Republican?

  157. AuntieMame says:

    Sorry for continuing to run my mouth!

    But, yes, Theo. I have definite conservative leanings, as you’ve perceived, but when I registered to vote for the first time way back when, I made a deliberate choice not to choose either of the two big parties.

    Republicans were (and are) the party of the very wealthy, and they have no clue how us real people live and work and try to make ends meet.

    And the Democrats’ solution to everything is to take all your money away and give it to the government. I happen to think that government is part of the problem, so I’m not convinced that making the problem bigger actually solves anything.

  158. Really, anytime anyone has the privilege of voting according to their conscience, it’s not throwing a vote away…

  159. AuntieM — that sounds to me like grossly over-simplifying things, even for internet-age attention spans like ours… but it’s your vote.

  160. (Wait, seriously, Theo, I don’t get it! I know about “bleen” for bleen post, but not for my grammar thingy! Have I really not looked at CO for that long? Am I drunk already?)

  161. That’s the beauty of being messed with, innit?

  162. AuntieMame says:

    Theo, maybe it is a simplification, but really what I’m saying is that I don’t buy any party line without a healthy dose of skepticism.

    I have voted all across the political spectrum in my time. I believe my very first Presidential vote went to a Democrat. Since then I have voted Democrat, Republican, Independent, whichever individual I thought was the best candidate. Regardless of his/her party affiliation.

  163. Very well. I can handle being messed with. I have an eeveel boyfriend and I’m gullible, so it happens a lot.

    Happy voting, everyone!

  164. AuntieMame says:

    And good evening, Colin.

    (Eleventy-hundred brownie points to whoever can identify that quote!)

  165. Are you a “House” fan, AuntieMame? Perhaps “Mr. Bean”?

    (Now I’m really going. Gotta make some dinner.)


  167. chickenbutts for dinner says:


  168. AuntieMame says:

    Not a House fan, Alexis. As much as I adore Hugh Laurie, I just can’t get past his American accent.

    I do love Mr. Bean, though.

    And you’re on the right track! 🙂

  169. Maybe I should rephrase, because I didn’t mean to offend anyone.

    Not voting for the mainstream candidates isn’t actually throwing your vote away – there’s something to be said for making a statement that you believe in. But the way our country chooses our candidates for the primary is SERIOUSLY messed up, and voters have to take into consideration what’s going to happen after the election is over.

    I’m very much in line with the Green Party ideologically, but it doesn’t seem like there’s much chance for them to win the presidency so I vote for the greenest Democrat. It’s my way of compromise. My hope is that we can get publicly-financed elections, get rid of the Electoral College and have every state vote at the same time without this delegate crap, but as it is you have make some serious choices based on serious research.

    Oh, and I’m REALLY glad there are at least a few states where you have an option beyond Blue and Red! 🙂

  170. Dinner’s cookin’ (and it’s not brownies). I though about maybe making some BLACK pudding, though. With fried ADDER?

    (Ok, that second one didn’t work so well. And we were talking about the primary, non? Time for me to leave!)

  171. Alexis, did you say “Thingy”? Is that a turnip-shaped “Thingy,” or a “Thingy”-shaped turnip?
    Or perhaps a tax on “Thingy”?

  172. When the race is close, voting 3rd party is definitely not “throwing your vote away.” Said the girl who voted for Nader in Florida in 2000. That’s like saying shooting someone and saying, “Oh, that bullet? I threw it away.”

  173. AuntieMame says:

    CEK, I wasn’t offended. I was just offering a different point of view.

    And I agree with everything except for getting rid of the Electoral College. I know it has flaws, but it’s better than letting California, Texas and New York run the country for all of us.

  174. Dang-
    Almost made it a “commentroversy” free day…

    Why so angry, Auntie and bleh? *baroo*

    Where’s that kitteh we gave to Sen. Clinton a few weeks back- he might help ameliorate the situation.

  175. You forgot Florida. (and Poland)

  176. Touche, Aunite – a very good point on the EC.

  177. Obamarama! The preferred choice of cute folks everywhere!

  178. Theo: Heehee.

    (I shoulda said “And I’ll ADDER to my pasta.” Would have made Aubrey proud.)

