Kitteh Tamed by Boid

This Boid is about to take this kitteh to school.

First, kitteh is all: "Is this thing on? tap tap"


Next, kitteh attempts to pet Boid…


Then kitteh becomes just another nesting material for Boid


Next Kitteh is overwhelmed by mini-claw massaging actions


Boid plants official "Bird country" flag on kitteh’s gut as a SYMBOL OF VICTORY


Bye, Hon, Call me later. [Kiss]



See, Nancy P.?!? See how he did that!?




  2. AWWWW!!! How “tweet”!! Just makes me smile and think happy thoughts all day!!!!

  3. lurkingsmirk says:

    What a nice photo series! I’m glad it didn’t end with just the first pic. Interspecies snorglingks ftw!!

  4. coyotemom says:

    Love the last picture, kissing goodnight!

  5. “Then kitteh becomes just another nesting material for Boid” Oh lulz, that KILLS meh! XD

  6. Awwww I love the last photo!!

  7. Over the top, redonkulous Cuteness!!! This site keeps me going all the long workday (even though I’m a 3rd class cutologist who never gets posted).

  8. Haha, I just love your captions. I love the last one especially! XD

  9. Totally saw that nap coming in the fourth picture. Kitty had the sleepy eyezzZzZzZzZzZz….. 🙂


    How did the kitteh not eat birdeh, he does look incrediblee nommy!

  11. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s Babysitter Budgie! Flies in on the west wind, and flies away when the wind turns to the east, and all kittens are sweepies!

  12. *eats a gallon of pudding*

    This is insanely cute, omg.

    OK but my mover was late picking up my stuff because his cat had eaten his pet bird that morning and he was really upset…

    *braces self and eats more pudding*

    *acknowledges cuteness of the photo series*

  13. I love the 4th pic…the cat is totally smiling.

  14. Oh, god…I had the worst day/night yesterday and this picture has made it ALL BETTER 😀

  15. *stop it!* All along I’ve been saying – no, I can’t have boidies with 12 cats in deh house… They get along fine wit guinea piggehs and bunneh, but no way… no boids! *Now* what am I to do????

  16. Nicolletta says:

    That is so cute Cute CUTE! I have now melted into a puddle of goo at my desk, and now my boss is going to yell at me for melting on company time and it’s all your fault!

  17. Whole.

  18. ThreeCatNight says:

    My friend just emailed this to me this a.m., and “Sylvester and Tweety” it’s not. What it is, is totally adorable, and a sweet way to start my day!

  19. P.S. “…melting on company time” made me ehl oh ehl.

  20. Notice the “love you” bear in the background of the smiling kitteh photo. Such clever composish, photographer!

  21. Awwwwww!! That’s all I can say right now. Awwwww!!! They both look so happy and content.

    And I love those captions, too!
    “First, kitteh is all: “Is this thing on? tap tap”” 😀 😀 😀

  22. Oh wow, this is incredible. Love it!

  23. This is fantabulous! So cute! *teeth ache from the sweetness* Argh! Must. Tear. Self. Away…. Must. Grade. Papers….

  24. So sweeeeet! I love the expression on kitteh’s face. What a lovely pair they make!!

  25. It’s adorable to see an animal hitting another animal! It’s even more adorable when one animal has bacteria on its claws and in its mouth that could kill the bird with a massive systemic infection with even the tiniest scratch! OMG, so cute to see the defenseless bird being mauled by a kitten!

    Are you all morons, or just braindead? The owner of this should have her bird taken away, for terminal stupidity.

    But, since budgies are a dime a dozen, she’ll probably just buy a new cat toy when the one she has dies of ignorance, neglect, or “horrible but easily prevented accident”.

  26. grounded.. LIGHTEN UP, YO!

  27. MaggieBelle says:

    Oh boy. Here come the ’nuffers.

    Also, that is one shagadelic bedspread! Yeah baby!

  28. I had budgies when I was little. We called then “parakeets” then, before we knew The Truth!

  29. Ugh! Goway ’nuffer! Goway!!!

  30. PS: Check out the following priceless sentence from the Wikipedia article on budgies:
    “Wet eucalypt leaves excite and invigorate both the wild and aviary budgerigar into a frenzy of joy.”

