THIS JUST IN: Lambo has a new home

Neck_hurtsRuhmember Lambo, the behbeh Lamb-Pants that showed up on a couple’s doorstep on New Year’s Eve? He has a new home on a farm now.

Apparently, some neighbors were considering lambo for dinner when Lambo was all "later!" and ran over to the Walkers home.

Read more on this redonkulous story here.

Don’t hurt your neck there, Lambo.

Thanks fer the follow-up, I-Wei.



  1. oooohh awww

  2. wow omg bleen! and love that lamby

  3. berthaslave says:

    Lambo, si!
    Rambo, no!

  4. I can’t be the only one who’s eyes filled up with tears of joy after reading this!!

  5. I can’t be the only one whose eyes filled up with tears of joy after reading this!!

  6. The Lamb recipies, top and bottom of the Tuscaloosa News article, are in somewhat dubious taste.

  7. OMG!!! Pink little lamby-ears!!!!

    Thanks, I needed something to pick up my spirits!!!!!!

  8. time to enjoy life little buddy congrats on your new home and also to your new caretakers…………

  9. Awww, so cute and look how white he is…

  10. Jess, dont worry, I welled up a little too! I am glad Lambo found a home 🙂

  11. I’m at school in Tuscaloosa right now. Maybe I’ll give li’l Lambo a surprise vis/pet.

  12. lurkingsmirk says:

    lucky lamby!

  13. OMG how could anyone eat a lamb!!! 😦 I am glad this little guy is safe in his new home! No lamb tonight!

  14. Oh my gosh, I’m with Suzanne. Wouldn’t having a lamb in your home make you feel, say, GUILTY for having a bunch of his pals in your freezer?? Wouldn’t it make you, perhaps, not eat them anymore? Ugh.

  15. Jess, you are not alone! I’m drying tears at my desk and getting funny looks from co-workers!

  16. Hoooray for Lambo!!!

    If you like this story and feel that all farm animals are as deserving of life as Lambo is (which I believe!), check out this wonderful organization, Farm Sanctuary:

  17. I’m happy to hear Lambo has a new home.

    I read the story and I can’t believe someone would take in a lost animal and consider eating it! Especially one as adorable and sweet as Lambo.

    I’m reminded of that episode of M*A*S*H where Radar rescues a lamb from being dinner and sends him home to his Iowa farm via military transport.

  18. Jacquie forgot to mention that the cooks then prepared a “spam” lamb!!!!

  19. someone had to say it- that was a lamb on the lam. glad that he finally found a good home.

  20. That lamb’s a cutie. Oh and zeldapie: yeah, Farm Sanctuary rocks!

  21. Lambs are great at turning people into vegetarians. Just ask Paul McCartney!

  22. win 1 for not eating lambs!

  23. Creepy story!!!

    Go Vegetarian!!

  24. ThreeCatNight says:

    Lambo, you are precious! I wish that I could hold and kiss you myself. Live a long, safe, and happy life in your new home. (Would that all deserving animals could have a happy ending to their stories.)

  25. It’s horrible to consider eating a cute little lamb but it’s fine to eat chickens, cows, and pigs?

    I’m glad this couple didn’t eat lamby, but the other lambs in her freezer weren’t so lucky.

  26. On Sunday I was driving to the humane society where I volunteer, and I drove next to a huge semi, absolutely packed from top to bottom with turkeys. They were almost totally exposed to the cold wind (this is Minneapolis) – going 65 mph down the highway (the windchill was below zero at that speed). I passed next to the semi and saw a turkey crammed into its cage, staring out listlessly. I looked him right in the eye, and started crying.
    I don’t care how “ugly” or smart an animal is – no living creature deserves such treatment.

  27. i dont really care if you eat lamb or not.
    what i do care about is that that chick gets to have a adorable little lamb to snorgle and look at her with lovely eyes and i dont have one.

    [gives chick V-8 ‘pop!’ and runs off wildly with cuddly lil lamb]

  28. Dude, this totally reminds me of this Simpson’s episode:

    How could they even consider eating it?!!

  29. She…was…thinking of EATING him?!


    ok, better now.

  30. What kind of creep takes a little lamb in, thinks it’s cute and thinks that a good way to “get rid of it” would be to eat it??? Dang, even if you are not a vegetarian, that’s pretty hard hearted!!! It’s not like she lives in some third world country wasn was starving to death…ugh!!! no meat for me….

