Oh, you’re on thin ice now, Mister!

Verrrry thin ice.

If only there was some way to get you out of there…


"Just doin’ a little ice skatin’ nyere", Ross and Jo-Lynn L.!
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  1. waaaaaow funny kitty xD

  2. Yes that’s a pretty nice kitty mina

  3. Whew. That was stressful. I feel better now.

  4. I hope he enjoyed the ride! His family will never believe his story!

  5. Jupiter Star says:

    I’m just amazed that the leetle deer’s legs weren’t turned into freezy-pops!

  6. Who else thought “bambi” as soon as they saw this? 😛

  7. Kuu-

    I did! 😀

  8. Oh deer!

    Sorry, couldn’t resist. *dodges pelted puddings*

  9. I did, Kuu. ^_^

    I literally cheered when the deerlet got to the shore.

  10. Except for the freezing-off-the-‘tocks part, that actually looks like loads of fun. 🙂

  11. awesome use of a helicopter! 🙂

  12. fish eye no miko says:

    Deer: “WHEEEEEEE!!”

  13. He needs a bunneh to show him the proper way to ice skate, obvy.

  14. Most. Brilliant. Use. Of a helicopter. Ever.

  15. anniebird says:

    This just BLEW ME AWAY when i saw it! Sorry

  16. lurkingsmirk says:

    Awww…you just know the deer was fretting and then suddenly–whoahhhhhhh what’s going on???

    Also–I just noticed there is an ad on the side for a dating site specifically for finding Chinese women. Weeeeeird.

  17. berthaslave says:


    The behbeh deer is saved!!!!

    This is almost as good as Barack and Hillary making nice!!!!

  18. i’m not sure which was cuter, the behbeh or the chopper pilot saying “nyere” while saving him.

  19. Juniper Jupiter says:

    BOOO, Lizzy!!! Rotten Tomaters comin’ atcha!!!

    ‘Course, sincha beat me to it, they’re not comin’ towards ME! 😛

    Anyhoo, this is a great deer vid!! Love what the copter dude did to the lil feller!!! Just great! Who knew that would make him go gracefully over the ice like that!!

  20. Lol, they BLEW him over?! XD That’s hilarious. At least he the deer was saved! And it got to ice skate 😉

  21. YAY! ^_^ I was all “Oh noes!” and then we were cheering – Seriously, we were.
    I agree, that really is the best use of a helicopter.

    It’s things like this that make me think maybe, just maybe, my hope for humankind is not misplaced.

  22. I ‘member this! They went on the ice but the deer just panicked and went farther out on the ice to get away from them.

    Luckily that news copter was there.

    My fave are those ear wiggles as he’s sliding cross the ice.

  23. Definitely Bambi. With Thumper there teaching him how to ice skate. haha.

  24. Ohh. I’m ever so glad he got out (thanks Mr. Pilot!), but it still made me sad. Ice is sharp, and legs are thin, and it’s so cold-looking out. I have to lean towards not so cute :(.

    But I am *really* glad Mr. Pilot helped him get out.

  25. That was FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!!!!

    I agree, Crazed. I have lost so much faith in humanity. This makes me feel like not all is lost!

  26. Hooray! 😀 😀

  27. I think we all had the Bambi thought. Thank you Mr pilot.

  28. Ahw, poor Bambi.. Glad he made it!

  29. SixFootJen says:

    Deer: “Brrrrrrrr!”

    Deer: “Ehn! Ehn!”

    Deer: “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

    Deer: “Byeeeeeeee!”

  30. SixFootJen says:

    Ooops, I had typed in “stage directions” but used the wrong brackets and they disappeared! Let’s try this again.
    Deer: “Brrrrrrrrr!”
    (scrambles out of ice-hole)
    Deer: “Ehn! Ehn!”
    (cue helicopter)
    Deer: “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”
    (glides to shore)
    Deer: “Byeeeeeee!”
    (bounds off into woods)

  31. I was so worried when I first saw this, but then I was laughing! Even though it was stressed out, the sliding bit must have been FUN!:D

  32. CheshireCat says:

    So happy to see teh deer get safely whoooshed to shore! Hooray!

  33. Whoa, talk about making good use of the downdraft from heli blades. That’s one heck of a pilot too in coming that close without causing problems. That poor deer’s heart must of been going a mile a minute.

