Hey You. Let us in.

[Taps schnozzle on glass repeatedly]



Um, that kitteh will never let those deerses in.

// UPDATE — check out the LOL version here, courtesy of ICanHasCheezBurger //



  1. AlbertaGirl says:

    Look out kitteh! There’s another one around the corner!

  2. Deer: “Hey, you’re not gonna believe this, but Beatrice behind me here just fell through the ice and got blown out of the hole by a helicopter!”

    Cat: Uh-huh…right.

    Deer: I’m serious! Go to cuteoverload.com. It’s on the front page!!!

    Cat: Maybe later. Must nap now. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Deer: Doh!

  3. fish eye no miko says:

    That was funny, bdwilcox!
    But shouldn’t be:
    “Deer: Doe!”

  4. What a beautiful picture. I love interspecies interactions. PLease open the window and let them play together!!

  5. Yeah, but I felt like bucking the trend.

  6. D Bledwich says:

    sick the hose on em, kitty!

  7. Sigh, I’ve missed living in Wisconsin. There is no snow or deer in Melbourne!

  8. Oh my gosh. LOVE! Inter-species snorgling at its best!!!

  9. Gary Fixler says:

    Mrs. Cat, no time for pleasantries, I fear. I have urgent news from the east. Round up all senior officials at once! There will be an emergency council meeting in the woods north of here in one hour. I must see to an important matter in the meantime, but I will leave you in the care of Ms. Antlerfree. She’ll fill you in on all relevant details. Take care, Mrs. Cat, and until we meet again, trust no one.

  10. possumpiratess says:

    To me, down here in Florida…that’s just magic.

  11. the deer is thinking “hmmm. must have taken a wrong turn on the way home. this doesn’t look like one of Santa’s helpers!”

  12. Stephanie says:

    Deer: Little kitty, little kitty, let me in!

    Kitty: Not by the whiskers on my chinny chin chin….

  13. Kitteh is thinking, “dat food is rly beeeg!”

  14. a midwinter day’s snorgling … ahhh

  15. That sort of thing happens around my house every day..

  16. Well those deers are not scared…

  17. Hey check out the little squirrel peaking around the post.

  18. deers to cat :can you feeds us we is hungrz…….

    Cat: ummmmm nooose i doz not like corns or horns

  19. “Santa broke down over Tokyo. Can we use your phone?”

  20. Ahhh, the famous New Brunswick deer incident. Soooo cute! I was going to send it in, but I seem to be a CO reject so I gave up. Oh whoa is me, if I had sent it in maybe my CO-esteem would have been uplifted!!!!!! 🙂

  21. Oh, woe is us, Beth…if only we could have this at our back porch! I’d stock up on Purina Reindeer Chow.

  22. oh, hai!

  23. firefinch says:

    Katrina, if you have a garden, you really DO NOT want deer in your back yard. They eat everything in sight.

  24. omg, there really is a little skwerl looking around the post!!! the quteest thing evar!!

  25. I think Mommy deer is inviting Kitteh to come out and play!!!

  26. chet's momma says:

    can a velvety schnozzle actually tap? I’m jes’ askin’

  27. As I was one of the (probably) hundreds who sent this in, I’ll take full credit for it.

    *bows in all directions*

    Ok, maybe not FULL credit for it, but still. I can finally feel that I have had something posted on CO.

    (And interspecies snorgling is what I thought, even though there is a patio door between them)

  28. foxy,

    Can I take some credit, too? I sent this in weeks ago!

  29. I believe what’s been mistaken for a squirrel is actually the top portion of another deers head(note ear).

  30. It’s adorable. Though I must say deer arounde were I live don’t get nearly so big.

  31. This is soooo a mockup scene. Like the cat is clearly a stuffed toy and that deer has false snow on his nose

  32. CoffeeCup says:

    I didn’t even see the cat for a second there! Where my fiancee’s family lives, there are deer everywhere but they rarely wander into the backyard. We just have to be careful to avoid them when we drive, and I think the golfers see them once in a while.

  33. “Hey, do you think I could come in and use your bathroom?”

  34. Smilychica says:

    That’s the most saddest excuse for a guard kitty that I’ve ever seen!! It’s not even trying to make itself look bigger by having it’s hair stand up!!

    We have a heard of deer that come out a dusk – and I believe they were brave enough to come to the windows and our guard cats when crazy! They could teach this kitty a lesson or two!

  35. Geeze – that deer has serious dandruff.

  36. Deer to deer salesman…

  37. Deb! I think you’re right. That is a third deerses ear just peekin’ out in the lower left of the pic.
    See “Three Deerses ‘n a Kitteh” at a movie theater near youse. 😉

  38. Chet’s mama, he was tappin’ on the winder with his antlerz, o’course! Nice soft tappinks, with all that velvet n’all…

  39. Hey, just noticed the notches on the ears, both on Mr. McAntlerpants and Ms. McHideypants there behind the railings. Whereabouts do they do that, and what does it mean if you have a notch in your left ear or your right?

  40. Blooming HaHa says:

    I really love this picture. It gives me a warm cozy feeling with a bit of “Eeeeeeeee!” :p

  41. metsakins says:

    Our cats are just like…yeah, what do ya want…ya know you piss mom off when you eat her roses….

  42. Squirrel in the background:

    Hello Animal Control we have a possible break-in.

  43. deer: “badgers? hon, did we order any badgers?”

    cat: “oh nuts. is it halloween again? if they dressed up like that what’ll they do to me? i’m gonna go hide behind the water heater for a week.”

