THIS JUST IN: Girl and Cow…nappingks!

Seriously, can you believe this!? Napping with a cow? Puh-lease. Is there any better nap companion than a cow in this sandweech posisihe?


Girl & Cow, originally uploaded by KCzarzasty.

Nice sleuthing, Mateo M. (M stands for moo)



  1. Wow! Can you imagine snorgling such a giant head?

  2. I’ve never commented on this site before, but damnit this is a cuuuuuute picture.

  3. The cuteness! I have been overloaded once again!

  4. Audrey, Thors Momma says:

    This is my first comment here and I have to say this is by far one of the best photos. Can I vote for this to be included in your calendar? its redonkulously sweet.

  5. so snuggly! who’da thought a cow could snuggle!

  6. Oh wow. AWESOME photo. I absolutely love it!

  7. that’s gotta be one big, warm head and belleh. good for leanin and snugglin.

  8. Awww…wow. I think I just became a vegetarian. What a beautiful shot.

  9. Awww! This picture makes me proud to be a vegan…cows (and pigs and chickens and turkeys etc.) are friends, not food!!!!!

  10. Such a sweet picture, beautiful composition. I wonder if this counts as interspecies snorgling? They both look so at peace in each other’s company..

  11. I’m a city girl. My dream is to hug a cow. Seriously! This wonderful pic just makes me want to drive to a farm right now and do it already 🙂

  12. Fat Cat Buddy's Mama says:

    What a beautiful picture! Its soooo “happy place”. I’m tewtelly jealous.

  13. Fat Cat Buddy's Mama says:

    What a beautiful picture! Its soooo “happy place”. I’m tewtelly jealous.

  14. Fat Cat Buddy's Mama says:

    What a beautiful picture! Its soooo “happy place”. I’m tewtelly jealous.

  15. Fat Cat Buddy's Mama says:

    What a beautiful picture! Its soooo “happy place”. I’m tewtelly jealous.

  16. Fat Cat Buddy's Mama says:

    What a beautiful picture! Its soooo “happy place”. I’m tewtelly jealous.

  17. Fat Cat Buddy's Mama says:

    What a beautiful picture! Its soooo “happy place”. I’m tewtelly jealous.

  18. Growing up with cows as pets, this photo is PRECIOUS. If raised from birth, they really do act just like dogs. 🙂

  19. EEEE! SO CUTE! this is just too much! cute overload = officially reached. *head explodes*

  20. It is a touching photo…but I fear to think WHY she is hugging the cow so!

  21. I would like a cow to nap with, puhlease. If in its spare time it could sit nicely in the corner, not eat, and not poop, that would be grand.

    (Perhaps I need a giant stuffed cow)

  22. Does this count as interspecies snorgling? ’cause I feel like it should…

  23. Memories of county fairs and FFA (Future Farmers of A) 🙂

  24. Wow, fantastic photo!

  25. paulajeanne says:

    Ah…ummm…well, confession time. An omniverous reader as a teeb, I would leave early, book in hand, to bring the cows home for milking. They would be lying down, chewing their cud, looking just so darned comfortable. You lean against their big warm sides, start reading, and before you know it….zzzzzzzz! Sigh, spent many a lazy afternoon that way!

  26. Most DEFINITELY Interspecies snorgling!!

    My grandparents had an Angus cow a long long time ago… and a little terrier dog… and they became BEST friends.. and they looked a like. I have a picture of them somewhere, eating out of the same dish… anyway.. sorry.. tangent.. but this made me think of that..

    This picture is incredible.

  27. I’ve known many a horse and pony and even the odd donkey that love to be cuddled like this. But never a cow.

    That, my friends, is a happy, happy cow.

  28. Golden, you should submit that photo if you can find it. 🙂

  29. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Heehee!! This is so cute! Reminds me of my aunt’s farm…when I was little my older cousin told me it’s perfectly normal to let calves suckle on your fingers, cuz they think they’re udder teats, and she showed me how to do it, so while she slopped the pigs, I could suckle the calves, and the li’l boogers sucked up my arms up to the elbow!! THERIOUTHLY!!! Good thing they weren’t neeblers too!!!

  30. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Heehee!! This is so cute! Reminds me of my aunt’s farm…when I was little my older cousin told me it’s perfectly normal to let calves suckle on your fingers, cuz they think they’re udder teats, and she showed me how to do it, so while she slopped the pigs, I could suckle the calves, and the li’l boogers sucked up my arms up to the elbow!! THERIOUTHLY!!! Good thing they weren’t neeblers too!!!

  31. oh. my. gods. that may be enough to put me off burgers. that cow LOVES that child! PETA would do well to use pictures like this.

  32. Never commented before, but that was just toooooo cute to pass up!

  33. aww that’s so sweet 🙂 that girl is pretty!

  34. OMG this is so FREAKING cute!

    you guys should check out the link to the other pictures there is one where she’s all face-mashed on the cow’s forehead.

  35. I love herbivore clothing, and this is too appropriate not to add:

    Cow hugger sweatshirt! has a bunch of different things with the same picture. 🙂

  36. Aww, what pretty girls! And obviously such good friends, too. Lovely picture!

  37. Definitely very cute, but cows are very…oderiferous animals. Then again, that bedding looks like it’s been changed recently.

  38. Juniper Jupiter:
    grown up cows will also suckle at your finger, hand, arm… whatever 😉 they are just huge cuddly animals… so gentle (most of the time 😉 and sweet.
    Yep, I love cows.

  39. Seriously gorgeous shot.

    I totally agree with lindsay- this has so much more to do with compassion than naked women smeared in blood or whatever else PETA does to get attention.

  40. Okay, seriously, of all the cute photos on this site, this one, while not the cutest, is the most touching and beautiful. I love it.

  41. This is so beautiful. I never knew a cow could be so loving.

  42. Thank you for this picture. I just finished watching the appalling video about the Humane Society investigation that brought tears to my eyes. Seeing this, made me feel so much better, and so much madder.

  43. Des – I saw that same story on the news earlier. Appalling stuff. It’s nice to see a picture like this, after being reminded of how hateful some people are.

  44. This is a picture of pure, beautiful compassion. Cows, pigs, sheep – all of the animals that are factory farmed, forced to live in misery, and sent to slaughter – are sentient beings.

    Like us, they can feel fear, loneliness, and pain – but so, too, can they feel love and compassion and kindness, as this photograph shows so perfectly and poignantly.

    Visit You can read about Maxine, a cow who had a rough start but is now enjoying her happily-ever-after in Watkins Glen, New York:

  45. Wow, I love it! So beautiful!
    This is an unique picture!

  46. Martin-san says:

    Just great. Thanks cuteoverload, I’m officially jealous of a cow…

  47. That’s it.
    No more beef for me.
    This is an amazing picture.

  48. acelightning says:


  49. @acelightning-LOL!

    Love, love, LOVE this picture!!! Cows are just so damn cute.

    Maybe that’s WHY I have 3 kittehs who look like Holsteins!!!

  50. This photo is so amazing I am almost going to cry. Thankyou Mfrost and Mateo!!!


  52. awwwwwwww it makes meh miss the farm

  53. I don’t think Holsteins (black and white cows like this) are used for meat; or if they are, I was left blissfully unaware of it as a kid on a dairy farm.

    All I know is that if that wasn’t freshly changed hay, you wouldn’t want to sit down in it. Moo-moos don’t leave tidy little poop pellets like gerbils or bunnies do.

  54. I get so used to the sweet pictures of smaller animals…this one took me completely by surprise. How precious! To whoever submitted this photo…thank you.

  55. I’ve never commented before but this cow demands it! Look at that smushed nose and all of that fresh dry hay. It was my childhood fantasy to grow up on a farm, but I never imagined a nap like this! And the cows head is the size of the girl’s torso! Oh I just can’t stand it (faints)

  56. Keith:

    Dairy cows, when too old or unable to produce milk anymore, are typically sent off to be slaughtered.

    Additionally, the cows must be impregnated in order to produce milk. Any resulting male offspring, worthless to the dairy industry, are slaughtered as mere infants for veal.

    Before anyone gets all “mmm, more animals for meee!” on me, please know I am not trying to preach. I don’t force my diet on anyone, and if people want to support the meat and dairy industry, that is their personal choice. I think it’s important, however, that we’re not all disillusioned by the idea of happy cows spending their lives prancing through fields, being milked by a kind-natured farmer with overalls and a bucket. The truth is far from it.

    For more info, see this video from Farm Sanctuary:

  57. mmmmm takes me back to childhood 🙂 i like the smell of cows so much actually that when i pass a dairy farm, the manure smell makes me feel like curling up in the straw with a friend 🙂

    (Keith asked about Holsteins in meat production: yes Keith, people eat dairy cattle. the bull calves are useless and sold for veal, the cows are made into ground beef when “used up”. moments like this, with the knowledge of what happened to our friends, are the reason 6/13 grandkids in my family are vegetarian or vegan)

  58. oh, and in case you need one of your own, go here for life sized Holstein cuddles:

  59. Blissfully unaware, then…

  60. ok, back to the cute cow at hand here… nobody’s mentioned the cute freckles on his nose!!

  61. I hope all the people who like this picture will stop eating cows. All very well finding the picture adorable, eans nothing if you then turn around and allow it to be slaughtered and butchered.

  62. Definitely a cuteoverload allstart post. This has everything I want in life.

  63. Elisha B. says:

    Sigh!!!! How does you spell…uhm…well, the feelin’ of being all soft, comfortables, loved and all that good stuff rolled together? Just like curling up in a big, warm, soft bed when you are really cold and tired.

    Uhm… well I suppose pictures really are worth a thousand words!!

    How blessed this young lady is to have a special friend and moment captured for all to see.

