AAAK!! My Achilles Heel! The POMERANIAN!!!

The little bear ears are all mine, I call dibs for firs soft kronshes. [moves in for kill]

You can have the nose first. See how giving I am? I just give and give and give.


Pass the Pom sauce, Elizabeth D.! I’m going IN!



  1. ThreeCatNight says:

    This little qtie looks like he/she could be related to our Red Panda friend. There’s just something about a pommie face that makes you want to pick it up, snorgle deeply, and never let go!

  2. ButtaRumCake says:


    *puts on tight-fitting swim cap so head doesn’t explode*

    P.S. BLEEN!

  3. This is clearly some sort of Raccoon Pom mix.. but only gives it extra cuteness points !

  4. OK, but I get them pawsies.

  5. ButtaRumCake says:

    dang – not bleen

  6. You can’t possibly nom both ears at once. I get the other one! OR first dibs on tummy pfffbtttbttftbbts.

  7. I don’t like the raccoon marking’s on it’s face…takes away from the initial cuteness factor, I s’pose the pics angle doesn’t help much either >_<

  8. are you kidding?!!! That is one cute little ball of fluff.

  9. My pomeroonian saw me, “ahhh” at this and is now giving me dirty looks.

    There’s a pic of my Bear at my blog today. Normally don’t promote it like this, but the little guy can see he’s not going to lose any cute in the future.

  10. Such a cute puppers! I had a Pom at my parents house when I was growing up. She was the sweetest! She’d always sit next to me in my chair when I was watching TV. She looooved popcorn!

  11. metsakins says:

    I get the fluffy breast to rub against!

  12. I’ll take a wing or a thigh.

  13. angrycupcake says:

    Cute! He/she/Its Majesty looks like a small, red raccoon.

  14. Meg, do you eat your chocolate Easter Bunny’s ears first, too?

  15. Anne Boleyn says:

    Thanks for the nose, but did you notice it’s pretend? Who wants to kronsh a pretend nose….

  16. Take what you will but leave me the cute little curled tail.

  17. Everyday I curse/love my friend who months ago sent me the cuteness linkage. I cannot bear the yumminess of this puppeh.
    Why o why do I look?
    Cuteoverload OCD, that’s why…It’s a new mental disorder…and I got it big time. (smooched and nommed the nose already.)

  18. Great picture, what a cutiepie!

  19. chet's momma says:

    divapie-are you nutso? zees leetle guy eez tewtally kewt from all angles! Tasty, too!! You, howevar, need to rethink the apostrophe use, geesh!

  20. POPART OR POPTART? says:

    Holy B.E.F.!!

  21. Ded. XD

  22. homer mariner says:

    Oh, the floomphage! I just want to fluff him and use him as a throw pillow on my couch. Although I think my cat would object…

  23. I’ve never been a fan of small dogs, with Beagles being my favorite and the smallest I’d go…but after many pictures of hard-to-resist Pom pups on this site…I think you have a convert. Beagles are still my #1, but a beagle and a pom would make good friends.

  24. Oh, and I’m next in line for those ears.

  25. berthaslave says:

    If I had this fella, I would name him DAVY CROCKETT.

    King of the Wild Frontier.

    (because of the simularity to a raccoon)

    er, never mind.


  26. No no no! I get the toesies!

  27. Pommies and EVERYBODY make good friends.
    My lil Sugarbear LOVES her Bernese Mtn Dog, Bella. and its so cute when they play! she thinks shes as big as Bella.

  28. OMG, dat pup is so cute it just gave me chills.


  30. Devon White says:

    EEEE!! I WANT I WANT! toooo cuuute… *mnchmnchmnch*

  31. Probably tastes like a toasted marshmallow.

  32. [takes a bite]
    [chews thoughtfully]


  33. Mary (the first) says:

    I got to be attacked by a pom last night at friend’s house .. she jumps all over and gets onto me and licks me all over. She’s kind of a pale butter-yellow-beige, no raccoon marks. Very cute. I’ve also become converted to loving doxies, pugs and chihuahuas. Never thought I would like the small dogs.

  34. Lol, it resembles a raccoon! Since we’re all sharing, I’ll take…ummm….whatever’s left XD I love teh puppeh! So floofeh! XD

  35. Elizabeth D. says:

    Hey everybody. Thanks for the comments. This is my parents’ baby pom, Sadie. She is a cutie pie. Unfortunetly, she lost her markings and her fluffiness. She now has long silky fur. Oh well, she’s still cute.

  36. Pom puppies are the cutest animals ever! Thanks for sending it in, Elizabeth.

  37. sna mhanap mo ung perfect guy huh…!!!

  38. Scuse me, Jan. Are you finished with the paws? I would like to tap tap tap them with my fingertips now. Ta

  39. TO CUTE!

  40. Oh lawds sake, bring on the pom poms won’tcha? Especially those that somehow look like a fox! Fricking cute!

  41. Clearly this is an ultra-concentrated, high-dose of packed in cuteness ready to spring on your unsuspecting guests. This is dangerous!

  42. teh qte, it is deadly!!!

  43. Pheas: Snerk! Yep, that’s what I meant.

  44. Hmmm, the greyish clouding in those adorable eyes is a bit suggestive of a bilateral cataract. I hope not, but the owner should check it out, if she/he has not allready…

  45. I want one.

  46. It looks like one of those cute little Raccoon dogs in Asia that they kill in a hideous manner. Hope this one that got away.

  47. Nope, Cathy, I’m wearing him right now!

  48. Poms are indeed adorable, but just to warn you–they are (for the most part) very hard to train (potty-train) and will let you know (loudly) whenever anyone in the neighborhood comes home XD. I have one..we need to replace our carpet. ><

  49. oh goodness. this is not fair! i can’t decide whether to beep the nosie, soft kroinshe the earsies, or nibble on the toesies.

    perfect score for all-around cuteness.

  50. Furbabies says:

    “Meg, look over there. It’s a rare mini giraffe!”
    *creeps up and quickly snatches puppers* It’s mine now!

  51. Furbabies,
    Look over there, it’s a mama fox with behbehs,
    (snatches pom pup), hehe.

  52. I was seriously disappointed by this post. One photo? One? How can you keep all the photos to yourself? I know you must have more. No one could be around this pomalicious masterpiece of furdom without succumbing to the desire to take photos all the time.

  53. *Nom, Nom, Nom*

  54. Look at that wee little nosey nose!!

    Kiss the nosey nose!!!

  55. O pshaw-Poms get a bad rap. We have a pom pup and he is great with house training and not barky at all.

  56. this is by far the cutest and most irrestible dog EVER!!!




  58. Elizabeth D. says:

    Lily, I sent in three pics but they only posted one. I know, how sad. There was a really cute one of her in a basket. Oh well, at least you got this one morsel!

  59. Marjane, I was just speaking from my experience. I’m glad you have an easily trainable non-yappy one though!XD

  60. EEEEEEeeeee!! soooo CUTEEEE RAWR I want to squish it :DDD

  61. EaterofShades says:

    wow… just wow

    *dumbfounded by cuteness*

    again wow