  179. i, too, am super-thrilled by this thread.

    *the absence of snark is positively delightful! why can’t we do this other times? hmmmmm…..

    *on a personal note, i’m not a fan of hillary…and, i’m excited by the anecdotal evidence that this thread shows — that not that many other people are, either.

    i loved the poster, above…something like: obama. because there’s more to feminism than having lady parts.

  180. AuntieMame says:

    Angry? When was I angry? Having a differing opinion just means I disagree. It doesn’t mean I’m throwing a temper tantrum.

  181. I just got a weird flash of Hilary dancing around and singing “My lovely lovely lady parts!”

  182. Theresa, you are evil, evil evil! I will now require brain bleach to get that song and the image said lady parts out of my head.

  183. WCGC, I didn’t say I was happy about it! 😉

  184. I’m not sure if this is the first year for the rule change, but now unaffiliated voters can vote in the Massachusetts primaries without losing their designation.

    I still didn’t vote, though. Frankly, there isn’t anyone that I feel completely confident in. I just can’t get myself to vote for a candidate that I’m not behind 100%. Plus, I was originally supposed to be in Texas this week.

  185. Theresa, I keep reading your name as Theo’s. My “heehee” was at your turnip-shaped thingy. And now your Hillary dance.

    Though I liked Theo’s Poland comment too…

    If you haven’t voted in a Super Tuesday state yet and you’re able to do so, get out there peeps…

  186. Alexis, every once in a while I think of posting as “Teheresa” in honor of Teho!

  187. Theresa – MY EYES! MY EYES!

    That said, I cannot vote for not being a citizen. But if I could I’d be in a dead panic that somehow my vote would send the country spiraling into a death spiral of death and doom and badness because I voted the wrong way.

    That or write in “Eleanor Roosevelt” 😛

  188. My fecking primary isn’t until MAY.

    Until then, I’ll just keep voting in the cutetracker.

  189. I vote Hugh Laurie for president 😉

  190. Ron Paul will be on my ballot as I am a registered Repubican.

    But I won’t be voting for him, not unless he’s running for Fuhrer.

  191. charliewabba says:

    See how teh cute brings us all together? We may be on to something here.
    @Beth – I’m in NC too. Charliewabba came to us 5 years ago with the name Charlie, we added the Wabba because of a noise he makes that is basically untranscribable, Wabba is the closest we can come. He likes it though, and says the word wabba in addition to making the wabba noise. He is sitting on my arm watching me type this. He likes CO.

  192. And yep I nabbed that comment from PW:

  193. McCain seens to be an arrogant prick and Romney a wind-bag.

    Ron Paul makes sense!!!!

    Vote Paul 2008!!!

  194. @Theo, Alexis, Theresa—LOL, keep the Monty Python references coming! Remember Mr. Hilter?

    My guy (Biden) unfortunately dropped out, I was leaning towards Edwards then he dropped out…and I was finally persuaded by Caroline Kennedy endorsing Obama. I was really impressed by that, given that she has never (that I know of) endorsed a candidate in the Primaries. Plus his wife gave a kick-ass speech on Sunday that I caught on CSPAN.

    If I had to go Republican, I’d go McCain, too. (Especially if all those hatemongers like Rush hate him!) I just can’t support anybody who thinks that Freedom of Religion means freedom to choose your own version of Christianity.

    I’m really not surprised at the lack of nuff-i-ness. Cuteologists ROCK!!!!!!!!!

  195. annoying little twerp says:

    I rarely comment-read every day-but today I had too.
    Kuma: I also voted for Mitt.
    The husband and I are actually “Fredheads” but since Fred dropped out I went with Mitt.The husband voted for McLain. Veterans support Veterans. Go GOP!

  196. “I just can’t support anybody who thinks that Freedom of Religion means freedom to choose your own version of Christianity.”

    Funny because that is exactly what it means by definition. Even if you choose to worship patio furniture.

