Will you please check out the hilarity that is: "Feltidermy". It’s taxidermy the whole family can enjoy!

The redonkulousness continues over at Girl Savage and her Etsy store




P.S.! Check out Marco the Skunk’s ear’s! Righteous submishe, Andy S.!



  1. Baden's Mom says:

    The skunk is pretty cute, but I’m biased towards skunks!

  2. Baden's Mom says:

    The skunk is pretty cute, but I’m biased towards skunks!

  3. Baden's Mom says:

    The skunk is pretty cute, but I’m biased towards skunks!

  4. Baden's Mom says:

    The skunk is pretty cute, but I’m biased towards skunks!

  5. Baden's Mom says:

    The skunk is pretty cute, but I’m biased towards skunks!

  6. Baden's Mom says:

    The skunk is pretty cute, but I’m biased towards skunks!

  7. Now THIS is taxidermy I can buy into!

  8. MandaBain says:

    Cuter than real taxidermy, but why go there at all? Still kinda creepy if you ask me…I’d rather buy a whole felted bunny/deer.
    However, I can probably think of some people with the sense of humor that would embrace this…there’s something for everybody out there! Especially at Etsy ;-p

  9. I changed my mind. Still icky to see even pretend animal heads mounted.

  10. I’m just wicked enough that I love this. I think they would be even cuter with little x-ed out eyes and pink felt tongues hanging out. Or maybe growling with vicious felt teeth. Heehee. I need to go watch some Happy Tree Friends..

  11. Um.

    I can’t decide whether I’m about to laugh, scream, barf, or buy.

    This is very confusing.

  12. am I the only one that thinks this is uh… kinda disturbing?

  13. Nah, don’t want those…
    Rather have a tax-return-me!

  14. charliewabba says:

    omigod! When will the senseless slaughter of stuffed animals stop!!!!???!!!

  15. Um, yeah. Okay.

    I’m thinking this needs be classified as Cute or Sad.

    Kind of a waste of mad felt skills.

  16. Hi-larious! I hate the real thing, but this is very tongue-in-chic.

  17. SixFootJen says:

    Definitely belongs in the “Cute or Sad” category. My mom got me a wall-mountable teddy bear head for Christmas. I decided the only thing sadder than putting him on the wall would be putting him in the closet or getting rid of him. So I named him “Ben” and hung ‘im up. He’s very sweet. And a little sad.

  18. Cute…but not for those prices.

  19. Second Cute or Sad.

  20. who would cut the heads off stuffed animals???

  21. OK, this is cute to me. Must be my sense of hunmor!

  22. firefinch says:

    This is similar to Humane Trophies, which has been around a long time. Not sure how long, but I bought one of their skunks (a whole one) when I went to Vermont in 1993.

    With Humane Trophies, you get not just the head mounted, but also the ‘tocks — and Meg, brace yourself, they have PANDA head and ‘tocks! See http://www.humanetrophies.com/display.php?cat=42&item_id=P284

  23. The other end would be funnier to me. This sort of…I don’t know. Kind of like that talking moosehead on The Doodlebops. Who should, in my opinion, be sent back to the planet they came from, or Canada.

  24. OMG, I was just looking at her shop the other day! I love the unicorn, so funny! For those of you who don’t like the mounted head thing (it’s just satire, people, sheesh!), check out the rest of her shop. She does have just regular stuffed animals.

  25. oh! how cute! 😀 i have done my own versions; knittidermy

  26. i once saw one like that, but it was the rump of a cow: it was really funny (and sad) but i liked it because it made fun of people who put those things on their walls, and are serious about it.

  27. hmm.
    i don’t know.
    i need more time please.

  28. oh, i just realized, that cow rump (and other rumps) is on the humane trophies site. someone else already said it: sorry to be redundant!

  29. I could swear that I’ve seen something like this before where you have the mounted head on one side of the wall, then you walk into the next room, on the other side of the wall where the head is mounted, and there you find the body and rump of the animal, mounted at the same spot.

  30. I hate the real thing too, and I don’t feel comfy with these. How about HUMAN feltidermy hedz? Now THOSE I could go for! Lessee — hunters,apathetic airheads, rightwing politicos, materialistic snobs — the list is endless!

  31. Hooray! Girl Savage’s work is really awesome. It’s great to see some etsy love on this blog. (Of course, I’m biased, being on the Plush Team also)

  32. Lina, I like your version better somehow. maybe because its all white, its got a bit of a modern art vibe. on the all white wall its really nice. good job!

    still, i kind of like the felt taxidermy. its kind of clever-cute.

  33. I just don’t “get” either the feltidermy or the other-kind-of-dermy. Creeeeeeps me out *shiver*! who’d wanna do that to a poor, innocent toy bun, bearbeh, unicorn, or skunky? or a real one, either?

  34. It… it just isn’t the same as the real thing. 😦

  35. Persephone says:

    I am genuinely surprised that this seems to bother people. Maybe I am living in a goth bubble. 😀


  37. My parents’ house would put most of you into shock. But my boss’s office would probably put you into a coma with all the mounted heads. I admit that it’s kind of weird, but having grown up with it, and lived with hunters all my life, it’s not horrifying to me. And that makes these doubly cute to me.

  38. Lisa — “tongue-in-chic” is an awesome turn of phrase.

  39. berthaslave says:

    I think it’s hilarious, and I slept with stuffed animals until I was, well, older than most boys who grow out of that sort of thing.

    I say again: HILARIOUS and CUTE. Not sad.

