Red Paaaaandaaaah COMING TO GET YOU

[Teeter teeter]



Beth P. found this skeeeeeeery Panda-Pannnts in The Wisconsin State Journal! AHHHH!!!!

Love the little Japanese Schoolgirl foot stance action.



  1. ZOMG I want one.

    Or ten.

  2. LMAOOOOO @ japanese schoolgirl stance

  3. luckycliff says:

    EEEP! That skeered the BEE-JEEZUS out of me!

  4. berthaslave says:

    This pic looks weird. It looks like a behbeh red panda in a small panther halloween costume without the headpiece.

  5. rar!

    ‘little japanese schoolgirl foot stance’? whatever happened to ‘pigeon-toed’?

  6. Creepsy the Finger Tarantula doesn’t stand a chance against Panda-Pannnts. Run for your very lives!

  7. Doin the pee pee dance!

  8. He’s so fierce and naughty! I love him.

  9. Here’s a link to the article:

    And yes, he is a pretty pretty.


  11. The Red Pandaaaa! a.k.a. the Lesser Panda. I’m not lesser!!!! I’m da Firefox!!!

  12. Is it just me or is his head-to-body ratio just absolutely off?

    Frightening ;D

  13. Red Panda, a kinda fox/ bear combo.

  14. Aw, I love Red Pandas. They are always sleeping whenever I try to see them at the zoo. Sleeping with their face hidden!

    I love the ‘rawr’ness going on here.

  15. I LOVVVVVE red pandas!!!!

  16. JoyJoy, I can just see him doing the peepee dance!!! LOL Thanks for the visual!!!

  17. metsakins says:

    *Peeks out, see panda pants getting closer*

  18. Yes, my name is really Cricket says:

    More red pandas please! They’re my absolute favorite! So soft and cute!

  19. I’m scawed! The scawy, scawy Mr. Pants is going to get meh! It’s too ridonkulous!!!! Eh cahn’t stawnd et!!

  20. invisible backyard fence

  21. it becomes no longer cute when it’s a stuffed dead animal.. taxidermy is satan.

  22. /me puts on oven mitts to avoid tiny claws

    Ok, come to papa little furry munchkin!

  23. This is what you see right before Pan-Pants drops for a headbutt–WHAMMO! right in your face.

  24. Well, thanks a lot, Meg. Now I’m gonna have nightmares.

  25. Panda ballet…little black leotard optional!

  26. LMAO! I love you guys

  27. He’s all “Don’t MAKE me go Frankenstein on your azz!”

  28. He is ADORABLE! I want one, if he won’t claw my eyes out!!

  29. Jimi Hendrix Panda sings “Fire-Foxy Lady.”

    “Here I come, baby,
    I’m comin’ to GETCHA!!!”

  30. He can come get me anytime!!! So sweet!

  31. michellemybelle says:

    I for one welcome our new overlords.

    Seriously. This little guy can reign over me anytime.

  32. PS, Here are no less than EIGHT pics of Chang Tan the red panda:

  33. that totally looks like the firefox fox 😉 🙂 Or at least a bebe one!

  34. omg, he hasn’t grown into his big panda head. how does it stay on? he can approach me with sinister intent any day!

  35. I can die happy now…

  36. Love dem red pandas. I once saw a photo of a newborn one. If I could only find it again, it would be on here for sure.

  37. “Everybody was Kung Fu fighting!
    Those cats where fast as lightning!”

  38. confused.brit says:

    aww, cute fox!

    But why call it red panda?

  39. Becky and Shimura’s Zoo FTW!!!

    Adorable little ball of fur as well.

  40. Confusedbritt becasue it is a red panda.

    I love these guys they always look like some wierd yet adorable cross of a racoon bear and pomeranian and fox

  41. Stephanie says:


    It isn’t a fox. The Red Panda (aka Lesser Panda) is named so because it was thought to be related to the Great Panda. It lives in trees and its diet consists primarily of bamboo (and other vegetation) and has the same extended wrist bone that great pandas have to allow them to grip the bamboo as they eat it.

    The similarites listed above probably led to its name even though they really look completely different.

  42. How did you manage to find the ONE red panda that is actually not cute? A shame.

  43. @Ceci : it IS the Firefox fox. Firefox is another name for the red panda or lesser panda (How inSULting! There’s nothing lesser about meeeh!)

  44. Wisconsin knows where it’s at! 😛

  45. nobody mentioned his wheeskeers? Lookit! He’s gonna chomp ya! RAAR!

  46. ThreeCatNight says:

    Although I know he’s a bear, I still couldn’t resist this:
    “Rocky Raccoon,
    came back in his room,
    Only to find Gideon’s Bible.
    Gideon checked out,
    and he left it, no doubt,
    to help in poor Rocky’s revival.”

    Looks like Pandaboy’s calling somebody’s bluff –
    “Go ahead, make my day!”

  47. The killt me.

  48. OMG me wants me WANTS!!!
    How freaking adorable are Red Pandas… GAH.. I’m choking on the cuteness!

  49. Eeenteresting that he is a full grown male, because he looks so cute and baby-ish.
    Thanks for the Rocky Raccoon song, by the way! :oP

  50. fish eye no miko says:



  51. Now if we could get this fearsome fellow on a face-off with the bi-ped marmee from a few days ago, it’d be like “Godzilla VS Mothra” or something. What an image!

  52. Ha ha Rev! Every time I see redpandaz I hear, “The night Max wore his wolf suit…”

  53. this is adorable! i;ve never seen one walking on its hind legs.
    Yeye- there are NO ugly red panda’s, they are all equally cute.

  54. kind of odd looking. like, the head of a fox and the body of a black bear. i’ve never seen anything like it.

  55. Haha Rev, I thought the same thing! Such a cute little panda, though I swear it is more of a fox/raccoon cross than a panda. But who cares! I love he way he’s standing… 😀

  56. I iz fierce panda beastie! ROAR! (are you scared?)

  57. The EAR TUFTIES!!!!! Why has no one mentioned the EAR TUFTIES?!?!? I wanna grab ’em… *dodges oh so scawiest of clawses*

  58. Hon Glad, that’s funny. The Chinese word for panda is xong mao – bear cat. Growing up I’m always like, “really, he looks more like a bear to me”.

  59. Aware — nope, Red Panda. We’ve had tanuki on CO before, though…

  60. The elusive red panda! I tried to get pics of those at the Beijing zoo, but they refused to come out into the sunshine. Too cute!

  61. Oh no it’s PedoBear :S

  62. This animal is full grown?? It’s like the bebeh cute factor never has to end! OMGPON!ES!1! Disproportion to say the least… it absolutely does look like another animal wearing a red panda head!

  63. CheshireCat says:

    So anerables! Sqeeee! ^_^

  64. Oh Sweet Lo-


    *squelching sounds*

    Anyone got a mop?

  65. Poor little guys bow-legged, like he’s been riding a horse all day. Lord help me. His oversized-looking head is adorable.

  66. This picture makes me snicker and then feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I loves it.

  67. red pandas are the best furry critter ever designed!
    the ears! the mask! the colors! the tiny mouth! and the leemer-like tail! I have only seen them hanging out on branch limbs at the natl zoo. who knew they can walk like a toddler and shred you w/ razor sharp claws!!
    I nominate the Red Panda as the Best Furry Critter in all the Worlds!!!!!!!!

  68. Wu Tongzhi says:

    This is the people’s panda.

  69. Little wee belly welly!!

    And a kiss on the little nosey nose!!!

  70. I love this photo! He is totally saying “Rawr!”

    ^Best Red Panda video! Much Rawring.