Which cute animals are in the news this week?

Let’s check the "Kittiedex", The index that shows the most reported on animals of the week. Obviously, everyone should buy stock in Pandas.

News you can USE from Guardian UK.  Nice find, Sender-Inner Christina R.



  1. Poor Knut, he’s last!

  2. What do the ” mean around polar bears????

    “Polar bears”

    They won’t be polar much longer?? 🙂

  3. Hmmm well I am curious what it will be when it loads?????

  4. Ahh there it is . Hey how come Kitties are barely above ELephants. WHat kind of news is that. and Puhlease like we all didn’t know PAndas were rocking the top spot. LOL

  5. Shannon — that’s just so BOTH words are together in the search terms. “POLAR BEARS” instead of “POLAR” and/or “BEARS”, see?

    Also, I wonder how “Flocke” compares to “Knut” right now?

  6. I’m bullish on puppers. Buy and hold.

  7. I’d rather buy into Pandas than Pork Bellies.

  8. [SNICKER!]

    …wait, *what* ??


  9. Fransouah says:

    A valuable index overall but it fails to consider emerging influences such as knee-socks with eyes and dainty-pawed cushion pins

  10. Oh, hell, if our Captains of Industry” can sell and buy Carbon Credits, why not “Cute Credits”- Carbon Credits don’t really exist, “Cute” is a tangible, frangible redonkible thing.

  11. ButtaRumCake says:

    *giggles @ pork belleh*

  12. Love it! Are you guys planning on posting this every week? That would be great! Or at least to have a link on the site.

  13. CoffeeCup says:

    Awesome, I have stock in pandas and rabbits! I did express to my mom the other day I was getting interested in playing the stock market, and she fully encouraged me to do so…but I don’t think this is what she meant.

  14. uh oh… Theo’s going downhill 🙂

  15. Temporary downturn in an upside market. It’s the elections, you know.

  16. No hamsters, but in Mice there’s some pics of Inflatable Mice – says they’re good for travelers and perverts (and floaty).

  17. OMG kittens are down 1%! Almost everything I got is in kittens. Quick, sell half the kittens, leave the cats where they are though.

  18. judyrb825 says:

    Poor Theo – I think we need to bring that number up!! Also monkeys ahead of puppies – NO WAY!! Puupies rules – though I do luv pandas

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    Did you click through to the article? The commenters are calling for freezable, pocket-sized lions for pets. It’s an idea whose time has come.

  20. Hold it, are we sure that we want to include Theo in the Animal category? This may have some ramifications, no pun intended, really. Aren’t we putting an awful lot of pressure on poor Theo? Lets be very careful of our assets here. I don’t want any downturns on Theo, AND with the volitility in the Market right now, we may lose a lot of Theo on paper. May I please have a Theo prospectus? He may be a good diversification point.

  21. This is cheery sort of news, news I could get into. I think I’ll be checking the kittiedex every day.

  22. Here, now, how come it says ‘puppies’ and ‘cats’? Why not ‘dogs’ and ‘kitties’? 😉

  23. Wait!!! What???? was that there before??? Leave to work on homework come back to find Theo is a market option that I can buy or sell. and aparently by the niumbers I should be Sell Sell Selling.


  24. caterwaul says:

    Wait, where’s Meg? I’ve got shares in Meg!!!

  25. And well you should, caterwal, well you should, I can see Cute Futures working their way to the Market now. Did you hear ‘Fearless Leader’ today- he’s ‘concerned’ about this market -how have WE been feeling for what 7 1/2 years now? HMM??

    Meg and Theo all the way- thel split into hundreds of shares every day — you can’t lose!

  26. Horrors! The baby giraffe has no representation! She should win the “Cute of The Week Award.”

  27. I’m shocked to see Knut shares have dropped so precipitously. The Cute Public is SO fickle.

  28. Horrors! Are people dumping Theo on the market?

  29. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Why isnt there a category for ferrets???