  40. That’s super funny. I love the animal butts too, but my roommate would kill me if I decorated our place with those things.

  41. Get a new roomie, Renae.


  42. muhj: you want to come home to see those people staring back at you from your wall? Sounds like a bummer. I’d rather my home be a haven of cuteness. Feltidermy (and lina’s knittadermy) is genius.

    This notion to tag this as “cute and sad” is redonk. Such commentroversy reminds me of that Spike Jonze IKEA commercial with the lamp:

  43. Oh! Oh! GirlSavage does custom work! I could get her to make little mini felt versions of my lagos! How cool is that??? (No, not the mounted head versions, the entire animal versions…sheesh!)

  44. This is so adorable! I’m surprised my mom didn’t start this, since she has devoted most of her sewing life to creating jointed bears and country bunnies!

    Yeah, real animal heads creep me out, in a Norman Bate’s office sort of way…I used to date a guy and the only time I was ever at his house, every corner of the living room had a deer head mounted, all these glass eyes staring at you! So glad I didn’t marry this guy!!!

  45. Dear God! You killed Pat The Bunny!

  46. NOT. Cute. Fail.

  47. ROFLMAO at Maman.

    RIP Pat the Bunny.

  48. I find this amusing. It’s just silly.

    A lady–love the Spike Jonze commercial. It just shows how in the right context, you can make anything seem sad–even a lamp!

  49. Want one!!

    But even better would be a little diorama with a human hunter head mounted on a plaque and across the room on a couch is sitting a satisfied-looking, blaze-orange wearing deer!!

    (I totally stole that idea from either a FarSide or New Yorker cartoon I think!)

  50. It makes me sad that someone says to put hunters’ heads on a wall mounting. Many hunters donate more time, money and attention to animal and preservation causes than self-proclaimed animal lovers. Many of them hunt and rarely ever try to bring anything home because they just like to be out in nature, and many of them hunt for the food. It’s not some different form of animal cruelty (in most cases– there are always a few bad apples).

  51. Mary (the first) says:

    I have to admit I think they’re pretty cute.. not that I would be likely to buy one. And yes, I know someone with the rhino head on one side of wall and rump on the other.. someone gave her the head and then she was told about the rump so had to find one for herself. I never really thought about it until now. They were BIG too.. (not life size of course but BIG.)

  52. Lots of folks on ETSY making quirky cryptoids, and “taxidermy” of various no dermy materials.
    I couldn’t stop making monsters if I wanted too…

    ETSY rocks.

    (Ok I have a shop there too…


  53. charliewabba says:

    OMG – the poor red lamp!
    too sad. I must go rescue him.

  54. Messed up my link with punctuation:

    just click my name if you want to see some critters and monsters.

  55. @Manda–sorry, didn’t mean to sound like I was disparaging hunters. I just liked the idea of having the tables turned!

  56. So cute! Yet, so wrong!

  57. CheshireCat says:

    I don’t care if it will clash horribly with my decor, I must have one!

  58. Dunno. Cute idea, yeah, but creepy nonetheless. Kinda like fake fur, ya know? Makes me nervous.

  59. effing hilarious!!!

  60. “Many of you are feeling bad for the lamp.
    That is because you’re CRAZY.
    It’s a lamp. It has no feelings!”

  61. Manda & Gail: I’ve seen a figurine of a deer toting a gun and carrying a tied-up hunter, orange vest and all. I’ve often considered getting it for Dad, who is an avid hunter. (BTW, he hunts mostly for the meat, which is much healthier than processed beef.) It’s a gag gift, rather than insulting. All in the spirit of sarcasm.

  62. You can put anything you like on your website. Please put this squarely in the cute or sad category, however.

    A way to look at art- What is it? Was it done well? What does it have to say for itself? It says ‘creepy’. This is unnerving to me.

    However, I am an adult and well– no, it is still creepy.

  63. bookmonstercats says:

    I had a look, went away, had a think and came back. I think they are very funny and, in a way, a poke in the eye for trophy hunters.

  64. Surely these are meant for kennels or by kitty beds , to show the number of squeekies and toys they have got through. As all dogs and cats know how they have to save us poor humans from the vicious cuddly toys as well as cushions toliet rolls etc

  65. It’s cute/witty art, it’s not sad.

  66. @brinnann–how cool!

  67. Wanted one for my big game hunter brother but there are none left on etsy. Sad!

  68. LOL. This is funny in a very wicked way. She’s very talented indeed!I LOVE Senor Marco Stinkypants!

    (And Lina, your knittidermy is very cool too.)

    I think we would all approve if someone could make the (felt/knitted) mounted heads of, say, Cane Toads, Osama, Idi Amin etc. 😛

  69. Feltidermy? What kind of a ridiculous name is that?

    You best start runnin’, I’m gonna sic Lerlene Earlene on ya!


  70. Lol. My boyfriends reaction to this pic:
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He doesn’t want you to hurt the stuffed animals. Lol. Put their heads back where they belong! Lol.

  71. I think she’s more making fun of hunting culture, because deer etc. ARE cute, so she’s doing something fun AND forcing us to look at something common in a new way. I think it’s really clever.

  72. LOVE girl savage’s work. 🙂

  73. Once in the dealers’ room at a science fiction convention, I saw offered for sale a faux-taxidermied plush cat butt, entitled “Cat-ass-trophy.” As I recall, I fell over laughing. Almost bought it, too, but I was a poor student and it was a wee bit too expensive. Sure was funny, though!

  74. everything she makes is adorable. i just saw her work for the first time on one of my softie groups. sooo cute.