  197. Huh…I didn’t know patio furniture was Christian. Is it Catholic? Inquiring minds want to know.

  198. BADGERS in homeland security, obviously, along with weasels. and ferrets.

    but it’s time we had a kitten in the white house. Kitten/Puppy ’08!

    also: gay stoats for obama! is awesome. AWESOME.

    i think about that votin’ stoat ALL THE TIME, by the way. like, almost every day.


  199. I need to study the candidates positions more closely on all the issues, but I’m leaning toward Hillary based on her healthcare plan. Being a self-employed person who has been uninsured during the past 5 years, and having recovered from a heart attack 2 years ago at age 44, universal health care is a BIG issue with me.

  200. As a New York citizen, yeah, HOORAY for a system that keeps New York from running the country. :/ (Although I hate the electoral college system, so…)

    As a five-year resident of Massachusetts, a little part of me DIES every time someone suggests voting for Romney…although, frankly, the academics here are all encouraging it simply because “there’s no way he could beat Hillary or Obama.”

    I’m registered independent but lean democratic…but I’m glad I’m not voting today because although I like Hillary’s health plans more, she’s done very little while in office and I’m reluctant to vote Obama because his campaign has been pretty dirty.

    It stinks having two candidates that you like but aren’t totally sure about…

  201. Patio Furniture is Irish, of course. I don’t know if it’s Catholic or Protestant.

  202. I’m voting for Ovaltine Jenkins.

  203. hehehe @ Teheresa ;))

  204. CoffeeCup says:

    Freedom of religion entails giving people the right to choose what they believe in, whether it is Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or Buddhism. People have the right to choose what they want, so even though I’m a Christian and obviously don’t believe in any other religion, I don’t have a problem with Mitt Romney, because it’s not my place to judge other religions when God has placed the authority in our founding fathers to give freedom of religion.

  205. I didn’t come on CO to get bombarded with Political Stuff. If I want to trip back into reality, I will turn on TV. Between Politics, Brittney, and the snow, I’ve had enough. Please leave my one haven of peace and cuteitude out of the political arena. If it continues I will find a new outlet!

  206. BUT Hi-C
    we are havin so much luvin fun.
    {come ere lil buddy, lets talk about it,[big huggs and lovins] iz ok… we still luv ya}
    I tol ya all b-4 we can talk about anything! even this.

  207. Freedom of religion kids, I was quoting Gail, Oi.

  208. Carrie, I do believe that was the point. Gail meant that freedom of religion doesn’t mean the freedom to choose ONLY from among the varieties of Christianity, which is how many in this country, especially on the right (and especially Mike Huckabee), view it.

    As for the actual topic… I suppose I support Obama, when it comes down to it, except that I don’t, really. Richardson and Dodd were my guys, as much as I supported anyone, and I was sad to see them go. I’ll vote for whoever winds up flying the blue flag in November–probably Clinton, from the looks of things–but the primary was hard for me.

  209. Silent Meow says:

    Patio furniture is definitely Christian, because it believes in the Carpenter’s Son (who some refer to as Jesus).

    Now, whether it is Protestant or Catholic, I don’t know.

  210. Though I don’t get to vote today (we have our caucus here in WA on Saturday) I will be absolutely one thousand percent behind our next democratic president, HILLARY CLINTON (and her vice president Barack Obama who I think is too inexperienced but has a good message).
    GO HILLARY!!! I’ve always dreamed of a woman president since I was a little girl and my teachers told me it was possible in my lifetime. That’s a really possibility now!

  211. Theresa- as in Patty O’Furniture? Ha!

    Can Gore still join in?

  212. Yay I voted… Twas a long day and weirdly we had a whole new voting system today.. They took away our electronic (computer) voting machines and we had these big ballots that we just put a mark on in pen by our candidate and also on the initiatives. I don’t feel real confident voting like that. I want my Hanging chads.
    or hole puncher system.

  213. @Lilitu–thanks for clarifying and doing a much better job of it than I could! That’s exactly what I meant.

  214. Sorry, Al Gore can’t run for President…because I have him locked up in my bedroom!

  215. OBAMA all the way! I have been waiting for this day for more than a year. Working on the campaign gave me stress acne. Totally worth it.

  216. I absolutely refuse to vote today!

    Our primary is next week!

    At which time I will do the whole baby stoat thing.

