Let’s get knobbular! Knobbular!

I wanna get knobbulaaaaarrrrrr!

Let’s get into knobbular! [Sing in Olivia Newton John voice]


Check out this Knobbule rocking some Rule 23 born at the Chester Zoo. Her name is "Margaret" and she’s getting bottle fed ’cause her Momma was like "Whuh? I don’t know how to do eet!"


Thanks to ALL the beellions of peeps who sent this one in…



  1. fizzygrrl says:

    Weekend bleen-age!?!?!

    Soooo knob-tastic…

    Loves the Bambi-esque quality…

  2. Never mind the knobbiness… jeepers, creepers, holy crap — those PEEPERS!??

  3. Oh the knobbularness! The nosicles, the tufty top of the head thing…and is that eyeliner for REALS?

  4. I think she would make a great cartoon character! With those eyes…and that lil tuft of hair on her head!

  5. Such a little beauty.

    That big eye is looking at me…

  6. Look at the expression in the first pic: “Yes, ah am zee queen of zee knobbular adorabuhl giraffes. Bow down to mah regal-est of faces.”

    I’m pretty sure zookeeper Jim in the second pic is in love. Awwwww. <3

  7. WOW! She’s amazing. Reminds me of something tho… See.. I have a rather long neck, doe eyes and I’m lanky. A friend of mine once asked me if I had to spread my legs all wide when I bent down to the water fountain to get a drink. Well, shoot..I guess this is one of those stories that is much funnier when it happens, not in the retelling. ANYWAY, back to the giraffe.. WOW. The eye!

  8. That really is a very very laaarrrrge eye-ball. I like! Whoever posted the link of Margaret smootching her keeper– I love that pic. I envy knobbular snorgulance.

  9. Gosh! This is another reason for me to want to go back to Chester (which is one of the most beautiful places in England!)! *sigh*

  10. the EYES…

  11. no! is not that mommy doesn’t know what to do! the baby is a preemie, and is only about 5 feet tall. normal giraffe babies are six feet tall.

    this lil preemie can’t REACH her mama for milks!


  12. Momof2kitties says:

    OK, stheriously. Tell me that’s not one of those giant stuffed animals from FAO Schwartz. ‘Cuz I’m pretty sure it is.

    I so want to run my hand down that perfect-o mane. And that tufftactular tuft. And the oh so slenderest of neckage. And nom, nom, nom on the earsies…

  13. anninenanners says:

    Let me hear your kneees talk, your knees talk!

  14. Momof2kitties says:

    …and wouldja just look at the wrinkles where the neck meets the shoulders! Gaahhh. I am ded I tell ya. Just ded.

  15. That is some gigantic giraffe standing behind the keeper and the baby. Big as a stone wall it is!

  16. Giraffes have the most beautiful eyes and luscious eye lashes!

    I love the little antler things on the bebehs – they’re not all calcified yet so they’re still floopy. 🙂


  17. And not to Nuff the awesome giraffe, because she is awesome, but we haven’t had a bunny on here since December 4th. DECEMBER 4th, people! I need the wiggle noses! Pwease!!

  18. Awwww! There’s something about the unsteady knobbular little legs that is SO adorable!!!

  19. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybelline!

  20. That eye is seeing into my SOOOOUL!

  21. heee…. beautiful eyes; i could get lost in those

    my s.o. has knobular knees and elbows (el-bones). cute, but can make for dangerous snorglinks

  22. Her EYES! They are consuming her face! So beeeg!

  23. Haha so so cute! I love her eyes. And teh knobbular knees. Reminds me of me when I was little….*laughs*

  24. Those lips! That schnozzle! He/she’s so out of proportion, and I love eet sooo!

  25. Heeeeee, my great-grandmother’s name was Margaret, and she LOVED giraffes.

    freaky-deaky coinkidinky!

  26. OMG teh Giraffe totally haz my nameeee!!!! *SQUEE*!!! 😀 😀

    So cute.

  27. I love you guys. I do.
    It is such a relief to have peeps.
    Thought I was alone….have peeps who get it.
    The eye is so big it almost looks
    shopped….can i have da eyelashes?

  28. berthaslave says:

    I don’t wanna say anything but I think her bum was placed on the front instead of the back.

    Amazing eyes, tho.

  29. Have a look at the rest of the pictures. She loves her keeper-surrogate father. She’s snorgling him.

    If I were ever snorgled by a baby giraffe I would simply cease to be.

  30. ZOMG!!1!

    We have one of those over here in Perth, Australia, altho’ ours has not been named yet as it is being put to a tres democratic vote 😉


    imagine an ENTIRE HERD of these bebehs!!