  31. good laud.
    did you guys take your meds this morning?

    shut the _ell up.

    this is just so adorable, i love the pics, and the captions are SO dang funny.
    my carpooler and i go straight to COL when we get here in the a.m. just to get a smile and a laugh.

    and we dont need to hear you stupid Nuffers babblin garbage.

    and thats all i have to say about that.

  32. awwwww…

    yes, but look Grounded…*holds up kitteh and boid for inspecsh, both sleepies*…cuteness conquers all…

  33. Grounded, I can see your not a cat person. Since there are lots of cat pictures posted on here, one must ask the question, why do you come to this sight? Ride your high horse some were else.

    I love kittens, especially when they are smiling like this one 🙂

  34. charliewabba says:

    ‘kay, these are verry sweet pictures, and the kitty looks just like my Gus when he was a baby. And I have cats and birds, and I know lots of people who have cats and birds, and some of us keep them separate because, um, well, cats is predators and birds is prey, and, um, well, kinda risky from my perspective, but there are folks out there who successfully comingle their populations.
    (pauses for a spoonful of banana pudding, chews soggy ‘nilla wafers thoughtfully, has anaother spoonful of banana pudding)
    But this has been a sad morning for me, had to say goodbye to our oldest kitteh (named Bird, oddly enough), and I was really looking for some happy-making cute. So this made me smile, and, um, thanks, but like they say on the commercials, “do not attempt with your own kitteh and budgie.”
    (blows nose, eats more pudding.)

  35. kitty dog bear says:

    I just melted,,,… Too CUTE!!!!!

  36. Some people just don’t get it. This is CUTE OVERLOAD not the freakin’ presidential debates.

    Come on ’nuffers let your guard down for 2 minutes and have some FUN!

  37. threerings says:

    Awwww. This makes me think about the cockatiel we used to have who was best friends with a persian cat. He would sit on the arm of the chair and guard the kitty while she was sleeping. And at night, the bird slept under the cat’s long fur. (That bird was wild, not tame. It flew into our house one day, wouldn’t let us handle it, stayed for a couple of years, and then flew out. So, he pretty much did what he wanted. And what he wanted was to cuddle with the kitty, apparently.)

  38. Birdie is going all “I’m king of the world! The avian domain rules! Felines are powerless against our magics”

  39. Sooooo CUTE!

    But tell me, what is that furry beast they are laying on?

  40. So cute!! Looks like they’re great friends. 🙂

    Obviously, the owner was hoping the kitteh would eat the boid. /sarcasm

    You can always tell when there are going to be commentroverseys here.

  41. I don’t know why y’all are putting down what Grounded has to say. It’s true – bacteria from a cat’s mouth can swiftly kill a bird, no matter how nice kitty is to birdie. Don’t live in ignorance just because it spawns cute photographs.

  42. This is the first time I have seriously barfed rainbows. I could cry tears of syrup right now at how utterly cute and schmaltzy those photos are.

  43. Love the pic, made my morning. thank doG for CO! But charliewabba, I’m sorry for your loss.

  44. Robin, the same can be said of cats and humans though. My sister had to be hospitalized after my cat bit her because the wound was infected and it spread through her lymphatic system. So maybe we should stay away from cats.

  45. metsakins says:

    Barbara – may I inquire as to the flavor of puddin’ you are snackin’ upon?

    We may be needing more.

    Charliewabba- so sorry to hear of your loss. Snuggle up with another kitteh, you’ll both feel better.

    Robin – had grounded said, I’d just like to point out that this is not a good practice and explained why, I would have listened and not thought “Oh no, here it comes.” However, the phrase –

    Are you all morons, or just braindead? The owner of this should have her bird taken away, for terminal stupidity.

    to me, suggests she is wanting an attack.

    to all I say get out the “Puddingkwürferschnorglekanonen.”

  46. Glad the Kitteh hasn’t learnt what kittehs do to boids, unlike my murderous pair. I came home to a scene of slaughter last night, Pidgeon feathers eveywhere head over there bloody remains of torso over there. All on my persian rug, natch.
    I love the kittens smile and thecaptions.