  64. bookmonstercats says:

    Paulajeanne, I am so JEALOUS. I want to snooze next to a cow. With a book in my hand. What a lovely picture.

  65. It’s so mooooooootiful! 🙂

  66. it’s from a Agricultural Fair, this cow is not a dairy cow or a meat cow, she’s a beauty queen.

  67. Hello owner, would you like to exchange links with me???

  68. This is a new CO classic.

  69. the bestest.

  70. Alex(andria) says:

    I love this picture! It makes me a little sad though. I had a pet cow when I was 4, and I played with and petted it and talked to it everyday. Little did I know, my grandparents were raising it for food. Cows are beautiful and sweet animals, as are most other animals humans eat. I don’t eat meat anymore because of the fondness these animals are able to show for other living things.

  71. Cows are underestimated animals. They are far from dumb. They are smart and curious, and this on is just bee-MOO-tiful!

  72. I saw the news story yesterday too. This pic is PERFECT.
    I buy beef/milk from the local farm where I see how the cows live. I guess if you live in a big city this may not be possible? I’m not sure. Read the labels at the grocery store, ask your butcher where the beef is from. Be an informed consumer. Be an informed diner at restaurants. Call your school and ask the Food Service Director if it is on the USDA Commodity Program (which likely gets beef from a scary place but is all most schools can afford.)
    Moo. 🙂

  73. Okay, there is an ongoing discussion between b/f and I regarding cows. We agree that boy cows are bulls, and girl cows are cows, but aren’t all cows still cows? He contends they should all be called cattle, and the sexes referred to as bull and cow. Can anyone help on this one?

  74. That is the cutest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  75. Such a beautiful shot! I also want to nominate this one for the calendar.

  76. I agree, cattle are quite underestimated. They are very sweet animals. We raised calves when I was a kid and they were a lot like dogs…they had a sort of “companion” capability to them. They would follow my dad around the pasture and sit next to him while he was fishing from the pond.

  77. Ok, I’m having a VEGGIE burger for lunch!!!!

  78. What a cleansing photo, especially after seeing that horrible video taken at the slaughterhouse.
    If you really want to fall in love with cows, donkeys, sheeps and goats, read anything by Jon Katz. His stories about his steer, Elvis, are wonderful, and you’ll never think of donkeys the same way again.

  79. Beautiful photo, absolutely beautiful, so sweet and touching. I think this could be the new “World Peace” photo. A beautiful sleeping little girl perfectly posed with the world’s cutest cow, it’s almost painful to look at, it’s so sweet.

  80. just saw this on Animal Planet highlight:

    The modern Akita traces back to the 17th century, when a nobleman with a keen interest in dogs was exiled to the Akita Prefecture of the island of Honshu.

    Is that where honk-shus came from? Does a nappinkz cow do honk-shus?


  82. Bless the beasts and the children, indeed.

    Thank y’all for posting this, thanks to the gifted photog who nabbed the shot, and thanks to the little girl and her family for clearly caring so much for their animals. (Woo-hoo, 4-H and state fairs!) Even if Ms. Cow is destined to become supper in her declining years, at least she’s not on a factory farm. It appears that she’s being cared for with respect and gratitude as the blessed creature she is.

  83. Haha, makes me proud to have been a vegetarian my whole life. I wanna sleep wif a cow! I should go find a farm now….

  84. Growing up on a farm, I spent many an afternoon cuddling with my babeh cows. When the momma cows would die during calfbirth, I was responsible for raising the calves. I loved it, and loved all the babies <3

    My grandpa always said a cow is the best investment a person can make: if you are thirsty, you can milk it; if you are hungry, you can eat it; if you need money, you can sell it; and if none of the above? well, they are damn pretty to look at.

  85. So, let me see… Meg can no longer post a pic of a sweet cow without the comments section turning into yet another lecture on the evils of eating meat? This is wearying.

  86. cow’s sweet closed eyes of happiness *spoldes*

  87. Ms. McPantiesInABunchnuff says:

    Sadly, after this pic was taken…..the cow ate the girl 😦

  88. What I love most about this pic is the cow has to turn her neck in a crazy seemingly unnatural angle to snorgle with the girl. The snorgling wins.

    This photo is so artistic as well. I hope it ends up becoming a famous photo, I just love it.

  89. I’ve also never commented before…but I’ve never been happier to be a vegan!

  90. I recently read a great book by a woman who founded a sanctuary for abused, abandoned and neglected farm animals. Very touching and uplifting book. WHERE THE BLIND HORSE SINGS by Kathy Steven. It gave me a feeling similar to this photo!

  91. I recently read a great book by a woman who founded a sanctuary for abused, abandoned and neglected farm animals. Very touching and uplifting book. WHERE THE BLIND HORSE SINGS by Kathy Steven. It gave me a feeling similar to this photo!

  92. I recently read a great book by a woman who founded a sanctuary for abused, abandoned and neglected farm animals. Very touching and uplifting book. WHERE THE BLIND HORSE SINGS by Kathy Steven. It gave me a feeling similar to this photo!

  93. Dear Ms. McPantiesinaBunchnuff,
    then it jumped over the mooooon!

  94. if my guess is right – this is probably an FFA fair or county fair – and the girl has raised the cow from a baby and will be or has auctioned it off.

    it’s the story of life – God gave us dominion – he provided certain animals to be food for us – it’s certainly not rose-colored glasses happy-dappy-diddle all the day long no matter what you want to think.

    that is a sad face on that girl – …. nuffity nuff

  95. another killer post Meg!
    i love that the girl loves her cow and that the cow looks like it loves its girl. absolutley the best post ever.

  96. circuscake says:

    this city girl has always wanted a pet cow. mostly because, besides being insanely beautiful, they make that awesome ‘moo-ing’ sound. it gets me every time.

    yeah, yeah- i’m a vegetarian too- but please, can’t we just look at the picture and enjoy it? too much reality drains me of my joy and it’s in short supply these long winter months…

    (sigh) i am sooo jealous of this little girl.

  97. That looks like a 4-H kodak moment.

    I have to say though, that doesn’t look comfortable for either of them. She’s going to have trouble standing up if she doesn’t stretch out her legs and that’s gotta be uncomfortable for Bessie’s neck.

  98. Lizzums: the animals as a group are cattle. Only adult females who have calved are cows, the adult males are bulls. Female calves are called heifers, up until they successfully give birth.

    i can’t stop looking at this picture – i can practically feel and smell the hot moist breath coming from her nostrils! i am seriously homesick for cows right now.

    does anyone has a cow i can borrows for a snorgle please?

  99. This is why I’m vegetarian. Beef is from cows, and cows are awesome.

  100. This photo is obviously cute, but the more I thought about it, the more meaningful it became. Some said it could be the new World Peace image, but I see it as a symbol of America, or at least, the America that should be. This country was built on agriculture and this is such a brilliant depiction of the attitudes we should have toward the beings on whom we are so dependent.

    It encapsulates all those things said before and in a truly timeless way: innocence, peace, compassion, friendship and just a pure positive feeling. Whoever owns the rights to this photo should definitely enter it for contests if possible.

  101. a real dairy farmer says:

    Very cute pic, but some of u ppl need to get out more. I live on a dairy farm and it is nothing but extemely hard work 365 days a year. Cows (cattle) can be nice enough, but they are lacking in brains and can hurt u if ur not careful. I would not recommend that u randomly snuggle with the neighbors cow… u could get killed. Also, i would recommend that some of u do some research on topics before u bash other ppl or make comments that are incorrect.

  102. Pussytoes says:

    Blergh: I’m with ya.

  103. Holly Bees says:

    As a fellow farm sanctuary member, and vegan, I have to say to hooray for those who look to inform rather than attack.

    To a lot of the other comments I just don’t know what to say.

  104. Dexter Fishmore says:

    I completely object to eating beef.

    Ferrets, though, are delish.

  105. I agree with Carrie~looks less like a snooze, more like a girl sadly saying goodbye to her cow. I used to go to the auctions and fairs with my grandpa, and there were always FFA and 4-H kids crying as their animals were auctioned off.

  106. Wow, what a beautiful photo. It’s very touching. Reminds me of why I became a vegetarian.

    But there’s something really sad about this photo. It almost belongs in the ‘cute or sad’ section. My guess is that this cow is probably a dairy cow who won’t get eaten, but the girl looks sad, as if she thinks the animal deserves better.

  107. I’m a writer, and some of u ppl need to open a buk more offin.

  108. Don’t worry Moey. This pic looks like it was probably taken at a fair or a 4-H show. In 4-H they will take a calf and raise it by hand, taking real good care of it so when it gets older they can show the cow at a 4-H show. This pic was probably taken while they were waiting their turn. She has probably bonded so much with this cow that it will simply become the farm pet.

  109. SPARKYSMOM says:


    [CAPS LOCK off, please… we can read you just fine – Ed.]

  110. P.S. I love the cowie.

    I used to snuggle up with my horse like this. Sometimes horses – and their wonderful little pea brains in their beautiful big heads! – get spooked easily or decide they NEED to stand up all of a sudden. I got a few hooves to the head when I was a youngster (this shall come as no surprise to the people who know me). One of the dangers of snuggling up with a behooved aminal.

  111. I wish all my grandfather’s cows were that huggable! Most of them just wanted a pat on the head and more food please! But we actually had one who fell in love with my mother…everytime she’d get on the field the cow would come up running and stick her huge head in my mom’s bosom XD Good memories


    This one is the picture that should be shown also – this is an FFA cow peeps. It takes a hard, hard child not to fall in love with their project.


