I could use a wee bit o’ luck!

A wee bit o’ luck dipped in a Guinness might taste even better! [scampers off]

Maybe this will make me lucky!, originally uploaded by Albumen.


Claire N., nice McHamstersons!



  1. Aw. But the first thing you should do is find a clover with four leaves, little hammie!

  2. Anne O'Nimitz says:

    Lucky lil d00d! Alas…to have such a big clover to *NOM* upon…

  3. That is so cute! I have a hamster that looks just like that! I wish it would do the same thing with a four leaf clover. It might bring me some luck too!

  4. Luck-O-Da-Ham.

  5. lurkingsmirk says:

    Awww an Irish McHammersons. He even has red hair!

  6. metsakins says:

    hammie hands sqeeee!

    he may havta go on my desktop!

  7. Desdemona says:

    You should post this again on St. Paddy’s Day! Darling!

  8. omg! someone is brave enough to take their wee hammie outside! eek!

  9. *peering over spectacles* It appears this is some sort of indoor tree/ham encounter, ceejoe!

  10. Ah bejasus would you look at that. Now be trying Murphys Stout a better pint.

  11. Be gosh and be golly –
    May the wheel rise up to meet you,
    May your tail be ever at your back
    May the sun shine warm upon your whiskers
    And the grain fall softly on your dish
    And until we meet again, May your person hold
    you in the hollow of his hand

  12. The cutest picture ever has been found.

  13. ThreeCatNight says:

    How about “Ham O’Shanter”?

  14. MandaBain says:

    I need luck too! Just found out we’re pregnant <8-p Should I eat a clover too? Maybe I'll have cravings ;-)

    Those are the cutest little hammy-hands I’ve ever seen!


    And this ham is too prosh. I come from a very Irish family, and this… yeah, tewtally my St Patty’s Card.

  16. katerpie, LOL@ “ham encounter” LOL

  17. Momof2kitties says:

    Ham O’Shanter!! Snork!!!!!

    He is teh friggin’ qte, and so healthy to eat his greens!

  18. fish eye no miko says:

    Nancy said:
    “May the wheel rise up to meet you,
    May your tail be ever at your back


  19. I could use a bit of luck (waiting to hear about a job interview), perhaps Mr. Shammypants here can lend me some of his?

  20. I want a COXCU on this one, too!

    The muzzlepouch! The greenery!

    The cute!

  21. Luck fellah!

  22. MandaBain, Congratulations! May the luck of the irish be with you (and the wee one) always.

  23. charliewabba says:

    Nancy, you ROCK!
    this is too perfect.

  24. O’Hamstey, surely? Hammy O’Hamstey, maybe…

  25. berthaslave says:

    I believe the critter should be named Hamish McCute.

  26. Irelands poster boy for “Hamnesty International”

    sorry, I can’t get over this pic!

  27. MandaBain says:

    Thanks Lizzy & Lizzums! (yall aren’t twins?) I love all things Irish, though neither hubby or I have much in our ancestry…and I’ll take all the Irish luck we can get (and prayers 😉

  28. Hmmm guiness drenched clover. Hamster delicacy yummm

  29. Peg of Tilling says:

    …pink hammies, green clovers! It’s magically delicious!

  30. oh my gosh the teensie lil handies! SO adorable.
    today these are some of the best posts eva!

  31. great picture!!

  32. I would just like to point out, a safe amount of time later, how cleverly I worked the f-word into my post up there. I was wayyy too proud of myself for thinking of that.

  33. Yay! Great COXCU!!!

  34. Looks like his wee little fingernails are painted!

  35. the nomulence!!

  36. *head tilt* They really look more like handsies than pawsies.

  37. hey-h: How very clover, I mean clever of you!

  38. Hey-H — I didn’t miss that.

  39. berthaslave says:

    What f-word? (Puzzled, and upset because I usually get that sort of thing).

  40. Shoulda known I couldn’t get that past you, Theo. Read the bleen, Berthaslave.

    [Snicker! – Ed.]

  41. ShinyHappyGoth says:

    That’s not clover, it’s wood sorrel.

  42. I have a little girl hamster named Clover. If she steals McHamstersons’ treat, does that make her a cannibal?

  43. YAY!!!

    Thanks for the COXCU!!

    Made my day!!! 😀

  44. Heh.

  45. Awwwwww, it’s a Handful O’ Ham! I can picture him with a little green buckled hat, doing a happy little jig. (And yes, the red hair’s a bonus!)

  46. Whatta shot!