And the Groundhog officially declares:


It’s official.



According to legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there willbe six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not see his shadow,there will be an early spring. Thanks a LOT, Phil.



  1. [TRANSLATION: ‘did Phil see his shadow before or after his handlers saw it’] ??


    Dammit.. I’m cold.

    [Here, have a hot water bottle… – Ed.]

  2. Hold up.. Does Phil have a yellow nose ring?

  3. Phil looks a bit grumpy about the results, too. 🙂

  4. What an ODD ritual. Isn’t it?

  5. I saw on CNN this morning that Phil’s whole name is Punxsutawney Phil, Seer of Seers, Sage of Sages, Prognosticator of Prognosticators and Weather Prophet Extraordinary.

    The more you know. =D

  6. I guess we’re forever stuck with an early spring. Phil won’t be seeing his shadow anymore; he’s been dead for over a hundred years. (Groundhogs live for 10 years at most.)

  7. Golden: I think those are his buck teefs.

  8. golden: no nose ring. Thats his teeth.

    And how did he see his shadow? Its dark time in that pic. I think someone is LYING to us. Im done with winter. I want spring.

  9. Look at that glare!
    Where’s that little furry little finger?:D
    Phil looks *pissed* that they woke him up!

  10. Sorry, I don’t feel snorgalishious about this one.

  11. And Jimmeh Teh Groundhog sez nay, it is not 6 more weeks. Maybe because they got him a tuxedo:

  12. Damn you Phil!!!!!

  13. I just came back from the celebrations in Punxsutawney today! Nothing like waking up at 2:30 a.m. to stand outside for a weather prediction from a fat, sleepy rodent while listening to “The Pennsylvania Polka.”

    No matter what Phil predicts, spring in PA is possibly the grayest, yuckiest thing imaginable.

    Still…it makes me proud in a very odd sort of way to be Pennsylvanian!

  14. NOOOO not 6 more weeks?!?!?! Damn rodents and their weather forecasting. I think I will try to steal his shadow peter-pan style so we can have Spring already.

  15. You know, there is ANOTHER groundhog, Staten Island Chuck, who did not see his shadow this AM. Chuck says spring is coming!

  16. snorglepup says:

    NJ winters are more yuckier. I’m all for hibernating, but bring on the Spring!

  17. snorglepup says:

    My vote is for Chuck!

  18. Michelle A says:

    Of course, Woodstock Willie from Woodstock, Illinois (where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed) says “Nyerhe! No shadow here!”.

  19. Michelle A says:

    Article about Woodstock Willie, who didn’t see his shadow.

  20. My sister's cat is a blob says:

    Phil is all like, Can’t I just pull the covers over my head and sleep in a few more months?

    If a bunch of old guys in bad tuxes dragged me out of bed prematurely I’d bare my little yellow teeth, too.

  21. our groundhog saw NOTHING! WHEEEEEEE!

  22. berthaslave says:

    Wait a minute, there’s more than one groundhog? That’s just making a mockery of the whole thing. Times have changed.

  23. nah, this is like a groundhog tulku, every time the old one passes away they hunt down the newest incarnation.

    He’s grumpy because he got woken up from hibernation.
    Crazy humans… go back to sleep.

  24. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Loved the movie! 😛

  25. So do these groundhogs like sleep in the same place all the time so every year this little drama can take place? If the groundhog awoke alone in the woods, would there still be a shadow?

  26. The groundhog lies!

    He says winter and the weather here in NC it’s 60’s, humid, and droughtish. A few years back he said spring and it we got a foot of snow a week later (that was in VA though…).

    I no longer believe the groundhog. The squirrels on the other hand…

  27. Damm the Editor and his Translations… 😉

  28. Bwahahha, Whiarton Willie (Ontario)didn’t see his shadow, so there! WE get the early spring!

  29. I’m down here in Atlanta this wknd and the local groundhog says “No more winter”.

    Michelle D—do you live near Woodstock Willie? I do, too!!