  31. Lol.. wow… She doesn’t even look real! Just take a look at those HUGE eyes.
    So cute <3

  32. Alice Shortcake says:

    Can you imagine being PAID to bottle-feed a baby giraffe?!!

  33. First I was all “So small! Squee!”

    Then I was all “Dude. So beeg!!!”

  34. Oh Meg,
    Can we PUH-LEEZE have a COXCU of that little tuft of hair on top of this baybeez head?

    Pretty puh-leeze?


  35. That is a furry big kitty!

  36. Dear Firefinch from the visiting deer and inside cat picture- can I have one of these in my back yard?
    BTW my garden is fenced in with wire, and I don’t have problems with foraging forest critters- but I take your point, they do ravage. How about Purina Giraffe Chow? On a high platform? I guess the squirrels would eat that, with the birdies taking some- I’d like to try!

  37. Peep–know what you mean! I love all you peeps, too!!!

  38. If they didn’t grow so big I’d love to own one’ aaand the eyes are so beautiful.

  39. Om my, what a beauty!

  40. Oh, the bebeh giraffe!! I was wondering when he would show up here!

  41. snorglepup says:

    Interspecies snorgling for all kindred peeps!
    And she does appear to be doubletocked.

  42. snorglepup says:

    I see a prominent line of snorglege between ear and chin. Snorgl, snorgl, nawm, nawm….

  43. OMG…



    “I love you and keep you and play with you forever …We’ll go to the park and the zoo … I’ll dress you up in itty bitty baby clothes and call you Fred. What a cute baby you are … yes you are…”

    Sorry had the Elmira complex for a second there 🙂

  44. nom-tastic eye capsules! WANT!

  45. darkshines says:

    Love the “sea anenome” style floppy horn-age.

  46. Omg! I’ve never seen a baby giraffe in comparison to a human. wow!

  47. bookmonstercats says:

    Loved the rollover on the second pic. And delighted you found this one, Meg. I could hardly believe the eyes. I was going to visit Chester Zoo to see her, but we’ve got really bad weather here.

  48. Mazel Tov!

  49. Isn’t she beautiful? I love her eyes. It looks like mom let her start wearing makeup early. *giggles*

  50. AW! ya didn’t put the one where she keeses heem! I sent it. I’m sure a billion others did too.

  51. Very qte giraffette & very qte guy. Such schweetness!

  52. is there like some kind of school i can go to to get trained for that job?

  53. Eeeeh! I live in Chester. Always an excuse to go to the zoo and now even more so because of that little beauty!


  54. Knobulishus!!! Squeeeeeeee!

  55. Tricia Garrett says:

    Huge eyes! Step ladders needed soon me thinks.

  56. maggiesmom says:

    can’t keep up with all the cuteness, first the deers with the kitty and now the baby giraffe! I can’t take it! wait, yes I can, keep the qte comming!

  57. maggiesmom says:

    also, if her name is Margaret, then her nickname is Maggie, right?

  58. CheshireCat says:

    Lovingk the leetle head tuft and the prosh eyelashes.

  59. maggiesmom says:

    oops, after doing some thinking, i can answer my own question, no, it would be Meggie. so embarrased :0!

  60. Giraffe (and squid) eyes always look like human eyes..

  61. I actually have a friend named Margaret, who we call Meeg.

    And I think I’m so obsessed with giraffes that I would be happy to shovel their poop!! I cannot wait for the day I get to see a giraffe in real life!!!

  62. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that GINORMOUS EYEBALL.

    It’s kinda freaking me out.

  63. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Some people have all the luck.

  64. so knobular…and utterly adorable! we need more giraffes in life!

  65. Awwww, those eyes! What a purrrty bebe.

  66. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Tim Rowlands (the guy on the other end of Margarget’s snorgles) is the offishully the luckiest dude in the world evarrr.

  67. Mary (the first) says:

    Yep I remember when they had a baby giraffe at zoo here, it was born the same size it took me 20 years to get to : 5’10”. I thought there was a bit more variation in size as little Margaret here is considered “very small” at 5′. I guess the large ones must be over 6 feet at birth! yowch for the mama!! But so lovely. It would be worth it. (yowch)


    (baby giraffe pattern and stone wall) dudes, I’m shocked no one else noticed. tsk tsk

  69. Giraffe!!!!!!!!!!

    Wee little giraffe!!!
    Knobby knees Giraffe, the eyelashes…….
    EEEEEE!!! Giraffe!!

  70. She has natural eyeliner if we could be born so lucky.