  113. Caitiln –
    Dairy animals are eaten.

  114. OH! I have read – but never tested the theory – that if you go to a field where there are cattle – if you make a little kerfuffle to get their attention, then lay down flat on your back in the field – all the cows will come and look down at you

  115. that is one of the sweetest pictures ever. that little girl looks so kind and sweet, and the cow looks so happy and content. i’ve never seen anything like this before. what a beautiful picture.

  116. hissykat2000 says:

    what a precious picture.

  117. *looks at cute cow*
    *looks down at Beef stirfry brunch in mid chew*
    *Swallows awkwardly and mostly sick*
    *pushes brunch aside*
    *feels bad rest of the day*

  118. April from Indianapolis says:

    This is so cute! Also, the pic is of great quality! I just wonder why the girl looks so said!?

  119. I don’t think the girl looks sad – I think she’s asleep. As for selling the animal at the fair, since it’s a dairy cow, that’s very unlikely. The animals sold at the fair are steers (castrated males) that are made into beef cuts.

  120. Another first time poster here. What a gorgeous picture! And definitely CUTE! 4-H is such a wonderful (and heartbreaking – much like life!) experience for a kid!

  121. tracyFlick says:

    I agree this would be a genius new campaign for PETA. GENIUS. GENIUS. GENIUS.

  122. No political comments here. The way she is sitting just doesn’t look comfy for sleeping to me!!! Cow snuggles would be fantastic, that just doesn’t look at that comfy. She must be exhausted!

  123. This is why I’m vegetarian.


    Gorgeous picture, beautiful animal.

  124. a beautiful pic, with a lovely composition! were we all so lucky to be able to experience such tenderness.

  125. Kentucky_Gurl24 says:

    I’m a first time poster here and devoted Cuteoverloader. Okay peoples, enough talk about all the bad things that happen to cows etc. Just look at the sweetness of the picture. A sweet little girl getting all snuggly and cozy with her friend, a sweet happy cow. That’s all it is, a touching beautiful picture of a true friendship between human and animal.

  126. The girl looks sad. Looks like they’re probably gonna be selling the cow or something.
    Anywho, it’s still a lovely picture and cows are cute and all, but it’s Not gonna change the fact that I love my meat though.

  127. Very pretty cow, but that is a beautiful little girl.

    I’m still going to eat my beef, though…and not feel even a little bit bad about it. I do, however, promise not to bash any vegs for their lifestyle.

  128. That’s a sad photo. “Agricultural fairs” are where people go to show off their farm animal to sell for meat. She probably raised that cow as part of a 4H program. That’s probably the last time she’ll see her cow alive. Don’t eat meat. Bad for you, the environment and the cow.

  129. catloveschanel says:

    Dear Kiragirl and Ms. Pantiesinabunch,

    The little dog laughed to see such sport…

  130. Anyone volunteers at an animal care center? care to share your experiences? this obviously is not the correct place to post this question…any other forum where all you wonderful animal/cute lovers go to?

  131. I think I’m going vegetarian from this photo alone.

  132. I would just like to ask Shepard to marry me. That is all.

  133. I’m not being nuffy or sarcastic here—I’d really like to know why some say that eating meat is bad for you (not meaning unethical, meaning unhealthy). Aren’t we omnivores? Didn’t our ancestors, back to the cavemen, eat meat?

  134. Triptaphane says:

    This looks like a drawing, doesn’t it?

    I was thinking of sketching this out, but people wouldn’t believe it’s an actual pose, what with the cow’s neck looking ‘too-long’ and the girl’s feet disappearing in the hay too well.

    Darn you two girls for being so perfectly aestetic!

    Super sweet snap. 😀

  135. Alex(andria) says:

    Where do you live? There are a ton of places that love to have volunteers. I can help you find a place.

  136. Why meat is bad.

    Today’s meat is full of extra hormones, antibiotics, dye, preservatives, additives. Their feed sometimes contains dead animals and pesticides. As a nation we eat too much meat. Our portions are too big and high in fat, bad cholesterol. We eat red meat too often. Red meat has shown to cause an increase in cancers. Hamburger is actually made out of downed cows, tumors, infections, fetuses, eyeballs, genitalia, all the unwanted parts of the cow like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, little bits of bone.

    Raising cattle takes lots of water and food, 5x more than raising vegetables. We’re in a drought where I live.

    And finally, cows emit more gas than cars. They are to blame for a lot of the greenhouse gases. I could name a ton more reasons why it isn’t good to eat meat. I haven’t eaten meat since I went to a petting zoo when I was 8. I realized that KFC and hamburgers were the animals I just pet. The idea is just revolting to me, like eating my cat or pet bunny.

  137. Just one more thing.

    That is one fine photog. Did y’all see some of the other shots? For example, the peeking piglet?

    ~ keels over from the photographic plethora of Teh Cute ~

  138. That’s why I be a vegetarians :B

    I love me my herbivores.

  139. HalesBells says:

    I love cows. I’m so happy to be vegan!

  140. brinnann,
    i’m sure you will get many replies which may be more factually correct..

    i am thinking from an evolutionary point of view. just discussing here since i dont have factual knowledge.

    we are apes after all. i dont know the diet of apes very well. but apes eat meat when faced with protein deficiency. maybe insects, little birds, rats, squirrels and sometimes little monkeys. In a land of abundance, like a tropical forest, i guess we will not find apes eating meat often.

    add culture/language to an ape and it becomes human i guess. then the question of the brain arises. right/wrong. “Do not do unto others as you would expect they should do unto you”. would you like to be killed? would you like to live in cages? etc etc.

    add science to that human and it becomes a modern human being. we can now find out if we get enough protein from the foods we eat (the apes found out with evolutionary wisdom – apes that ate enough protein survived. the rest perished). are we eating excess of proteins, etc.
    a balanced diet i guess is best for all. as a vegetarian, i make it a point to eat sprouts, beans, fruits, green leafies, grains. as a meat eater, you could restrict the amount of meat you eat for health reasons. we dont need that much of protein. add more veggies and greens to your diet. there are no hard and fast rules about anything. just bring balance in our lives and love all animals (including humans). 🙂

  141. CheshireCat says:

    This is such a beautiful picture, yet there’s something melancholy to it…or mebeh I’m just jealous that I will probably never get the chance to nap with a big friendly cow.:(
    Btw, did anybody notice the rorschach-ink-blot nose?

  142. The guy who took the picture said on his Flikr page that the girl was sleeping – the pic is truly filled with melancholy though 🙂

  143. Dear Mary,
    Stop doing your research on the PETA website and get out the city, go visit a real ranch and see the truth.Go cuddle a carrot and enjoy taking supplements forever because you don’t have a balanced diet
    But to speak to the photo, I have been showing purebred beef cattle on the professional circuit for 12 years now and trust me, cattle are NOT mistreated. These animals are pampered and prioritized ahead of everything else. On the ranch I run, cattle are fed before people, no matter the weather. Huge feedlots and factory farms give the rest of us a bad rap, when we do it for the love of the lifestyle… steak is just a perk!Thanks to everyone who posted a positive comment!

  144. Alex(andria)
    i live in LA and wanted to sign up as a volunteer at an animal care center. i wanted to know your experiences. is it tough? are these places sorrowful..etc. stressful..etc. is euthanasia a very common occurrence there…

  145. Brinnann, there’s nothing wrong healthwise with the eating of meat in and of itself. The problem lies mostly within the portions (Americans as a whole tend to eat too large portions of meat. Or anything else, really… :/ ) or within any additives or whatever that are used in the meat. Which is why some people (who I’m assuming who have a fair amount of disposable income to be spending on expensive things) prefer buying free-range meat or the like.

    And yes, humans are omnivores and are designed to eat meat and plants. That being said, our digestive systems are very flexible and can handle eating all plant matter (vegetarians and vegans) or almost all animal matter (the traditional Inuit diet, or example). A person’s ideal diet depends on the individual’s beliefs, preferences, and body; there’s no one right way for everyone.

  146. *for example

  147. Pepe,

    I didn’t say that all farm animals are mistreated. My family had a farm. We treated the animals well. You still have to kill it and you can’t use drugs, either a cow punch or slit their throat. Most of the farmers who abuse animals are large corporate farmers. They only care about profits. Some organic, free range farmers treat their animals better.

    Yes, we’re omnivores but we don’t have to eat meat. We can get protein, iron from plants, nuts, seeds, beans. It’s better for you.

  148. Daizy,
    The URL I posted is my myspace page. You can contact me through there, and I can give you A LOT of information. 🙂

  149. Alex(andria) says:

    Well…I thought I posted a URL…

  150. Alex(andria) says:

    Those are some pretty harsh words. You don’t have to take supplements if you’re a vegetarian as long as you make sure you have a varied, balanced diet. A person can get everything they need diet wise without meat or supplements as long as they know what to eat.

    I was raised on a farm and know how “real” farmers treat their animals for the most part. They are respectful and caring. However, there are people like myself who form attachments to these animals and become very upset when they find out they are eating a friend. That’s why some people choose to become vegetarian or vegan. Unfortunately, for the most part, the world’s meat comes from factory farms in which animals lead miserable lives followed by painful, inhumane deaths. I would never tell someone to stop eating meat all together because that is their perogative, but I would tell them to watch their portions. Americans especially eat WAY too much meat per serving.

  151. you did post a url (your name came up as a link).

    i am figuring out how to use myspace 😉 will send you a message once i figure that out. thanks a bunch. 🙂

  152. Or how about this?

    Everyone eat exactly the kind of diet that they want. If anyone wants to change their diet, they can seek out the information themselves from the appropriate places.

    In other words….stop telling me what to eat and what not to eat. That’s MY decision.

  153. Furbabies says:

    I prefer a huge serving of puddin’ with whipped cream on top. Oh, and a couple of Nilla wafers to the side. Yum-o. PS: Lovely child and cow photo.

