Oh no you di-int!

[Shaking head]

THIS is tewtelly nuts, People.


Most EXCELLENT WORK, Emily S. [Evil finger tenting]

The definish of ‘Snorgle’ is here.



  1. Now, *that* is an addict! ^_^

  2. juggle geese says:

    must have recently converted to cute.

  3. juggle geese says:

    recent converts are always radical.

  4. snorglepup says:

    Virginia is for snorglers.

  5. mommy25bunnies says:

    Let’s spread the SNORGLE license plates across the country peeps!!!!!

  6. OMG that is redonk! I can has, yes? *yoink*

  7. Hello!

    I just had to say that ur Blog is amazing!!!
    So,so cute…I can’t stop going all ”aaawwwww” every time I look at the Pics!!!
    Congrats,u really are very good at this!
    And u got urself another fan!!!!

    I added you to my favs…

  8. I LOVE IT! The “I’m animal friendly”
    quote.. and snorgle.. 🙂

  9. Greta license plate, would love to have one like that…

    PS When will you link me???

  10. Can I put this on my blog? 🙂 http://whatvanity.blogspot.com/

  11. Darn, you mean it’s already taken?! Lol, just kidding. Very cute ;P I like the “I’m animal friendly” bit…like we couldn’t tell from the “SNORGL!” XD

  12. CheshireCat says:

    Lolz! I should make my license plate say “anerabl”.

  13. Aha snorgle!! I love it!

  14. berthaslave says:

    :: hoping that no one has claimed nomnom in california ::

  15. o HECK YES!!!

  16. Genius. Pure, evil, genius.

  17. Demetrias says:

    I’m embarrassed to admit this … but I just purchased the NC plates: “SNORGLE”

  18. anyone ever notice that VA seems to have more vanity plates than any other states?
    this one’s total genius, I agree.
    is “nyerhe” next? how about “ehn” that’s good for driving in traffic

  19. anyone ever notice that VA seems to have more vanity plates than any other states?

    A recent study showed exactly that! VA was the big winner (as anyone who has ever lived there already knows) with over 16% vanity plates. 😀

  20. CoffeeCup says:

    Whoo, shoutout from my state!

  21. Yes – VA has an astonishing array of speciality plates. When we lived there we had that tag on both our cars. I miss those plates! SC and FL pale in comparison….

    I like redonk myself!

  22. The Virginia plates thing is due to the fact that it only costs $10 additional for us to get them.

  23. Haha. I’m from Virginia and I love looking at all the custom license plates. Best one I’ve seen so far was on a jeep that said basically “I’ll roll over.” Apparently, VA has the record number for custom licenses.

  24. WANTZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! 😉


  25. charliewabba says:

    @demetrias – dang. Now what am I gonna do? maybe SNORGLER?

  26. I love it! How many of us would drive right off the road if we saw that?
    Could you fit

  27. Demetrias says:

    @charliewabba — With 8 letters available, you could go for “SNORGLE!” I was seriously thinking about adding the exclamation point — after all, the world needs more snorgling, right? 😀

  28. bookmonstercats says:

    Our “vanity” plates have to be made entirely from letters and numbers and they usually cost LOTS. However, I am now working on it …

  29. Yitzysmommie says:

    I am so heading down to DMV TOMORROW to get SNORGLE for my state. Way to represent!

  30. Yitzysmommie says:

    Hah! I applied online. Best I can do in my state is SNRGL. Meggie/Teho, I will email ya’ll a pic when it is proudly placed on my bright red Patty O’Jeep.

  31. Demetrias says:

    @Yitzysmommie — I was surprised that in NC they are only $30 per year. I can cut out a latte per month to drive the SNORGLE-mobile — a small, red truck 🙂

  32. why didn’t i think of that? brilliant i say. just brilliant.

  33. sockmonster sarai says:

    me: ONG! It says snorgle! I want that for my plates!

    sweetie: what’s a snorgle?

    me: let me get the official def

    Sweetie: nah just tell me.

    me: It’s when you scoop up the kitteh, bury your face in the fur and snuggle all excitable like.

    Sweetie: ?!?

    me: *grabs Zelda, SNORGLES with reckless abondonment*


    Sweetie: you’re so weird…

  34. Demetrias, I thought the NC speciality tag was $30 in addition to the regular $25 for the annual fee.? I love the vanity plates but when the “wonderful” state of NC wants you to pay through the nose for everything you own, I kinda have to ask myself, is it really worth it?

    Now if the vanity fee (and taxes) were as low as in VA, I just might consider letting my hair down (or opening my wallet) for some cute fun. 😉

  35. I LOVE it !!!

  36. anomalous4real says:

    =LOL= iz teh gret!!

    But can someone go get a shot of the REAR plate? People in half the states won’t believe this is for real, even with the stickers, ‘cuz their states don’t require a matching one for the front.

    I’m from CA, which requires both front and back plates, but I now live in PA, which doesn’t. After close to 30 years I’m still amazed by the things drivers put in that front space.

  37. LOL! That’s nice!

  38. Freddy W. NC, USA says:

    What’s up with the crappy spelling? Is this the Jr. High home page?
    Man, there’s too many folks already who either can’t spell or are unclear on the concept of proofreading, and now I find a whole nest of people who think it’s somehow CUTE to misspell deliberately.
    It’s not cute people, it’s just juvenile preciosity (look it up).
    The pictures are great, but I felt like I wandered into Moronville when I made the mistake of reading captions and postings – won’t make that mistake again.

  39. Momof2kitties says:

    Who’s got teh puddinks?

  40. I didn’t think anything could top the CPTNPUPPY plate I saw yesterday….I was wrong, so wrong…

  41. What’s the matter with Freddy W. McNufferstein? Somebody poop in your oatmeal this morning?

  42. bunnajenny says:

    Jorden…from a few posts up…I’m in VA and just got OMGPNZ, that’s the only way I could make it fit…helps that it’s a Horse Enthusiast plate 🙂

  43. Freddy just doesn’t get it… How sad to be always so serious. What a douche bag.

  44. Hello Kitty says:

    Jen & 19petals:

    Totally agree wich’as!!! Liten up doode!!! How bout that!!!
    I live in VA and always crack up at the stupid plates I see, really stupid i.e.: driving in Arlington, VA and seeing a plate that says from VA 2 DC….duh…lame-o…anywho, this one is genious and I want my own C.O. plate…Can’t wait!!!

  45. Gosh, I was totally on Frederick’s side until he got all, like, nicknamey with himself. Tawk abouz juvenile. What IS this confounded English language coming to?

  46. kewl plate, but that front grill setup has to be the ugliest thing this side of Britney’s psych chart

  47. Hello Kitty says:

    Mike D:


  48. Freddy,
    Proofread THIS

  49. if the person gets pulled over, will the cops snorgle them instead of giving a ticket? hope so.

  50. Yitzysmommie says:

    Kiragirl, darlin’, you gave me a laff! I will report whether or not I get PO-leece snorgles after I get my SNRGL plate.