  217. I have a huge problem with Romney.

    It has nothing to do with his religion.

    If you will recall, Romney is the goofball who tied his dog carrier to the roof of the car and forced his poor dog to ride there, exposed to winds and terrified, although there was plenty of room inside the vehicle.

    If he treats a dog like that…he will treat you and me the same way. Poorly.

    Romney = Bad.

  218. kbryna, YES! Kitteh/Puppeh ’08! I’m organizing the write-in campaign as we speak. And as a UW grad, I am soooo in favor of badgers in Homeland Security. Ferociticiousness.
    You’re doin’ a heck of a job, BADGIE!

  219. Obama, baby! Obama!

    Even the kitten Robespierre agrees, although we’re not sure if he so much agrees or just gets comfterbuhls when Momma and Daddy are having a political snuggle-thon.

  220. yankeebird says:

    My state’s not part of Super Tuesday, so no voting yet. I’m leaning Obama (since Kucinich dropped out), but won’t make my decision until the last minute. You never know what can happen in a week.

    And having lived in MA, I kind of shudder at the idea of President Romney. Ugh…

  221. AliceTanzer says:

    I’m so angry.
    I didn’t get to vote. My father got mad at me about it when I talked to him on the phone, actually. He said “You should have woken up early and voted early!” Well, I’m sorry I’m not psychic, because I thought I was getting out of work at 5pm, and not 9pm because my co-worker called out.

  222. A Noun, not to mention that Romney is a complete fraud. He went from liberal to conservative in a matter of years. No matter which one he actually is, it proves that he will manipulate his stance on issues in order to win. And he actually won Massachusetts?!? We should fecking KNOW BETTER!

    Oh, and apparently there is a “No Preference” option on the MA ballots. If I knew that, then I definitely would have voted.

    Now, on the cute side of politics, who else is watching that foxy Anderson Cooper for their updates? Rawr!

  223. berthaslave says:

    Don’t have time to read all the reactions, because I’m watching the results…

    Today, I cast my vote in California for Barack Obama. I have convinced three baby boomers to do so as well.

    I will support Clinton if she is the nominee, but I believe Obama is the better candidate and would make a better president.

    This is the best election ever. I hope everyone who has an upcoming primary VOTES and everyone who is eligible VOTES in the fall. America needs us to vote!!!

  224. Freedom of Religion necessarily means to practice however you see fit. By george, it also means to choose whatever “version of Christianity” you happen to like at the moment. …Even if it’s not a version of Christianity at all.

    It means it’s OK to be free from any religion and even to start your own religion–worshipping patio furntiure as an example. Is this really too intellectually taxing for everyone to understand?

  225. Aww Alice.
    Sorry you didn’t get to vote today! What state are you in? Some were VERY close!

    I hope you’ll get to vote in the general election (whether you are Democrat, Republican, independent, etc.)

    Again, I say- WOW!
    Just a few slightly nasty comments, but overwhelmingly civil and friendly here at CO. This little microcosm of American democracy makes me proud! ^_^*

  226. Oh dear laws, Theresa, jeez. Too many funnies (punnies?) all right in a row. And now I have Hillary telling me that she is gonna git git git me drunk, git me love drunk off her humps. While Patty O’Furniture is off organizing his next sermon…

    Dude. I love it here.

    @Charliewabba– CW sounds so funny!! Is he an African gray? Those guys are so talkative. I loved hearing talks at conferences about Alex the parrot (RIP little guy).

  227. circuscake says:

    now, now… are *we* being deliberately obtuse? let’s not.

  228. Can’t tell who you’re referring to, CircusCake. That wouldn’t by any chance be the “Royal We”?

  229. Well, I try to be deliberately acute, but sometimes it just doesn’t work…

  230. I heart religious Patio Furniture! I heart having a choice! My poor beweathered deck furniture has been neglected far too long.

    Long live America, where Patio Furniture and Peeps have a voice!

    (but I’m still curious as to whether PF is Catholic or Protestant.) 😉

  231. Dexter Fishmore says:

    Don’t blame me – I voted for Kodos.