  47. charliewabba says:

    So now let us all be warned about the dangers of interspecies slobber-sharing.
    cat slobber to birdies = not good
    people slobber to birdies = not good
    cat slobber to peoples = not good.

    and thanks for the sympathies. I enjoyed a prolonged snorgle with my Gus cat (the yellow fur covered water baloon) before coming to work. He is very absorbent.

  48. charliewabba — so sorry for your loss. There ain’t enough pudding in the world.

  49. Kittehs getting along with birdies that’s just soooo CUTE!

  50. AWWWW!!!! seriously, though, don’t try this at home. I lost a birdie to an overeager kitteh in my youth, and this picture, despite it’s redonkulous cuteness, made me very nervous.

  51. Do you have a flag? No flag no kitty, you can’t have one!

    …also, I really hope grounder was being ironic. I thought it was hilarious, then he/she never said “I’m kidding!” so I suppose I’ll never know….


    I have no words for how awesome this is.

    It all comes out “squeeeeee”

  53. Grounded, you are a killjoy. It’s very obvious birdie has the kavorka. Kitteh thought he’d have himself a little birdie snack, but then fell in love instead! Sweet!!!

  54. nuffmaker nuffmaker roll out some nuff
    since there’s not enuf stuff
    to darken my day.

    nuffmaker nuffmaker you are so tuff, and tedious in every way.

  55. uhm, to all the worriers in the world…..can’t we all get along…. even it is for a few brief moments. Yes we should be careful around ALL our pets,( and other humans too) but for goodness sake!! I am sure mom/dad of these two cuties is a very capable person who would not intentionally put them in harm’s way.

    Lighten up and enjoy just a brief, sweet moment of exploration by these two too cute, cute babies!!!!

  56. Dexter Fishmore says:

    OK, I get that the bird shouldn’t be allowed to infect the cat with its bacteria, but it’s fine to put them both in the dryer, right? I’m pretty sure I read that in one of the old comment threads.

  57. charliewabba says:

    @Dexter Fishmore
    I just shot pudding out my nose.

  58. I’m dying from the preciousness!!!!!!!

  59. Meghan – LOL! I totally thought Eddie-Izzard-flag-bit when I saw that, too! Building empires through the cunning use of flags!!

    These pics need to come with a warnng – they are DEATHLY CUTE!!! I am keeeeeeeleded deadeded.

  60. I do enjoy a good allopreen!

  61. made.

    that birdeh is so happy, he’s preening the cat! obviously hes comfortable with the cat.

    and obviously the owner knew this was alright. they were taking pictures for heaven sakes.

  62. SO what about puppeh’s??? Is Puppeh slobbers bad for boids as well? im curious…i need a friend for my gonna be 2 yr old shih tzu dottie jean beauty queen. Thinking about boidies…she seems to like em enough when we go to pet smart and she can sniff the glass.

    Course I would never leave them out together…. >_> she murderizes her plushies as it is.

  63. I love that the kitty is smiling. Thanks for putting a smile on my face today. I needed it. 🙂

  64. Oh, how frickin anerabuls can you get?? I..ah…I…>BLEEN!!!<

  65. bok bok bok bok bok
    bok bok bok bok bok
    bok bok bok bok bok
    bok bok bok bok bok

  66. Metaskins – you said it! I’m more than willing to listen (read?) when someone respectfully makes a point, but Grounded’s comment was nothing but an attack on the intelligence and resposibility of everyone here. I, for one, was offended, and promptly wished Grounded a violent attack of the squirty poos.

  67. None of you people can type, or spell either. Let’s see, boids, Puppeh, birdeh, Kitteh, redonkulous, incrediblee nommy. Come on! I like the pictures but for goodness sake learn to spell.

  68. Momof2kitties says:

    OMG. That is the cutest! I will gladly provide pudding of whatever flavor is desired for the puddingkwurferschnorglekanonen.

    Georgie is at the vet at the moment for his “procedure” *crosses legs protectively* and I meeeeesss heeeem soooo moische! Might have to pop over for a visit, but then that might make it even harder to leave him there again.

  69. Momof2kitties says:

    I’m thinkingks that ray might be new here?

  70. charliewabba says:

    since when is redonkulous not spelled r-e-d-o-n-k-u-l-o-u-s?
    as for safety of puppy slobbers for birds? Also probably not advisable.

