Your screen is lookin’ a little dirty…

Perhaps you could use a personal (animated) screen cleaner?

Thanks to the beeelllions who sent this in, most recently MusicChick



  1. Okay, so this actually scared me!

  2. Hmm… to spend the $6 or not to spend?

  3. Yuck. Nothing like dog saliva to upset my breakfast!

  4. ShelleyTambo says:

    I couldn’t actually tell what was going on from the angle. I agree–kinda scary.

  5. i have a better one for free…i can link it…..oops cant find it right now

  6. Hee hee! A friend sent me this screen cleaner last week – I love it!

  7. stephaneanderthal says:

    Need mac version!!!!

  8. They actaully get SIX BUCKS for that!?! Cute but not THAT cute geez I could actually get something pretty good for that!

  9. And I wonder what they put on the glass to get them to lick it… Hmm maybe I’ll make my own!

  10. there are some of these screensavers on this site:

  11. HAHA! MusicChick will be thrilled to see this.

    This is just WRONG.

  12. Hmmm I need to hire that dog to clean the kitty nose prints off all my windows. Inside and out.

  13. Not scary, CUTE!! And if you lean close to the screen, you get nose-lick’ums!

    Victoria – thanks for the link to the free ones! My screen is a little too big I guess, cuz the pup shows up a little pixelated, but oh well. Still adorable.

  14. berthaslave says:

    Seems like an “I shall leeck you” tag is in order.

  15. Ew! At first I thought those were nostrils but they’re EYES!!!

  16. Squee! Gee!

  17. yankeebird says:

    Melsa, no offense, but I don’t know if a screensaver of you licking your window would be as cute as when the pups and kitties do it. 😉

    I tried to download Victoria’s free ones, but for some reason they won’t work on my computer. Boo. It says something about not being able to find the file “flash.ocx”. I just don’t know if it’s six bucks worth of cute for me for the other ones, at least right now. I’m po’.

  18. Haha, I love it!

  19. Could be a shot from the “Water Bowl Cam.” 😉

  20. KitWisdom says:
  21. bossladychisai says:

    the pug screensaver is a hoot, but try driving down the road with a live pug window licker! i swear they used my little man for the screensaver model.

  22. Meg must be on commish! Because they’re nast-ay!!

  23. cute)

  24. Team PUG!! =)

  25. P.S. Hahaha, I watched the free sample and now I’m dying. I love how the little puggie looks back as if to say, “Should I keep licking? YES, yes I should.”

  26. Luv the pugs! Both today and yesterday. Hee-hee!

  27. Silly_Momma says:

    OMG….puppy slobbers!


  28. I think that Pugs are proof that God (the God of your choice or gods of your choice or the Almighty Penguin)has a finely-honed sense of humour.

  29. hairy puppy says:

    Be careful, I ordered this and never got the second email to download it. They arent responding to my email either.

  30. Am I a bad person if I think this is gee-ross?

    Wait no, don’t answer that…

  31. Slobberty pug pic makes me think that bit at the end of Cloverfield….

    “Hud!!! Omygod!!!!!!


  32. weird. I bought it too and haven’t gotten anything. Maybe they were overloaded today, tee hee?

    Will post again when it works.

  33. That is hi-larious. If it didn’t cost $$, this would tewtally be my new screensaver. I could use a kitty-lick to wipe my screen clean…or maybe I’ll just smear some clear cat-food flavoured gel on it and get a real cat to do it…

  34. You’ve seen the still-life, now see it its full animated… um… glory?

  35. Nevermind… I scanned for links but missed that someone posted it before me. Humbugs.

  36. bananasforbunnies says:

    Ah, this is just the rinse cycle..

  37. CheshireCat says:

    Are you kidding moi?

  38. Ohmigosh! That totally cracked me up when I realized that was a pug! XD

  39. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments. We’re the creators of TheSlurps®. We just wanted to inform you we were informed that some Slurps fans (2 or 3 hopefully) did not received their password to download their screensaver, this was just a problem with the server due to a high traffic on our website.
    Everything is back to normal now.

    We have also launched a new cool and FREE virtual product, a Yahoo Widget for your eBay search.
    For both PC and Mac users, click and get it.

    Slurp, slurps ;p

  40. Zay puppays are zo how deau yeau say, unrefineduh. Zay are unabale teau hold zare leekers. Hmph. Yeau vill notees zare are neau poodales, ah? Nevaire vood zay poodale evair deau such slobbairinkz like zat! Mebbay zay poodales geet mutts teau deau zees weendeau wipinks for zem, oui!

  41. Do the pups wait at the traffic lights with the squeegy people? I guess they can keep going even if the lights change.Slurpity slurp.

  42. Juniper Jupiter says:


    Loox like Charles has a licking problem!!

  43. yankeebird, if the statement appears like this
    “Could not find flash.ocx”

    C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash < -find that
    folder, and you’ll see something like flash9b.ocx or something close to taht name. copy and paste it in the same folder and change the name to flash.ocx
    It was like that for me too at first but now it works just fine 🙂

  44. acelightning says:

    Dear Slurps:
    Every time I tried to view your website, it crashed my browser – this happened in SeaMonkey, Firefox, and IE. And I *really* wanted to see a kitten lick my screen clean from the inside…

  45. That’s hilarious. Best thing I’ve seen in awhile, now. XD

  46. This made my year.

    …..only I can’t find the puggie on the website. 😦 Cuz I would so buy him. I want him.

    ….or I could drizzle my puter with maple syrup and let my own pugs go to town….

  47. Hey Megs….thanks for the shout out! He eees awfully kyoot, huh? 😉