  44. Kitteh gets to look at deer.

    Kitteh doesn’t let the deer in.

    It’s a win-dow win-dow situation.

  45. Freezer empty? WE don’t have deer like that. We have to buy the meat.

  46. aaawww, how sweet!!!

  47. Wow- I am overloaded! I love this picture – my cat is always keeping tabs on the deer outside.
    This is a priceless pic!

  48. And can someone point out this alleged squirrel? I suck at where’s waldo…

  49. I mentioned in an earlier post what is assumed to be a squirrel is actually the top of a third deers head.

    One ear and part of the head are visible on the left, behind the deck railings.

  50. Hah, my cat would be all, “Come on in! The idiot’s at work and we’re having a party! BYOSL! (Bring Your Own Salt Lick).”

  51. Oh my gosh are you kidding me!? This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen. Props to the camera man for being quiet enough not to scare them!

  52. berthaslave says:

    Okay, this is my final offer…you can play with my behbeh deer AND have this bukket that I stole from the walrus, if you just let me in the house for like THREE SECS so I can get this freaking snow off my schnozzola!

  53. Good morning Miss Cat. My associate and I wonder if you might have a few moments to talk about your relationship with God…

  54. Aubrey – cool joke

  55. Ultra cute!

  56. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Oh my gah!!! Too cute!!!

    Okay, I gotta remind everybody!!! Don’t forget tomorrow nite on Animal Planet!!! PUPPY BOWL!!! And you know what that also means …KITTY HALF-TIME SHOW!!11!!!!! SQUEEE!!!!! GREAT alternative to that Stooper Bowl!!

    Okay I’m done now!! 😛

  57. http://www.smoothmarketplace.com/screenclean.swf

    this reminded me of something…

  58. “Good morning Miss Cat. My associate and I wonder if you might have a few moments to talk about your relationship with God…”

    LOL @ jenjen!

    If the peeps that came to my door looked like this, I might let em in for a cup o tea.

  59. @ scoobie, jessie – Take pictures!!

    @ bglad – I saw that there on ICHC yesterday but thought the caption looked too big and complicated to photoshop out. So now here it is, bigger and unmodified! Yay!

    Meg, your captions just keep getting funnier and funnier! Love it!

  60. Tear down the (glass) wall!

  61. This gave me goosebumps as I gasped at it’s sheer beauty. It reminds me that with little to no inclusion of humankind, the sheer innocence of the animal kingdom can reign supreme. It can so easily be taken for granted…. I think this is breathtakingly stunning.

  62. awww. i want to just let the deer in from the cold outside. let them warm up and give them something warm to eat and drink!

  63. @pyrit & jen-jen: LOL!!

    Maybe they’re “Brownies”
    (ha-ha) selling Girl Scout Cookies?? The mommeh has to talk to the kitteh ‘cuz little Fawnette is too shy….

  64. Sweet so cute my cats and sheep do this through the gate. they love to sniff noses.

  65. If you look reeeeeally carefully there’s another (4th) deer waaaaay in the background. Just over the head of the one that isn’t a squirrel.

  66. snorglepup says:

    That stinkin groundhog called for six more weeks of this! We’re freezin our tocks off out here!

  67. Yeah,

    I zoomed in and the suppsoed Squirrel is a deer peeking over the edge of the deck. We see one ear, the top of the head, and half of one eye just above the snow.

    A deer way in the background? Maybe.

    The white dishpan outside the door probably has deer corn or other feed to lure the deer up for a photo-op.

    In any case, I love the pic and the fact that the photographer caught it withiut seemingly startling the deer.

    The deer does seem to say, “Let me in where’s it warm”, and “Oh, yeah! I brought my friends”.

    @jenjen – LOLOL!!!!

  68. uhh…Tunagram! Wait…Mary Kittay Cosmetics calling!

  69. “It reminds me that with little to no inclusion of humankind, the sheer innocence of the animal kingdom can reign supreme.”

    Seriously LMAO at this moronic comment. Not only would these two animals never come this close if it were not for the “intrusion of mankind” the common house cat wouldn’t even exist in it’s current form without it.

    Not to mention the fact that the deer know “mankind” have tasty treats they can forage.

    There’s about a million other facts I coud mention but “pull your head out and read a book or something” seems to cover it.”

  70. @Emily: LOL!

  71. Ok, everyone…here is some info. for the CO uninformed out there.
    1)The deer with antlers is not a “mommy” deer, it is a “Buck” which is a male.

    2)The notches you see on the buck are not from someone putting them there…they are from the bucks sparring with one another.

    3)It is not a squirrel in the background, but another deer.

    4)These are deer that are used to “humans” and their stuff. A fed deer isn’t really bothered by anything. We have a young buck that totally ignores my parents 2 dobermans on the otherside of the fence.

  72. You should send this picture in to Parade Magazine. It’s too cute not to give it maximum exposure!

  73. Wow, there’s a new kind of nuff on the block. ; )

  74. LOVE the curiosity on their faces!

  75. Why is that cat not flipping out??? It doesn’t *look* photoshopped…

    [Some cats are just mellow that way, while others aren’t… – Ed.]

  76. Charlotte says:

    Awwww, meloves this ^_^

    Cute deer!

  77. one of the most cutestestest pics ever!

  78. Mary (the first) says:

    This really should be in “cats n racks” also, cuz that buck has a very nice rack there!!

  79. Mary#1 — LOL. Yes, I agree completely.

  80. OMG! That is histarical!!!! Love it 😀