Best ad for Life cereal yet

"Mikey likes it!" was a great Life cereal commercial, but this little ham in wizard sleeve combo with a square of Life cereal is even bettah.

Check it!


Liz S. those are some good brunch times. Good brunch times.



  1. yankeebird says:

    Do they still make Life cereal?! Or is that piece just REALLY old?

  2. That pic really brightened my day (night, really). 😀 I can almost hear the tiny critch-critch-critch-critch

  3. Oh! You know what I just thought of? That old Tool song, “Disgustipated.”


    This is necessary. 😛

    /okay I’m done

  4. berthaslave says:

    Needless to say, I suddenly feel the urge to buy a bathrobe. And a hammy.

  5. possumpiratess says:

    Nice photo!
    Hmmm. More likely a Chex Mix wheat square…but just as cute!
    I miss having a hamster around. *sigh* Good times, good times….

  6. Wizard’s sleeve…tee hee hee…

  7. bananasforbunnies says:

    The good life! Terry, chex and thee!

  8. Unbesleeveable.

  9. @Hon Glad—LOL!!

    “Nothin’ up my sleeve….Presto!!”

  10. to paraphrase Steve Butabi:

    “…but to the hamster, *we’re* the movie!”

  11. CheshireCat says:

    “Life” isn’t complete without a hammy to enjoy it with you! 🙂

  12. Waht a gorgeous little hammie!

  13. violetgreen says:

    Hey, I wouldn’t kick him out of my bathrobe for leaving crumbs!

  14. good one, CheshireCat! so true.
    of course they still make Life cereal, it is soo deelishous.
    that robe looks comfy.

  15. I’m actually eating a bowl of Life for brekkies as I’m reading this post! What a coincidence!

  16. Eeeee! My hams used to do that 😀 (It tickles.)

  17. OMG they should really use that! Eets Geeneeeus!!!

  18. Ok, I just Googled “wizard’s sleeve” – bad girl, Meg!

  19. I am pretty sure she refers to an actual wizard’s sleeve, ie the floppy sleeve of a wizard’s robe ala Merlin or Gandalf.

    Anyway, very cute pic.

  20. ahhh, nothing like wednesday morning breffis in bed with a coterie of house-rodents and not nuffin to do all day

    why yes, i shall have another toaster streudel

    monsche monsche

  21. I love him! I want a robe with a hammie in the sleeve, and I want it NOW! (Veruca Salt voice)

  22. I’m sure you’re right, Candace…

    Y’know, maybe this is actually the hammie’s robe and a person has crawled into it with him? He’s all “Get your own snuggly dressing gowns”…

  23. my bathrobe is a piece of crap.
    there are absolutley NO hammies in the sleeves.
    when did this become optional equiptment????
    i dinint get the memo.

  24. They still make Life cereal. But you are correct, this looks like Chex. My hammie doesn’t like Chex. He’s more of a Cheerio kinda guy.

  25. “…I”m not gonna eat it. YOU eat it!”
    “I know let’s get hammy he won’t eat it he hates everything!”
    “Hey! he likes it, He REALLY likes it!”

  26. Momof2kitties says:

    I’m gonna have to go with Life cereal on this one. Wheat Chex are poofier, more like a pillow, Life is flatter.

    Yup, Life it is.

    BTW, Teh hammie is teh qte.

  27. COXCU, please!!!

  28. Dat’s a HUGE hammy! Mondo cuteness!

  29. i want an 80’s sofa like that. tell me the frame is probably made out of bamboo, and stained peach.

  30. Faux bamboo, Kristin. And the stain is “Fuzzy Navel”.

  31. Gillian — no further zoom/enlarge is possible with this pic, sorry


    I want to make a hamwich with two of those cereal squares.

  33. Hi — this is my hamster, Tinsel. They do still make Life cereal, and he loved it like crazy. Sadly, he’s passed on to hamster heaven (a Life-induced death?), but he is grateful to have been memorialized here on CO.