  71. mom2twinzz says:

    methinks that the other mom might be right

  72. charliewabba says:

    momof2kitties – is George being tutored today?

  73. Momof2kitties,

    Yes–I’m thinking Ray hasn’t been saturated by Teh Qte yet. Just give him time . . . soon he’ll be anerable-ing all over the place so much it’ll be redonkulous. Teh Qte wins them all; it’s just a matter of time.

    Ray, join us. We will add your distinctiveness to our own.


    I am the beginning. The end. The one who is many. I am Teh Qte.

  74. Charliewabba,

    I *heart* you for the Far Side reference! You win teh Intarwebs!

  75. Now for a medical announcement for all the worriers and nuffers( puts one hand in pocket of lab coat and other on her stethoscope)1. bacteria/viruses are EVERYWHERE – that’s why everyone has an immune system 2. danger is everywhere – that is why we have common sense 3. everybody dies – that is why you must look at as much cute stuff as possible in the time you have. Now I have to go and make my rounds so back to the cutes folks

  76. Charliewabba – barooooo!! :(( But glad to see you LOL’ing at DF’s tweeested SOH !

  77. charliewabba says:

    Yup, I’m thinkin Ray’s not from these parts.
    (tilts cowboy hat down, squints and bares teeth with piece of straw sticking out)
    Air ye, Ray?

  78. Charliewabba- sorry to hear about Bird. 😦

    Dexter- hahahahahaha, you made me feel better despite having a monster cold.

    Oh raaaaaay.

    I won’t say anything about Grounded because..

    This is my favorite post EVER SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Siiigh. Teh Qte.

  79. and Gary Larson’s!

  80. Yeah, pika23, it’s probably not a good idea to get a bird for your puppeh if he plays rough…most dogs and cats carry a bacteria called pasteurella in their saliva, and birds are really susceptible to infections. And like Melinda said, it kills then really fast – within a day or two. I lost a cockatiel to a playful kitten this way last year – no sign of injury, but she got sick and died within a few days. Grounded could have been nicer about it, but I wish I had known about birds and pasteurella beforehand.

    Cute pics, but, yeah, be careful. 🙂

  81. charliewabba says:

    he went with my face buried in his axis of snorgleability, and yes, those words went through my mind right then, and I found them oddly comforting.

  82. jenniflower says:

    DANG! This is cuuuuuuute. And that comes from someone who is firmly in the puppeh camp … not an especially big fan of kitties or birdies!

    what a lovely happy ending.

  84. Kitty has the most adorable face!

  85. @Ch-wabba – am supposed to be getting some work done, but crying too hard… :(((
    So leaving now. Give Gus a big hug.

  86. Well if these 2 have to be seperated for their own good I GUESS I could take the kitten, if you twist my arm.

  87. I want a Budgie!!

    I want a Kitty!!

    So we can all live together and be friends.

    I swear Cute Overload should be renamed ‘Better than Prozac’

  88. berthaslave says:

    Wowie wow wow. I went to bed last night and came into work and I’d missed all this.

    Yeah, nuffers suck when they’re angry.

    The photos are awesome awesome awesome. They demand an Ambassador McFluffersons-type video adaptation. Mebbe with kitteh paw moving doing a ‘tap tap tap’ on birdie and a triumphant fanfare when the plag is flanted.

    Charliewabba: so, so, so sorry for your loss. 😦 Gather other creatures around and feel the love to get you through.

  89. Lol… I love the people that come on here and purposely attempt to create a commentrovery 😛 hilarious

    Anyways…. the pics are totally adorable!

  90. CoffeeCup says:

    I just wanted to poke the kitten! Poke poke poke! Such a cute series of photos! Eep!

    Nuffers: Please stop raining on the parade of adorability. It’s a statistical probability that many of you will just get the smackdown. Not to be mean or anything, but what’s the point for the serious nuff? This is blog to celebrate cuteness, not to point out every single thing that might and can go wrong…I mean, I see cell phones in the picture. I know my rabbit likes to try to chew on my cell phone, what’s to stop this kitten or boid from knawing off a rubber key and choking? But, but it CAN happen! But improbable.