  31. oh and yui, good one!

  32. lurkingsmirk says:

    SL–I think she was joking but it didn’t translate well into print. Being a lamb eater she was aware of the irony.

    I have to confess I go back and look at CO posts to see where the commentroversy goes!

  33. indigoreiki says:

    Phew! I’m so glad that this little lammy-pie, lamby-kin Lambo is safe. He’s too cute and sweet to eat.

  34. revolution724 says:

    “It’s horrible to consider eating a cute little lamb but it’s fine to eat chickens, cows, and pigs?”

    Nope. That’s why I don’t eat meat.

  35. Bleen, bleen, total BLEEN! I adore “Lambo”‘s pic! Mee wantee! Sank goo’ness Lambo found a forever home!

  36. Lisa, I thought you laa-aaa-ved me!

    sweet thing.

  37. CoffeeCup says:

    Who the heck buys a live lamb for a lamb roast? I wouldn’t want to do’s a little too direct to source to me. I’d rather just order it or buy a few prime cuts. But to do it myself…eesh. No thanks.

  38. Its a (sad?) fact of life that (usually) cute = tasty.

  39. Hmmm. All I know is that once my brain made the connection between the packaged meat in the grocery store and the actual animal, I could never go back. I can’t separate that animal and that package of muscle, fat, and sinew.

    Anyway… bleen!!!!

  40. CheshireCat says:

    Wow, what a lucky leetle lamb! O_O

  41. I’ve never eaten lamb and never will. Same with veal. I already feel guilt for eating chicken and beef sometimes. I just believe there’s no reason to eat everything and anything simply because it’s there and we can cook it up and serve it on a plate. I’ve also eliminated shellfish and certain endangered fish like swordfish. I can always do more, but I’m just doing what I can right now.

    Live long and happy Lambykins!

  42. Zeldapie, what a beautiful and heartfelt msg you posted. Thank you for caring, like so many of us peeps here, about the suffering of beings we cherish so dearly.

    My name is Mary, and I always wanted a “little lamb.”

  43. Thanks, Mary (sunnymum)!
    Maybe some day you’ll have a little lamb of your own (wouldn’t that be cool?).

    Marie, good for you! You’re doing what you can and following your conscience.

  44. They shoulda called him Limbaud.

  45. “Lambs are great at turning people into vegetarians. Just ask Paul McCartney!”

    And Lisa Simpson, of course…hee hee!


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  47. Wow. Glad to know I’m not the only one utterly disturbed by this idiot’s inappropriate humor. She credits that wonderful, innocent creature with giving her joy during a hard time, yet adds she considered eating him. What a douche.

  48. Sheep! Poor little guy. I hope this behbeh has found a forever home and doesn’t wind up on the dinner table. But for those who say you’ve never eaten lamb…you have if you’ve ever had a gyro.

  49. We all want to be happy and not suffer… but we sure have funny ways of going about it ‘eh? At least she ended up not eating the poor bebeh. Isn’t it ironic that as kids we learn all kinds of things from cute animals in cartoons and books and then those same animals are given to us at dinner time to eat? “Here’s some chicken nuggets sweetie! You know what chickens are right? They were on Sesame Street helping you count to 5 this morning!”

  50. Space Cowgirl says:

    You know, this post creates real feelings of guilt for me. Lamb is delicious, and yet this lamb is so very cute…and also, baby carrots are very cute, yet also delicious. Heck, bacteria are kinda cute (they’re tiny, after all), and yet I murder them by the billions every day when I shower. :/

    How will I ever live with myself after this? Never eating meat again and making self-righteous posts to other people’s blogs seems like a solution, but it really is only a partial solution – after all, even when I eat only plants, something is still dying to nourish me.

    Oh well. Oh, hamburgers are here.

  51. CoffeeCup says:

    @Space Cowgirl

    If I were drinking something, I’d be spitting it out right now! You’re very correct, I applaud you because it’s precisely what I’ve been thinking during the course of this post’s comments. Though, my desire to have a fantastic meal overshadows the smidgen of guilt I feel for such an animal…if not I, someone else would’ve enjoyed a dish of tandoori lamb. Mm.

    My bunny eats baby carrots. Now when I look at him, I feel like he might be a carroterrorist.

