Hon, I got the Ferret Bites!

[Sniffs cart]


We’re oooooooout! [Sniffs Ferret Bites again]


I’m not gonna even AX how this photoshoot got started BunnyMama7…



  1. What the hell is going on here? Ferretz? Shoppingks? Has the WORLD GONE MAD?

  2. What a cutie ferret!

  3. Ferretz walkingks on two legs is MAD enough, I tell you!

  4. PS Aren’t Ferret Bites what you have if you’ve been bitten by a ferret?

  5. By the way, I hope that saying “second” is allowed by the comment rules. If not, I apologize and will not use any more numbered sayings in the future.

    [Yes please to be cutting that out thankyouverymuch – Ed.]

    Now I wanna pet that little guy…

  6. Awww, poor baby probably has adrenal disease… see tha bald tail? At least she’s getting all the goodies she deserves! And my ferrets were shopping yesterday, they came to work with me at PetSmart for the WHOLE day.

  7. Love the teensy shopping cart! 🙂

  8. Who makes the tiny cart- and where can I get one, please?

    And how does he reach the top shelves, or is the whole store ferret-sized? The photographer must be teeeeeeeny-tiiiiiiiny, too. The possibilities are just so much fun to imagine!

  9. Or is that the biggest ferret in all the land?

  10. i’d say someone started playin house… and things got a lil outta hand…
    [hands over AMEX card to ferret for unlimited shopping spree-ing]

  11. ferret with shoppingks cart? win.
    teho’s hovertxt? epic win.

  12. That ferret has a look of “What is this? I specifically asked for the BBQ Chicken, NOT the Grilled Chicken.”

    Katrina- I think he might be the biggest ferret in all the land 🙂

  13. Aww, why the bald tail? My ferret is a rude little bugger, we got all the treats that ferret has in the cart for him but he hated them all >:[

  14. I’ve had two ferrets! They could bite pretty hard!

  15. I’m pretty sure you can get tiny carts like that at a craft store like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby…

    I gotta say, I’ve kinda always wanted a tiny cart for no good reason… Maybe my bunny, or perhaps the cat will play with it…

  16. MaggieBelle says:

    Even ferrets need a little retail therapy.

  17. GreedySkunk says:

    Hooray! I’ve just been thinking this site needs more ferrets! My little fuzzies will be wanting their own shopping cart now.

  18. Elizabeth says:

    My Nyx is always picky with her treats, but she loved the Fome sticks…cant rember what they are called. hehe but i want a tiny shopping cart for her she would <3 it

  19. Rabble — I’d love to take credit for the hover, but this one was Meg’s.

  20. bookmonstercats says:

    I will always shop in Petsmart, if Trish’s ferrets are there as well. You could double your takings in an hour.

  21. Teehee, they will be making a second appearance this week on Sunday. And the bald tail is caused by adrenal disease. And more fuzzies! Mine made an appearance last year, you can search for ferret pretzel or some such name. LOL

  22. Aw…poor adrenal ferret 😦 I hope he’s getting care for his hairlessness!

  23. Lurve so much about this photo! That ferret looks as annoyed as I usually feel when grocery shopping. Can you imagine only getting a couple boxes of cereal and a box of crackers and then your cart is full?? LOL

  24. Waitaminude.

    How can “Ferret Bites” be “Ferret Bites” if they’re made out of CHICKEN & not FERRET?

    I expect my chicken fingers to be made out of chickens’ well, fingers. Buffalo wings to be made out of buffalo and hot dogs to be made out of dogs.

    Has the world gone crazy?

  25. Note to self: Pass on the lady fingers at Kar’s house.

  26. Woods Walker says:

    The world has always been crazy. You just realized it.-Woods Walker

  27. bookmonstercats says:

    Pheas. LOL.:)


  28. Charlie D says:

    As a few others have mentioned, the bald tail on this little guy is most likely caused by Adrenal Disease. Unfortunately a lot of ferret owners do not know about Adrenal and just assume that hair loss happens sometimes in ferrets, or that they’re getting older. I hope that in addition to lots of love and tasty treats that this guy is getting the treatments he needs.

    To learn more about Adrenal and what you can do for your friend, visit:

  29. Little prosh Ferrit..
    Tsk tsk the prices of groceries these days is unacceptable

  30. This picture made me laugh out loud. The captioning is priceless. Where did they find a ferret-sized shopping cart?!

  31. Love the caption! It’s so cute I forgot what rule this is XD

  32. I love ferrets, but I especially love this one. Especially the evil eye!

    Where can I get a ferret-sized shopping cart?

  33. We needz a kitteh-size grocery cart like deh ferret cart to fill with treatzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  34. Momof2kitties says:

    Teeny carts are available at my local Trader Joe’s, I think. Kid sized, maybe not ferret sized though. There’s nothing like having your little one “help” you by bashing into your achilles tendon repeatedly whilst shopping.

    I, too, would shop at Trish’s PetSmart if teh ferretz wuz dere.

    Does this guy belong to the (Tailio)Hair Club for Ferrets?

  35. That is such a cute photo!!

    As for the bald tail, it looks like “rat tail.” Not adrenal. It is caused by acne on the tail and the oily glands cause hair loss. Used to rescue ferts, seen a lot of both. Rat tail can be cleared easily by daily cleansing of the tail.

  36. Thanks for the concern many of you have expressed regarding TAZ’s health. Yes he did have adrenal disease, but he had the best of the best treatment by a great vet and mostly by his adoring Grammy. Sadly, TAZ crossed over less than 2 weeks ago, but he joined his big Bubby Rocky and numerous other pals on the other side.

  37. I have one of those teeny shopping carts, too! They had them at Big Lots on ONE occasion several years ago. I’m so glad I grabbed one up, because they were all gone next time I went back.

  38. Awww Melissa, you can definitely tell he was loved!

    *sigh* This pic makes me miss my eight fuzzbutts…they were the best bunch of furbound kids I ever had… *sniffle*


  39. ohmygoodness, Meg, “weasel my way”. That is THE BEST. Really.

  40. *sneaks across state lines to buy a ferretpants* Stupid California…..

  41. berthaslave says:

    Sorry to hear about Taz, Melissa. I’m glad we can remember him here forever.

    I was going to make a joke about the ferret not being vegetarian in relation to the other post, but it doesn’t feel appropriate.

  42. I’m sorry Melissa, Taz looks like a real character.

    He’ll be missed.

  43. pixie-stix says:

    Ferret sez:”Okay, ready for the superbowl!”

  44. Hey, Draco Malfoy goes shopping! Hahaha. 😛

  45. I wish I had a ferret so I could get him to do my shopping.

    But he’ll buy only Ferret Bites!

  46. Do ferrets usually have tails like that? I haven’t seen one up close for a long time.

  47. Anthony Clark says:

    No, ferrets do not normally have bare tails. However they do get Seasonal Alopecia, which just means that some lose hair on parts of their bodies at certain times of year. This can be worrying as Adrenal Disease can cause the same symptoms.

  48. redonk.

    reminds me of a dream I had once in which I was a human sized long haired white cat in a grocery store, and was walking around on my hind legs pushing a cart.

    little children kept pulling my tail and the manager got mad and asked me to leave because I was “causing a disturbance,” as though it was my fault that little children would pull my tail. All I wanted was to buy some groceries.

  49. Draco Malfoy, house elfless post-war and no longer living with his parents, restocks his larder incognito.

  50. thelibrarianne says:

    His expression is priceless:

    “Jesus, can’t they open another aisle? The lines go all the way back to toiletries.”