Lookuphere! Lookuphere! [say in bird voice]

Um, unclear on the CONNNNNNCEPPPPT!


Which way did he go, Johanna S.!?



  1. fish eye no miko says:

    Meg, did you just do “Three Amigos” ref…?

    Cute picture, btw!

  2. -giggles-
    this is priceless

  3. I’m sorry, but wtf would a bird voice sound like?

  4. bird voice says:

    like tweety bird 😛

  5. Yea, like tweety
    I thought I saw a kid , but he will know I was here I am gonna take some nesting materials when I leave…

    Yank hairs out of head

  6. “…And Amigos forever we’ll be!” :))

  7. Funny!

  8. A bird on the head is far greater than 100 in the bush….unless you have no idea that it’s there.

  9. chickadee-dee-dee!
    that is adorable!

  10. This is one of the few pictures where I actually said to myself, “that’s cute”. Not that the others are worthy to be on cuteoverload of course. Great picture.

  11. This is so precious.

  12. It’s a You-Know-What-Adee!!

  13. so sweet! love it

  14. birdie: don’t worry there’s no one hehind you, i got your back.

  15. squeeee! i love chickadees!!

    does that make this kid a birdbrain?

    the three amigos, fisheye, lol! caw! caw!!

  16. Um, A bird voice sounds like this. It’s the proper voice for singing “I ate too moishe!”

  17. “HEY YOU GUYS!”


  18. I’m sure there will be some peeps with their panties in wad because of the rosy-cheeked child in the photo (you know those animals ONLY types), but that little boy makes the photo cuteness gold.

    Gold, I say.

  19. WCGC — aw hell who cares. This photo is just plain AWESOME.
    I do sorta wonder about that “iFun.ru” watermark, though…

  20. Hurrayzzzz!
    Red nesting material!

  21. berthaslave says:

    Fozzy Bear voice, in mid-monologue:

    Okay, now, just stay with me…

    What if…just what if….the photographer had said “Watch the birdie?”

    Huh? Huh?

    P.S. “Tell us we will die like dogs.”

  22. Chickadees are so sweet. There’s this conservation place where I live and if you offer them seed they’ll swoop right down and eat from your hands. I love their wee little talons.

  23. budgies just LUV playing with people’s hair. maybe chick-a-dee’s do too!

  24. Chickadees! Gotta lurv ’em! (bit of a bummer when the eagles pull this little stunt, though)

    Best reference EVAR.

  26. Dees ees my favourite kind of boidy. Dey are just so kewt.

  27. ha! hilarious! double hilarity for The Threee-eeee AMIGOS (slap slap slap slap UH) reference….

  28. The ONLY way this photo would be any cuter is if that were a Tufted Titmouse – http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&q=tufted+titmouse&gbv=2 , because those are just Disney cute. But, chickadee-dee-dees are awfully cute too! I have never seen one land on a person…

  29. CoffeeCup says:

    Maybe the bird is shopping for a mobile home. “Yes, this one is fast, and has good handling…”

  30. Sharon Wilson says:

    Did this kid feel the little clawsies on his head, or is his hair too thick? BTW, this would be a good time to plug the Great Backyard Bird Count this Presidents’ Day weekend! Looks like this kid will be missing a bird in his count!

  31. “Thank you for NOT pooping on my head, Mr. Chickadee.”

  32. OMG CeeJoe..You read the Mother west wind stories too or had them read to you….I loved those books.

  33. There should be a new rule of cuteness! A cute kid + a cute animal = TOO CUTE!!

  34. The only way this could be cuter is if the boidee was using a tiny pair of spec’s. Can you imagine?

  35. One time at the lowry park zoo a Lorikeet in the bird house sat on my head and would not leave.
    The zoo helper had to coax him off. Then she told me his name was Stinky Feet.
    Still, I was glad to be his temporary ottoman.

  36. CheshireCat says:

    Aww, that kid reminds me of a leetle friend of mine.
    Poor guy got hit by a car and now he’s stuck in bed for the next few months 😦
    I bet he’d like a friendly chickadee to keep him company.

  37. Man, this kid is terrible at bird-watching!
    Yo, kidster- I theenk I sees one!

  38. Haha, totally oblivious. He completely missed out on the birdie, but we sure didn’t! XD

  39. bananasforbunnies says:

    There is a family of chickadees living in the vent above my bedroom window, they come down and sit on the window sill. It’s adorable when they all floof up and you can’t see their feets and they make cute peeping sounds to each other! Mom and Pop and 4 chicklets. They’ve actually learned to open the flapper vent by using their beaks so they can warm themselves inside the vent housing, smart or what! Last summer they must have invited relatives and friends as 4 other families moved into nearby vents. It was great to hear the “Chorus” every morning!

  40. kyaaaaa!!!! KAWAII!!! I’ve always loved Black-capped Chickadees!!! That picture is so awesome! One dauntless little chickadee! <3

  41. Cute boidy! But he’s not as chubbeh as a regular chickadee.

  42. this is such a cute picture. My daughter loves birds and this picture just makes me think of her and smile.

  43. Chelsea C says:

    Haha, great shot!

  44. EaterofShades says:

    just goes to show how light the little fluff balls are

  45. AH! Chevy Chase in Three Amigos! I know it anywhere…

  46. darkshines says:

    The US name for this bird is so cute, in the UK, we call them blue tits….

  47. darkshines says:

    Actaully its a great tit, blue tits have blue caps, great tits have black



  48. Little birds, pointy pointy
    Anoint my head, anointy-nointy

    Sorry that just came to mind – very cute photo lol

  49. Awww! That’s my fave birdspecie :D!