    Don’t know if I can agree with you on bacteria…after all, billions of them are potentially deadly to those who are already sick. Malcolm Reynolds (“Firefly”) said famously, “If someone tries to kill you, you try and kill them back.”

  52. Moral and ethical issues aside, all I can say for Lambie is HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!

    Saving the world, one lamb at a time.

  53. We do kill billions of cute, friendly, microscopic organisms. Most aren’t out to kill you, either.

    Think of poor spirogyra! How could you not be cute when your name is SPIROGYRA?

    Also, think of all the animals that lose their habitats because of farming.

    You can’t live without being a killer.

    Cute lamb btw. Looks tender. ^__~

  54. Mrs. Catlabash says:

    Hon Glad, I don’t think that’s intentional, LOL! That’s probably some automated something-or-other at work, the same thing they use in Gmail, that can pick out keywords and send you targeted ads. The funny comes when the messages are wildly inappropriate, as in this case. I think it’s safe to say the match of recipes to article wasn’t done by a hyoooman. I’m seeing that kind of thing more and more, where the filter picks up individual words, can’t parse their meaning in the correct context, and sends ads that border either on absurd or offensive or both.

  55. Ok, I’m a vegetarian but I’m very annoyed at the preachy tone adopted by vegetarians towards others. Remember, we eat plants, which have life as well, and which were sustaining the earth long before animals appeared on the scene. Just because plants are replaced a little more easily it doesn’t warrant us to adopt a condescending attitude towards non-vegetarians. I’m not saying go out and eat all the animals you want – I do have a problem with folks eating endangered species, especially – but sometimes a balance is needed to maintain the eco-system. And if people do that by eating meat once in a while, let them. We need all sorts of people for the world to survive (though admittedly, the world doesn’t need humans at all!)
    I admit I am a little shocked that this lady thought of eating the lamb she had adopted but she saved it in the end, so its all good. That’s the power of Teh Qte!

    Sorry for the long post, and back to what I was originally wanting to say – SQUEEEEEE!!!

  56. Sherri B. says:

    “On Sunday I was driving to the humane society where I volunteer, and I drove next to a huge semi, absolutely packed from top to bottom with turkeys. They were almost totally exposed to the cold wind (this is Minneapolis) – going 65 mph down the highway (the windchill was below zero at that speed). I passed next to the semi and saw a turkey crammed into its cage, staring out listlessly. I looked him right in the eye, and started crying.
    I don’t care how “ugly” or smart an animal is – no living creature deserves such treatment.”

    Zeldapie — your post made me cry. I feel the exact same way as you and my heart aches for animals who are in pain daily. I try to do all I can, but sometimes I just want to break out of my skin and save them all. I wish people would wake up, wake up their souls, and abandon eating animals

  57. @Subhangi—thanks for your thoughtful words! I do struggle with the dilemma of animal lover vs. carnivore.

  58. I now live in Birmingham, AL, but Tuscaloosa is my hometown. My mom, almost 83, is in a Birmingham nursing home after having a stroke in the summer. She is pretty much bedridden now, has lost use of her left side and has trouble speaking and has to be fed through a feeding tube. She loves animals, and this story interested her more than anything has in a long time. Her sister sent the first Lambo article from The Tuscaloosa News with the very cute picture of him and he just captured my mom’s heart, and she was very concerned about what would happen to him. Thanks for posting this follow-up — I am looking forward to telling her about where Lambo is now, but I will leave out how close he came to being someone’s dinner! I never have eaten lamb, and certainly could not do so now.

  59. From a biological stand point we are onivorous. I’m a scientist (biochemist) we are designed to eat both meat and pants, however the down side to being an omnivor is we digest neither effectively. We do not have the specialized organs or processes that a herbavour possess, nor the more efficient meat digestive proceses of a carnivor (like a much, much shorter intestinal tract). Not eating meat however does have it’s merits primarly in the fact that commercial farming injects so many anti-biotics (one of the many reasons for the up and coming ‘superbugs’) and hormones which are bad for us. I grew up on a farm so the not eating animals for moral reasons thing doesn’t work for me. Though honestly with the way we process animal meat, being a vegetarian is a healtheir choice in most respects as long as you are smart about it and find ways to suppliment things like complex protiens.

    On a side note it is a little weird to eat something you have been keeping as a pet.