  30. Talk about cute in the news…I don’t know how to send photos to you but you should check out the cutie-est pie baby giraffe giving his handler a kissie http://news.yahoo.com/nphotos/Most-Emailed-Photos/ss/1756/im:/080130/ids_photos_wl/r2103559244.jpg

  31. Sorry, I guess the babeh is a girl…

  32. Yah! i’m making a mint in floppeh eared bunnehs!! yay!

    go ahead and sell’em kids; i’m buying lots of Teho while he’s low, because he’s bound to make a come back soons! Qte boys are always in demand 🙂

  33. Too bad there is something wrong with it! If you click on “Rabbits” of the two news stories it provides, one is about dogs, and one is about an artist at a flower show!

  34. berthaslave says:

    I’m playing it safe with cats. They stay steady at 3-7 per cent every year. Good for the long term.

    Look for kittehs to rebound in the new quarter (it is kitteh season beginning in about a month…)

  35. charliewabba says:

    Theo! Say it ain’t so!
    I’m planning to hold on to my Theo shares – these things fluctuate, due to irrational exuberance, or, um, oh I’m so ashamed to be the daughter of a stock broker and so ill-versed in the terminology.

  36. Jen, love the kissy babeh giraffe – sweet lips, soulful eyes and check out those shoulders!

  37. bunnyhunny says:

    Wait, Knut is a psychopath? How exactly does one determine that a bear is a psychopath? If it is true, then he is the cutest psychopath ever.

    (Did I use the word “psychopath” enough in this comment??)

  38. but what about otters?? BABY OTTERS?

  39. WHOO! *rides a happy upward trend of rabbits* Let the good times roll!
    But seriously, they could probably use this as a sort of “My First Stocks” program. MUCH better (and cuter) than the stock market training simulations out there. ^_^

  40. Kitten’s down 3%!!!!

    That’s it I’m selling my shares.

  41. …well, obvy.

  42. how can the kitteh stock be down!? this is not right.

  43. Whatever you do… don’t click on “more” about rabbits!!!! Since this is real news, it does a full search… and comes up with pictures of dead, skinned rats for sale as meat. Mmmmmmmm.

    It’s much much better to just consider it a stock report and leave it at that!! Or else just click on kitties and puppehs, with happy news about kittens (and puppehs).

    BTW, I’d tewtelly invest in Theo and Meg shares. 😀


  45. Hi l just loved the kitty and bird and i sent that to all my friends

  46. ????!!!>>> says:

    omg those pics where sosososos cute

  47. soccer!!!!! says:

    omg iluv soccer

  48. Theo shares are way down maybe he should sudmit a new share (Item ) on the market it might raise his stock price ????
    Or maybe Meg might buyout Theo shares and put them under her puppers name ???

    What Meg what is your puppers name ?

    Just kidding Theo I will not sell you out completely
    unless I suddenley understand Bounce !?!?!?!?!

  49. (opens Wall Squee Journal)

    So why don’t I see any Bulls? Or Bears?

  50. Wait Meg what is your puppers name ?

  51. Shouldn’t it be the “kittindex”?

  52. Has CO entered the ‘Tock Exchange?

  53. darkshines says:

    Yeay, polar bears beat kittens! AS IT SHOULD BE!

  54. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Please allow me to threadjack by saying…DON’T FORGET PUPPY BOWL TOMORROW NITE GUYS!!!!SQUEEE!!!!! ANIMAL PLANET!!!

  55. CO users again possumism says:

    Why are POSSUMS not listed?!?

  56. I’m with GreenEyedHawk — where are the ferrets??? The ears alone make them unimaginably cute *stares at her 4 for an extended period of time* I just love the geometry of their faces, the triangles with the half-circle numm-able ears and their affectionate lil eyes… *lost in appreciation again*

  57. Next week better have rats high on the list. There better be a “Year of the Rat” theme next week.

  58. Amy — you can always make your own rat-centric version. I’ve been having wayyy too much fun with this little widget…

  59. rubber duck says:

    Where are koalas!? KOALAS!!!

  60. I love animals says:

    I love all animals equally.

    Animals shouldn’t be judged like that.. I mean on a list? C’ MON PEOPLE!