    We are proud of the movie having been filmed in the area….I particularly enjoyed reading that one of the events this wknd in Woodstock was the “Lighting of the Groundhog”—which struck me as a little inhumane! Hee-hee!

  30. Why in God’s name do they wake up a hibernating groundhog in the middle of the night to see if he sees his shadow?! I’d be pissed and bite the crap out of someone! Then he’s all like, “well, I’m up now, howsabout a little sumpthin to eat?”! And then he can’t go back to sleep! Poor little guy! *I want one!!*

  31. Michelle A says:

    Gail: Proud Chicagoan now, but grew up near Woodstock in Cary. 🙂

  32. AuntieMame says:

    I’ve never understood the fuss anyway. It’s February 2, fer crying out loud! In Colorado, that means three more months of winter. Whatever the groundhog says…

  33. It’s going to be winter another 6 weeks at least no matter if a grumpy Eastern rodent sees a shadow or not.

  34. We needs to get Phil some groundhog glassies so he can see his shadow next time. Mebbe something in a nice shade of blue.

  35. If giraffes are knobbular, groundhogs are blobbular.

  36. Michelle A: Chicago NW ‘burbs bonding!!

  37. Happily, all the Canadian groundhogs said “it’s time for spring”, so we’ll be basking in the warmth up here…

  38. circuscake says:

    shouldn’t this be in ‘cute or sad’ also? ’cause it totally makes me wanna cry- i’m sick of winter!

  39. Blobbular. Skye, that’s hilarious! Blobbular is kinda cute, too.

  40. i also lives in Ontarios, and our rodent did not see his shaddah, but then, In Canada we have had SNOW IN JUNE

    still the buck teefs are verra cute

  41. The ground hog Very cute even with his grumpy face on.

    The movie very funny and very cool.
    Berthaslave I think you, me and all the other California people are saying good bye to winter. Ours is over.. the daffodils have spoken and are making their appearance at my house(of course that doesn’t count if you live in the sierras) I am hoping though that we get lots more rain as we are looking at a drought for central California if we don’t get more rain.

  42. Well then you all should move to Canada as our Wiarton Willie did NOT see his shadow therefore winter is over. 😀

  43. By g-g-golly, he’s-s-s right. It’s f-f-cold in MUMBAI.

  44. Since we’re not freezing our hineys off, does that mean we’ll have 6 more weeks of incessant rain? (aaaaargh!)

  45. Booo…
    Let’s put ground hog stew on the menu. I’m moving to Hawaii. You can tolerate 6 more weeks of winter there.

  46. Sharon Wilson says:

    I wish I could send this to my sister! She went to see Phil and all she saw was the handlers because the crowd was too big!

  47. mom2twinzz says:

    Buckeye Chuck (who from just north of me) chimed in with all the other groundpiggies saying early spring.

    Sadly the ending of the article:

    “Another year, a living Chuck died just days before Feb. 2. Evers had him stuffed then posed him for the forecast. Davis, who was in the Channel 10 weather studio in Columbus, was on the air when that video of Chuck rolled.

    “It’s stuffed,” a shocked Davis announced to his unsuspecting audience.

    Nobody bothered to warn Davis. “Apparently, they couldn’t get a stand in,’’ he said this week, recalling the story.

    The groundhog cadaver predicted an early spring.

    And wouldn’t you know it, he was dead on. “


  48. News Flash….From Canada and the Us……..spring always comes on the designated day…now……..let us groundhogs go back to sleep…….you lot got us up for THIS!?!?!!?!?

  49. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyyy for us Californians. I have to say I like snow. I like walking around as it is snowing
    I’ve been at my sister’s house the past few weeks well month actually, what with the sprained ankle and the flue and all. During that time Southern Oregon got five inches that stayed for a few days. It was awesome. I didn’t want to go home.

  50. Haiya Peoples! I just wanted to say Phil the Groundhog is so huggable and eh-dorable! I luv him!