  34. LOL and awwwww. That’s a very clever use of the helicopter! (Though the poor deer must have been freezing!)


  35. Sad.






    SOOOOO many mixed emotions in such a short time!

    Yay, helicopter pilot for saving the day.

    Yay, deer for being O.K!

  36. Your site doesn’t load in Firefox anymore since a few days ago! Wah!

  37. bookmonstercats says:

    The ‘copter pilot is now my hero. Sixfootjen LOL. Shannon, sorry you’ve lost faith in humanity, but there are SO MANY great peeps out there, fix on them instead of the b*st*rds. I do and (cheeeeeesy grin) visitin’ CO is the best way of doing it.

  38. i thout bambi the first second i saw that and look SKATING DEER SKATING DEER!!!LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. OMG that was frightening!
    Poor little frozen tooshie.

  40. Wear I am, it’s gray and rainy and depressing out today so I’m in a bad mood.

    What if nobody had found the lil fawn? It just made me sad…. I hate that animals have to live outside all year in the cold. They should build warming huts in all the forrests.

  41. ButtaRumCake says:


    Thanks so much CO – my schlep to work was SO worth it today LOL

  42. Yahooooo!!!!!

  43. at first i was stumped as to when the ‘cuteness’ would begin, then i LOL’d as the wind got lil deer’s momentum going in a supreme skid across the ice. weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!what a happy ending!

  44. whatever happened to lenny skutnik?

  45. *WHEW*

  46. LovesCats says:

    That was sad and stressful–not CUTE! Thank goodness that deer got off the ice. That was not a fun video!

  47. Aww… this one made me sad!!! I hope he found his mama! and I hope he wasn’t too frozen after that!

  48. Hey! This is from Oklahoma! The chopper from our own CBS affiliate. For real!

    klahoma where the propwash blows deer acrosst the iiiiice…


  50. MELTS MY HEART!!!!!! that was so cute. they saved that cute lil guy!! awwwwwwwwwww

  51. Cute-porter Jade says:

    I thought, at first, it was a cute or sad vid! The happy ending made it all worth it.

  52. Yeah!! Seeing this made my morning! 😀 Hooray for nice helicopter pilots!

  53. And, he was honored by PEtA for it…


  54. How kewl. That guy was all like normal and not all cutiepie sentimental about saving that leedle Bambi… He was a MAN… a GOOD MAN… a straight thinking PRACTICAL MAN… but such an attentive humane MAN just going about his thing and being a decent human being. I WANT A CUTE OVERLOAD PRACTICAL MAN LIKE THAT in my life! Aaaaw
    I love him

  55. This made me tear up and smile at the same time. Ah, a happy ending….

  56. Speaking of C.O. practical men…I just have to brag that recently I asked my man to set up my wireless network in the place I just moved to. One of my neighbors named his network “HellsFury.” I left it up to my boyfriend of 7 yrs to decide what to call mine.

    I came home from work to discover he named it “OohFluffies.” And the password is a combo of words from the C.O. glossary. And this is why I LOFS HIM.

  57. Land hoooooooooooo!!! “Blump” now….RUN LIKE HELL!!!

  58. Estella? …he’s a keeper.

    Just so you know, though, given what you just said, I’d likely be able to hack your wireless. Might wanna customize that password a bit with some special characters (numbers, caps, punctuation, etc.)


  59. i believe this was about a year back, happened locally for me. and yeah, that pilot is awesome. i know that the police will use him when they have a high speed chase sometimes. (even thought its a news channel heli & pilot). and everyone was happy about the deer being safe.

  60. CoffeeCup says:

    Must’ve been freezing in that water, I’m glad the deer made it…and got a fun ride along the way, haha. I couldn’t stop giggling to myself while it was sliding.

  61. Thank God I am not at work watching this I am sitting here crying tears of joy for the deer.

  62. CoffeeCup says:

    @Lola88: These are wild animals, they’re…in the wild. It’s outdoors. They were born to be in the forests. I don’t feel bad about deer being outdoors because it’s where they live. Puppies and kittens that are domesticated are another thing, but deer are wild animals. And warming posts in forests perhaps will harm the area because it would throw off the balance of the temperatures in the forest. Predators might figure out where these posts are and stay near them to hunt? Sorry you’re in a bad moon though. It’s rainy and dark here too, I just want to sit in my PJs and watch TV but I have to go to work.