  232. Triptaphane says:

    I’m I wasn’t so incredibly Canadian, I’d go with that Mike Gravel dood.

    …Or is he an option? Does he have any chance still? (Did I just dream him?)

    With all these candidates falling out of the running, I’m ever so confused.

  233. A turd upon Obama and his cult.

    I’ve seen no candidate so pointlessly worshiped in my life. He has no experience, speaks in platitudes and gets praise by talking pretty. May he fail at everything.

  234. “I didn’t come on CO to get bombarded with Political Stuff.”

    Ah, alas, Hi-C, with leftists EVERYTHING involves politics.

  235. Theo! Rockin’ the Big Lebowski quote. Don’t micturate on any rugs if your candidate loses, Dude!

  236. Two votes in this household for GO-bama.

  237. charliewabba says:

    @Beth – yes, the Wabba Meister is a Grey.
    My husband’s flight is now delayed until 1:00 am, so I’m so glad this discussion is still going on.

  238. charliewabba says:

    Actually, I might like Hillary better if I COULD imagine her dancing around singing about her lovely lady parts.

  239. Ditto bdwilcox and kudos to WayCool for the sweet MP reference.

    That having been said, I think I’m still gonna support Hucky-bee. This is Cute Overload, and you have to admit, he kind of looks like a mildly surprised chipmunk.

    But how about a mass CO write-in for Patty O’Furniture?

    Ok, off to bed. Probably to have nightmares about speeding down the Mass Pike tied to the roof of Mitt Romney’s car.

  240. A “turd?” There’s a word one doesn’t hear every day. Generally speaking.

    Given that most people find fault in the government, congress, and politics in general, I don’t understand why some people are upset that Sen. Obama hasn’t been in Washington as long as some others. In addition to his great ideas and impressive resume, I’m excited by his idealism- a sincere idealism that has not yet been warped by the corruptions of an imperfect system.

    Btw- nice Simpson’s reference Dexter! 🙂

  241. circuscake says:

    yeah, yeah- it’s the royal we- i was getting a bit cranky, but i’m over it. (not you beth- you are quite acute, rest assured).

    maybe i have trouble with hilary because of that mad t.v. video of her and obama. i swear when i see her now all i can hear coming out of her mouth are the words to that song…

    also- i have ‘thrown away’ my vote many times- gladly. i always vote for the person i really, truly think will do the best job. and, since my state ALWAYS goes republican, i could argue that all those democrat votes are being thrown into the wind when they could go to much better use getting more candidates on the ballot. face it folks- these two parties are played out, we need fresh blood. i guess, basically, i am a conservative/liberal hybrid.

    trust me j rez- both democrats *and* republicans make everything political- i can make ’em both totally fightin’ mad with what i consider my perfectly practical beliefs. here’s a wackier one: i don’t believe a baby boomer can be an effective president. talk amongst yerselves….

  242. charliewabba- I’m imagining her shakin’ it in those smart pantsuits. *chortle*
    (Redonkulous analysis below- warning- do not take too seriously!)

    I think Sen. Clinton has been getting more and more fashionable as the process goes on- I think she looks great, though I think shorter jackets might be better on her tush.

    If Sen. Obama is elected president I predict Michelle Obama will be compared to Jackie Kennedy, especially in terms of style- simple, modern, and sophisticated. I think she always looks fabulous.

  243. Dear Ed.

    Thank you.

  244. I <3 Obama

    Meg, I think you should make that graphic into a button and sell it on your site 🙂

  245. LOL @ aufilena!

    “Mildly surprised chipmunk”

  246. Way to elevate the conversation, Upon – we may have disagreements about a candidate but that’s no reason to have a potty-mouth.

    Pliny – well said.

  247. yay ron paul! i’d rather “throw my vote away” than vote for someone i don’t believe in.

  248. we’ve got a situation in this country, people are dying. it’s not a popularity contest, it’s about who’s the smartest and best-prepared for the job. we don’t have time for training wheels right now. i wish i could support obama, but my vote’s for hillary.

  249. Barack Obama voted for the reauthorization of the Patriot Act. I can’t believe people would support someone that will allow the government to invade our privacy, and turn the US into 1984.