    And of course there’s the obvious “someone is taking the photos, obviously the animals are under watch” logic.

  91. My pudding was bananna as well! I realize I can’t spell banana. I moved to the south this spring and I’m addicted.

    Sometimes the anti-nuffers are more inflammatory than the nuffers, IMO.

    Anyway I think it’s cute but I hope the owner separates them when the kitten gets older because that just can’t stay good forever…

  92. Wait, the best part of the whole thing is the boid and the kitteh are SITTING ON TOP OF CHEWBACCA’S BELLY! Holy carpet/rug/duvet/creature!

  93. one of the erins says:

    Ray– yeah, it’s totally because we don’t know HOW to spell. Have you never before been to a forum with its own slang? They’re everywhere these days. If everyone’s doing it in the same way, it’s slang. At least its only occasional words here and not EVERYTHING like in standard netspeak.

  94. K what’s that bedspread made of, dog fur???

  95. metsakins says:

    *rushes home to make home made chocolate tapioca puddin’ with mexican chocolate*

    *comes back with big bowl of above mentioned item*

    Hey guys – try this. it’s fabulous if you like regular tapioca and regular chocolate puddin’!

  96. Spews coffee in grounded’s general direction. That is too cute. Hands Metsakins some Buterscotch pudding. and picks up bird to pet.
    Asssumes best wise old owl expression while adjusting glasses. We have four kitty’s.. Two of them are not to be trusted around birds or other small creatures. They have CLAWS and knows how to use them..
    Another one, a gentle boy actually guards our baby Chickens when we have them. HE loves them and treats them like they are his babies.
    and the other one dosen’t know what a bird is.

  97. terminally stupid, brain ded here.

  98. “axis of snorgleability”

    LOL good one.

  99. *explode* I’ve had a few really bad days, and I *really* needed that. That is wonderful

  100. charliewabba says:

    pudding with mexican chocolate?
    you’re killing me.

  101. @charliewabba: many sympathies on your loss. They really do leave deep pawprints all over our hearts, don’t they?
    Nonetheless, this is a teerrifficallly cute picseries, I can just hear the honkshus now….

  102. aww Charilewabba, sorry I missed that up there. Po thang.

  103. I want to shoot myself with a sawed off shotgun when I see these shots. Can anything else on this site cause more overload deaths.

    Cute cannot describe the emotions.

  104. Umm. OW. MY EYES! You guys owe me some new retinas…my got burned by overwhelming cuteness. Need money for eye surgery now. Suing.
    What’s with Feathery Fat Cheeks sitting on a kitten? ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!!??

  105. Dexter Fishmore FTW!

  106. Why is it such a big deal that these people have their own slang? I’ve been lurking and they seem like nice people. If you don’t like what’s going on here, go find your own sandbox to play in.

    Charliewabba, I’m sorry to hear about Bird. This seems like a good place to come and feel better.

  107. Momof2kitties says:


    Yes, George is being “tutored” today. Last night, my husband suggested a kitteh ceegarh/whiskey or mayhaps a kitteh (insert euphemism for female companion for hire) for his last night of real manhood. Can’t wait to bring him home, sore harbles and all!

    My deepest condolences on the loss of Bird. Please feel free to snorgle Georgie (gently!)…

  108. They way some people talk about parakeets (budgies?) you’d think they’re so fragile that if you look at them hard enough, they’d drop dead. Every parakeet my family has ever owned has lived a long happy life!

  109. Ray, at least this site you can understand the slang! Your head would definitely ‘splode on the ICHC site from the slang on that one! I am now well versed in lolcat, but when I first tried to read it, I would get dizzy!

  110. Redonkulously adorabuhls kitteh! Boid not far behind eether!

  111. @Momof2kitties:
    Pooor George! I want to pat him and hug him and call him “George,” but that is his name anyway. Hope all is well after surgery.

  112. Jupiter Star says:

    I do have to admit that as cute as these photos are, I was a bit nervou at first because, yeah, there is bacteria in dog and cat saliva and claws that is fatal to birds, and having lost a couple of my treasured baby budgies to that (one was grabbed by a homeless cat that got into the house and died two days later even without being bitten, another was playing with a friendly, non-bird-ivorous kitty that ended up scratching it by mistake and the same thing happened), I was a bit concerned.