  60. Well gee, I hope I’m not considered self-righteous and preachy. I’ve been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years. My family and many of my friends are not, and I know they don’t think I’m sitting in judgement of them. In this thread, I was simply saying what I feel and what I do. I feel uncomfortable eating other animals, and therefore I don’t. The cuteness (or lack thereof) doesn’t enter into it, for me. I realize that I can only speak for myself. There’s a book out called “The Omnivore’s Dilemma” – it’s interesting to know that people DO struggle with what they choose to eat. I’m glad to say that I haven’t felt this dilemma in 19 years.

  61. threerings says:

    Well, I for one am confused by the whole “eating Lambo” issue. Living in a rural and agricultural area, near sheep farms, I have been worried about the adorable baby lambs I see cavorting through the grass in springtime. I was assured by someone in a position to know that “lamb” as meat product does not refer to babies, but to a female sheep who has not yet given birth. They are not that small when they are eaten. And if you’ve ever seen a leg of lamb, that makes total sense. It’s not that small.

    Plus, lamb is delicious. Just like beef (cow). And they’re cute when they’re small too.

    If you’re a vegetarian and that works for you, great. It doesn’t work for me. If you’re a meat-eater, yes sometimes the food you eat used to be cute. It’s a personal choice.

  62. CoffeeCup says:

    I also recommend “In Defense of Food” by Micahel Pollan who also wrote “Omnivore’s Dilemma” which was recommended by zeldapie. I’m reading “In Defense of Food” right now and it is a great read, very insightful. I am definitely an omnivore and what “In Defense of Food” discusses is the need to maintain a balance…not to cut one or cut the other (from a purely nutritional standpoint, whatever moral belief doesn’t factor in) but to achieve the most effective balance.

  63. Thanks for the reading recommendation, CoffeeCup.
    One thing about the good nutrition as a vegetarian: it’s easier than ever to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet. I’m healthier than most everyone I know (yes, maybe luck of genetics, too, but I believe in great part thanks to my diet).

  64. I don’t object to the eating of other animals so much as to the way they are raised and slaughtered. Even “free range” animals may be terrorized at the time of slaughter. I don’t think we have the right to inflict that kind of terror. I’ve always had a knee-jerk negative reaction to hunters, but I’ve lately come to think that a quick death out of the blue… “never knew what hit him”… for an animal who had a free life up to that point may be more humane than what most farm-raised food animals can expect.

  65. Gah. I’m sorry, but I cannot imagine eating lamb after you felt the lamb you found was some sort of blessing. That is seriously messed up.

    I’m vegetarian, and going vegan soon. To me, it’s not immoral to eat meat if it’s ethically raised and you know how it was raised and slaughtered and are okay with it. But if you are just averting your eyes and pretending meat =/= animal, that’s not especially moral. And if you can look at a factory farm/factory slaughterhouse and be fine with the treatment of animals there… That’s screwy, too.

    Also, I am not seeing how vegetables = bacteria = lamb. Just because we have to kill things to survive doesn’t mean we should kill things as much as possible. I don’t see how this wouldn’t also justify killing another person. o_O

    And yes, I am preachy, I’m sorry.

  66. Oh no, Zeldapie, I wasn’t referring to you! Your post about the turkey is heartbreaking and makes sense.

    I was only talking about those people (or organisations) who seem to imply that non-vegetarians are scum just because they eat meat. (Though I admit I was a bit off with expecting those people to start a commentroversy here!) I know a lot of meat eaters who love animals probably even more than I do. Also, there are a lot of indigenous tribes who eat meat at nearly all their meals, but these same people worship Nature and revere the animals in their environment. They go out of their way to protect them when needed and are possibly better at conservation than most of us “civilised” folk. They manage to successfully keep the natural balance and maintain harmony with their eco-system.

    I live in a place that got really cold during winter and I had to eat egg to for warmth. I haven’t had eggs in nearly 13 years – I had them as a child for nutrition’s sake – and the heat given out by egg does not agree with my digestive system, which is why I stopped having them as I got older. (Naturally, meat was totally out of the question for health’s sake.) But this time I had no choice – I’m in college, and we all know what college cafeterias are like! I was sick of the damp sandwiches, and the egg was what got me through the mornings.