  154. Love. This is why I don’t eat cows. They’re lovers, not dinners!

  155. a real dairy farmer says:

    arg… the inaccurate information flows so freely from the mouths of the misinformed… i am probably wasting my time here, but this drives me crazy. First of all, the position the cow is laying in is very normal. They lay with their heads twisted around all the time… don’t ask me why though….Second, dairy cows shown at fairs aren’t sold for meat. There is a lot of time and expense put into making them healthy and happy so they will make lots of good milk. A winning bull or cow is sometimes sold to a dairy for breeding purposes. Third, only cows that are no longer able to produce milk or have “unfixable” health issues are sent to slaughter. Cows known to have severe health problem (that could affect ppl) are not accepted at slaugherhouses and are not put into the food supply. Dairy farmers need their animals to be healthy and happy to make lots of good quality milk. We don’t pump them full of hormones… the hormone u keep hearing about (bst)is found naturally in cows milk(and in ppl too)… some farmers just gave additional hormones to their cows to increase production…the milk that is produced contains no more of the hormone than milk produced without using the shot… besides most farmers can’t afford to use it so it is almost a joke to make a big deal out of it… also, no antibiotics are allowed in the animals when they are milked or slaughtered….and they don’t grind up the misc parts for hamburger (that is what goes into making food for your pets)…or your makeup… or various other household products. Some frozen meats are injected with water, but unless you are buying meat from an unethical source, they do not routinely add preservatives and dyes. Processed canned foods, such as soup are the items that are full of additives.

    And finally, i know there are always exceptions to the rule… i am sure there are some ppl who mistreat their animals…but from my experience they are more the exception than the rule… farmers care about their animals…when they die we are sad…when they do cute stuff, we laugh…we are not greedy monsters who only see a dollar sign over the animal’s head. So if you want to be a vegetarian that is fine, but please make sure you know what u are talking about before spread misinformation on the “horrors” of meat production…

  156. Anne Boleyn says:

    Every day, for years, we’d pass a field, on the way to and from work/school, where there were lots of How Now Brown cows and one Holstein. We made up stories about the Holstein and named her “Russell” because she would sometimes disappear for a day or so and we’d wonder if she’s been cattle rustled. I have such a soft spot in my heart for these beautiful creatures and this photo is PERFECT.

  157. Another Angela says:

    I think this is a lovely photo. Long ago I decided that the 4H practice of having a child raise an animal only to be forced to auction it off is sort of abusive to children. Rather than teach them respect for life, it offers them a traumatic experience and teaches them that compassion for an individual being is a misguided emotion. I’d rather see our children taught the opposite values.

    the comment “it’s the story of life – God gave us dominion – he provided certain animals to be food for us” is pure religious twaddle, sorry. Yes, we all are part of the food web, but dominionism is an unhelpful construct of the human mind.

  158. Angela – twaddle this ….(imagine what I’m thinking)

    HE did give us dominion… face it. I can’t help it if your brain can’t handle the fact that there is someone who is “the boss of you.”.

    It IS the story of life – religious or not. Animals, get eaten.

    Theo – take away my crayons I can’t play nice anymore.

  159. I swear – I was so angry just then I had a teeny little stroke…. not joking

    Angela – DON’T start religious argements.

  160. Alex(andria) says:

    Have the poops hit the fan yet?

    *puts on raincoat, opens umbrella, hopes for the best*

  161. Picture = world peace
    Comments = laughing myself to tears

    This is the Nuff that never ends …
    Yes it goes on and on my friends …
    Some people say it started with a cow and a lil girl …
    And they’ll continue Nuffin’ forever just becuz …

    Thanks for the amusement guys 🙂

  162. JelliaJamb says:

    Pepe, I’m glad to hear about ranches where cows are treated well. They do exist, and the caring meat-eaters among us should keep those places in business — provided their cows are taken to properly run slaughterhouses. Also for caring meat-eaters, check out Yay for happy cows! And yay for humans, because we can feel compassion and appreciate the sweetness of other creatures.

  163. “Hamburger is actually made out of downed cows, tumors, infections, fetuses, eyeballs, genitalia, all the unwanted parts of the cow like tendons, ligaments, cartilage, little bits of bone.”

    Okay, I’ve refrained from commenting on this post lest I get sucked into the commentroversy, but this is the biggest bunch of propaganda I’ve ever heard in my life. I worked in two different meat markets for many, many years–an independent, multi-store local operation, and a large chain (Publix). Hamburger from any reputable, inspected store is most certainly NOT made out of anything other than cuts of actual meat. Period. No tendons, infections, fetuses, eyeballs, or any of the other ridiculous ingredients this person claims. Meat is regulated–you can’t just throw whatever you want in the grind and sell it. All meat transported and sold in interstate commerce has to be federally inspected, and there are a whole bunch of other laws in place by the Food Safety and Inspection Service and the USDA to protect consumers so they know the meat they get is unadulterated, properly marked, labeled, and packaged.

    Now, it’s true that ground beef/chuck/sirloin can be a combination of different *cuts* from the steer, but no inspected, regulated store that sells ground beef fit for human consumption uses anything other than actual meat in their grinds.

  164. When did we go from the food chain to the food web?

    What’s next, the food matrix? No seriously, who took the green pill?

  165. after seeing the video about the slaughterhouses in CA this picture was needed. cows have always been my favorite animal and i think that this picture shows how cows deserve to be treated.

  166. circuscake says:

    wow. this is like a train wreck that i just can’t stop myself from looking back at as i drive away…

    i’m very jealous of all the growing-up-on-a-farm stories here. so here’s my childhood cow story: when i was growing up some of my family members ate cow tongue sandwiches. while i admired the waste not- want not ethic, i just couldn’t do it.

    (still insanely jealous of nappingk twosome)

  167. JelliaJamb says:

    Argh, I tried to stay calm and silent on this one, but I can’t. If you’d like to know more about what the USDA *actually* does to protect us, and what can end up in your meat, please read Fast Food Nation. The USDA doesn’t even have the legal authority to mandate a recall of tainted meat ( I’m so sorry! I know you’re going to delete me now. I’m going to stand in the corner, I promise.

  168. This is what it’s all about people. So beautiful and deep. That sweet little girl ought to be cloned to give every cow a hug.

    You know, I just signed a petition protesting the cruel mistreatment of some dairy cows at a particular warehouse and the juxtaposition of this beautiful scene with what I saw yesterday is bittersweet indeed. But I’m so very happy for this indelible image.

  169. the girl looks sad to me.

  170. My first post and I have to say something about all the peta comments. Do you know that plants have feelings too? They have hooked electrodes to plants then damaged them, there were major reactions proving that plants feel…guess we better stop eating all together. 😉

  171. The Koala says:

    *cynical LOL*. I love how people can take a simple image and contort into all sorts of awful, socio-political commentary.

    We’ve got god, animal rights, foodies, and all other ilk right into this b!tch fest.

    The varieties in which a douche bag may appear always amazes me.

  172. Everyone has a right to their beliefs. You do not have to eat meat, you do not have to believe in God, you can eat meat, you can believe in any sort of all powerful being(s).

    It is not a matter of “facing it.” Angela has every right to call it religious twaddle, and you have every to get offended, but not necessarily to tell her that she cannot have her opinion of it.

    Overall, amazing photo =) the girl is gorgeous. The cow looks peaceful <3

  173. Research. Wonderful thing.

    JelliaJamb…check here

    “What is a food recall?
    A food recall is a voluntary action by a manufacturer or distributor to protect the public from products that may cause health problems or possible death. A recall is intended to remove food products from commerce when there is reason to believe the products may be adulterated or misbranded.”

    “Who decides when a recall is necessary?
    Recalls are initiated by the manufacturer or distributor of the meat or poultry, sometimes at the request of FSIS. All recalls are voluntary. However, if a company refuses to recall its products, then FSIS has the legal authority to detain and seize those products in commerce.”

    For the record, FSIS is part of the USDA.

    Either the author of Fast Food Nation didn’t properly research or you misunderstood what they were saying.

  174. That just warms and breaks my heart. I love this picture. Thank you.

  175. My apologies–my comment concerned grocery-store purchases. I don’t know what suppliers the fast food industry uses, and frankly, I don’t want to! I can only handle so much bad news.

    But yes, the photo is gorgeous. I’ve never had the opportunity to interact with cows before–they certainly look snuggle-able.

  176. JelliaJamb says:

    okies, see my link

    and read footnote 2

  177. You too, Koala? Yes, I know I fed the beast, but draws you in like a supermassive black hole. XD

  178. *it draws you in

  179. By the way I also appreciate the information and links that are kindly shared. I want to know more about animals and how I can help. What is this site for if not that? Thanks everybody!

  180. This is the cutest pic ever, and I have to weigh in on the meat eating/cow raising thing.

    It is possible to love and respect animals and still eat them. It just requires being conscious of where your meat comes from.

    And I don’t think the girl looks sad-she looks exhausted. That’s what happens when you’re a kid and you trailer in from another city and spend all day taking care of your animal(s), and all night up with your friends.

    I think it makes people sad to think that the cow might be slaughtered someday so they project that on the girl.

  181. plus, some of you are acting like she’s going to wake up from that nap and lead the cow to slaughter. “it’s probably the last time she’ll see her cow” She is more aware of where her food comes from (i.e. meat from livestock) than all the commenters here.

    it’s not a sad pic, it’s beautiful

  182. I was getting a little annoyed by the preachy vegetarians in this thread, but the photo has convinced me to give up eating beef. Instead, I’m only going to eat vegetarians from now on.