    BUT! The kitty’s claws are retracted, you don’t see it trying to put the bird in its mouth, and even the picture where the kitty is holding the birdie down with its paw, the bird is not exhibiting any visible sign on distress. So I would guess that the owner has taken the proper precautions, and as a result, I am totally loving these photos ^_^. SO ADORABULS!!!!!!

  113. And for all we know, the kitty might be de-clawed. I let my cockatiel play with my ginger kitty all the time, and when he got bored he flew back to his cage and got in it. My kitty never tried to munch on him or anything, more often than not the bird would bite the cat, or hiss at him, and the cat would would away with an annoyed look.

  114. And for all we know, it might be a KITTYBOT.

  115. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Oh dear GOD!! Loved that!!

  116. How strange – George is my iPod, and I made him a kitty suit.

  117. You all have killed me today!!! I have laughed, snorted, giggled my way through these comments!!!!

    Charliewabba, just want to echo the condolences….just devastated for you!! Sending {hugs}!!

    This pair of boid/kitteh combo are SO cute!!!!

  118. charliewabba says:

    CO is a good place to be. Y’all are the best.

  119. Puddingks all around!!

  120. Mary (the first) says:

    Did y’all see the video here awhile back of the cat raised by a crow? She rescued a kitten and raised him and they are inseparable. Years have gone by with no claws/saliva snafus to kill anyone. It CAN be done.

  121. Cat saliva also carries the deadly pasturella bacteria. Birds don’t have to be scratched. They can get pasturella from cat and dog fur. Once aware of this, why would anyone who says they like birds want to endanger their life this way – for a few yucks and aw’s from the internet?

  122. dis is squeelicious and insulin-requiring levels of cuteness!

    (however, judging from the number of comments, I’m guess there is a certain amount of Nuffness going on)

  123. “Take me to pleasure town!”

    Nawww they’re so chute.

  124. Momof2kitties says:


    HAHA! I ♥ your George, too! My George would eat your George in a nanosecond. (IPod humor there.)


  125. Hmmmm….

    There seem to be more nuffers ABOUT the nuffers than actual nuffers. I’m glad that the picture was taken because it is the cutest picture. Maybe the bird was willing to die for his cause:

    Society for Spreading awareness about the danger of pasturella to birds.

    Now you all have seen a cute picture and hopefully learned a valuable lesson in bird care.

    That is why my budgie only comes out to fly when there are NO kitties in the room.

    (I also liked eddie izzard reference.)

    So, I’m confused. Is my post a Nuff post about the people that nuffed about the nuffer? If somebody nuffs about me they would be the nuffer that nuffed the nuffer nuffing the nuffers that nuffed the first nuffer. Somebody, please nuff me!

  126. metsakins says:

    Erica – I’m sorry to inform you that IMHO your comment is really not that nuffy. You see you didn’t really insult anyone or share a story relating to a horrid death of a beloved pet (in gruesome details). Sowwies.

    wouldya like a little puddin’ anyway?

  127. metsakins says:

    although you did complain a little bit… I think we’ll have to have a vote on this! but you seem to be remarkedly calm and literate… I still just don’t think it nuffy enuff!

    anyone else like to share their feelings on this? and then we can all have a group cyber hug and sing!

  128. Take 2 on nuffing.

    As I see it, i have 2 directions that I could go with my nuffing.

    1. I could nuff the nuffer that nuffed my nuffing(Metsakins) on the nuffers nuffing the nuff by definding my origional post

    or 2. Try to be a better nuff.

    I think we can all just sing. May i make a request? How about we are the world?

  129. That is not safe for the bird. It can get illnesses from the cat, potentially lethal ones.

    They’re both adorable, but for pete sake, this is highly risky to their health! What is WRONG with you people

    “Cat saliva also carries the deadly pasturella bacteria. Birds don’t have to be scratched. They can get pasturella from cat and dog fur”
    As someone above said

    What is wrong with you, all “Awwwing” a picture and paying no attention to the health of the animals?! You’re sickening in your ignorance.

  130. Unbelievable. Words fail me.

  131. HappyHappyJoyJoy says:

    Theriouthly, is it possible to die of cuteness? Should I consult a physician about my impending demise by teh cute?