    Ron Paul is the only hope.

  250. I voted for Ron Paul… even though I am usually more democratic. He’s just the coolest though.

  251. As a California Dem, I woulda voted for Richardson, but he dropped out a while back 😦

    So instead, I voted Hilary. It was a tough call, but I felt experience mattered more than (admittingly awesome) charisma. They’d both make a great Prez, I thinks. They both make me feel optimistic about the next 4 years 🙂

  252. A turd INDEED! Stop this Idiotic cult-of-personality nonsense! He’s the creepiest candidate of them all, just based on his followers.

  253. @liz

    Rush is a Conservative, not a Republic.

    Just sayin …

  254. acelightning says:

    I have always believed that people who don’t vote thereby forfeit their right to complain about whoever wins. But it’s been a long* time since I voted FOR any candidate; the best I can do is vote AGAINST the one I disagree with the most. And the biggest problem I have is that, no matter who wins, they’re still all *politicians*… 😦

  255. Ron Paul Revolution!! spur him on to a third party run!

    his policies, though not some of his views, are the best thing for a lot of people, and he is the only candidate doing something other than keeping this country going. we need real change.

    also, ron paul + dennis kucinich = perfect dream fantasy ticket. they are openly allies, after all!

  256. I voted for World Peace hammie.

  257. Pyritt. I am on the next plane out. I’ll need you as running mate as your political system seems ever so complimacuted. However I’ll get my cats Sid and Stan to breif me on the flight over.

  258. That’s awesome, I just saw Stevie Wonder at the NAMM (audio trade show) in Anaheim…he was performing at someone’s booth while I was casually walking by…wasn’t expecting that!

  259. Obama is WAY more than just personality, Resmin – in addition to his current Senate seat he spent 8 years as a state senator, he’s a constitutional lawyer (and we NEED someone to respect the Constitution after all this Bush BS) and he’s helped to better the lives of Chicagoans.

    Neither Clinton nor Obama have foreign policy experience and Clinton hasn’t been in Congress much longer than he has. I’ll admit she has a great perspective on The Way Things Work because she’s been a senator and first lady, but her only claim to fame so far is a failed health care plan and a wrong vote on Iraq.

    Both Clinton and Obama have to rely on their pre-Senatorial experience and they both have a lot of good points. But it’s a crap argument to say that one of the candidates has nothing to stand on just because he’s younger than the other candidate and knows how to make a good speech.

  260. Silent Meow says:

    After putting some thought into this, I think Patio Furniture is Catholic because of the wooden crosses. Patio Furniture likes anything wooden, being that Patio Furniture is often made of wood, and the ones not made of wood, know of at least some that are. I don’t think it’s Protestant, because names like Baptist are associated with baptism, and baptism is associated with water, and wooden things don’t tend to be too fond of water. OK. So, the answer, once and for all, has gotta be Catholic.

  261. Silent Meow says:

    It’s great to see some other Ron Paul supporters.

    Go Ron Paul!

  262. Silent Meow says:

    However, Patio Furniture has a problem. It can’t exactly attend mass. (Where is there a Catholic church for Patio Furniture?). And, it can’t exactly go to confession. (I have never heard of a priest willing to listen to Patio Furniture.) But, it’s still Catholic nonetheless. Bless its little heart. It sure tries.

  263. My cats are running on an ALL-TUNA ticket. Unfortunately, one wants all tuna, all the time; while the other one wants to conserve tuna for the future.

    As for me, Obama is no Kennedy. BTW, JFK had 5 years of experience in the Mass. state house of reps, then 8 yrs in the US Senate before running for Pres. He was not a newcomer to politics and neither was his family.

    Hillary has a definite plan to get us all health care, out of Iraq, and more tuna for kittehs. Obama just tells us that he wants stuff, but not how he’ll get it done.

  264. I’m just bemused that a CO post about politics is so civil while a post about, oh I don’t know, a baby slobbering on a kitteh’s tail turns into a rumble. Dis place crazeetown.

    And Dexter – seriously? Kang all the way!