  63. CoffeeCup says:

    You mean Estella’s network pasword isn’t bleenuffehn?

  64. Estella: Best. Network Name. Ever. Can I say it just once? OohFluffies; just makes me wanna giggle.

  65. SHHH, CoffeeCup!! Jeez!

  66. CoffeeCup says:

    Oh noes! I feer I haves bin shshed by teh grate Teho, hed of all teh qte! Whutevs shale I doos?


    [Why, immediately and categorically disavow any & all insider knowledge of abovementioned sensitive information, knowing that the executive branch will back you up should it come to subpoenas and/or press conferences… – Ed.]

  67. Aww,, well I’m glad the deer got saved!

  68. I was so scared when I started watching this! I don’t know if any of you have ever fallen through ice, but it is the most horrifying experience i’ve EVER had. Not only does it physically hurt to be in ice cold water, the amazing amount to stress you’re feeling when you can’t get out is….well. I am thankful my friend and I got out.

    And who ever thought to use a helicoptor to blow a deer across ice? Fast thinking animal rescuers! And good blowing Mr. Pilot! I’m glad Mr. frozendeertocks made it out ok.

  69. D’oe!

  70. Okay I posted and then went back and read all your Comments. HEhehehe you all are so funny.
    The perfect pre homework warm up. Not only was the deer saved but great comments too.

    I love C.O.

  71. CoffeeCup says:

    But Teho…press conferences are awesome.

  72. Teho, I’d be honored if you hacked my network 😉 I’d just have to hack into your computer in return, and whenever you try to access any webpage or program, your screen will only display pictures of our cuteoverlords.

  73. Oh my gosh. Watching that video totally stressed me out. Although the part when the deer gets the free ride across the ice? Pretty awesome. I like how nonchalant it was: Hey, dudes. I’m hydroplaning. It’s the bomb.

  74. That’s what I like to hear, CoffeeCup. You’re a team player, and we take care of our own.

    Estella —

  75. Theo — I’ve seen that before and it’s pretty cool 🙂 though I’d modify it so people only see upside down pictures of LOLcats saying “i’m in ur compooterz, upsidedowning your stuffz”

  76. When I first starting watching this clip I was like “The poor deer! This isn’t cute! Why did Meg put this on here?!” But I had faith and knew it had to have a happy ending – otherwise our intrepid leader of the qte would not put it on. I had to congratulate myself for not succumbing to the stress.

    Anyway, long story short — yay for the deer. And yay for the helo pilot. I wonder what was going through his mind? “Hmmmm, I wonder if this would work….?” I’d love to see what his call sign is now – prolly like Nature Boy or something. Hee!

  77. Sometimes I just love humanity. That was “moving” .

  78. One more reason why we Okies RAWK. I heart Mr. Choppers McSweetiePie for his excelente flying skilz and his compassion.

  79. poor deer musta been scared but on the other hand pumping blood was just what he needed to get moving and warm up. best wierdest rescue evahr 8D

  80. that was an emotional rollercoaster. i actually puked a rainbow for the first time; what a trip!!

  81. Scuse me! Why won’t Cuteoverload load in Firefox anymore? I tort it was my ad block, but even with it switched off I only get the winged hampster background.

  82. That was an AWESOME video! Disturbing at first, but what an ending. I love how nonchalant little frozen-tocks deer-pants was. My husband (who’s home for a snow day) made me replay it 3 times.

    In other news…I’ve realized that the nuffers don’t irritate me NEARLY so much as the stupid comments. And that’s saying something, because nuffers irritate the hell out of me. Stupid people make me want to commit unspeakable acts.

  83. Pheas – too funny 😉

  84. I don’t know…. That deer didn’t look particularly young. I didn’t see any spots. I doubt it was still dependent on its mother.

    Ummm, Meg? I don’t know how much control you have over the ads here, but there is a mail-order bride service being advertised on the bottom left. It is semi-masquerading as an Asian dating website. It isn’t one. It talks about “marriage” and the women don’t even have names. Just numbers, age, height, weight and where they’re from. Please do something or get an ad program that lets you choose your ads. I suggest BlogHerAds, BlogAds, ADSDAQ or AdBrite.