  132. Cats are evil, and all should be destroyed…

  133. Guess what? Loved this so much that i showed it to husband. (Husband that gets punched in arm due to this site)…HE taught OUR parakeet Peanut to whistle Imperial Stormtrooper March.
    He gets me. Need small helmet for Boid.

  134. I think the cutest thing is the bird’s blank little face. He’s all “ah dun’t kno how powahfulz ah ahm, but ah haff subdooed zees wild beest.” Goodness knows where the accent comes from.

    + the stuffed teddy bear in the background that says “Love You”.

  135. I’ve never owned a bird who couldn’t or wouldn’t smack and nip the heck out of a cat. I can just imagine a cat coming up to my beloved Reginald and trying to bat at him. It would play out like a scene from Scarface. Reginald has three interests: his darling Lucia; twiddling my beard in his beak; and not being screwed with, ever.

  136. Thinker, that pome was FABulous. I <3 the idea if poetry inspired by Teh Qte! I wonder if Teho and Meg would consider having a Poetry Depahtment on CO, with all the WUNderful pomes culled from the comments - by Audrey, Pyrit and the ones whose names I forget, all our CO homegrown poets! Thanks, all!

  137. Somewhat puzzlin’….there are no tiny poopies anywhere!! Remarkable restraint by a budge, musta known he was on camera.

    A good example of anerabuhl-ness in its purest form. Also, Kitteh’s little smush-face suggests a hint of Persian in there somewhere? How kissable.

  138. CoffeeCup says:

    Fegli, did you just make that bird Arnold Schwarzenegger?

  139. This is too much…it hurts…i now want to have a parakeet for my cat.

  140. Mary (the first) says:

    (singing) We are the wooorrrrlllldddd, we are the kittehssssss… if I knew more of the actual words I would try to come up with something to fit this occasion.. anyone?

  141. metsakins says:

    There comes a time when we heed a certain call
    When the world must come together as one
    There are people dying, it’s time to lend a hand
    To life, the greatest gift of all

    / D – GA D / G A D – / Bm – A – / G – Asus4 A /

    We can’t go on pretending day by day
    That someone somewhere will soon make a change
    We are all part of God’s great big family
    And the truth’s you know love is all we need

    We are the world, we are the children
    We are the ones who make a brighter day, so let’s start giving
    There’s a choice we’re making, we’re saving our own lives
    It’s true we make a better day, just you and me

    / G A D – / / Bm – A – / G A D – /

    Well send them your heart, so they know that someone cares
    And their lives will be stronger and free
    As God has shown us by turning stone to bread
    So we all must lend a helping hand


    When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
    But if you just believe, there’s no way we can fall
    Let us realize that a change can only come
    When we stand together as one

    / Gm C D – / / Bm – A – / G – Asus4 A /

  142. brinnann: TOM KITTEN! My friend has those tapes, we used to watch them before class last semester! Tom Kitten and the Roly Poly Pudding is by far my favorite ever.

  143. I can’t believe I made it all the way through this thread and I was gonna write something wise and profound about nuffers and then someone started singing “We Are the World”!

    *^%^&%*$#^^&(**)* I am self censoring in the interests of international relations. The birdeez and the kitteez have been an example to me.

    Please never mention that song again in a C/O thread.
    Please, please, pleeeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee.

    *Hugs* charliewabba

  144. I love how the kitten just melts into a goo with the bird’s massage. *Sigh* best post in a while now.



    [dies of the Qte]

  146. Love love LOVE this.

    Best post in recent times!!!

  147. I dont know what it is about this specific post… but I just love it! I keep on looking at it too, I just cant get over it. This might just be my favorite post of yours…. and it doesnt even have all the rules of cuteness in it! The kitteh and boid action going on here is just that good!

  148. I am on the same boat as Janelle! This might just be my favorite post ever! The cuteness never gets old here. I smile every time. 🙂

  149. Budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies budgies MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

  150. Cece…….AHHH! I read your post WHILE drinking coffee….
    snorted/hosed AGAIN! Darn you guys! Darn you to heck!
    I also cannot STOP looking at this post. I’ll have the Budgie/kitteh combo with a large fry please.