    I am of the opinion that depending on the climate and nutritive requirements, it is not wrong to eat meat. Though I have to admit that if I get stuck in a place where there are only animals to eat and nothing else, I’m going to have a hard time indeed. It’s a personal choice, as someone said.

    That said, however, I completely agree with Patricia that vegetarianism is a healthier option in the present day, especially if they’re readily available, because you never know what chemicals are being pumped into animals reared for food.

  67. as for thinking that “lamb” is a female sheep that hasnt given birth yet, you’re wrong.

    Milk-fed lamb is meat from an unweaned lamb, typically 4 to 6 weeks old and weighing 5.5 to 8 kg; this is almost unavailable in countries such as the USA and the UK, where it is considered uneconomic. The flavour and texture of milk-fed lamb when grilled (such as the tiny lamb chops known as chuletillas in Spain) or roasted is generally thought to be finer than that of older lamb.

    The term sucker lambs, used in some parts, includes young milk-fed lambs as well as slightly older lambs up to about 7 months of age which are also still dependent on their mothers for milk. Carcasses from these lambs usually weigh between 14 and 30kg. Older weaned lambs which have not yet matured to become mutton are known as old-season lambs.

  68. friend of lambo says:

    try to phase out eating meat. It is not good for us people, or our planet. Read this latest NY Times article, “Rethinking the Meat Guzzler”:

    To that person who made the jokes about eating bacteria who have feelings… not cute. We are talking about animals we know have nervous systems, feelings, family dichotomies, and even memories. Prove to me a spore has that, and then we’ll talk. I do find it is a strange contradiction of this site – – so many people loving and taking joy in discovering these creatures, but going home to eat or wear them, or contribute in some way to the corporate slaughterhouse system, at night. To all you vegans at Cuteoverload – rock on.

  69. friend of lambo says:

    also – Read Diet for a Small Planet (famous book that still holds up today)

    The argument that we are omnivorous doesn’t hold up any more to the factory farming system. Early humankind did not have access to the tons of meat we have today. Even if we ate it, we were never built to clog our systems with the amount of meat people eat today on a regular daily basis. It was a lot easier to pull fruit off a tree or eat greenery than to go hunt something.

    And google search video’s of “downed farm animals” and you’ll be pretty horrified at the system one supports when you eat meat. (no I don’t work for PETA but I respect that organization. I came to my veganism thru years of research and study, soul-searching and personal experience.)

    I don’t feel I miss out on gourmet experiences at all. Watch “The Post Punk Kitchen” on cable and you’ll never be bored by a vegan diet.

  70. Wee little lambkin!!!

    Kiss on the wee lambkin nose!!!

  71. * The argument that we are omnivorous doesn’t hold up any more to the factory farming system.*

    This sentence makes no logical sense. We are omnivors, there is no arguement. Factory farming is why it is better to be a vegitarian as I stated earlier, but that doesn’t alter our biology in anyway. They inject anti-biotics into animals which is passed on to us and part of the reason for the up and coming ‘superbugs'(alone with over precription of anti-biotics for things it has not affect on like viruses). They also inject hormones into their animals that are also passed on to us, and are not good for us. However, lean meat that is not treated with such things is not bad for us (even in quantity, it does not clog anything up). It’s just hard enough to find such things in most area’s that being a vegetarian has more merit. But it must be done smartly, there are things that are necessary to the human system that can’t be found in normal plants. Vitamin B12 (specifcially cobaliamin) doesn’t exist in plants however you can get it from algae and suppliments. The same is true for Taurine (an essential amino acid) can only be found in animal products or red algae. There are suppliments that can be bought for both. Also your body requires complex protiens to function efficently, these can be supplimented through plants but have to be done in specific combinations, since no one plant contains complex protiens.

  72. OhmyfrickingodthatsADORABLE!!!! says:

    This bitch…Look that little lamby-kins, giving her love that she doesn’t deserve. Sure she hooked him up with a farm family after the media got hold of the story but what if they didn’t? She’s still going on about how she begged the local butcher for years to give her a rack of lamb! The first thing this stupid ho was thinking when she saw this precious cloud of love on her doorstep was “Take him in, or eat him? So tough because I USUALLY EAT LITTLE BABY LAMBS.” I think Lambo was sent to her to teach her that lambs are for snorgling, not for eating. I hope she admonishes her old ways! And I’m sorry about her dad…