  183. I used to eat red meat. I loved steak tar tar. Then I was told raw meat is illegal in California. All meat must be cooked all the way through in all restaurants. It must be stored at 41 degrees most. I asked why and they said to protect us from all the bad stuff that could be in beef. We had a ton of hamburger recalls from ecoli outbreaks in the US in the last year. Then I saw Fast Food Nation. Blech! Not only did they treat animals poorly but you don’t want to know what’s in burgers. They also treated the workers poorly.

    I’m not saying all ranchers are bad and inhumane but some of the big corporations sure are. I saw that HSUS cow video yesterday. That was pretty bad.

  184. I want to weigh in, too!
    The way the girl is sitting is perfectly comfortable when you’re young. In fact, I’m sitting in about the same position right now and I’m perfectly happy. (Hmm, this reflects on my age… :0)

  185. Hi Daizy. I live in LA and volunteer with Much Love Animal Rescue. We rescue animals from shelters and get them good homes. It is very rewarding and ups my daily cuteness quotient! You can check them out at We have animal adoptions every Saturday and Sunday on Main Street in Santa Monica.

  186. JelliaJamb says:

    llism, no apology necessary. I directed my frustration at you without meaning to, and that was extra dumb. *I* apologize. And I agree, that cow looks snuggle-able. I’d like to snuggle with a cow of my own, all the livelong day.

  187. heh-heh?

  188. Uh yeah. Screaming cabbage plants.

    Jewel, guess you better start living off the scent of roses like the medieval saints.

    Although isn’t it Rastaferians who are only supposed to eat vegetation that’s fallen off?

  189. Beautiful pic, Meg. Keep up the good work!

    (Wheeee! I loves me a good commentroversy. I feel like we haven’t had one like this in a while…)

  190. lol… a sweet “cow in rack” pic… i LURV da cowsies…. my sweet hubby gave me binoculars when we married so i could do my weekly cow and prairie dog watching on sundays after church… lol.. what a way to spend the day!

  191. The animals are also called “steer” (besides cattle). There is no such thing as a male cow, even though most people see a steer and say “cow”. BY THE WAY THEY HAVE REALLY SNOTTY NOSES AND DIRTY HINDQUARTERS not cute at all and not really snorgle worthy. This one is cleaned up, but not for long. The girl is probably sleeping because showing animals means a lot of time just waiting around. They are cute when they’re born (after they’ve been cleaned). But I concur with the farmers’ posts, it can be pretty dangerous to try and snorgle a cow. And to add more controversy-you can’t tip a cow either.

  192. I think there needs to be a unicorns that poop rainbows and dolphins that puke babies webpage for those of you who don’t get it that some animals are food, some people choose to eat them, some don’t. plants have feelings also – I hope the brocolli doesn’t scream too much when I steam it tonight.

    Perhaps we can be a soylent green kinda people huh?

    If she has a right to tell me that my views are twaddle I have the right to tell her that her views are for crap too. Religious or not.

    Maybe those who see the world through their rose colored unicon poop glasses can sup happily tonight on the primordial ooze that we came from? No?

    Yes I am sad that the little girl is probably loving her cow for the last time – it’s heartbreaking to give up any animal that you’ve grown to love – can we all agree on that – it is very obvious in the actual flickr set that she is NOT sleeping if you wll look at it – and it is at a county fair – what happens at county fairs? FHA FFA these raise cows to auction off.

  193. I think there needs to be a unicorns that poop rainbows and dolphins that puke babies webpage for those of you who don’t get it that some animals are food, some people choose to eat them, some don’t. plants have feelings also – I hope the brocolli doesn’t scream too much when I steam it tonight.

    Perhaps we can be a soylent green kinda people huh?

    If she has a right to tell me that my views are twaddle I have the right to tell her that her views are for crap too. Religious or not.

    Maybe those who see the world through their rose colored unicon poop glasses can sup happily tonight on the primordial ooze that we came from? No?

    Yes I am sad that the little girl is probably loving her cow for the last time – it’s heartbreaking to give up any animal that you’ve grown to love – can we all agree on that – it is very obvious in the actual flickr set that she is NOT sleeping if you wll look at it – and it is at a county fair – what happens at county fairs? FHA FFA these raise cows to auction off.

  194. oh please, cut it up and lets barbicue!

  195. Oh sure, its adorable till the cow gets a little gassy.

    Then the moment has passed.

  196. I have to say that if plants can feel I’ll look at thresher and harvesting equipment differently.

    I’m imagining a bunch of corn screaming as the farmer comes closer. Like a scene directly out of Caligulia.

  197. *skipped previous comments- seemed pretty intense*

    Wow! What a CLEAN cow!

  198. this photo is really beautiful.

    it is unfortunate that people have been using this forum to assert their own subjective superiority. there are indeed many farmers who value and respect their own animals, but most of the meat in the United States is produced in centralized factories where the animals are subjected to unspeakable conditions. i certainly believe of the posters here who value the cow that they may one day eat, but this certainly does not indicate a widespread mentality. and, for the record, the usda does not in fact have complete rights to recall tainted meat.

  199. this photo is really beautiful.

    it is unfortunate that people have been using this forum to assert their own subjective superiority. there are indeed many farmers who value and respect their own animals, but most of the meat in the United States is produced in centralized factories where the animals are subjected to unspeakable conditions. i certainly believe of the posters here who value the cow that they may one day eat, but this certainly does not indicate a widespread mentality. and, for the record, the usda does not in fact have complete rights to recall tainted meat.

  200. Cows and piggies are adorable at any age….
    turkeys and chickens are fluffy and huggable when they are chicks…

    kudos to any vegetarians out there; i respect your self-restraint.
    but i come from central IL (farmland, USA) and i know this quote to be true:

    “animals- great for hugging, better for chewing”

    *allows audience to throw vegetables*

  201. That girl is gorgeous

  202. So cute, but for the people who are saying meat is bad for you, that just isn’t true. That cow is adorable though, and I certainly hope she didn’t end up on my plate!

  203. Carrie in-touch with reality says:

    Ashley – I’m from about 40 miles south of Decatur and Springfield – and a little north of Effingham and really really close to Taylorville – but not quite Shelbyville.

  204. Let’s say this again – county fairs have breeding animals that are NOT sold. At most, if not all county fairs, only marketing animals are sold.

    Dairy cow = breeding

    breeding = not sold

    Little girl is most likely not saying goodbye to cowy for the last time! Stop sticking your feelings onto some random innocent child.

    4-H and FFA are about a lot more than just “abusing” children by making them sell animals. It shows them where their meat come from and how agriculture works. It also teaches responsibility, financial planning, and is a huge source of income for many kids. Raising steers is what paid my way through college.

  205. Just for all of the preaching vegetarians out there, soybeans are one of the worst crops for our environment. Their growth in South America has caused the destruction of an untold amount of rainforests, and the transportation and factory emissions to turn them into your beloved veggie-everythings use tremendous amounts of fossil fuels and emit the consequential pollutants all over the world.

    That being said, I think the photograph is beautiful. I hope that girl can treasure her experiences raising her cow for the rest of her life.

    I still eat meat (though I was a vegetarian at one point) but my biggest problem is with people who WASTE meat – why needlessly cost an animal its life, just to throw it away.

  206. Here’s a different girl, different cow. Trust me, the “hanging out with your cow/bull/steer/heifer at the fair” is not an uncommon phenom.

  207. Wow, what a great photo. And what an absolutely beautiful young girl there.

    Like Ashley a few posts up, I respect vegetarians for their restraint and personal views and all that. It takes all kinds, whatever floats your boat, etc. etc.

    However, my personal views on eating meat vs. not is best summed up thusly:

    “There is room for all God’s creatures… right next to the mashed potatoes.”

  208. I’m absolutely in love with this picture! I love cows, they really are just so sweet and the best cuddlers. This summer I got a cow kiss. <3

    It makes me so proud to be a vegan, I don’t know how anyone could take part in the harming of such beautiful and gentle animals.

  209. Reminds me of one of my favorite songs as a tyke, by Dan Somebodyorother (darn, can’t remember his name):

    “Kiss a cow!
    Kiss a cow!
    Kiss a cow, kiss a cow, kiss a cow!
    Cows are kiss-able,
    Cows aren’t miss-able,
    Cows are permissible to kiss
    (I guess!)”

    Ahhh. Good times.

  210. omg.

    1) the girl is sleeping. the guy who took the picture and WAS THERE said so.

    2) I’m so obsessed with this picture that I looked up the Goshen Fair 2007 where the pic was taken.

    Goshen, PA fair, text of website: Again this year at the Goshen Country Fair local 4H’ers and adults will bring their dairy cows to be judged and compared with the goal being that coveted First Place ribbon (as well as the monies that go along with the ribbon). Bring your family to the Judging Tent to see just what it takes to raise an award-winning dairy cow!

    Goshen, CT fair: Junior and Open Show
    Sunday, September 2nd, 9:00 a.m.
    Breeds: Ayrshire, Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorn.
    Monday, September 3rd, 9:00 a.m.
    Breeds: Guernsey, Holstein and Jersey.

    The girl was showing her prize dairy cow … and that is that!!!! :-O

  211. Jessamyn –
    Everything you wrote about soy could be stated for cows. Additionally, many cows are fed corn, SOY, and other grains which means that not only does the impact you described occur once (from soy to human), it occurs a second time (from soy to cow to human).

    Jewels –
    If I could eat nothing, I would. But in order to live, I obviously can’t. This being said, I choose to limit my impact and attempt to cause as little suffering as possible.

    The plants have feelings too therefore we should eat animals argument – though theoretically valid – is logically invalid when you look at the process. There are two options (other than death) -> plant to animal to human consumption, or the direct path – plant to human consumption. The latter causes far less suffering.

