We’re watching the game from here

I don’t think we can fit beers in here tho. That’s a problem.


How about straws, Christi B.W.?



  1. Oh, I love piggies. Keep ’em coming!

  2. Woods Walker says:

    Did I get first post again? May the luckiest team win.-Woods Walker

  3. Oh it’s supersunday in the VS… Have fun with the game! Will you please link me, btw?

  4. OMG Piggies!!!! I love piggies. More piggie pictures!

  5. guinea pigs for teh win!

    i’ve just been having a big piggling session with my 4, and now i’m attempting to watch this game of yours but it seems all boring and sissy.

  6. Looks like pigs in a blanket. Heh.

  7. Hahaha, how cute! I haven’t seen some delightfully cute piggies like these in a while. (Then again, that’s bound to happen – all my stocks are in CO! XD We’ve been getting lots of cute randomness lately, like knobbular giraffe-babies…) *snorgles piggies while nobody is looking*

  8. charliewabba says:

    you don’t need the hat, piggy-wigs! They’re playing with the roof closed.

  9. Peegs inna blanket!:D

  10. GUINEAZ!!

    I couldn’t help myself:

    Dern scalpers!

  11. why do I have a sudden craving for pigs in a blanket??

    (I keed!!)

  12. lol sas!

    I must say, my next pet (other than kitties) is very likely to be piggies. They’re so outgoing and lovely!

  13. Showed this to my mom, she said “Boy, they look cozy!”

    Lol! I agree! 😀

  14. Hello from Toronto,

    Oh so cute!

    Warm regards,


  15. I miss my guinea pigs from childhood. They look so cute!

  16. berthaslave says:

    With apologies to George Harrison:

    Have you seen the little piggies,
    Cozy in the hat
    Don’t look at the little piggies,
    Or your heart will splat
    Can you imagine that?
    While you start squee-ing…

  17. Squeeeeeegs!

  18. I am wondering if anyone can help me…
    quit sometime ago I saw a pic here of a young kangaroo on its back, and it was smiling..
    i’m looking all over..



  19. ‘Look! I knitted you a Guinea Pig Cozy!’

    ‘Uh…thanks. We…uh…we definitely needed one of those.’

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    We can’t leave empty beer bottles on the kitchen floor (for recycling) any longer. Our free-range GPs knock them over. We think they are after the hops, but no, no, GPs, you weel have ze sorest heads.

  21. Maybe Animal Planet should start a franchise. They have the Puppy Bowl and the Kitten Half-time … why not the Guinea Pig Winter Games!

  22. @bookmonstercats: Free range!! LOL

  23. I’d tewtally watch the Guinea Pig Winter Games!

    Piggies RULE! I love how they’re shaped like small bread loaves.

  24. Hmm, my pigs in a blanket never come out this fluffy.
    Maybe I’m not letting them rise long enough.

  25. @BerthaSlave, HEhehehe Ver ver niiiiiice.

  26. Ha! I gauge how healthy my piggies are by seeing how much they each fill up a loaf pan, zeldapie. I personally see them more as eggplant shaped, though.

  27. Ink, that’s hilarious! Hmmm, I can see the eggplant shape, too, but little bread loaves are cuter.

  28. Janeyferr says:

    my mister piggle is all skinny at the moment. i think we mustn’t called him “Mister Chunks” too many times and now he’s depressed :$

  29. ThreeCatNight says:

    Pig 1: “Told you the Giants would win. Now let me outta here! Wait, where’s my other hind leg?”

    Pig 2: “Okay, okay. Don’t crowd. Jeez! All because you placed a bet and won!”

    Pig 1: “Ha, ha! Sore loser!”

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    Gail, they live in the kitchen, so run between there and the lounge (not the study, they’ll blow up the PC and then there’ll be no CO for me, not to mention no piggles). I found them in the lounge this afternoon sleeping on some laundry I had put on the floor *sigh I used to be sane*

  31. errr, wot is “game”???

  32. What’s with these frickin’ “Obey” ads to the left? Andre would not be pleased.

  33. I always love it when there are piggies up on CO. That’s just so adorable.

    I’m going to have to spend the day in the local animal shelter. I miss my squeaking darlings. D:

  34. @bookmonstercats: Sounds like a lot of work–keeping piggies and home safe!! You are a good mommeh!!