  265. MegW: I agree that Obama’s campaign has been dirty. Sorry to say, but true.

    >going to wash my face after eating tuna<

  266. BTW, if you want to see what Patio Furniture Worship really leads to:

  267. Trish, the second “cat” is clearly not a cat. You might want to check his entire record. Like atheists in foxholes, there are no conservative cats in the vicinity of tuna.

  268. Trish — oh c’mon… whose campaign HASN’T been “dirty”? It’s kinda like commenting on how dirty the sidewalk is, without mentioning the open landfill it borders. Politics is politics.

  269. Theresa — that. Is. AWESOME.

  270. Babs: LOL, yes, second “cat” tries hard to convince us he is human. I daresay it’s a “cute” ploy to bump the rest of us off and take all the tuna for himself.

  271. “Can’t look this good and work hard too.” Truly words to live by. 😉

  272. Theo–I respectfully agree! But HRC’s campaign wasn’t the one calling the other one dirty. Yes, everyone plays dirty, but to call someone else a dirty bird while acting innocent is like the cat who eats my food and then looks up at me as innocent as can be. (The other cat knows he’s a baddie and runs the other way). Sorry for the cat stuff–trying to maintain the CO-ness. 🙂

  273. sam-
    dont matter.
    those are two very nice words to use to describe him.
    just sayin.

  274. Hon Glad – Yes, no time to dilly dally. I knew we could count on you! You will bring your witty sense of irony wont you? If not I’ll have to shoot you.

  275. A bit late in all regards, but Ferrets are against Rudy.

  276. pyrit- Can we rope in Patty O’Furniture, to get the Irish Vote.

  277. Feeling rather left out here… 😛

  278. OK, this one’s for all the linguists: Furniture is a mass noun, so Patio Furniture must be Catholic.

  279. Also, I’m Canadian. But I am hoping for an Obama presidency… I think. That thing about him voting to reauthorize the USA PATRIOT act has me a bit upset now. I have to go read the internet now and find out about that 😦

  280. Hon Glad – Yes,(spraying self with eau de tuna) I’m picturing the Kennedy’s as the umbrella. Apparently the ability to dance will get votes too, so we’ll need a platform. Oh and can I be the pundit?

  281. …aren’t you anyway?

  282. Over 200 comments
    And no nuff never.
    Maybe we stunned it.
    Obama and Clintonned it.
    Wouldn’t it be cleverer
    If we hadda pundit.

  283. pyrit – Shall we stand as The Let’s have a Party party?

  284. pyrit — oh, you punned it alright 🙂

    you and theresa and all glad and all y’all…

    and i agree: one of the best, no-nuffness threads ever.

  285. erm… *hon glad. i’m sure that there are times when she’s only partially glad, but that she’s always hon.

  286. Hon Glad – A party-party! Even tho’ Meg & Theo may cringe every time we post a comment, that is one of your best!

  287. cath – *She*? 😉

  288. it was a guess.. i figured Glad was short for Gladys.

    if english had an agreed-on gender-neutral pronoun, we’d be spared all of this anxiety

    btw; i’d vote for you guys. heck, i’d put on my best robo-voice and start callin’ peeps!

  289. *sob

    Access Denied to Theres’s Patio Furniture link!

    (Yeah, I’m in the salt mines right now.)

    I voted last night for Obama. The high school was packed to the rafters and I waited 45 minutes to vote (um, I didn’t stay for the caucus part – too tuckered out). Everyone was excited and chatty and patient, and I was thrilled to see democracy in action (yeah, I’m a Pollyanna sometimes). w00t!!

  290. Anne Boleyn says:

    I agree that this is the BEST thread ever, with passionate opinions on many sides but very little anger, no mean spiritedness and tons of hilarious clever stuff.
    I’m hopeful even in the face of a harsh world.

  291. Eliz in Seattle says:

    I don’t know why, but I love Hill! I just love her! And every time she cries (okay, only twice so far), I want to lick up her tears and then mangle anyone who doesn’t love her like I do.

    But, honestly, I don’t care who wins so long as it’s not a conservative. Obama’s just fine in my book (although I have to wonder…he hardly gets the flack that Hillary does, and when he DOES come under fire, he tends to get a li’l nasteh. I wonder how he could hold up under some seeerious bashing from the other par-tay?)