    Additionally, the amount of plant matter it takes to create 1 pound of beef is at the very least, an extremely inefficient use of resources.

    All that said, I personally am vegan. And am adamantly against animal testing. But, I recognize that humans are omnivores (with the resources and ability to make conscious decisions), and as a result, may choose to eat other animals.

    When it comes to eating them, if you raise them and love them the way Pepe described, there is respect. If they are raised and treated the way the factory farms run, it is an absolute abomination.

    Thus, my comments are not THOUGH SHALL GO VEGAN!…they are – here’s some counter-points to your posts…

    After just watching the horrible, horrible, horrible video of the cows in California, seeing this picture could not have had better timing. It is unbelievably beautiful.

  212. FifthSonata says:

    What a beautiful, beautiful picture. Can there not be one beautiful photo that doesn’t start a comment war? For once I’d like to see a beautiful photo just getting appreciated by the masses instead of trying to turn it into something ugly.

  213. JelliaJamb….

    Guess what?

    What I copied and pasted from the FSIS site IS THE EXACT SAME THING.

    Read it carefully.

    If a company/manufacturer refuses to recall, the FSIS (a branch of the USDA) has the authority to step in and do so.

    I would have thought you had read that part. It was in pretty simple language.

    That said…I’m sick of this comments section. I’m sick of being preached at, I’m sick of the wealth of misinformation and twisted around information being posted here. And I’m sick of the holier than thou attitude of some of the people making those comments.

    And I’m sick in general of people who are so blinded by their own self righteousness that they can’t see past their own noses.

  214. can’t you guys just email each other

  215. I think the pic is tender, sweet and sad. I think she’s saying good-bye to the 4H/other organization cow she raised that will now be auctioned off. The people who show their animals arrive very early and are worn out by the time it’s all over. I’ve seen many sleeping on clean hay next to their animals.

    Children must learn to experience loss. Better an animal for the first time than a parent or sibling. But that’s not what 4H is about. The kids are learning to care for an animal and stick to the job of raising it successfully. Selling animals is part of the experience. A farmer cannot keep all his animals.

    I dearly love animals, but I’m still going to eat beef and not feel the least bit guilty.

  216. Mary (the first) says:

    That is a really sweeeeet photo and gorgeous young girl (and as someone pointed out, very clean cow!) Love it.

  217. Carrie - Primordial Oozy says:

    I am sorry I threw a fit… truly.

    But dag nab it – I’m allowed views too – even if it is a Christian point of view and then look – I lost sight of the whole Christian thing.

    I’ve never understood why it’s so wrong for Christians to express their views…. but I’m shutting up on this subject now.

  218. Look, here’s the thing. I don’t think anyone should be telling anyone what their diet should be. If you are a vegetarian, I respect your choice, just respect mine and don’t try to make me feel bad about it. The issue should be the treatment of these animals. Humans have been eating animals for centuries. But it’s only recently that we treat them as less than alive. Animals, whether pets or food, should be treated with respect because they are alive and feel things. That’s my problem with the meat packing industry, the torture of these animals, not the existence of the industry. Correct the problems, don’t condemn the practice.

  219. Moo-moo!!

    It is a lovely picture!

    See? For those of us who have a connection with animals……………….well, the picture says it all.

    If you have grown up with animals in your space……the better off you are!

  220. She’s not saying goodbye. Just having a little nap while waiting to show.

    When people take their animals to a fair to show them, they generally camp out there so they can take care of their animals.

    This is a very pampered cow and a very devoted girl.

    Nuff to the nuffers.

  221. Our first big Commentroversy of the New Year, and it’s still January! Who wants to bet we’ll be voting on this one at the end of the year for Biggest Rhubarb… er… Brou-ha-ha? Kerfuffle? It’s enough to put me in a vegetative state, after I finish my burger, that is…

  222. Kar- your comment about the corn screaming during the harvest is *very* funny- at least to me.

    I was in 4H as a kid, and we sewed potholders and a skirt. We had some cooking classes where we made spaghetti and a veggie tray. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I learned what the “real” 4H-ers did.

    If I ever did raise a cow, she’d still be living with my parents.

  223. Eating is not inherently bad and the evidence regarding GH gases is less than compelling. Mary is regurgitating.

    In fact it’s vegetarianism and veganism in particular that may be bad–ask any neurologist what “VEgetarian Brain” is.

  224. Oh criminy.

    I’ll speak for the pre-teen girl, then.

    Look, y’all. I have kids. AND I’m a teacher. She’s not sad, she’s just…sitting there with her cow. Anyone who’s been around kids that age knows that they just…sit there, sometimes and don’t smile. Don’t mean nuthin’ I’m willing to bet that my 12 year old is, at this very moment, just…sitting there. And not smiling.

    Cute pic. IMHO, the kid is cuter than the cow, though.

  225. Dat is cute!!


  227. **And to add more controversy-you can’t tip a cow either.**

    If she kept your water glasses filled and made sure each course arrived at the proper temperature and time, you better tip her at least 25% of the check.

    Because if you don’t, the Renegade Cows will get you, giving you the look only cows can give. (tm Steve Martin)

  228. I think this is one of the nicest pictures that I’ve seen on here. A really lovely photo. Nice work.

  229. Proud to be veg, this brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful, touching photo. Thanks CO!

  230. …If I ever did raise a cow, she’d still be living with my parents.

    Izzy | Jan 31, 2008 at 05:53 PM


  231. umm…dosent she look a bit sad to anyone???ps. i think the cow was drooling on her………

  232. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Wow, the intarwebs sure brings ’em out, don’t it. I’m a city girl through and through, but come from solid farmer stock, and I don’t know anyone more stolid and less sentimental than my farm kinfolk. Seems to me city folk are the ones who romanticize the agrarian way of life much more than those who live it. The dairy farmer who posted upthread said it like it is, or at least like I’ve heard every day of my life: hard work 365 days a year, and you feed and care for the animals before you feed yourself. As far as vegetarianism, the farmers I love aren’t and neither am I, but it doesn’t mean they don’t respect and care for the animals under their responsibility.

    The photograph that stirred up this ruckus is simply beautiful, and beautifully simple. We can learn something from that.

  233. berthaslave says:

    Once again, thank you Mrs. Catlabash (wherever you are).

    This is a beautiful picture.

    I eat meat.

    I love animals.

    Personally, I will stop eating meat if the world’s bacteria promises to not eat my body after I die.

    But if that promise doesn’t come, then I’m going to ask that I be buried under a tree near a river with no chemicals in my body so that the creatures of the earth and the soil will reclaim me and the cycle of life will continue.

    If others don’t want to eat meat, then good for them. Seriously.

    P.S. My ex-girlfriend was a vegan and it was a serious, serious issue that I ate meat. It’s not why we broke up but it was always a point of contention. She had read all of the books, was totally committed. Now (three years later) she pretty much only eats meat. That was her journey. Perhaps one day I won’t eat meat and that will be mine.

    WE ALL LOVE ANIMALS. Eating meat doesn’t mean you love them any less, and not eating them doesn’t necessarily mean you love them any more. It just means people view the world a little differently. It’s okay.

  234. bcteagirl says:

    I have family members that own/run a ranch.. the whole ‘it is such a waste of food/space to raise meat’ propoganda just infuriates them… if you would do some reading outside of books or organizations with an axe grind you would know that most cattle is raised on land that is not good enough to raise ‘real’ crops on as their might be more money in that.

    If you are all about your environmental footprint I suggest you go on the 30 mile diet rather than telling other people what to eat.

    Lovely picture.. thanks to the person who posted ‘next to my mashed potatoes’.. that made me laugh and I needed that today 🙂

  235. bcteagirl says:

    there not their.. wups 😛

  236. Thanks Izzy, glad I’m not the only weird one on this site.

    I mean, 4-H is apparently trading in child slavery? What’s going on in those there cornfields & pigpens?

    And did I miss the (soy, carob not chocolate) pudding around here?

  237. Best pic I think I’ve ever seen on CO. Definitely struck a chord with me.

    My sole addition to the commentroversy: the photographer stated in another photo’s comments that it was the Goshen CT fair, not IN or PA…if it matters.

  238. This is really a touching photo. Though as a few others have mentioned it is because it is quite sorrowful. Despite the description the girl seems sad. I know some people may think that means something bad will happen to the cow or the cow is sick. This may be. It could also be that the girl is just sad and getting comfort from a friend. Growing up on a farm myself there were many times that I would cry on the shoulder of my large friends, normally horses for me.

  239. That is such a gorgeous picture! I grew up on a farm myself; We raised milk cows and we never slaughtered one. I was in 4-H as a child in the horse, cattle and dog projects, and I learned a lot. I never sold an animal at any fiar I went to; they lived out their lives on our farm. Nevertheless, it was always hard to say goodbye to a near-lifelong friend when old age took them. I run a reptile rescue now, and even though my residents now are cold-bloded, scaled and many are legless, they do have a charm all their own, can be affectionate, and, to the right people, are absolutely adorable. I should find my pic of my lizard snorgling me when I wasn’t feeling good. He’s one of the greatest animals I’ve ever met. (I figured that I may as well state that I’m vegitarian as well, definately NOT a member of PeTA, and it’s more for health reasons, though there are good ethical ones as this awesome pic proves lol).
    And to Daizy–I live in San Bernardino county. Though I do Reptile rescue, I could help you find a more conventional shelter to volunteer at, if you’re intrested. send me a message on my myspace; it’s .Or, I could teach you about reptiles, if you were intrested in learning, lol. All animals, wether wild or domesticated are in serious need of help, and any effort put forth is appreciated. i personally believe that we can still make a difference. ^_^

  240. Ohhhhh My God. What a sweet picture. A beautiful cow and a beautiful little girl! Nothing lovelier than a child snuggling with an animal. I am melted from the cute!