  85. I was really feeling terrible at the beginning…that wonderful gust of wind that blew him to safety must have been heaven-sent.

  86. Wow, it’s belly must have been frozen after swishing over that ice!! Poor baby, but glad it made it out ok. He did kind of look like he enjoyed the gliding part of it…

  87. And then the friendly giant blew and blew the little deer aaaaaaaaall the way onto the snow.

    : )

  88. Brrrrrrroshus. The white soggypants were Qte, but yeah, it was a tense momenut.

  89. Angelique Crest says:

    AHH I was getting worried about da deer. Now I’m happy it’s off back in the wild again. =)

  90. CoffeeCup says:

    CO loads in Firefox for me…then again I’m on mac at work and at home. Is it not loading for PC Firefox users? Eesh.

  91. mydogoscar says:

    Hate to be this way, but chances of that deer surviving even though it got out of the water are pretty low. This was definitely not cute.

  92. mydogoscar says:

    Hate to be this way, but chances of that deer surviving even though it got out of the water are pretty low. This was definitely not cute.

  93. Amanda – are you serious? Did you have your speakers on?

  94. I’m in Firefox on a PC, and it’s working fine for me.

  95. Thank goodness this ended good – or else I would question it’s cuteness – whew

  96. Thank goodness this ended good – or else I would question it’s cuteness – whew

  97. Oh I saw this before! All I can is what heroes! And I love how the deer seemed to enjoy the ride. I did want to wrap the poor baby in a warm, toasty blanket, however.

  98. Well, it loads on my husband’s PC laptop, and not on my PC desktop. Both are on Firefox, and both are on the same network (though the laptop is wireless). I can’t figure it out…

  99. CoffeeCup says:

    Maggie, it has to do with your Firefox settings then. What is it doing? Is it just a blank page, as if it begins to load but stalls, or does it give an error message? Try erasing your cookies and then refreshing the page. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling Firefox and reinstalling.

  100. YAY!!! I actually cheered at the end. Good one.

  101. Please can we have a warning next time for those of a sensitive disposition? This was sooo NOT cute! Even though it was great that the deer was saved, I did not enjoy watching a terrified, traumatized animal. And, sliding across the ice would NOT have been enjoyable to an animal in distress. Got to look at loads of cute kitty pics to try to get these horrible images out of my mind!

  102. The video is gone… “sniff” I wanted to see it!


  103. OK it just played on this page…weird… wow, what a rescue! That was soooo cool that they “blew” it over to the side. GREAT thinking!!!!!

  104. spongebrooke says:

    haha i’m sorry but omg that’s hilarious XD

    if anything what a unique way to solve that problem!

  105. Wow. Watching this was kind of like when your kid falls down and he’s totally fine and you want to laugh because it was a REALLY funny fall, but you can’t cuz its evil to laugh at your kid who fell, even though they were fine. Except this time I laughed. And not an inner laugh, a loud laugh. And the deer sliding across the ice reminded me of how i slid about 20 feet on my stomach after totally tripping while skating yesterday.

  106. Oh my gosh – that has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen! Wheeeeeeee!

  107. The site doesn’t load with my FF either since a few days. Was all fine before and I didn’t change anything on the settings.
    I normally user Firefox/, but now have to start the IE everytime I want to read CO.

  108. I just noticed how he scurried off, scared as hell

    Poor deer must be scarred for life (plus cold ‘tocks, talk about uncomfy!)

  109. I think it must have been FREAKED OUT at first, but then it was like, hmm, I do better if I just sit here so WOAH this is kinda fun! -ear twitchy-
    Onion, I agree, if blood to feet was the goal, big scary but helpful sky monster was a good way to get it going!
    and yay cool for Peta award- not that I’m a peta fan but he deserved recognition.

  110. Firefox loads CO just fine for me, with boring old Windows XP.

  111. Hi Theo,

    today FF loads the main page of the Blog, but just shows the background when I want to see an individual entry with comments. Also XP here.

  112. Ditto, Alex. Oh well, at least I can see the main page again. Hurrah!

  113. No everything works again. Hooray!

  114. nice helicopter mang

    now run! here come hunter mang