  292. (Um, yikes?)

    Eliz — the thing is, to subject an opponent to a serious bashing, there needs to be something seriously bash-able about them. So far, Obama’s been really good about keeping his nose clean (especially when you compare it to that of our sitting President). By the time he’s acquired the requisite complement of political scars, he’ll easily be prepared to defend them. This is a confident, competent, charismatic man, with fewer exploitable flaws than… a similar example from recent US history.

    Anyway, I’m betting Barack wouldn’t get nearly as nasty as I would.

  293. Eliz in Seattle says:

    I agree with you there, Theo – I have to commend all of the candidates (well, most of ’em) for not popping off with some F-bombs like certain vice presidents are wont to do. It’s just that Obama seems so…NICE! But I’m sure he would do just fine with some hatemongering.

    Now I’m going back to work where I will be fantasizing about Hill all day.

  294. Eliz — heh… I may have still been in the process of revising my comment (for clarity) by the time you replied.

  295. Persephone says:

    I’m voting for Clinton, but I think that Obama would also be a good candidate, and the two of them together would be a great ticket.

    I agree that Obama is a bit reminiscent of JFK, but I don’t think JFK was a great president, more of a great cultural figure.

  296. No love for Indiana. Sniff sniff pout. We have to wait until MAY to get our vote on.

  297. toborzgrrl says:

    As an Independent, I can’t caucus. But for our local special election I did sing the “Vote Vote Vote” song while wandering on Kimbark Street looking for the City Clerk’s office to deposit my ballot.
    As for the Big Election, I am hoping for McCain on the Republican side (I have problems with both Mitler and the Luddite); for the Democrats, neither of the front runners lights my fire, but I could settle for either.

  298. Mary (the first) says:

    Wow.. when I saw all the posts I thought for sure there would be blood in the streets here but NOOOO all non-nuffing all the way! I love the peeps!!
    We have not voted yet. When I do I can’t decide between the stoats and Patio Furniture camp. Hmmm

  299. Eliz in Seattle says:

    Mary, I usually only look at the comments when I think there’s going to be some serious commentroversy. I don’t know why, maybe it’s cathartic or something. But I’ve been so pleased with this li’l discussion that I’ve been refreshing this mofo all day!

  300. Mary: Patio Furniture is going ALL THE WAY!!! Born leader, i tell you.

  301. @A noun: I agree. He also shoots rabbits and other “vermin”.

  302. Pron Haul says:

    Ron Paul is the real candidate of change!

    Admittedly, it’s change back to a time when gays, blacks and women were openly and actively oppressed, but he does favor change!

    Vote Ron Paul: our motto is “Forget you, I’ve got mine!”

  303. My cats and I voted for Huckabee. We would have voted for Hunter or Kucinich, but they dropped out. Currently though, if it comes to a choice between Clinton and McCain, I’ll be voting for Cthulhu (Why vote for a lesser evil?).

  304. Obama’s my neighbor! I walk by his house everyday on the way to school. There are always weird people outside his digs taking pictures or video and milling around. It always make me extra anxious and I want to pull them aside and interrogate them! I couldn’t vote Tuesday, but when I do it is for Obama! Not because he is my neighbor, but he really makes me hopeful for change while the others leave me feeling cold. Obama ’08!!!

  305. Just wanted to note, for those who say Obama has no real plan.. what the heck? Have you REALLY boughten into such a dumb argument? Do you really think he would have gotten this far?

    If you go to his site, he has a FULL list of what he wants to change and (gasp!) HOW he wants to change it.

    Debating issues is one thing, but to say he has no stances? Ridiculous.

  306. …boughten?

  307. Oh, Kucinich, how I wish you would win. <3 Of course, he's not in the race anymore... and I'm a 17-year-old Canadian. -sigh- But he was my dream candidate. I agree with the Kucinich/Gore ticket. Paradise!

    Not Huckabee, please! He compared homosexuality to necrophilia. No thanks!

  308. Potomac Primaries are today!!! Anyone else psyched?

    I am sportin’ the “I Voted” sticker and it looks goooood.