Doin’ the Toe Nibbler’

Gah-nuzzle, Gah-nuzzle

[tiny munching of feets sound]

Hopping Mice, originally uploaded by Stephen Barnett.


// UPDATE — the call for COXCU has been heard! //



  1. bleen! What are they? Gerbils with ear extensions?

  2. FEET! Gerbil FEET!! I love when animals play wiff their feets.

  3. Jennie Lund says:

    Not Gerbils! Mousies!

  4. I love their big, soft, shiny, beady eyes and their silky silky fur!

  5. proshy footy holding their little one

  6. They remind me of my hamster who died yesterday…:-((

  7. FEET! They’re what’s for breakfast.

  8. JuleeJulee says:

    LOVE to eat them Mousies,
    Mousies what I love to eat.
    Chew they little heads off,
    Nibble on they tiny FEET!

    Or something close, a la B.Kliban…

  9. JuleeJulee- Oh, you are so close- “Bite” they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feet”.

    One mousie says to the other: ‘you know, these silk wraps just don’t last on my back feet’.

    And holy Cuteness, I’m very sorry for your loss. Now it is time to give another little critter your love… I’m sure it is much too good to go un-snorgled.

  10. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Oh, what a nice way to start the day. I suspect the rest of the rodents I will have to deal with today won’t be nearly as schweet.

    *glances around to make sure no one’s looking*
    *scoops up bebbehs, drops them in her pocket*
    *runs really fast*


    Wants to nibbles teeniest of ears!!!

    nom nom nom

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Oh, do pardon us. We’re between pedicures!”

  13. I wants to touch their tiny pink nosies and feeds them sunflower seeds washed in spring water and make them a tineh cotten bed and let them sleep behind my ears. Can I?

  14. gaminette says:

    we need a COXCU!!

  15. Momof2kitties says:

    I ♥ B. Kliban! Never eat anything bigger than your head, I always say.

    “FEET! They’re what’s for breakfast!” Snerk!!

  16. Eesh, bad memories…
    My gerbil got arthritis in his back foot when he was around 3 and a half years old. It pained him so much that he started chewing on the foot until it was all bloody and stumpy. We had to get him put down at the human society so he wouldn’t be in pain anymore 😦 It was very sad for eight-year-old me…
    Hopefully these little mice are not actually chewing!

  17. I want a hopping mousie for my desk! hop hop hop hop hop around the desk hop hop hop hop

  18. horrified says:

    Oh My God! He is EATING HIS OWN FOOT !!!! How very un-cute.

  19. He might be trimming his toenails, not biting his foot off?

  20. Kentucky_Gurl24 says:

    “Hey man, does this smell funny to you? I think I stepped in something.”

  21. Mousey Gerbil 1 is named Dibble.
    Mousey Gerbil 2 is named Sibyl.
    Sibyl said to Dibble, the trouble is you dribble when you nibble so wear a bibble.
    Dibble did not quibble, but the trouble is no kibble so on my toes I will nibble.

  22. AliceTanzer says:

    I had a ratty rat that would bite her fingernails. It was strange. We used to trim them for her, and I think she hated that so much, she took it upon herself to do it?

  23. not horrified, really! says:

    My comment that you deleted regarding eating one’s own foot was meant to be facetious. Sorry! I’ll add clarifying emoticons next time. :0)

    [Here’s the original text, verbatim: “Oh My God! He is EATING HIS OWN FOOT !!!! How very un-cute.” – Ed.]

  24. Calicogypsy says:

    I’m pretty sure they’re egyptian Spiny mice. Young’uns. :oP

  25. Calicogypsy says:

    Ooops, my mistake! kangaroo rats.

  26. berthaslave says:

    As always, Pyrit, you rock.

    Those are some pretty rockin’ mouse ears. And thanks for the COXCU, Teho!

  27. Nope my feet don’t smell.

  28. charliewabba says:

    frontmost mouse to rearmost mouse: So when are your little ones due?
    rmm to fmm: (gritting teeth) I’m not preggers
    fmm: d’oh! (opens mouth, inserts foot)

  29. The one in the back — he’s smiling at us!

  30. HOPPING MICE! That’s the best thing ever. Now I need to Google these little kewties.

  31. Great COXCU, Meg!

    [*a-HEM* … – Ed.]

  32. dang I want an extreme closeup on that MOUF. corn teeth, y’all.

  33. CoffeeCup says:

    It’s possible that I’m in the minority of people who thought the close up of the gerbil foot was just entirely gross and not cute. Cute gerbily mouse, not cute foot.

  34. I now have a song stuck in my head, to the tune of “Macho Man”…

    Nibble, nibble feets
    I sure like to nibble feets o/~

  35. The close up on their pitch black eyes are a little scary. 😦 But I love their itty bitty ears! They remind me of little lettuce bits and makes me want to kronsche and nibble on them.

  36. CheshireCat says:

    HALP! I am drowningk in the BEF!

  37. He’s SNIFFING it kids! Checking to see if he needs to reapply the Gold Bond!

  38. AuntieMame says:

    Pull my finger! Er, my toe!

  39. @AuntieMame–LOL!

    Dahlingks, you simply must attend to your cuticles to achieve perfect proshness!

  40. I think the quiet one in the back might just have something to say……look at the expression!!

  41. bananasforbunnies says:

    Little dear needs a foot bath and pedicure…is all!

  42. how i want to die..
    600 hundred of these mousies chewing on me and running all over me with them teeny feet.
    this would make me happy and then i could die.

  43. I think it looks like he’s doing a yoga pose.

  44. Momof2: How did you make the cute heart in your message?

  45. ‘Roo rats?

    Whatever they are, they’re cute!

    And capable of autopedicure, as well. [shifty eyes]

  46. …”Roots”!

  47. they are so cute! the ears keel me.

  48. ebee: alt + 3 ♥, but you have to use the 3 in the keypad to the right, not the one up top

  49. Skippymom says:

    It sure looks to me as though these guys are sitting next to a gravestone. Which is fine with me but I’m curious. Anybody else think so?

  50. Mary (the first) says:

    Does the one on front have two tails? Or do these guys (whatever they are) have extremely long tails and front is sitting on the end of back’s tail?? I’m confused.

  51. ahahahahahah
    thats weird!!!

  52. cheesybird says:

    Q: What kind of cheese do these mousies love best?
    A: Toe cheese, of course! 😛

    Ok, now I’ve even grossed myself out.