  241. Omg! Adorable! I wanna snorgle a moo-moo!!!!

  242. It seems like every time there’s a farm animal posting the comments quickly turn into a crazed discussion of meat eaters vs. vegans, and on and on.

    Hopefully by Caturday we’ll all be back to looking at cute bellies and jelly bean pads- in harmony. (Unless there’s a Cow Cat posting…)

  243. what a beautiful shot … I bet she has been around that cow since it was born

  244. @grandefille: Whaaaaa? 25% sounds a tad excessive. Miss Cow would have had to spoon-feed me my meal for that. But I got a shiver when you mentioned the Renegade Cows, so if I can avoid that fate by bumping up the tip, okay then.

    (True fact: In my high school days, I used to give dramatic readings of “Cows in Trouble” at talent shows and theatre auditions and such.)

  245. I think the farm animal discussions spur controversy because people who are vegetarian or vegan cannot un-see what they’ve seen or un-know what they’ve learned that made them stop eating animals in the first place. And seeing other people say “yeah, I love animals, but I still eat them” or “all God’s creatures have a place…right next to the mashed potatoes! haha!” just strikes someone who has made an ethical decision as obnoxious, insensitive, and phenomenally hypocritical.

    And I think the argument flares on because those who do choose to eat animals for the sake of their own personal taste and enjoyment are made so uneasy by the truth behind their food that they become more defensive.

    People eat dogs in Asia. People eat horses in France. People eat guinea pigs in South America. Clearly, most Americans are appalled by such facts, yet many still continue to consume equally sentient (and adorable, as proven by this post) creatures. So that’s where the dissent comes from–not because we’re trying to be uppity vegans or because we’re self-righteous, but because the glaring paradox illustrated by reactions to this photo is just too much to ignore.

    The last thing I’ll say to those of you who have made the pro-meat or ridiculous plants-have-feelings comments is that, the next time you sit down to a big hunk of meat, I hope you remember this creature, this girl, and the accord that animals can truly have with the humans who choose instead to hang them from a hind leg and slit their throats. If you’re ok with the killing, fine. Just don’t go all over the internet talking about how much you love animals.

  246. “So that’s where the dissent comes from–not because we’re trying to be uppity vegans or because we’re self-righteous”

    This isn’t self-righteous?
    “just strikes someone who has made an ethical decision as obnoxious, insensitive, and phenomenally hypocritical.”

  247. This is a beautiful picture. You can tell they love eachother so much! My dad is a dairy farmer, he tells me how smart cows are and that they are great animals. I need to show him this picture and then attempt to snuggle a cow sometime! ha

  248. No, it’s not. That would be like saying that a person of color who expressed offense at an obnoxious, insensitive racist comment was being “self-righteous.”

    I’m not talking about all omnivores. I’m talking about the people who offensively dismissed vegans and then made flippant, crass jokes about meat consumption.

  249. Uhm, this is not cute anymore. Can’t we all agree to disagree and just enjoy a nice pic. Life is too short to fuss over matters that in the end don’t really matter.

    People are people and we will never win everyone over to our side of thinking. That’s what makes us all special.

  250. To Daizy,
    I am happy to inform you that I am NOT an ape, did not have any apes in my family (that I am aware of) and you really should not try to use “factual knowledge” since you stated you did not have any. 😦

    What a commentroversy as I have ever seen. One the cutest pics ever brings out the best? in people.

  251. CoffeeCup says:

    Sara, I hope you’re not suggesting that the kind people here can eat meat and yet not love animals. I love animals, I do. Some more than others. Possums, I believe, don’t get the highest rating from many people on this website. It’s your personal belief whether you eat meat, just as it is the belief of others.

    “And I think the argument flares on because those who do choose to eat animals for the sake of their own personal taste and enjoyment are made so uneasy by the truth behind their food that they become more defensive.”

    This statement, in fact, strikes me as being very presumptuous. I know how animals are treated in a lot of farms, I know that at a lot of places it is despicable. I also know that in other farms, they are treated well. Though they are eventually killed for food, they do feed a lot of people in the long run and a lot of these family farms that are so vastly disappearing due to corporations, they make their money off animals and what they can get from them.

    I do want livestock to be treated humanely, though they will be killed for food. The “truth” doesn’t make me uneasy, because to me there are options. To you, one of them might be forgoing meat entirely. To me, it’s eating responsibly by only supporting companies that support their animals.

    Missmac, the cutest pics do tend to bring out the best in people…there’s just a lot of commentary involved. I see a girl with a cow, aww cute cow.

  252. I honestly wasn’t going to get further involved in this, since I am one of the people who made “flippant and crass” comments about meat consumption. But I guess I’m feeling argumentative today and just can’t let it go.

    You (and I mean the universal “you”) are more than welcome to eat alfalfa sprouts and beans your whole life. More power to ya. But please, please do not denigrate those of us who choose differently. IMHO, the true hypocrisy lies with those who want everyone to be kind to animals and yet can be very, very mean to fellow humans simply because they make different choices about their food. Honestly, I saw just as much “omnivore” bashing during this whole kerfuffle… eating meat does not make you a bad person. Kicking puppies and spitting on babies, THAT makes you a bad person.

    Bah, I’m done with this. I think this dead horse has been sufficiently beaten – uh oh, am I going to get in trouble for using that phrase, too?

    Seriously, let’s try to just focus on the cute picture. I’d die for that girl’s hair, it’s such a gorgeous color.

  253. Kentucky_Gurl24 says:

    OMG people get over yourselves…..stop being all political and preachy. Geez, can’t anyone just appreciate the moment being shared between the two, without it becoming some sort of whiny people fest. Come on! It’s a sweet picture of a friendship that is pure and beautiful……LET IT GO PEOPLE!!!!

  254. Sara, that you called a person’s decision to eat meat and attempt to make light of the situation with their comments “obnoxious, insensitive, and phenomenally hypocritical” is self-righteous.

  255. Girl Thinking: oO(This cow head is heavy. Now I have to pee and I’m too tired to get up.)Oo XD
    Cute picture. It should be in the calendar, huh Meg? Huh? Don’t you think? :->

  256. I think this needs a THIS CORRESPODENCE IS NOW CLOSED.The arguments are getting kinda repetitive.Personaly I only get to eat gravel, if I am lucky. :0)

  257. It’s art, Hon Glad.

  258. But not as we no it Theo.
    Do you think we can reach the 300 comment mark, whats the previous record?

  259. Previous record is well into 4 figures, HG. A whole forum spun off THAT post. It’s, like, totally unofficial.

    (Ye canna chaenge th’ laws o’ fizziks…)

  260. Jenn AKA Dragon:

    Any reptile rescues needing help in the Sacramento/Davis areas?

  261. For a quite funny picture from the same collection, check this one:

    Its almost one of those caption competition pictures lol.

  262. Another Angela says:

    Disclosure: I do eat meat, but only small amounts that come from humanely raised, grass-fed cows. I give money regularly to the Humane Farming Association to improve the lives of farm animals through legislation. Factory farming is bad for the environment (and climate change) and the meat that comes from those animals is not very healthy.

    Carrie, I’m sorry I riled you with my remark. But Dominionism is not necessarily a Christian point of view. In fact, I would argue that Jesus overturned that whole idea. If you are willing to explore this topic, please see the book by a Christian called “Dominion: the power of man, the suffering of animals, and the call to mercy”.

    Yes, the term “food web” has been preferred over “food chain” for some time in the science world. We can’t avoid killing things every second of our lives, whether directly or indirectly. But we can still choose to be as compassionate as possible in every thing we do, including who we give our money to to eat. That is why I think the 4H practice is counterproductive for kids. Ask a psychologist and see what they say. It’s not necessarily a good thing to “harden” children’s hearts against cruelty and violence. Why would we teach them that their feelings of love for an animal are wrong and misguided? I think they should be given the choice of finding a loving home for their “project” if they don’t want to sell it for slaughter.

  263. Eliz in Seattle says:

    I’m not even going to TOUCH the commentroversy. Holy moly. But I agree with whoever just said that the little girl has ah-MAY-zing hair. I wonder if she’s gotten offers from Pantene yet.

    For the peeps talking about the methane in cow and sheep, ahem, gas: Scientists developed Gas-X for our favorite bovine/ovine farters. Okay, it’s not really Gas-X; it’s nitrate. But it works! Here’s an article:

    And that is all I have to say about the war in Viet Nam.

  264. I love this photo! I am an artist and I can’t want to draw my version of this photo. I love the way the girl’s hair is falling…The expressions on their faces are priceless… mmm delicious cows. Well, I’m off to Burger Street.

  265. Id fuck the girl and eat the cow .

  266. Teho, we can haz cleanup on isle 260?

  267. Hey everyone! Over on I Can Has Cheezburger, they’re having a commentroversy about a LOLCat of the baby biting the kitteh’s tail!
    Good Lo’, maybe it’s Frustration Friday.

  268. Wait, did we go into a creationism vs evolution debate?

    I can’t believe where these threads go to.

    *counts ribs in side while still waiting for soy carob pudding.

  269. Sorry Kar, all I have is chocolate, and it’s made with milk.

  270. That’s right, Kar.

    We’re descended from COWS!

  271. Carrie in-touch with reality says:

    Teho – if I weren’t married I’d ask you to be mine for valentines day.

  272. I think bobs comment is final proof that this thread has ended being useful. Nothing to see here people… move along.

    Please, don’t feed the trolls, the whackos, the whiners, or the pervs.

  273. Icanhavecheeseburger comment says:

    Not to derail the thread (or maybe that would be a good thing)
    In re: Brinnann’s link to

    Love that site, hate the comments. I never read comments on icanhavecheeseburger. Its cute when cats talk in “lol”, but horrible when people try to be “funny” and carry out conversations in lol’ish. I can’t stand it. How could you read through the comments long enough to see a commentroversy? Just trying gives me a headache. 😛

  274. Maybe we ALL can finally agree on something: that Bob’s comment is disgusting and pedophilic.

  275. RE: ICHC – It’s something of an aquired taste. Some days it just takes too much effort to decipher them, and others I don’t mind. If they post something that I find exceptionally funny, I’ll pop in to see what all the cheezfolks are saying. I recognized this picture from CO and remembered it was a huge ‘troversy here, so I wanted to see how it faired on ICHC. Of course, same result, though not anywhere near some of the pudding-slinging we did here.

    And Izzy: Yes, you are absolutely correct. I give you five virtual cheezburgers.

  276. Id fuck the cow and eat the girl .

  277. Eliz in Seattle says:

    Theooo! (Said in cow voice, turning into a mooooo at the end)


    (p.s. If you’re going to try to be offensive on purpose, at least use correct grammar. It’s called an apostrophe. And don’t even get me started on the extra space before the period. Yeesh.)

  278. So obviously Bob & Rob are the same person, which we can deduce from the identical lack of apostrophe and addition of an extra space before the punctuation.

  279. Eliz in Seattle says:

    Is there a cute way of saying the F-word? Forgle? Of course, in the above context, it’ll never be cute. I’m just thinking, you know, for insult and trash-talking purposes.

  280. Rob/Bob:


    If you can’t refrain from using profanities in a pedophilic manner (or any manner for that matter), you should take your comments elsewhere. The meat vs. veg controversy is one thing but the absolute vulgarity and disrespect from your comment is totally another level.

  281. Eliz, I read a book recently where a girl in Ireland pronounced it feck. I thought it sounded kinda neat.

  282. Yeah, ‘cuz we’re that gullible.

  283. Did I spell that wrong?

  284. Can we argue about cow tipping?
    Oh please?

  285. I usually tip a cow 20%, unless the service was horrible.

  286. Does anybody here really think there would even BE any cows to snuggle if we all suddenly turned vegan/vegetarian?

    Face it, the reason they exist is because they produce food. If nobody could make a living out of them, nobody would raise them. And they would not exist. The same with all other farm animals.

    Is it really better they never existed, or should we strive to support those who farm ethically?

  287. I must always, always remember NEVER to read the comments on Cute Overload. So many people on so many soapboxes, apparently with little else to do than scream at each other.

  288. I rarely comment, but this is worthy of one.

    This pic needs to go in the CO hall of fame, put in a calendar, and whatever else you do. I think it’s the epitome of cuteness and the bond animals have with humans- which is often overlooked in favor of the bond humans share with animals.

    This is a GREAT pic, I just keep coming back and looking at it. It’s so perfect.

    [Now *this* I can agree with, 100%… – Ed.]

  289. Such a gorgeous picture >.<

  290. gwenchocolate says:

    With all this controversy, I’m surprised the nuffs haven’t showed up and started whining about how there is a HUMAN in a picture with an ANIMAL and this site is for ANIMALS ONLY. Blah. I’m a lurker here by trade, and I find it appalling that vegetarians/vegans feel they need to run around and TELL EVERYONE HOW WRONG THEY ARE FOR EATING MEAT. Us Omnivores very rarely tell anyone they better eat a hamburger or else. That said, I also live with a wonderful vegetarian who makes amazing meals and is very respectful of my own choice to eat meat.

  291. I hope my daughter loves animals as much as she does.

  292. i would love to have a cow. too bad i live in the city…

  293. But Gwen, the nuffs don’t care if you’re respectful, all they want is to impose their choice on you in that holier than thou attitude of theirs.

    Now, as your name seems to imply, you seem to be oblivious to the suffering of chocolate. Please, THINK OF THE CHOCOLATE!!! 😀

  294. PERFECTION in a picture !!!

  295. Jupiter Star says:

    I was born in a rural area with lots of farms and lived there till I was 7. I HATED it…I couldn’t deal with animals so much bigger than me, they frightened me. After that, my family moved to a busy suburb just outside of a big city and since then, I’ll lived in big cities ever since. I’ve never been a farm person. Horses and cows don’t scare me anymore but I’ve never been the biggest fan.

    This picture? Makes me wish I grew up on a farm with snuggly cows ^_^.

  296. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I love morning star – they have great veggie breakfast links!

  297. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I love morning star – they have great veggie breakfast links!

  298. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I love morning star – they have great veggie breakfast links!

  299. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I love morning star – they have great veggie breakfast links!

  300. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I love morning star – they have great veggie breakfast links!

  301. Sammys Mom >^..^ says:

    I love morning star – they have great veggie breakfast links!

  302. This brought so many wonderful memories to me! My own kids were raised on our dairy farm with cows. When we would take our picnic lunch to the field on summer days, the cows would often join us, and my son would share half of his PB & J sandwich with his favorite cow. He would go for walks with her; lift her head up for her to look at planes flying over….. sit leaning against her in the sunshine. My daughter as well always did calf chores and loved it – and still enjoys doing it when she is home.

    Most of the dairy cows you see at county fairs are raised by kids and kept as milking cows on their family’s farm. There is always an option to sell, but in my experience, it has never been an expectation or requirement. Most kids are lucky enough to keep the cows and then keep or sell the offspring as well!

    Believe me, both that cow and that girl are very, very safe and happy together.

  303. Hmmm… it’s not like veg*ns went out and riled up other veg*ns to come in here and post comments. We are normal viewers at this site and if the first thing we think of when we see the picture is that we’re glad that cow looks happy at the moment and that we are sad that many cows are not treated well, it’s just the way we react. I guess I don’t see how a comment like “I’m glad I don’t eat cows!” is goading omnivores. It’s just our natural response!

    Meanwhile, if you don’t think meat is unhealthy, try reading the China Study.

    And something like 80% of the soy grown in the rainforest goes to animal feed. We who eat veggie burgers are not deforesting, folks.

  304. that is an incredibly clean cow..and clean hay. Love this picture <3

  305. Excellent picture showing a connection between two all so different species. In the same moment there is this feeling of a mother and a child, but with somehow swapped roles.

    Isn’t there some story behind the picture?

  306. You know, I was going to post soomething about the meat eaters vs. nonivores, but I remembered that arguing on the internet is like competing in the Special Olympics. I’ll save the punchline because it’s more crass and insensitive than anything said about that adorable cow and how it might taste.

    In any event, super cute pic. What i like about it is the completely unposed, genuine nature of it. The girl looks completely in the teenager place, where they’re “NOT DOING ANYTHING! GOD!” And the cow is all, “Warm.” Endearing on so many levels.

    Oh, just to dip my toe in, I eat meat, am a total foodie and I adore animals. I only buy organic, local, small farm meat. It’s more ethical, it helps out the local economy and it tastes worlds better.

    People have been eating meat for a long time and for most of that time, it was not seen as a violent act. The hunter would thank his prey. It mimiced the natural predator/prey that people saw constantly being played out in the world. It’s the industrialization and dehumanization of the process that has it all out of whack (IMO).

    Except for oyster farming. That’s different. They’re out to get us, people. Those pearl carrying fiends! Eat oysters…for our very survival is at stake.


  307. i wonder if there is a pie under her bum

    also, cow heads weigh 50-70 pounds, she is strong abs now

  308. Desktop background…set

  309. slayergrrl says:

    Wow … and I thought my Rotties head was heavy when he fell asleep in my arms and started snoring!

  310. JigHexadecimal says:

    I love you, dinner.

  311. Wow, that is so……KAWAII!!!!!!!!

    I am seriously jealous (I wanted to hold da cow)

  312. I just need to comment again and remark on how much I love this photo. I think it’s one of my favoritest CO posts, which is saying an awful lot 🙂

  313. Holy shit. That little girl looks exactly like my sister.

    It’s definitely not, because I’m pretty sure she’s never snorgled a cow, but… striking resemblance!

  314. Wow that is sooooo cute!! I love it!!!!!

  315. I used to nap with my cow. 🙂

  316. Beautiful pic!

    That cow looks decidedly unlike the variety that chased me away from fishing holes, up trees, and through barbed wire fences when I was growing up. Maybe Southern cows are meaner. 🙂

    That Flicker account has some great Springer puppeh pics, too!

  317. Oh man… dude… god…big kahuna…

  318. Wow. In all the stupid arguing, no one mentioned that ANIMALS EAT MEAT, TOO. We are ALL aNiMaLs. We all live on earth. We all need to eat to survive and sometimes, it’s each other. And it’s called diversity. DEAL WITH IT. Fuck.

  319. What a sweet, sweet picture! That girl is SO pretty, and the hug…awwww. 🙂

    Wow…do you vegan folks happen to wear leather shoes? No? What about soap or jelly?

    And about animal testing…guys, be serious. I adore guinea pigs, and I’m terribly sorry for all their deaths in labs, but, having a biochemist friend, I happen to have a pretty good idea how many human lives have been saved thanks to them. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to yell “Noooo!! I’d never use drugs tested on animals!” because you would if you had a dying child and knew it was the only cure.

    I do eat meat, though I mostly stick to white kinds, for health reasons. I don’t think it’s anything worth boasting – and same goes for not eating it. Guys, let’s just all let each other live with our choices and face the consequences, should they come. If my meat-eating is wrong, I’ll be responsible for it before cows, chickens, pigs…God, or my own body. But I will not be responsible to any fellow human being.

    I can live with your choice. Please try to live with mine.